100 Replies to “Andrew Yang on The View (Full Interview)

  1. U gotta ask those questions, we know $1,000 a month is good, but we gotta ask every con question so the politician can answer all the pros

  2. Marriage counseling is not “hanging out”. Having good times is important, but you’re talking about something different.

  3. $1000 a month? I could use that as an investment to my business as a photographer and get the neccesary equipment I need.

  4. Remember, to vote for Yang, you need to sign up as a Democrat. I'm a Republican, and switched recently, just so I can vote for him. I can ALWAYS switch back.

  5. Apart from woopi I don’t understand why this show exists or why people attend it . So many built up conceptions , interruptions and dear I wouldn’t even start with the ignorance . Good on him for keeping his focus in the hen house .

  6. I’m so glad yang doesn’t ruthlessly attack trump and conservatives like the other Dems. He criticizes and shares his opinions based off facts and data. Some may disagree with him, but I think he can unify both parties and the American people.

  7. Its a manifestation of why we supposedly wanted robots in the first place.

    "So that they could do the jobs and humanity could have more time to do the things that we want."

  8. Behar said by giving a $1000/ to every American 18 + & above is like giving a man a fish instead of giving him a line with which he can actually catch fish , for Behar who is earning really is high she can talk because she is not faced with the same problems every normal American is facing which is probably 70 to 80% of Americans . These families are working 2 and some 3 jobs just to make ends meet and if there would have been instead of 24 hours a day it is 36 hours then I am sure those same people would be working 4 to 5 jobs , slogging to make ends meet . In spite of working for so many hours they still face obstacles which can render them homeless if they were hit with one unfortunate accident etc. So really when these rich folks try to ridicule a person who is wholehearted in his efforts to make America actually be successful it is very unAmerican because they are being self centered and pretending to care only while they are on air . That’s what I see all the way here in Malaysia .

  9. I laughed in tears when the moderators argued with each other, while Andrew Yang acted as grown up to quiet their fight by logic and reasoning.😂🤣

  10. The voices that are saying Americans in general are stupid are coming from America , not from any other country . I have watched a few over the years so look into that and change the title maybe ?

  11. I think Joy kind of likes Yang😂 She’s not sure, give her time. Joy can talk as fast as Yang 😂 I have had trouble too understanding Yangs direction. Had to do a big time search for every video on Yang to understand all the details. We are in a learning curve when it comes to how Yang got to where he is in his convictions. I hope everybody has time to discover Yang before we go to vote. He’s having to fly through this super duper short interview. So much info, so little time❤️🦸‍♂️🦸‍♂️❤️ Whoopi also had a good thought, your country is giving to you, the spirit of giving to your fellow man. Meghan, well she brought up the Elephant in the room. The Countries debt is almost to scary to address. He gave an answer, it was too fast for me to process. I do hope that he has a plan to stop the spending, seems no Party has any answers, they don’t want to address the problem at all. Have you heard any of them address it, I havent😳

  12. "from the millennial at the table…"
    Yeah, the one who can dress herself as well as she can keep her mouth shut and act like a big girl. Lord

  13. I had a vision – Donald Trump will shock everyone by embracing Yang's UBI….most people greatly underestimate Trump

  14. The fact that none of them understood him and we're thinking "well I'm wealthy, i don't need any of the stuff you are suggesting" really shows the gap in America.

  15. Meghan is such an angry, bitter woman. She acts like she is so abused and mistreated al the time. But whenever she does speak it's so negative and closed minded. Everything she says is exactly the opposite of what I believe is important. But she is unprofessional i am sure conservatives must feel she gives them a bad name. And she tries SO hard, saying things like, "Well, where I grew up we defined happiness with chickens and shot guns" or whatver she said. She babbles.

  16. Biden needs to drop out of the race and give Andrew yang a shot . That is if Democrats want to gain back some of the voters they lost who went to the trump camp. I voted for trump because of the idea of America first but yang is actually adding a monetary value to this idea and I would vote for him any day of the week over trump .

  17. Get off the Democratic Teat… Universal Income comes from your taxes. Our 22 trillion debt is outrageous and this will just make it worst. You will just send those people and companies overseas. You can't balance the Government's budget if we have so many people on welfare. Keep your hands out of my wallet.

  18. $1,000 a month til you expire
    $1,000 a month until you become Medicare eligible. which one is it? proud yang gang here but this is the one thing he flip flops on.

  19. Miss McCain says nobody need a THOUSAND DOLLARS in this table. Ok why don't you give all you money to charity and be broke ass Republican and see if you don't need 1 thousand a month. You're not even part of 1 percent in America. Over 200 million Americans struggle and live paycheck to paycheck. If you give 1k that will help immensely in the family. What a dum dum host McCain that's why her dad lost in presidency cause he's got dum policy to go to war all the time. Smh

  20. Millions of people watch this program every day, for once they had someone intelligent on and he makes you realize what stupidity they're watching.

  21. these ladies saying a thousand dollars was nothing for them why would they want it, that broke my heart, a thousand dollars could mean so much to ppl

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