2 True Reddit Horror Stories | Let’s Not Meet (Vol. 1)

Hey guys, what is up and out here today bring you guys another video? So in this video we are going to be reading to Reddit. Let’s not meet stories With that said I hope you guys enjoy these stories if you guys do be sure to hit that thumbs up down below hit that subscribe button with the notification belt on to be notified every time I upload as well as Follow me on twitter. Follow me on snapchat follow my discord and also now i’ve got a reddit page so go to my write at page if you guys want to post your own stories with that said I hope everybody has a happy thanksgiving today and Be safe and we’re going to go ahead and get into the first story right now a few years ago my roommate and I Lived on the third floor on the backside of an apartment building She was in the process of moving out though. So it was mostly just my dog george washington and I I Knew just about every neighbor in my building And from what I knew they were super chill in Order to understand this story I need to explain the way my apartment was set up in order to get to the door to enter our Apartment you would have to pass by my window which was a very long window in my bedroom. I Had never had any issues until about 2:00 o’clock a.m. On a Saturday Well, technically Sunday. I heard footsteps on the walkway outside my window and saw a shadow pass it I Usually am a groggy person when I first wake up But ever since I had been just me, I was more aware of my surroundings So it jolted me awake. I had a nice stick under my bed So I grabbed it and debated about what to do for the next 30 seconds. I Opened up my bedroom door quietly Right in front of our main entrance and started to notice the handle jiggle ever so slightly Clearly at this point, I knew I could either a Shit my pants be get attacked or see scare the person off choice a Seemed the most likely for my personality tight but choice see it was I Turned on the outside light kick the outside door as loud as I could and screamed a string of words That would make a sailor blush. I Heard footsteps turn and quickly walk the other way. I Called my stepdad who thankfully lived close by He came by to check on me and wanted to stay with them, but I said I would be fine and off he went The next morning I got up and got ready for church not really thinking of the night before I returned home shortly after and was texting on my phone as I reached to get my keys and put them into the lock on my front door. I couldn’t find the keyhole, though so I looked up and noticed that my entire lock had been bashed in I Hadn’t really said in what had happened yet. So I opened the door and looked in a Lot of my stuff was gone Televisions computers jewelry, etc Luckily, they left my dog. Oh there and unharmed The irony is I got him to be my best friend and a guard dog He fulfills one of those roles. I’ll let you figure out which My brain caught up to my surroundings So I grabbed George and ran outside to call the police They came out guns drawn as they cleared my apartment it felt surreal to talk with Forensics and your own residents. They never found out who did it and in the end it worked out Okay, a lot of the jewelry they stole was from an ex that I had intentions of pawning anyway, and renter’s insurance Covered that so I got some sweet new technology upgrades However, I still am a very unsettled internally about that night and day Particularly about that night. I replay it and often wonder what would have happened had I not woken up or if the person Hadn’t been so easily turned away It also is very unsettling to know that they were watching me Waiting to leave for church so that they could break in Ever since that day. I keep my head on a swivel and pay extremely close attention to my surroundings Particularly when I get home So to the thieving asshole who scared me and stole my stuff Let’s not meet I Started college in September 2016 and a new city where I knew nobody While being nervous this also gave me the opportunity to start over and meet new people One of my first social interactions were with the students at my dorm after A few drinks. I loosened up and had a great time There was one guy in particular Gary with whom I chatted for hours We added each other on Facebook and that was it for the first semester and halfway up the second semester Gary and I became friends We often ate together and watch Netflix at each other’s dorms a weekly in April 2017. I met the guy who would later be my boyfriend Steve From then on things started to change with Gary as he talked bad about Steve all the time Saying he was a loser who wouldn’t accomplish anything. I Saw Gary as a friend, so I didn’t want to make an argument out of it, but I was also head over heels with Steve So I didn’t really listen to what Gary had to say Gary realized things were getting serious with Steve as Steve was now in June 2017 my boyfriend I Worked in my University City in July, so I was still around and so was Gary He thought that if he couldn’t convince me that Steve was a bad guy. He should show what a good guy He was it started innocently with bringing coffee to me while I was at work But it escalated and by the end of the summer he brought me roses. I’m awful at Confrontations and have a hard time saying no Even though I really shouldn’t have accepted the first rose. I know My second year in college is starting I still live at the same dorm and so does Gary He lives downstairs and whenever you want to go outside, you have to pass his dorm his door was always open so he could see when I was passing by he Always called me. And since I cannot say no I always chatted with him our weekly chats became a burden to me since his talks became sadder and sadder Talking about his dead mom He never mentioned that his mom had passed away before I started dating Steve But I still don’t think he is lying about her. I Made the mistake of not advising him to go to a professional for help. But instead Believed that I could help him with our chats Which he said helped him. This was also the time November 2017 where he confessed his feelings for me I said I have a boyfriend whom I love dearly He didn’t take that answer easily and started getting angry Saying how he could have girls a much prettier and taller my height is above average than me Okay, dude good for you Since we live in a pretty small dorm where we all know each other. I never lock my door One evening. I came back from class and noticed. My door was closed. I Usually just leave it slightly open when I entered my dorm everything was cleaned up and Lo and behold there was a rose on my bed I was in shock and literally couldn’t do anything but stand there for five minutes. I finally found the courage to confront him about it and he just laughed it away saying I had to be cleaned up and how He did me a favor I Got furious and yelled that he cannot enter my room anymore You think it would stop there, right? I wish from March 2017 on I started studying at our facilities library Since I didn’t want to encounter him anymore at our dorm He picked this up and started studying there as well, even though he is from another faculty Whenever I would leave for the toilet or a break I would come back to a sticker on my laptop or pencil case whatever I had with me with hearts drawn on them One time I had my makeup bag with me when I came back from my break It had a sticker on it with you don’t need this beautiful written on it It freaked me out and when I asked him about it, he denied it, even though I am a hundred percent sure It was him. I started seeing him everywhere. I went The library down the street when I went out there was not a day where I didn’t bump into him One day as I went home over the weekend I got out of the train in my hometown and saw him standing right at the exit of the train His expression when he tried to fake surprise was terrifying He doesn’t live there he lives on the other side of the country What was he doing here? I quickly said hi and walked to a friend’s place in case he would follow me This was the situation for about a year. He kept seeing and initiating contact with me Give a rose every now and then telling me how much better girls he could get but not really crossing any more lines Later it came to my knowledge that it wouldn’t matter if he had followed me to my house that day I used snapchat a lot. My GPS function was activated So whenever I open snapchat he would get an update of where I was at that Because I also use snapchat at home. He probably knows where I live I immediately Deactivated that function Gary and I didn’t have much contact anymore after I did Since now he couldn’t bump into me anymore Whenever we did meet each other he would start talking about his mom and I felt terrible for saying I had to leave every time Since he kept on talking He knew this was my weak spot. I was tired of the whole situation and decided to move to another dorm From September 2018 things started going bad with Steve and Gary noticed I told him we were having a break to find out if we still love each other not a bright idea. I know His reaction at that moment was not really a big thing. If anything it looked like he didn’t care great, right? One evening. I was going out with some friends and we bumped into Gary with his friends I was dancing the night away with my friends while I saw him from the corner of my eyes looking at me while sipping his beard Freaky, but I had drunk too many drinks to care at this point We decided to go home, but my friends all lived on the other side of the city. This is where Gary saw his chance He offered to bring me to my dorm cheered on by my friends who didn’t know the situation But also because I was drunk I accepted his offer We were a couple houses away from my dorm when I reached for my keys. I Couldn’t find them. Oh Are you looking for your keys said Gary while reaching in his pocket and taking out my keys they fell out so I took them Now I stated I’m a messy person and often lose my stuff But my keys were in my pocket which was closed with a zipper. I didn’t touch my jacket all evening So unless it magically opened my keys did not fall out He had taken them out We were at my dorm at this point and I angrily reached from my keys about to shut the door right before him While I leaned and to reach for my keys He took my face with his other hand and kissed me. I Immediately pushed him away and asked what the hell was wrong with him. He shrugged his shoulders and said, yeah Well, I had to try it. I was grossed out shut the door ran upstairs and just kept washing my face After that encounter, I didn’t hear much of him anymore since I blocked him on all social media For some reason but this is probably my paranoid mind He seems to be around whenever I’m in a sad mood a month ago, Steve, and I ended our relationship The next day I saw him at the library two weeks later I saw Steve kissing another girl which tore me up inside for a couple of days The day after he visited the place where I work at. I don’t know if this is a coincidence or not. But hey, Gary Let’s not mean

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