38 Brutal Roasts from Reddit (Roast Me)

hey guys I’m Chad Wild Clay and welcome to
the most brutal roasts of reddit Please stay all the way till the end because I need your comments down below for the next video because i want
you to roast me all right here we have a nice couple one
has a broken arm neither of you could do better neither of them could do worse either don’t feel bad for any of these people
because they all asked to be roasted this is what they wanted it okay here we got a nice guy sitting in a
chair your mom puts folded flag on her
Christmas list ok this is this guy’s got quite an
outfit going here let’s see outfit must look sick from a
Predator drone oh man ok ok ok got three dudes here
saying roast me if the cast of superbad was uglier and had special needs I guess their
gonna roast her nineteen eighties hair style here let’s
see it’s like the tape was ripped out of 50 different audio cassettes and dropped
on your head yeah i saw that one coming Alright, we got a guy in
a wheelchair here all he says roast me don’t be a pussy okay all right looks like your belly is having a party
that your legs weren’t invited to oh man, people are brutal oh gosh, I don’t even to want to read this
one. What’s black and sits at the top of the stairs you after a house fire maybe this video was a bad idea guys
haha I like this one virgin mobile virgin immobile Irish sex worker sex with you would
indeed be work OK that was pretty good, was pretty
good all right let’s see what they say about
this girl you look like the world’s most ready to put out Disney character she calls herself Barbie, alright
calls herself barbie because nobody over the age of nine thinks for life is valuable ouch lesbian
couples always seem to look like they could be related you’re going to ruin Thanksgiving with
mom and dad find out you’re fu… I hope you faked orgasms better than
smiles marry me so i don’t have to come out of the closet you make me feel like that like that
like it you look like your face was beaten with
a used chalkboard eraser I won’t recognize you in a crowd of two
people you look like the textures on your face
haven’t finished loading okay this guy’s just waiting to get
roasted here with his Mountain Dew and Doritos party size is the closest thing
you will ever come to a party everything you buy is meant to be shared
yet none of it ever is all right here we have two girls asking to be roasted you look like rich girls trying to be
homeless that’s really in right now Derelict you’ve been fingered by more dirty hands
than the bowl of nuts in a bar I don’t know, this is getting a little dirty
guys I don’t know if should I put this on my channel I’m not sure usually I’m a
little cleaner than this okay here we have a girl with some
bright red lipstick let’s see what are people saying are you
sure you’re in the right place roast me does not mean we give you a roast like a turkey roast oh no, jeez you look like the rejected shrek concept art this is what the Wendy’s girl would look
like if she actually ate OK that is so mean guys okay we’ve got a group of
dudes here it’s like they’re having a gay old time you have collectively been
inside seven women and all seven collectively regretted not aborting you didn’t see that one coming we met on minecraft. Minecraft party! Sid the slots less attractive sister oh poor girl. you look like you’re halfway
through anamorphing into a hammerhead you look like a kmart brand jenna
Marbles ok nice red hair you look like a stop sign ok sure I’ll have a large chocolate frosty please you look like the kind of girl that
cries during her webcam shows your eyes are so far apart you can spot a predator behind you if you ate all that makeup maybe you’d be beautiful on the inside one girl appears to be in a teddy bear costume that bear is only there
because he thought he smelled salmon oh hey if you guys like these extra videos i’m uploading please give us a thumbs up to let me know that I should keep doing
more videos what are people gonna say about his girl. how many Planned Parenthood rewards
points do you have? roast me you look like your mom let you try your
first beer through the umbilical cord a nice beard the only way you’re getting laid is if
it’s on a cross wow look at this guy’s figure
collection are you so insecure that you hover hand your lifeless figurines look at that he’s not even – he’s not
touching the glass probably like I don’t want to get fingerprints on my nice
glass guys! ok that’s the sweet red hair here the
only thing that would get you more attention than your current hair color
is spontaneously developing cancer coincidentally it would also be the
better hairstyle they’re saying she should go bald guys
should i be explaining these I don’t know maybe I won’t explain these I think you’ll figure them out on your
own and if you don’t leave a comment below i’m sure there’s some people who
will help you figure out what some of these mean it looks like his tongue is in
jail that’s pretty good that’s got a good fun
clean one guys ok ok this girl says my you know what
are better than yours so roast me this is reddit, fifty percent of the
guys reading this have better tits than you I’m wheelchair-bound and it’s my 23rd
birthday tell me something i haven’t already
heard roasted me at least when you get new shoes they never wear out I just feel wrong for laughing at some
of these whoa blue hair red eyes you look like Pixar’s inside out
representation of herpes roast me you look like Squidward’s house i’m gonna go ahead and look that one up
guys because oh there’s Squidward’s house now I get it Roast me she looks like she collects men’s nuts
for winter Deez Nuts Roast me. You look like you roofie yourself at gay bars I like it. I like it. ok cool hairdo there you look like a
human microphone oast me lauren b KR x I bet that shower head gets a lot more
action than your toothbrush Oh ulness its electric which snapchat face effect is this? The one that adds a chromosome. oh you left your sex doll in the oven
too long roast me you look like a lesbian Hitler.
Clitler. want to be a greaser just find out his father got out of jail make his
day even worse like a Picasso painting came to life except the picasa would be
worth something Star Trek fan here guys wants to be
roasted you look like the end boss in a pro
fishing game This guy kind of looks like Macaulay
Culkin from home alone or he looks like me uh oh. I coach Marines how to shoot roast me. You look like Ellen Degenerous’ son if she asexually reproduced holy shit a marine holding a sign that
doesn’t say “Anything helps. God Bless.” Alright guys if you liked this
extra video please give us a thumbs up letting you know i should do more of
these and I need your comments down
below because I need you to roast me ok I got that right I want to see you
guys roast me go ahead and be mean and you can roast me on how I look on my videos
on anything you know about me you know you know what my favorite things are or maybe even my wife although I haven’t
cleared that with her but I go for anyway guys so I’m going to use your
comments in the upcoming video in a few days here where I’m going to do the most
yourself challenge and I’m going to create a rap out of your comments so
thank you for the thumbs up on this new video i hope you guys like that looking
forward to your comments down below where you roast me and i’ll see you back
here in a few days

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