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  1. Sacky couldn't answer questions, so he had to drink water. Hahah, he can't even lie. One could tell from his face that he didn't know what answer to give. That investigator is not a joke.

  2. …and gullible Namibians blames foreigners , those who are genuinely contributing to the growth of Namibia to leave the country … Now let’s see how you deal with this fraud and corruption from your own flesh and blood 😔
    Next time you want to frustrate a common Zimbabwean, Nigerian , Zambian , Malawians etc through your home affairs tagging them fraudsters kindly remember dearest minister Sacky and Co who are taking its citizens deeper into poverty with their corruption and sabotaging of the country’s rich resources ..
    A country that exports such magnitude of seafood , how much do you buy fish in your local shops??? When last did you eat fish because you can’t easily afford one?????
    This and more are the activities in the sectors crippling Namibia’s economy , poor tomatoes seller from a neighboring country get to take the blame after all .


  4. Thanks to the foreign investigators, revealing such information in Namibia, you can easy disapear into private prison or die a sudden death…. God help Namibians, such a wealthy country of only 3 million people and yet with greedy people as these 🤔

  5. I feel like am watching a movie dammit Al Jazeera are so good.And Namibia is such a beautiful country its so sad what is happening there

  6. The whites feel disgust and laugh at us , cause we fight for this country. Now we cant manage it. Our leaders is busy stealing from the country. I dnt trust a black men anymore not even Ithula sorry.

  7. It amazes me that Namibians knew about this scandal but yet again put the same corrupt party in government…ignorance neh…its like those who voted are asking for it…this isnt the first corruption scandal and will certainly not be the last if we as Namibians keep the thieves in power… please open your eyes Namibia …

  8. the Bible says… you will reap what you sow, whatever you do in dark shall surely come to light, you cant hide  forever ,

  9. Image this is just one deal what about all the other deals since independences….and let's not forget the mining sector…..

  10. We need a foreign body to investigate our recent electoral results. Our country is not for sale, that shouldn’t be the case in any of our sectors. We need new leadership. 😫 such a lovely and rich country, it’s a pity we suffer through the hands of our own “leaders”

  11. This is excellent journalism Al Jazeera. African leaders are essentially hemorrhaging African countries to death through primitive plunder and crude accumulation of wealth. Add impunity and it becomes a catastrophic mix economic effects of which will linger for many generations to come.

  12. With this well directed every step of the way, many supporters of corruption will imitate how this whole deal got successfull and still breed more of such activities… Its all scary

  13. Everything done in darkness will eventually see day light. This people are corrupt to the core. I fear for lives of the people that will testify as well as their families. Shuuuuu

  14. Most African countries are so so corrupt that the white slave masters must return back to Africa and slave the African again.

  15. Lock them up and through away the key. But that will never happen because our current president's in on the deal. Skelm bliksems.

  16. Very sleazy way of documenting the bribe, out of the Playbook, if you were within certain Jurisdictions you'd be in big trouble Aljazeera, and how do you get bank statements like that?, Got them locked up in 2 days

  17. How about doing a documentary on how the Qatari government was forced to pay an enormous bribe to Jared Kushner (which he needed to bail out his 666 5th Ave building in New York City) after Kushner was threatening to "unleash the dogs" on Qatar. The deal, in which Brookfield Asset Management, on behalf of Qatar paid the rent for the entire 99-year term upfront, which enabled the Kushners to pay off a $1.4 billion mortgage on the office portion of the tower that was due in February of 2019. The Kushners have spent more than two years on an international search for new "partners" or fresh financing that stretched from the Middle East to China. In the 666 Fifth Avenue deal Brookfield paid about $1.1 billion in upfront rent, according to an executive who requested anonymity because he had been briefed on the deal but was not authorized to discuss the secret bribery crime. Now that would be an appropriate film for Al Jazeera English to produce, and well worth watching.

  18. “corrupt judges accept secret bribes and then justice is not done.” “it is better to have a little honestly earned, than to have a large income gained dishonestly” – 📖

  19. "Plundering NAMIBIA'S resources not AFRICA'S resources." Every country in Africa has a name kindly use them. Do not 'continentalize' a country's issue. Africa is not a country.

  20. Good job! Keep carrying out investigations like this, we need to fish out these deadbeats selling out the resources of the continent for their own greed. Corruption is the norm in most of these countries, from Angola to Zambia. Things you cant even try in your own country, and these cowards are willing to forsake their own people for two sim iPhone. SMH

  21. I'm so thankful to Al Jazeera for revealing this. As a Namibia, I hardly no whats going on in my country. The media? What media. These are the kinds of things Namibian journalists should be doing. Revealing the truth but no.

  22. I'm so thankful to Al Jazeera for revealing this. As a Namibia, I hardly no whats going on in my country. The media? What media. These are the kinds of things Namibian journalists should be doing. Revealing the truth but no.

  23. This documentary should receive a reward for investigative journalism and for highlighting a serious issue in most Southern African countries. Rotten morals and ethics by so called ex "liberation movements" that purported to take care of the countries they took over. The levels of corruption are ruining these countries.

  24. Inhumane with no shame at all!! How do they even sleep at night knowing many people go to bed on an empty stomach, sleeping with a growling tummy due to their greed? Greed is actually an understatement. They forgot about ministering the Gospel of Jesus Christ & focused on money, money and then more money. On the other side, it seems we still have good empathetic people out there who still have conscience. May God bless (Jóhannes Stefánsson, all Journalists and everyone who cares…you're simply the best) for assisting the uncorrupt Namibians opening our eyes. We are starting to see clearly now, jooogh.

  25. All the swapo party members should be investigated. That is the only way we can figure out who the rotten potatoes are.
    The president doesn't look innocent right now

  26. Am I the only person who think Hage is the gang head😏, shangala has been his advisor for sometime nd he appointed him minister…. let me not get ahead of myself, but guys Hage is the head here listen and watch and study his comments on this matter closely nd get back

  27. I'm deeply heartbroken, that the leaders we trusted are corrupted… People deep down the villages are suffering while they are busy money laundering and exploiting our natural resources.. God is in control

  28. If you come investigate in Rwanda you will be surprised to see a hero becoming a zero,panama papers and Crystal Ventures

  29. Such things make me cringe!!!! The President was definitely in on this and had them resign (not fired) making them scapegoats. Reduces the heat on the "top sharks".

  30. …….51:04… “Go and investigate some other thinks!!!! “… those were the last words of the Minister

    I wonder if corruption is more dangerous than Genocide and many human right violations.

  31. Aljazeera Johannes please Protect and follow Johannes he is a Hero to Namibians and he must not Return to Namibia again ever and also be Protected in IceLand.

  32. I was wondering,about those $200,000,he started with 70,000 then add 100,000 for campaign,then round it to 200,000.. as if it's such a small amount,you know what that $25,000 can do? But to him made that round of to sound like a very tiny minor money that can't even make difference in human life..
    We as African should wake up….

  33. money to be distributed further to the bigger politicians in the country (We know who are the bigger politicians)

  34. As a Namibian I can safely say we have adopted corruption as our culture .. Just look at our election results, if you think otherwise…

  35. So cheap and corrupt…is a phone enough to sell your people? This is a joke…I though Namibians were smart people,,,and that's your minister I mean your representative?

  36. All our Ministries should be investigated! They eat nice and their children is in private schools, and buy houses and farms and our Namibian community has to pay more tax! !! Not a proud Namibian!

  37. From BIG chief combos to fish-rot sharks Sackey Shanghala and Benard Esau now we understand whats with all the arrogance you have.

  38. Thanks to Al jeezira, expose them, our population is very much small but those crooks are just eating alone. We now need the Anatomy of election in Namibia to educate these poor voters of Swapo

  39. uhm the companies that were used to launder money are subject to audits every year, so how did the external auditors not pick that up? Auditor General, how much did you get? 🧐

  40. it's really shameful to our Namibian leaders doing corruption while on the ground people a suffering to that ex-stand .

  41. Namibia s a richest country , but we just vote for poverty …………while people are just enjoying and chopping money by corrapution
    , nothing good will come on our ways . Education come expensive now. Everything you want you will get it by money : Books, and many more it s just expensive … please Acc follow this please this become serious now.

  42. Where is Africa headed to? I think this kinda people should be locked behind bars for the rest of their lives….imagine selling a country's economy for a mere iPhone sis.

  43. these guys are just amatuer graft cartels come to Kenya and see how a farm wheelbarrow costs 10,000 US Dollars… yes i said 10000 US Dollars

  44. hatukuilipi in my language means 'we wont pay you ' if you misheard it the first time how ironic is it that hes in this saga

  45. So sad to know that this is what has been happening since independence. How many more politicians are there doing the same ??😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭
    Our motherland . No wonder people were suffering 😭😭😭

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