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  1. I truly love the guy and a lot of the movies he's been in. Some are classics, without a doubt. His legend and talent are confirmed. So why does he make some films that are either total dogfarts or at the very least, beneath his stature? He can't be hard up for money. I know, I know, once you're in the life you don't want it to end, but come on…he has made some really bad movies when he could've/should've just dropped off for a while and wait for, or help to create, some worthy projects.

  2. GOAT! He’s one of my top three favorite actors ever. He’s been in so many legendary movies. There will never be another Al Pacino 💯

  3. So many Al Pacino films are amongst my favourites. Carlito’s Way, Donnie Brasco, The Godfather 1&2, Scarface. Can’t forget the very underrated… Insomnia

  4. A lot of Hours entertained by this Guy… Thanks, Take care & Best wishes
    (everyone has story & as in freytag's pyramid, The Denouement itself, is another Beginning.) I Couldn't be there currently other than a Tourist but…

  5. Tony Montana Scarface was my fav & my fav movie of all times. Reminds me of my own life n VEGAS. I lived it—-He was beautiful

  6. I thought he was Leboswki. And could not put Al Pacino together with him. I was wandering "why is he talking about Pacino?" Then it was Pacino. Btw great look. Still handsome

  7. A man of Italian descent playing a Cuban in Scarface, and Puerto Rican in Carlito's Way… if this was now, people would throw a fit. Here comes a white man taking a Latino man's job.

  8. Al Pacino is the only actor that plays Cuban and Puertorrican exactly in the same manner……….both in the least accurate way…now that´s range!!!

  9. Tony Montana feels like a real person. Montana is probably the best movie character of all time not just Pacinos best character. 'So long Mel have a good trip'.

  10. looks great sounds great! like he should!!! great vid. thank god he's back to normal and got rid of that pompadour hairstyle or whatever it was called.

  11. Love him 😍Scarface is one of my favorites,I’ve seen it a million times but every time I watch it I say I don’t remember this part😂my 38 years catching up

  12. I am sure he is going to bag another Oscar Award for playing Jimmy Hoffa in Martin Scorsese's mob epic The Irishman.

    He makes me believe in the magic of films, took me out of the oblivion and placed me somewhere safe. God bless you, Al!

    Attica! Attica! Attica!

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