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  1. I live in Florida, and I never noticed that all the doors at my school that lead into the building open out words. And now that I think about I realise that they actually do. Huh.

  2. uh…all egress doors have to swing out all across the country. At least in public spaces. It's part of the fire code. That way if there is a fire, you don't get a bottleneck at the exit and can't get the doors open due to a stampede.

  3. In Scotland we can get married at 16! but aren't allowed to take driving lessons until we are 17! We aren't permitted to buy or drink alcohol or vote in elections until we are 18 years old, but can legally smoke cigarettes at 16 years. How craze is that?

  4. In Norway it is illegal to smile more than 2 times a week,, and every citizen over 18 are obligated to spend at least 6 months playing in a black metal band.

  5. Also, in Reno even sitting in public is not allowed. I reeeeeally wanted to sit whilst waiting for friend to wake up and get on the road. No can do.

  6. There is a law in Maine that states if you have your Christmas decorations up past January 14th, you will be charged a fine. BUT YET- Livermore Falls, the town I live in, along with some surrounding towns will leave their streetlamp decorations up till mid or late February.

  7. the outward door opening thing makes sense and is a law in germany aswell (at least for public buildings) because in an emergency (fire for example) its a lot saver to have people just running out instead of running, stopping to pull on a door and then running again 🙂

  8. Wait! Nebraska outlawed the marriage of people with STDs?! That's just about everyone! 9 out of 10 people that have had sex have some kind of Herpes!

  9. silly string is only illegal in Southington because some kids sprayed it on a cop. (It's pronounced Suth-ing-ton not South-ing-ton)

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  11. I've been to Reno many many times and let me tell you there are angsty youths laying on sidewalks everywhere.

  12. Anyone else notice the product placement in the background picture of the tenth law at 1:27. John Green I'm not even mad about it man. You put your book in the background on a billboard and its done so well. All i can say is bravo.👏👏👏

  13. In a bunch of states, sororities can't have houses because when 8 or more females live in the same house, they're considered to be brothels.

  14. If you're reading this and you happen to study at AMA University and you're making an essay for this video can I please copy your work.

  15. Wow, so many of these were actually unjust and need to be taken down. Especially those with religious discrimination! Those are insane and show the lack of progress in this shit country

  16. I have lived in New Hampshire for years and I never knew we had such laws! But as a native Vermonter, I did know that it was once illegal to tie a giraffe to a lamp post or keep one in your bathtub, and that it is illegal to whistle underwater. And Vermont also banned billboards.

  17. In new Zealand there is an advanced system of gun control where you need a different firearms picense according to what guns you want to own with basic weapons like 10/22s classed as "A" category up to AR15 pattern assault rifles being found in "E" category and fully automatic weapons are illegal. But miniguns are fine; they only fall under "A" category.


  18. The state of Maine also does not allow billboards. There is one billboard in the state however which was grandfathered in as the law was made because it belonged to a church or something.

  19. It is also illegal to hunt camels and let your donkey sleep in your bathtub in Arizona! In one city, Tucson AZ., it is still illegal for women to wear pants.

  20. in Wilbur Washington its illegal to ride an ugly horse. in Florida its illegal to fart in a public place after 6pm on Thursdays

  21. Here in Pennsylvania you must be 18 or older to get your ears pierced. If you're younger than 18, a parent has to sign a pretty lengthy consent form.

  22. What about in Florida, it is illegal to fornicate with a porcupine, in Virginia, it is illegal to fly off of a church steeple, but this is because a man did it three times, also, in France, there is a town where it is illegal to die, unless you have a burial plot prepaid for, and it is illegal to name a pig Napoleon

  23. In Wichita Kansas where I'm from at the main intersection downtown the driver is required to get out of the vehicle and fire 3 shots in the air before getting back in and proceeding

  24. I think drug laws are way weirder than any other laws. I mean, seriously, for smoking a joint and relaxing at home, you can get arrested and thrown in prison for a year or longer! That's beyond fucked up.

  25. I'm originally from Tennessee and what he said explains a LOT! So many people are ignorant when it comes to sexuality and human biology because the pitiful lack of sex education. Sex Ed classes were ridiculous when I went to Tennessee schools. Still are.

  26. I knew the laws in Texas, Alabama, Tennessee would be based on Xtianity. I'm sure there's plenty more, and I'm sure Georgia has their fair share too. Going to go do some research on that. Ciao!

  27. As to the swearing at players law. If you watch the game from your TV at home, no ones gonna know if you swore. winks

  28. In Washington State if two trains meet at a crossing, it's illegal for one to go until the other does, it's also illegal to harrass bigfoot, and in Seattle you can't carry a concealed weapon over 6 feet in length

  29. Doggens-threads on a baseball
    Zyzzen-the line on the fraction
    Puendok-the name of the degree symbol
    Brizapp-to spam download apps
    Xyenf-a safer foam sword
    Whuorf-the tip of a door stop
    Hijjip-to know a pig
    Rew-Slang for 'rejected words'
    Ditostrophy- chaos caused by an animal
    laepirtou-volume icon
    Di'mir'piffidao-To type the letter d 1000 consecutive times using a computer
    Roggen- disruptive behaviour
    Porder-To tilt a perfect vertical line to the left for any reason
    Xexensyalagon-A shape with 1 million sides
    Beaten-Dog – when your toes gather parts of your socks
    Penchil-a pencil without an eraser
    Opas-the clip on a pen

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