After Dodging Pence Call on Iran Attack, Pelosi Spotted Drinking at New Restaurant’s Opening

After ignoring a phone call from the Vice
President Pence in the middle of an international crisis, House Speaker Nancy Pelosi was spotted
partying with D.C. elite at a swanky new restaurant’s opening. You can’t say Nancy Pelosi doesn’t have
priorities. The right ones? Not according to many prominent blue checkmark
Twitter users, including Liz Cheney, who branded the San Francisco liberal a “disgrace”
and “unfit for office.“ On Tuesday, Iranian missiles targeted two
American military installations in Iraq. Iran claimed 80 U.S. deaths while the United
States hasn’t reported any casualties. Given the relative trustworthiness of the
two sources, I’d say the latter is much, much closer to the truth. The attacks were in response to the US drone
strike that took out Iranian Maj. Gen. Qassem Soleimani, a commander of the country’s
Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps. As usual, Nancy Pelosi had loudly complained
that congressional Democrats — one presumes she was referring to herself in particular
— weren’t notified ahead of that action. But when the Iranian missiles hit American
bases on Tuesday, Pelosi was notified directly by the White House, but she was apparently
more interested in getting her hands on a few free cocktails. The incident was reported by Politico’s
Heather Caygle. “In meeting tonight Speaker Pelosi was handed
a note telling her VP Pence was on the phone,” Caygle tweeted. “’Tell him I’ll call him back,’ she
said according to sources in room, noting she had to go open the House for new session. “Two minutes later, she was handed note
about air base bombing.” WesternJournal report: There’s no doubt
the House speaker is a busy woman. But for her to essentially ignore a phone
call from the country’s vice president in the middle of an international crisis is odd,
given the circumstances and the fact that she’s supposedly very tuned in to what’s
happening in the Middle East. She assured her Twitter followers, however,
that she was on top of things. “Closely monitoring the situation following
bombings targeting U.S. troops in Iraq. We must ensure the safety of our servicemembers,
including ending needless provocations from the Administration and demanding that Iran
cease its violence,” Pelosi tweeted at 7:31 p.m. “America & world cannot afford war.” Her definition of “closely monitoring”
might not match yours. Here’s a tweet from Anna Spiegel, food editor
of Washingtonian magazine, time stamped 15 minutes before Pelosi’s “closely monitoring”
tweet was published: That means Pelosi was either “closely monitoring”
the situation from the Maialino Mare opening celebration, or the Twitter post had been
pre-scheduled for publication — to give Pelosi’s constituents and press corps fans
the impression that she was hard at work on the nation’s business when she was actually
enjoying a night on the town. Neither explanation is very reassuring. Just in case you didn’t notice the issue,
it helps — as The Daily Caller’s Peter J. Hasson did — to note the timing of Pelosi
being notified of the phone call from Pence and the visual evidence that she was out at
a new restaurant’s opening Tuesday night. Yes, Pelosi’s brush-off of Pence’s call
was reported on just over a half-hour before she was reported being at restaurateur Danny
Meyer’s Maialino Mare, described by Eater as the “NYC magnate’s first fine-dining
restaurant in D.C.” At least it had a memorable opening night. This didn’t take long to backfire, with
GOP Rep. Liz Cheney of Wyoming calling Pelosi “unfit for office.” Harsh words, but one can see why they were
being thrown about. This might have been a good moment for Pelosi
to stay on Capitol Hill gathering intel, seeing how many of our servicemembers — if any
— died, meeting with members of her caucus and other lawmakers, directing the opposition’s
response, that sort of thing. Instead, she was gathering intel on “the
first full-service restaurant in the city from Danny Meyer and Union Square Hospitality
Group” which “is an outgrowth of Maialino, the decade-old New York City restaurant based
in the Gramercy Park Hotel.” (Again, Eater.) She apparently wanted to inform us all whether
the restaurant really did allow Meyer “to replicate a model that already works while
tweaking it to add new pieces” and whether “[s]eafood pastas — like a simple lemon-butter
fettuccine made with meat, oil, and stock extracted from Argentine red shrimp — and
whole fish will be points of emphasis.” America demands to know. President Trump is set to deliver his remarks
on the missile strikes in Iraq Wednesday morning. I’m assuming there’s not an opening of
a Le Denny’s upscale breakfast eatery in the Adams Morgan area of the District, so
no doubt Pelosi will be livetweeting it and telling us all how she’s all about “ending
needless provocations from the Administration.” Beyond that, it’s interesting how a media
usually absorbed in the food-related habits of our leaders — or, well, one leader in
particular — didn’t want to pick up on this one. The not-entirely-substantive gustatory habits
of the president have always been reported as if they constituted actual news. Fulminate as President Trump allocates himself
two whole scoops of ice cream at dinner while everyone else gets one! Lament the passing of the good ol’ days
when our presidents didn’t use bigger salt-and-pepper shakers as an apparent power move! Cluck knowingly at how Trump orders dinner
for other people! Meanwhile, Pelosi’s food-adjacent activities
are of legitimate concern to voters in this circumstance and among the legacy media, only
Fox News ran a short piece on it, focusing on Liz Cheney’s tweet. If only she’d have used bigger salt-and-pepper
shakers. By George, they’d have had to report on
it then — right?

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