Another Poll Shows Medicare For All Is A Winning Issue For Democrats

According to a new CBS news poll, 56% of people
here in the United States believe that providing healthcare is something the federal government
should do for the people of the United States. 56% say, hell yeah, there needs to be a government
run healthcare program. And what’s shocking is that nearly half of
these people who say the government should be running a healthcare program, nearly half
of them also say, even if it means getting rid of private insurance. Now, this same CBS news poll says that roughly
75% of the people they talked to said they actually do like their insurance. 75% like their insurance, which obviously
means 75% of people have never had to stay for a few days in a hospital or go in for
an emergency surgery because that number seems a little bit high. But nonetheless, you can like it but the portent
thing is 56% say government gotta get in the business of providing healthcare. Even if it means we lose what we’ve got because
we’re going to gain something better. The point of this poll. The reason this is significant is because
this is the latest in a long line of polls showing that people want government run healthcare
is because last night at the democratic debate, you had Democrats up on that stage, alleged
Democrats. You had Klobuchar, you had Buttigieg, you
had some other folks, Biden and Harris saying, no, people need to have choice. We can’t just have a government run program. Maybe make it part of Medicare for all who
want it. As we have repeatedly said, Medicare for all
who want it is basically being set up to fail. Just like the affordable care act, Medicare
for all who want it can be dismantled because if you only have certain percentage of the
population that’s below 100 who say, yes, I want this plan later on, the government
can come in when Republicans control everything again and eventually they will. Eventually Democrats will, but they can come
in and say, we’re just going to get rid of it. They have that authority. Yeah. People might get pissed off, but they’ll also
forget about it. Cause as a whole, as a public, we’re kind
of stupid. That’s just the way we are. But if you enact it and you say, this is the
only game in town, this is what everybody gets rich and poor alike. This is your healthcare. You don’t have to do anything. You just go to a doctor, you fill out your
name, you get diagnosed, and you leave. They do that. You can’t take that away. I mean legislatively speaking, you could,
but you couldn’t do it without massive public backlash. And that’s why on this particular issue, again,
and this is based on the polling, you go big, you go all the way. Because if you half ass it, like they half-assed
the affordable care act, it’s going to get destroyed. It’s going to get dismantled and it’s going
to end up being something that people aren’t even sure if they like it or if they don’t,
or even if it does anything for them. You got to go big. This is what the public wants. Medicare for all, anything less is a losing
issue for the Democrats.

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