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exiled locked up beater and gunned down speak out against the government in Cambodia and it seems one way or the other you'll be silenced I'm Steve Chow on this episode of one one needs to be travel from Bangkok to London Paris to pnom Penn as we trace the power and wealth of Cambodia's long serving leader Prime Minister who Sam about them Canadian bacon on top champion my husband lay in a pool of blood dear it was hard to believe I just couldn't believe it was my husband lying there in a pool of blood though rich Anna's husband Kym Leigh was one of Cambodia's most popular social commentators and a staunch critic of government corruption I always worried about his safety because his job was risky I told him darling please be careful we have four children but in July last year at the age of 45 he was shot dead within an hour of his murder a man was arrested and soon after paraded before the media he claimed his name was chopped some lab which in command literally means meat to kill he also said Kim ley owed him $3,000 and that's why he killed him you might wanna chill don't ruin it don't him dumping her on handicapped Benjamin I knew my husband's mind and heart very well he never uttered a word about borrowing money done a bit though quite a bit I can't accept that he was killed because of $3,000 tantowel I dismiss this but it's not true my husband was a good man I didn't expect them to be so brutal they killed my husband this is a say an act of state terrorism only the state has the means to perpetrate such an act and to cover it up chem lay was was not an isolated incident it was part of a much broader campaign of the ruling elite to silence the opposition voices and it had all the hallmarks of a political assassination having endured the horrors of genocide and war many Cambodians believe they're once again battling an enemy within the 1991 Paris peace agreement sanctioned by the United Nations promised to bring democracy to Cambodia but more than 25 years later Campbell are faced with an increasingly repressive and deadly regime the 2013 national election saw Hun Sen's ruling party win with a narrow majority amid claims a widespread electoral fraud now in the long lead up to the 2018 election the government has launched an intensive crackdown on the opposition party and government critics in a desperate attempt to cling to power opposition party members have been seriously beaten and more than a dozen are widely believed to be victims of politically driven trials serving prison sentences of up to 20 years for anything from posting false information on facebook to insurrection on the other side of the world longtime opposition leaders Sam Ramsey has recently been stripped of his leadership title while he lives in exile in Paris not only is he banned from entering his own country on the grounds he'd caused bloodshed and destruction if he returned but he's also facing jail sentences and is being sued for accusing the government of killing Kim lei I am NOT a friend I will explain and expose why I believe that Hudson and his government and he's a police were behind the murder when Ken Lay was murdered Bo rachana and her children lost a husband and father and it seems Cambodians lost a favorite son tens of thousands turned out for his funeral and memorial to pay their respects the aroldo Solanco stands along he loved his family and all chimere's he cared for the people more than himself in a country where more than 1/3 of the population lives on or below the poverty line the former medical doctor was a champion of the poor and vulnerable he travelled to some of the most remote parts of the country to listen to the concerns of his compatriots and educate them about their rights he was just doing his job not opposing anyone but he was considered a dissident some don't want people to understand they want them to be flying so it's easy to subjugate them and plunder the houses and land the powerful people do not want their subjects to understand that right the last thing the ruling elite want is for people to hear the truth about this exploitative and abusive system that they are perpetrating Richard Rodgers is an international human rights lawyer based in Paris he previously worked for the United Nations in Cambodia and has taken the extraordinary step of filing a case in the International Criminal Court against the country's ruling elite he's alleging they've committed crimes against humanity in relation to land grabbing and persecuting dissidents Kim leis killing will now form part of his evidence as well as the forcible evictions there's also been some shootings as villagers resist being forced from their land and we've seen massive amounts of land transferred from regular Cambodian people to a very small minority of very wealthy Cambodians with many government ministers and senators at the top of that hierarchy now of course in order for a small number of people to steal so many of the resources from a much larger number of people they need to maintain power and clearly Kim Lee became a threat he became too popular and particularly at this period of physical instability before the election in 2017 2018 clearly there was a motive to silence him they lied there's a money plate that they make a fat report to make it will pay much attention on that the concern government spokesmen face a fan rejects the ICC case outright and says Kim leis murder was an attempt by anti-government forces to smear the ruling Cambodian People's Party or CPP shocked everyone shocked even my Prime Minister's shocked my protocol parish shot that a wise happened and we feel we know that why they kill him they're going to be put that burden to CPP local party as well the government a london-based anti-corruption NGO may hold a clue as to why Ken Lay was targeted less than a week before his death Global Witness released a groundbreaking report exposing the widespread business interests of the Winston family they control who can invest in Cambodia they control all of the main arms of government that enable that to happen and so they just built this Empire they have an economic stranglehold not just as the businesses that they can create for themselves or whatever but a stranglehold of the competition so you know think they've got it made what this family tree shows is you know either the family or in positions of power or they're married to people in positions of power so there's not much that can go on in that government whether it's in terms of law enforcement military or investment that they haven't got a finger the Woon sin firmly is tight-knit the Prime Minister and his wife have five children and a large extended family among them are members of the government senior military figures and numerous entrepreneurs between them they have links to more than a hundred companies across all sectors of the economy including tourism agriculture mining electricity and the media as well as affiliations with top international brands estimates of the families combined wolf range from $500,000,000 to $1,000,000,000 if you're a consumer in Cambodia it's hard to go through a day without putting money into the pockets of the family numerous times you know whether you're visiting the Museum in Angkor filling a car with petrol having a cup of coffee or buying condoms you're putting money Luna's edema they are normal people two days before he was murdered Kim Leigh was a guest on a radio talk show the topic of discussion was a global witness investigation into the wounds and family business empire many now believe it was a fateful interview to buy candy catarata bark or protein or the tools for hand we mean tourism no swagger got to pay it fuck up or try the knowledgeable on of Noam Murro it up wouldn't from Konami home but Pechanga the people with a mid-cap extraction back Cheeta more chill ethnic hide in cancer que presenta talk about his friend and fellow analysts on the panel Nizhny started to feel uneasy in this one is touching really touching directly to the family couldn't family this area just make me a little bit scary you know if someone could come and kill us you know we have nothing to do just fine you're feeling it that I have never had before it might have been the first time he feared for his own safety but it wasn't the first time he feared for chem lays sometime he told me that there was someone came in looking for his house in your building police uniform and from time to time you know the coke and I have a lot on thing with high-ranking an officer so one way or the other he would get some signal you know from gum dat and you had to be careful then whatever so within the government he had some supporters yeah who would look after him yeah but on the morning of Sunday the 10th of July last year there was no one to protect him so this is the kel-tec service station in central phenom penh on one of the city's busiest boulevards where Kim Lai was doing what he regularly did having a morning coffee at the star Mart cafe when he was shot dead a man has been charged with his murder but it seems few are convinced he's the real culprit it was along the footpath in this street about a kilometre from the petrol station that the accused was seen running a phone video of his apparent escape was posted anonymously on the Internet so that's a policeman man yeah this is a policeman and the motorbike is a special believe that we know this motorbike the first peculiar thing you notice on the video is that the policeman pulls up alongside the accused and rather than attempting to arrest him that sim run on might be the police told him that no no you have to further running and then a little while later the accused runs across the road directly to the same policeman you know why this guy running along the path to the police as by standards begin to deliver their own justice the police finally take the man into custody I think normally no police would put him on handcuff yeah this video clip just keep public a lot of suspicion how might enrollment look out for mr. that's kind of killing and there's been no attempt by the government to counter those suspicions although the service station is surrounded by security cameras no CCTV footage has been released to the public we have the widow who killed that we have we met we knew I mean released to the public because the law because in investigation ambient period one and second one we understand that the can braceland become a a particle timing issue so the government does have the CCTV vision of the murder scene yeah we do have and it actually shows what happily stay said that the same face as a perpetrator that we get him get hold of him I leave that for you to check with the cameras wife because I didn't see that video has she seen it yes he's already seen she shall be seen done right but that's not what she tells us they have never invited me to see they should not say they showed the footage to me no no ha ha it's a lie the government is more concerned about protecting itself than telling the truth did didn't show the CCTV footage yet this shirt meet to kill as the killer other thoughts go on I can't accept him so who is this accused man who calls himself meet to kill and claims he shot Kim lay with a powerful and expensive Glock pistol all because the commentator owed him $3,000 in search of answers were heading to his hometown about four hours drive from the world heritage site of Angkor Wat in the northwest province of Siem Reap a long way from the scene of the crime our first stop a remote Buddhist temple where he spent a couple of years as a monk leaving seven months before the murder here he was known as a thing Novus monks were under earth on complain about him they say he behaved savagely beating out the threatening and bullying he stole money that the locals donated to build a rope he spent it on himself and lost a lot gambling online the monk was dubious when news broke of Earth Aang's arrest I didn't believe it because he never mentioned Kamla and never had money to lend to anyone I believed that he must have been hired by someone to commit the killer the monk goes on to tell us that boo thing was a former soldier and that he often boasted about his prowess with a gun and his coarseness to his former commander konoe he still went to visit him at his house or at his barracks in the province colony he said he could ask for anything he wanted and get it I believe he was hired as he wanted money on the table and could be bored back on our journey we're deep inside a former Khmer Rouge stronghold propaganda posters of the prime minister who thin are everywhere in this village where the accused lived until recently we find a man who's known him since the late 80s when he was a Khmer Rouge soldier after leaving the monkeys he asked me if you could stay at my house and I allowed him a room like the monk the man says he only ever knew his friend as oof Aang and is still trying to fathom why he would have killed Kim Lai while he was staying here he couldn't even afford to feed himself where did he get the money from how did he even know Kim Lee he lives so far away the man says whose own suddenly disappeared from the village but a week before the killing called from pnom pen and said he'd got a job as a soldier with a big salary of $300 a month at all morning police want a job for me if the pay is that good I said yes brother I'm recruiting two more people who said but then the phone lines dropped out he says the next time he heard from henan who was in prison I questioned him about the killing as I wanted to know why did you kill him he said brother this is my affair let me solve it myself not everyone we talked to is this forthcoming many people have told us that they're too scared to talk on camera but off camera a number of people from different villages have told us that a week or so before Ken Lay was shot the accused murderer was called to a meeting of senior district and military officials and straight after the meeting was put in a car and driven out of the air one of the last people to see who thing in his home province was this taxi driver who dropped him off on the outskirts of the town of Siem Reap when I arrived I dropped him at the taxi stand right there he was in the hurry he didn't even pay my taxi fare I saw him get into Alexis but I don't know where he was going they have arrested somebody but the the story behind that assassin that alleged assassin is completely implausible nobody believed that story now it may be that he pulled the trigger but the the question is who put him up to it it's a same pattern of assassination they never identify any culprit credible culprit and the real murderers are always free exiled opposition leader Sam Ramsay says that's what happened in 2004 in another assassination of another outspoken critic of the Hongshan government union leader Chia the chair was gunned down in very similar circumstances Jimmy Jia was killed at a place where he used to go every morning he used to to go to buy newspapers and they follow him they knew his habit and they Santino's and the lady who who saw the newspaper saw the killers are very clearly and well organizer and they did not arrest them and instead they found some other people who have nothing to do with the with the real killers the government grabbed a couple of of random young men from the countryside tortured them into confessing into the crimes and threw them in prison after a lot of international pressure they were eventually released by the Supreme Court and I imagine that we're going to see a similar sort of fasts in the case of Kemmler while there is no direct evidence linking one sin or his government to either the killing of chia-chia all Kemmler until there are thorough investigations and the real culprits are court the accusations are likely to continue in his home province of Tokyo a couple of hours from the capital per Phnom Penh can lay lies at rest his elderly mother never leaves her son's tomb sleeping beside it day and night the board American and Lib Tanana I don't want to think about who killed him I just feel sad I miss my son not only has she lost her son her family has been torn apart her daughter-in-law and grandchildren fleeing the country Norina by I miss them so much I don't know when I will see my grandchildren again Kim leis wife and children are now temporary refugees in Thailand's capital Bangkok they escape to the neighboring country after fearing for their lives my husband was killed in the center of the capital and justice has not been done I worried about my own safety and that of my children they might kill all of us I'm still worried and scared because Cambodia is very close to Thailand they might do whatever they want we have to live in hiding unable to go to school or stray too far the boys only playground is a stairwell of the apartment building keeping them close to their new baby brother born in Bangkok just three months after his father's murder it was a bittersweet time for rachana I've felt such pain as I remembered her past deliveries when my husband cared for me from day he was killed today I gave birth I have felt so alone living in this tiny one-room apartment without a kitchen the family struggles to make ends meet their lives in limbo as they wait for asylum in a third country they hope Australia offers them the protection they now crave why don't you go come on it is painful for us we are Khmer people but we can no longer live in our own country I've lost my husband I've lost my home and I've lost my country I'm determined that I must be strong my husband once told me that in his absence I should not cry but go on no matter what where I must stand up and challenge them

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  1. i saw a french film from 1960’s cambodia. my..i didnt know the country was that beautiful. if pol pot never happened, i wonder how amazing cambodia would be by now. cambodia need a REAL caring leader.

  2. All of his camily control all cambodia from controlling millitary to controlling of economics and business they will scratch anyone who come in there way. He isn't the leader of the CPP or politic party but because he obssess with power he threaten anyone. All of his children are controlling cambodia. Cambodia citizen can't get job with is about politic only his family can. I might be silence for just writing this.

  3. How do you not see it? The other parties who are against the prime minister killed this guy Kim Ley. Because they know, he was a very influential man and had alot of followers, and they know, if they kill him, all his followers would come to them. Sam Rainsy was the man who plotted this and framed Kim Ley. Sam Rainsy wanted revenge for the dead of his father, who was commanded by the king to kill, for betraying his own country and give lands to neighboring country, all in the name of money and pride. If other parties win, they will be another khmer killing sphere because of the malice and wicked hearts they have. Open your eyes. The poor are getting poorer because they are lazy to put the hard work in. My dad was the poorest of the poorest, but hardword, dedication, wisdom and education made him the man that he is today. The poor are lead by their emotions while the rich leads their own emotions and is lead by wisdom and justness. People in Cambodia are confused everyday because the opposition knows, that there is bitterness and unwise thinkings in their lives. God is changing it all ✊ Jesus is alive and is here in Cambodia, and the Jesuits will never accomplish destroying Earth. You better watch out, you better run. Because the Cambodians are standing for themselves and unless I die, they will never stop standing against evil, malice and wickedness of this world. Jesus is in Cambodia ✊ forever

  4. Spend a lot times review YouTube files and gathered other documents just want to point out that Hun Sen and his corruption governments planning the plot to assassinating Dr. Kem Ley. They almost got away with their perfect murder, but they left a lot paper-trails. There are at least three (3) “decoys” with Choup Samlab named look alike. They hired a lot peoples so they can video recorded and posted on “Facebook” and “Youtube” after editing. on Other most important are the 1st and 2nd surveillance footages. They have been recreating to look as Sunday, July 10th 2016. The 1st surveillance footage, StarMART with evidence several items were missing including the cleaning-lady (white-hat & green long sleeve shirt) was never there at on July 10th 2016. 2nd surveillance footage, in front of StarMART with evidence that Motor-bike dealer is open and an Advertising banner was missing. That just some an examples that prove a Political Conspiracy behind the Killing.

  5. My advice to Bou Rachana, organize a squad of bodyguards who wants better for the people of Cambodia, to help protect your family and continue your husband's fights and speak up against Cambodia's corrupt government. Continue the fight, never give up!!

  6. Hun Sen is the worst Cambodian leader excluding Pol Pot. I wish the royal family of Cambodia had more power than the Hun family.

  7. VOA RFA spoke for only one particular opposite party . What about the other opposite parties like LDP FUNCINPEC ? i don't know why they got count as Minor parties. MR. Sam Rainsy fly across the globe , Trash talking about his own country when the economy growth rate of Cambodia is increasing . 1 million people will lose their job if Europe stop buying our products . i blame Sam Rainsy and I will NOT accept That person as leader of my country .

  8. Kemley and family need justice. I feel injustice and wronged with his murdered. We cambodian are hoping the next election will bring out some differences on the government. Particularly hoping to bring down the gov. party that is corrupted and pressing down us.

  9. As a Cambodian refugee, I knew this was going on…I just knew it! A country stricken with such poverty while one family continues to be filthy rich, smh. They will ALL have to face a judgment one day and it won't be in front of a fat golden statue. May God have mercy on your souls. You are all cowards for leaving us to those cruel Khmer Rouge bastards who murdered your people while you took your family and left your people for dead. Shame on you!

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