Adam Ruins Everything – Why Partisan Politics Have Been on the Rise since the 1960’s

Conservative Republicans and Liberal Democrats They don’t agree on anything,
nothing gets done, right? Wrong. For most of
the 20th century, there was actually
such a thing as Liberal Republicans
and Conservative Democrats. I mean, can you imagine? It must have been like
Bizarro world! Me Liberal Republican. Me support
labor unions and wear shoe
on head! Me Conservative
Democrat. Me oppose civil rights. And me pee
out butt? (laughter) Now, yes, these two usually
still voted with their parties, but when something really
needed to get done, the Conservative Democrats
could team up with the Conservative
Republicans, or vice-versa,
and make it happen. Me think government
should not shut down. Oh, me agree! Functional government
am important! Good night!
It’s morning. Meow!
I’m a dog! (laughter) Comedy’s very stupid,
isn’t it? (chuckling) Now, during the period when the parties worked
this way, America had
our best century ever. We went to the moon,
we extended the vote to women and minorities,
and we won three major wars, two hot, one cold. Oh, just like the food
they serve in the cafeteria
where Ted Cruz eats alone. (laughter) So, what changed? Well, a big piece of the puzzle
is our old friend… (guitar strumming) …”el BJ.” Seriously, you guys aren’t
even gonna be able to say his name
the old way. After this, the emphasis
is on the “B” for you. So, the night he passed
his civil rights bill, LBJ turned to his assistant
and reportedly said… And he was right. There are a lot of reasons
partisan polarization increased in the second half
of the 20th century, but the Civil Rights Act
was pivotal in accelerating this trend. The Republican Party became
more and more Conservative and the Democratic Party became more and more liberal.

100 Replies to “Adam Ruins Everything – Why Partisan Politics Have Been on the Rise since the 1960’s

  1. the video is too short to the point that its really useless. most of the clips are really short and doesn't have enough material.

  2. The reason people don't usually elect women for president? How about some examples..

    Angela Merkel (Pretty sure it's a woman.) She destroyed the german economy and culture by allowing massive amounts of refugees to invade Germany. Her pity literally destroyed the country.

    Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Danish prime-minister. Under her rule taxes were raised significantly, Denmark was introduced to refugees, and crime rate rose much above the usual. Denmark, ruined.

  3. Women had the right to vote, but they had to be landowners. In fact, unlike other groups mandated to enlist, these women were given the vote without actually earning in. Plainly, though men had to enlist, many still didn't have the right to vote. However, women didn't have to enlist, but they were still given the 'right' to vote.

    In the late 1900s, non-wealthy landowners were given the voting right such as Blacks and of course non-wealthy female landowners. Still, women do not have to enlist to maintain this right but every man does. When we discuss a serious topic, please don't use lies and propaganda. This specific law is and will remain an example of sexism until women are mandated to enlist in order to vote.

  4. I would love to see the end of this because as it stands it is not accurate.

    Right now the Democrats are not a liberal party, and they haven't been one since the 90s.

  5. Yeah no democrat had ever supported a civil rights bill until after the 1960s. Also it was Republicans who gave women and minorities the right to vote. Please remember which party was actually for civil rights and was known as the Party of Lincoln and Martin Luther King jr.

  6. I will never understand how in America you have a liberal party, and a conservative party. I mean, how is that you only vote two right winged parties at the same time? Isn't usually one on the left, and other on the right?

  7. The only thing wrong was the last line. "The Republican Party became more and more conservative, and the Democratic party became mealy-mouthed corporate shills."

  8. One of the main points that politics suffer from is that people love to slap completely arbitrary labels all over the place as if it means something.
    Almost no one can have a discussion anymore without throwing a label around.
    And guess what?
    The second you label someone, in your mind, you now think of them an enemy and disregard everything they say or worse, attack them.

  9. Can somebody recommend a video about partisan bias like this? i need it for a friend, if it has spanish subtitles, the better

  10. Remember Trump, LBJ may have orchestrated JFKs assassination so he could start a war and buy a bunch of helicopters from.his wifes company, but at least he did civil rights too

  11. who cares if you're democrat or republican the top 1% of Americans in terms of wealth will screw you over anyways. just ask Clinton Obama trump the Syrians the poor republicans the jobless democrats the Iraqis the Afghanis the Pakistanis the Iranians the Yemenis the….. oh my God this list is big but you get the point

  12. I imagine that soon after the cutoff he mentioned that as the parties drifted further to their respective sides, Republicans have moved more to the right than Democrats have to the left.

  13. But you see the negative effects of too many parties here in the U.K. The right wing is inherently advantaged because there are fewer right wing parties to choose from, whereas the left vote gets split.

  14. No, Adam, the Democratic party became more and more conservative, just a little less conservative than Republicans.

  15. Then clinton got into the white house and the democrats became more conservative which is why running another clinton was just the dumbest thing to do

  16. The south voted mostly democratic until the 1990s. I agree that in the past people were able to make compromises in politics and were able to leave emotions out of it, but it wasn't because the civil Rights act was passed. It was because politicians learned that polarizing the public by exaggerating the amount of bigotry towards individuals because of their color or or sexual orientation or whatnot, made people more active in politics and so more likely to show up and vote.

  17. "The welfare of any segment of humanity is inextricably bound up with the welfare of the whole. Humanity’s collective life suffers when any one group thinks of its own well-being in isolation from that of its neighbours or pursues economic gain without regard for how the natural environment, which provides
    sustenance for all, is affected… The world is in desperate need of a shared ethic, a sure framework for addressing the crises that gather like storm clouds." ~Baha'i Faith, The Universal House of Justice

  18. actually according to be Shapiro the republicans were on the rise in the south starting in the 1950's and it had more to do with economics than it did civil rights.

  19. After the Civil Rights Act drove Southern social conservatives into the Republican party, Republicans doubled-down by opposing Roe v Wade.

  20. Apparently the Actress who played Harley Quinn in suicide squad hated her outfit also calling a female an Actress can get you shouted at I don't see it as a gender distinction I think it makes sense Actor Male Actress Female I don't know it seems to help avoid confusion and anger at wrongly guessing whos who a lot

  21. Ok so this got me confused… What's the difference between liberal and conservative and republican and democrat then? ELI5 for a non US person

  22. America did not Win WW1 and WW2. You merely participated. Nobody won the world wars. Germany simply lost more as a country than the other countrys.
    Oh and did you win the Cold War? How do you reccon that? Because i reccon its still going pretty strong.

  23. Partisan polarization is actually a visage, in general when the democrats and republicans want to get their collective big donors laws passed it's always bipartisan. But if it has to do with social issues they quickly play the divide game because it's great distraction from that war funding or spying bill they just passed.

  24. Republicans have never been against civil rights. Study your history Adam . It was the Democratic Party that was against it. Democrats is the party of the clan

  25. Somewhere I've read something along the lines that representatives used to be forced to live close by when the we're at work, only going back to their respective states on weekends, and that the loss of this forced time together meant that they felt less need to be agreeable with one another.

  26. Nothing gets done because there are mostly conservative republicans and conservative democrats and conservatives want as little government as possible that's why the rich get tax breaks while people die from lack of healthcare.

  27. He says we won the 'Cold War' under the more bi-partisan system, but the Cold War ended nearly 40 yrs after the Civil Rights Act was passed and the polarization he outlined ensued…

  28. Oh WRONG! So very, very, simplistically, wrong! The reason for gridlock is it serves the Establishment's interests. Bought politicians pitting the people against each other while they rob us blind. It's been the story since the beginning, with stolen labor from white-skinned indentured servants and color-skinned slaves. How to keep the workers down and fighting each other for crumbs. Briefly after WW2 they needed US workers to produce and consume, it was in their interest for a time to have an economic middle class. Since Nixon/Reagan it's been in their interest to reduce the population back to serfs. Now here we are, and what are we going to do about it?

  29. Republicans are way more partisan than Democrats, there's an insane amount of evidence backing that up. Look here:

  30. Except when the Democrats became more conservative in the 90s when they believe going to the left was a losing strategy, which surged after the Republicans dominated the '94 Midterms sweeping both houses of Congress.

  31. I can't laugh; it hurts too much. I'll have to stick to God's policies… "…with regard to political parties: that which is the greatest policy directing the world of mankind, nay, rather, the Divine policy,.." ~ Abdu'l-Baha, Baha'i Faith

  32. Who would have thought that treating people like humans with the same rights as other humans would cause one side to go so far off the deep end and eventually elect the Annoying Orange.

  33. Think it’s a little early to call the Cold War a victory. We turned Central America into a fustercluck, the Korean War never technically ended, and we’re still competing with Russia.

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