Afghanistan Leaks Confirm It Was a Corrupt Mess

We have to talk about the Afghanistan papers.
Okay. There is a Washington post report which I will read a little bit from to get us acclimated.
The Afghanistan papers are a confidential trove of government documents obtained by
the Washington post revealing that senior U S officials failed to tell the truth about
the war in Afghanistan throughout the 18 year campaign making rosy pronouncements. They
knew to be false and hiding unmistakable evidence that the war had become unwinnable more than
2000 pages of previously unpublished notes of interviews with people who played a direct
role in the war from generals and diplomats and aid workers and Afghan officials have
been published. The quotes are damning. The what these Afghanistan
papers effectively are telling us is that not only has it been a corrupt disaster, but
that a lot of people involved knew that it was a corrupt, poorly planned disaster for
a very long time and still the money flow continued and the public pronouncements that
this was the right war. Remember Iraq? Okay. Iraq was the wrong war. Afghanistan was the
right war. 18 years. It was a disaster. All right, quote from Douglas lute. Douglas lute
is a three-star army general who was the white house’s Afghan Wars are during both the Bush
and Obama, Obama administrations in 2015 he said, we were devoid of a fundamental understanding
of Afghanistan. We didn’t know what we were doing. What are we trying to do here? We didn’t
have the foggiest notion of what we were undertaking. Remember publicly, we were told Iraq went
sideways. Maybe we went in for the wrong reason, but
we’re doing the right thing in Afghanistan. Um, loot also said if the American people
knew the magnitude of the disfunction, 2,400 lives lost. Who will say that this was in
vain? There has been a PR management of the Afghanistan war to portray it as properly
run successful reflecting an understanding of the region which we lacked in Iraq and
it was all a farce. The Washington post goes on to say that since 2001 more than 775,000
us troops have deployed to Afghanistan, many repeatedly of those 2300 died there. Nearly
21,000 were wounded in action. While with most speaking on the assumption that their
remarks would not become public, us officials acknowledged this is from the Afghanistan
papers, that their war fighting strategies were fatally flawed and that Washington wasted
enormous sums of money trying to remake Afghanistan into a modern nation. This is not just about money. It has been
an incredible, uh, a quagmire when it comes to money, but it has been a foreign policy
disaster as well. Uh, the Washington post, uh, the interviews also highlight the U S
government’s botched attempts to curtail runaway corruption, build a competent Afghan army
and police force. I remember we were told we’re doing really good work. We’re building
up their army and their police force into one that works well. And to put a dent in
Afghanistan is thriving opium trade. The U S government has not carried out a comprehensive
accounting of how much it is even spent on the war in Afghanistan. But the costs are
staggering. Listen to these numbers. Since 2001 the defense department, state department,
and us agency for international development have spent or appropriated between 934,000,000,970
8 billion. We’re talking about almost a trillion dollars. Jeffrey Eggers, who’s a retired Navy
seal and white house staffer for Bush and Obama again said to government interviewers,
we now know that he said this because the Afghanistan papers have gone public quote,
what did we get for this $1 trillion effort? Was it worth $1 trillion after the killing
of Osama bin Laden? I said that Osama was probably laughing in his watery grave considering
how much we have spent on Afghanistan. The Afghanistan papers. Describe what the Washington
post calls constant deception quote. Every data point was altered to represent the best
picture possible. This is, according to Bob Crowley, an army Colonel who was senior counter-insurgency
advisor surveys, for instance, were totally unreliable, but reinforced that everything
we was doing we were doing was right and we became a self-licking ice cream cone. This
is a scandal, okay? This doesn’t diminish any of Donald Trump’s scandals. This says
nothing about the impeachment. This is a scandal. It is the type of scandal that does not get
a lot of attention. I remember the Panama papers, it got a little attention, but then
these things tend to fade. These documents, these interview transcripts should be front
page news for a very long time. The framing was Iraq didn’t go so well, but
Afghanistan is moral. It’s successful. We’re doing the right thing. It’s not corrupt. We
know where the money’s going. We know everything that’s going on and now we find out from,
from people who were on the ground there, we had no understanding of what was going
on. We had no understanding of what we were doing. The accounting is a farce. Claims were
routinely made publicly that things were going well. When it’s not just that it was an exaggeration,
people knew that it was an absolute and total disaster. This is the exposure of an embarrassing
multi-decade fiasco that is just barely a blip on the radar and it’s not. I know it’s
easy to say, well, damn David, if everybody stopped focusing less on Trump, then we would
hear more about this. I don’t buy that. This is not the type of story that tends to get
a lot of attention. Years ago there were claims made. We had Abu
Ghraib, right? That was the Iraqi prison where there was horrible, horrible, a wrongdoing
by a American members of the military. There were supplementary documents and reports about
truly horrible things that were taking place there and at other facilities it may barely
made a blip on the radar. There was no impeachment scandal at the time. There was no, you know,
we didn’t have a president tweeting 20 to a hundred times a day at the time and it still
did not get nearly the attention that it deserves. These stories don’t do well because corporate
media sets the narrative. People died because of bureaucratic issues. $1 trillion is gone.
We have no clue what’s going on there and to the extent that I’m able to, I will continue
talking about this story because it is so important and it is so, so incredible. Check out the documents yourselves, widely
available online, Washington post again as a very, very good report and summary about

100 Replies to “Afghanistan Leaks Confirm It Was a Corrupt Mess

  1. My brother served and my brother in-law is currently there. I intend to reach out to them and ask, personally, if they thought they made a difference.

  2. On the morning of September 11, 2001 as I watched the WTC fall I said the culprits would have to be caught by an elite special forces team. A large scale war would be messy and damaging to the US image and would not accomplish the task. 10 years later I was proven correct about needing an elite special forces team. 18 years later I was proven correct about the war being a bad decision.

  3. Duh…we knew this already..but who also lied about it…the media..they pushed the propaganda…and you all who just looked away are to blame too.

  4. Osama bin Laden has been dead for almost 10 years now.. WTF are we still doing in Afghanistan other than guarding Opium & poppy fields?? Time is long overdue to bring troops home from not only Afghanistan BUT ALL our stupid & pointless regime change wars!!

  5. Imagine if that money had been spent providing better education and health care to Americans, how better off everyone would be.

  6. Let’s not forget Donald Rumsfeld still hasn’t answered for the $2.3 trillion that is still unaccounted for from before 9/11. Funny coincidence how he was supposed to answer those questions on 9/11/2001🤔

  7. My issue as a European; What the Duck did “Winning the War” even mean?

    Invading Afghanistan and murdering everyone? Being an international cop and magically finding WOMD’s?

    The war was bogus from the start

  8. Yeah we should never forget how much of a disgusting and horrible unethical mess the Afghan war has been. I recommend “Unholy Wars” for more background on US and Russian intervention in Afganistán from an earlier decade.

  9. If not the Trump distraction, it'd be something else. They is why the media loves Trump so much. It's easy for them, and they don't loose views talking about Trump.

  10. But… but… they're fighting for your freedom!!!! How dare you question what the military does? Now stand up, the national anthem is about to start

  11. I don't understand, in the Netherlands it became obvious after a few years that the war in Afghanistan was never going to be won, that it was the new Vietnam, that the propped up government is very corrupt, that the Taliban will take over the moment western forces leave, how can this be news to the US?

  12. The Three Rules for Maintaining a Corporate Pseudo-democracy:

    1) Lie, lie, lie, and if caught, lie.
    3) Establish a mandatory state or state sponsored religion.

  13. Every country has issues…lots of countries do shady stuff….but very few take it to the extreme levels that the united states tends to. Maybe self-reflection someday would give her an idea as to why the world has such an unfavorable view of it. I feel for the poor Americans who, despite having the pride of calling themselves Americans, suffer worse than people in third world countries because of the actions of a few. Shame.

  14. I think this came out from the Washington Post. But thank you, David, some people do not read. I was in the Army as an officer in the 80's. Honestly, I was not passing physicals but Reagan had become president and they were talking warm bodies. Anyway, I find it nuts that anyone is surprised. Maybe I pay for attention to the Military then most Americans. We lost $Billions and $Billions in Iraq and Afghanistan. Everyone knew it. I live in Florida. 500 votes here was the difference between Bush Jr and Al Gore. Instead of Bill Clinton's policies and our first work on global warming, we got hidden drug deals with Pharmacenal companies and a 22-year war in the Middle East. If you ever wonder why I talk a lot about Voting here is my big reason. Think about what a different nation we would be. Incorrect voting, protest voting and non-voting has consequences.

  15. Vietnam: 1959-1975.
    Afghanistan First War (Against Soviets): 1980-1989.
    Second War: 2001-Present.
    Iraq: 1991-Present.
    Syria: 2011-Present.

    Welcome to Eternal War!

  16. Thank the Reps for starting this gigantic mess. And after 18 years, the Taliban are almost back in power again…

    How many Americans lost their lives? How many lives were ruined by this in one way or the other? How much money was wasted on this? What good those people could have done in the US and how much could have build with that money in the US?

  17. Given this I do feel sorry for anyone who would have to live oppressed under the Taliban or any other dictatorship. I don't know what the answer is. Set a better more consistent example of democracy for starters I guess.

  18. Iraq was a lie Afghanistan was an unwinnable war and in the end Vietnam became an unwinnable war you'd think it's some point the US would have got this invasion thing workout we've had so much experience at it

  19. I believe that Afghanistan was the right place to fight, but the fight was over before the invasion started. I remember hearing that our special forces killed the majority of Al Qaeda's forces after 9-11 but before the actual invasion.

  20. my post keeps diapering?
    I refresh, or try to 'sort by' and then my post is gone!
    I didn't even curse 😀
    but this post stays up!

  21. 💊💊💊💊Afghanistan was always about 1 thing and one thing only …Opiates …and the Poppys used to make them 🏥🏥🏥💊💊💊💊💊

  22. MSNBC and CNN will get Rachel Maddow and Anderson Cooper on respectively to tell you everything was not a waste and all the contractor pork money was well spent to achieve nothing but to obtain a lot more animus than we had before.

    ultimately Afghanistan was a total farcical joke and rip off of the American public for trillions & bread and butter for so many for profit “news” typs.

    The Pentagon’s ongoing orientalist failures. look up orientalism.

    everyone involved in this should resign and retire and never be involved in government or news again.

  23. This is why, despite Trump's absolute awfulness, George W. Bush is America's worst-ever president. And it's also part of why Obama was a dud.

    Whether you like it or not the American experiment under the leadership of genius great psychiatric, psychological, technological and scientific minds of NAZI SCIENTISTS brought to America under # the operation paperclip, was all about creating a Parasitic class to feed on the hypnotized ignorant masses of sheeples ( the American public ) and the corporate only for profits # MOCKING BIRD MEDIA is acting as the get keeper with public relations and expectation management as the fundamental role and function of dumbing down the public genuine discomfort and feelings of runaway corruption injustices the U.S. Corporation committs on a constant basis against the public welfare since it was developed.
    The mind manipulative indoctrination strategy is so complete but has serverly damaged the minds and brainds of most Americans of all races that if you decide to tell them that nothing the government does is primarily on their behalf or interests but are in the business of trading Big Lies and the mocking bird media is the department of PR management and the normalization of the deep state runaway corruption then they will call you a liar and unpatriotic American.

    In essence this means to be a patriotic American one must embrace being insanely stupid and dumb by blindly believing everything what the status quo ( the deep state ) says is the only reality out there and reject critical thinking of questioning everything what is being projected as the only credible news actually alternative reality by the same status quo.

    Who could even dream that Joseph Gobbles NAZI propaganda of making big believable lies strategy would still be reigning supreme 74 years later in 2019 ?

    " If you want to tell a lie make it bigger and repeat it thousands of times using mocking bird 24/7 media pundits PR managers and printed press then eventually it becomes believable and the most preferred alternative reality by the headless sheeples ( general public)."

    Conclusion ; The United states of America with their so called # American dream is simply a project put in place by the operation paperclip Nazi scientists . The paradoxical irony is that the American dream project is actually a complete success of the Fuhrman Adolf Hitler's dream of his third Reich vision of # ubermench of having the greatest well equipped and advanced army dominating the entire world. But pathetic enough America is currently populated with zombies who refuse to see the truth and this project in its nakedness and for what it really is as the Fuhrer's Adolf Hitler dream vision and not the so called # the American dream.

    # They live while you are daydreaming and sleeping American Zombies !

  25. The angloan males are making more money off death and destruction. War is a business. Becky and Bobby attends college on BLOOD MONEY. 99% of us are not stock holders in killing machine manufacturers, sadly mostly wealthy angloan males around the world owns these types of stocks.

  26. The vietnam war lasted 18 years compared with the afghanistan war of 19 years thus far – maybe if the war in afghanistan had stopped last year it would've equalled the cost of the vietnam war at a mere $800billion or so. Both cost more than the korean war – even though the us dropped more bombs on korea than in the whole of WW2. The Apollo moon landings cost a mere $150billion in today's money, and they were of course of no relevance in terms of importance or value to human progress.

  27. No War the Americans were involved in after WWII was legit… All of them were for profit, power and oil.
    Imagine how you could afford a Universal Healthcare system if you cut 100Billion from the military budget… Imagine that.

  28. Many of us knew this from day ONE. Iraq AND Afghanistan.,.. Especially with the Republicans,the agenda is SO OFTEN the same,
    Wealth and power at the EXPENSE of EVERYONE ELSE. They have NO ETHICS nor MORALS….,ONLY evil selfishness and greed,
    Same BS when it comes to " regime CHANGE"

  29. They have veen doing tis SO LONG. MULVANEY spoke it OPENLY and CLEARLY. They do these things ALL THE TIME. The KNUCKLE DRAGGING REPUBLICANS are simply more
    " BALLS OUT" BRAZEN about it because they give ZERO PHUCKS.
    They are simply the MORE CORRUPTED and COMPROMISED party. CORPORATE democrats are simply " DOWN LOW" undercover REPUBLICANS.

  30. Vice did a series on this called 'This is what winning looks like.' These papers was not a surprise to me. Vice has completely covered this topic for years

  31. Gee how many young men and women could have gone to college or trade school over the last 18 years with that trillion dollars …. not to mention saving the lives of the 2400 who died in vain …. time to bring the troops home and stop wasting lives and money…

  32. The Soviet army tried invading and controlling Afghanistan in 1979. The insurgents pushed them back out, again because of the rife corruption, driven in part by the opium trade.
    And as a Brit, I should of course hang my head in shame over why the opium trade became a thing at all, because its roots go back to our time there in the 19th century, even though it didn't take off to the modern extent until the 1950s.

  33. You are never going turn a majority Islamic nation into a western style democracy. We are talking about a religion founded by warlord slave owner who had sex with children. Jesus was a non exist created fairy tale about a perfect. Muhammed was just another tyrant for 1500 years about who's followers think he is the perfect man. They aren't going to act like western white people not today not tomorrow not ever probably .

  34. "But how are we gonna pay for that?" Already lacking in substance, but in the face of Afghan Papers… could there ever be a more empty question?

  35. Wait…….. they actually had a plan when they went into Afghanistan ????? This must be the same plan Trump claimed to have in 2016 to defeat ISIS……..

  36. How many years did Russia spend fighting in Afghanistan before they pulled out? Now the USA is doing the same thing in the same place, how long before our leaders figure it out……

  37. Oh man, I am so shocked. I could not have guessed it. Who would have thought the U.S. government were full of corrupt liars.

    -No one

  38. let's not forget this is more complicated and there's probably 10s of thousands different cases and sides in the afgan war and multiple countries has been and still are there. it's not a factor of this was bad so everything here is bad. that's not true at all since the situation on Afghanistan has massively improved in terms of security and education for both boys and girls there.

  39. This is the military industrial complex at work. Money taken from the tax payer goes to manufacturing weapons and armament, some flimsy excuse is made to use them in order to justify the expense, and people die needlessly JUST to keep the money flowing.

  40. Our government (dem and rep) is screwing us over. They have us so brainwashed if we say anything negative about military spending then we are not patriotic and don’t support our troops. Military spending is making people rich from defense stocks and funds to aviation. Oligarchs or sheiks or whoever overseas is getting their bank accounts padded so our rich bitches can keep getting richer every time a tank or helmet gets sold
    I’m pissed. Yeah I’m pointing my finger at you too Obama.
    We have grown people who have never lived in the USA that wasn’t at war with somebody.
    Stop the bs.

  41. It's nice to know we live the wh40k imperial guard universe in real life. Manipulating numbers and having full time propagandists.

  42. What do you mean the money is wasted? It goes to the industrial military complex. You have to think of the poor arms dealers that couldn't make their billions without this federal subsidizing.

  43. So now this mis-news about the Afghanistan war can now be added to the Korean war, Vietnam war and the Iraq war. When will ever learn ??

  44. Why will bush not visit Europe?… He knows they will try him for war crimes. They have been on to him for a long time.

  45. "Breaking news! American news media finally gets green light from Pentagon to officially reveal what the rest of the world knew 15 years ago."

  46. It's simple to understand. The leaders of the US government do not care about its citizens. They use thier positions to pad thier off shore bank accounts, knowingly destroying the environment, destroying foreign relations, destroying it's citizen's lives,
    destroying our minds with lies.
    They do not care about you, they do not care about your kids, they don't even care about thier own family's future generations. It has been this way for decades, and somehow huge portions of our society have been mislead into believing the opposite.
    We stand idly by as our leaders rape the earth of her resources, and genocide anybody who stands in thier way. Then we go around letting the wedges they have driven between us push us further and further apart. We let them divide us into arbitrary generations, into races, into economic classes, into political parties. We pit our children against each other in school, we pit ourselves against each other with sports, and arbitrary community division lines. Whether it be classrooms, sports teams, cities, states, counties, we are constantly bombarded with the notion that whichever group we belong to, is better than the rest. Giving ignorant people liscence to look down on each other, and even actively try to disrupt thier freedoms and aspirations. We are conditioned to view everything as a competition, and to do so with a self-righteous attitude. IDK it's just a thought.

  47. The war in the middle East is the least popular war in the History of the United States! Shit's even less popular than the Vietnam war… The Republicans are sick fucks.

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