AOC Takes A Shot At Biden

>>Freshman Congresswoman Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
fired a shot at Joe Biden. This was when she was asked about a Biden
presidency to which she responded, God.>>In any other country, Joe Biden and I would
not be in the same party, but in America, we are. Now this was in an interview with New York
Magazine. I wanna give you some more context so first,
let’s take a quick look at the article itself. One Year in Washington, Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez
reshaped her party’s agenda, resuscitated Bernie Sanders’s campaign and hardly has a
friend in town. But let me just be clear about something. She might not have many friends in the Washington
establishment, but she has a lot of constituents and voters who are rooting for her and we’re
certainly among them. Now here’s how that line came up in the article. She said the Congressional Progressive Caucus
should start kicking people out if they stray too far from the party line. Other caucuses within the Democratic Party
in Congress require applications, Ocasio-Cortez pointed out. But they let anybody who the cat dragged in
call themselves a progressive. There’s no standard, she said. And I totally agree with her on that. I mean, we had Democratic presidential candidates
claiming that they were progressives while they were supporting fascist regimes in India. I mean, that’s not progressivism, like it’s
just->>Well, it’s easy to label yourself something,
yes.>>Yeah, exactly.>>And it’s easy to also imply that you support
the same, like if I were to ask you who among the Democratic primary contenders supports
the Green New Deal? Well, technically all of them, I guess, do
you think it means the same thing for all of them?>>Of course not.>>100% not, which is why we need to dig deeper.>>So she says the same goes for the party
as a whole. She was quoted as saying Democrats can be
too big of a tent. And we certainly know that. I know that this year in particular, when
I say this year I mean over the last six months, has been difficult in labeling myself a Democrat. Because there are members in Democratic leadership
who have enabled Donald Trump to an extent that I’m beyond uncomfortable with. And so identifying as part of the same party
has been incredibly difficult, but the way that the primaries are set up if you’re not
a registered Democrat in certain states, you cannot vote in the Democratic primary. And it’s gross that we have a system that
set up that way.>>Yeah, I hate that the party allows in people
who are so like at least ideologically violent to what it needs to accomplish for its constituents. But I feel like I identify with the Democratic
Party for the same reason AOC says that she has. We’re the actual Democrats, we embody the
spirit of the Democratic party going back way longer than the relatively recent neo-liberal
pro-corporatist thing that’s been, you know it’s been around for three or four decades,
but a big part of the Democratic Party and Democratic leadership. But farther back there, like, the part of
party that was able to get so many reforms for working Americans, that’s what the Democratic
Party needs to be. And just because some of these people are
running for office for the first time, and the party’s currently filled with these ghouls,
doesn’t mean that we don’t have the right to take it back.>>Yeah, you’re right. And we need to fight aggressively for that. Now people were not happy with what Representative
Ocasio-Cortez had to say about Joe Biden, and her views on the Democratic Party having
too much, casting a giant tent when it comes to ideology. And so since people gave her crap about it,
she defended her analysis. And she said, quote, yeah, I don’t know why
people are up in arms about this. Many other countries have multiparty democracies,
where several parties come together in a coalition to govern. In another country, I’d be in a Labor Party. Our primary field would cover two to three
parties and she’s absolutely right about that. Look, people have this visceral reaction to
Ocasio-Cortez because she has this incredible ability to call out the Democratic Party for
its devastating flaws and be effective in doing it. And so I think that that’s a great defense
of the point that she was trying to make. But she should also know that there are people
who are intentionally being obtuse. Like there are people who are intentionally
pretending like they’re dumb and they don’t understand what she’s saying, she didn’t say
anything controversial there.>>Yeah, it’s just true, learn about other
countries, I don’t know what to tell you. But that she has that ability to call out
the Democratic Party and specifically Democratic leadership, while also showing how it should
be done. She’s not just a critic. She is driving the conversation. She is organizing people and getting people
involved in this. That’s why you’re gonna see so many candidates
that were, some inspired by Bernie Sanders, others inspired by AOC. She’s in there as a critic, but she’s also
showing the way it should be.>>Absolutely.

100 Replies to “AOC Takes A Shot At Biden

  1. Welp here we are..president Trump has been impeached, you know, the serial racist, criminal, who has already cheated in one election, obstructed justice in the investigation to that election, used his office to enrich himself, solicited bribes, inflicted human rights abuses on migrant families, been accused of sexual assault, had six close associates indicted or jailed, has committed tax fraud, admitted he broke the law by misusing his personal charity to help his campaign, began his presidency by settling a fraud lawsuit over his scam University, orchestrated an extortion scheme to cheat in the 2020 election, tried to cover it up, got caught, obstructed congress, directed an illegal scheme to pay hush money to cover up an affair, and most embarrassing of all, used a sharpie to draw a pathetic little circle around Alabama in an official weather report of Hurricane Dorian. All this and yet Republicans are surprised that people might take issue with Trump. Glad to see our politicians doing their jobs today!

  2. I'm an Independent but I tend to vote Democratic. I cannot vote for the Republican Criminal Organization. But really I don't care if AOC fired a shot at Joe Biden or Warren or anyone else. You people sound just like the Republican party. You sound biased and silly. What is your point. AOC has one vote. Please improve your coverage of all the Democratic candidate's or just change name this the Bernie Sander channel. Totally insane. So if someone else becomes the Nominee will all the crazy Sanders voters stay home again because they will not get free college tuition? Lets see how another 4 years of having a madman named Trump in office. If you can't do more to unify the party then just disappear. Trump has to be removed.

  3. Let's just cut to the chase and make Bernie the nominee. Let 2020 be a referendum on capitalism. Let it be our Brexit vote. Let's find out if we want to be a capitalist country or a socialist one.

  4. Danish Prime Minister Lars Lokke Rasmussen said he was aware "that some people in the U.S. associate the Nordic model with some sort of socialism."

    "Therefore," he said, "I would like to make one thing clear. Denmark is far from a socialist planned economy. Denmark is a market economy."

    Investor’s Business Daily

    "Bernie Sanders was lucky to be able to get to the Soviet Union in 1988 and praise all its stunning socialist achievements before the entire system and empire collapsed under the weight of its own spectacular failures.”

    Prime Minister of Sweden from 1991 to 1994, Carl Bildt, Twitter

  5. You fcuking morons lost a chunk of viewers especially from India. You crap from mouth with ZERO knowledge or intellect..

  6. I was an independent until I registered Democrat to vote for Bernie in the party. When he is elected I will switch back. The Democratic Party has become corrupt and elite. Most of us don’t agree with their ideology (or lack thereof?) and would welcome a break away party with enough members to be a force.

    I thought justice democrats might become a thing, but after what they did to Cenk, I am disgusted with them.

    It will take more time than I have left to see a viable third party😢

  7. Aoc is the truth. Bernie Sanders is the truth. They scare the shit out of your troll asses. We see all of you trolls. Aoc and Bernie Sanders are fighting for everyday working class americans. Truth hurts.

  8. RIP AOC district
    Left eating left
    Watch them distant themselves from certain lefties.
    ACTUAL DEMOCRATS? sorry Johnny boy but the far left socialist ideas is by far not "ACTUAL DEMOCRATS"

  9. I stopped the video 18 seconds in because I'm going to make a prediction. My prediction is The Young Turks are going to shit all over biting and kiss a Oasys ass one way or another because she and Bernie Sanders are in cahoots. Not only that but they tried to act like they had nothing to do with AOC and she's her own entity. Believe me she's not just ask Cenk.

  10. Well Ana if your having trouble labeling yourself a Dem then call yourself what you are a socialist. Tyt plays at being liberal but have nothing in common with classic liberalism its gross. The reason there is so much dysfunction between Tyt and Democratic/ liberal views is because they are not liberal nor Democratic. They are socialist pretending to be something else.

  11. After Trump was elected C&K was pissed off and vowed he would get back at the Democratic party for being such a failure. Aoc was introduced to the process by her brother and it took off from there. C e n k can't run for himself so he needs other people like AOC . Implant similar progressive thinking types of people into local/state gov and in comes AOC. There's a problem though she cant be trusted,neither can Cenk the guy is kind of weirdo who probably bangs horses and animals.The Young Turks lie their asses off and truly all you have to do is fact-check them with the same thoroughness as we do Trump or others and it's not very hard to see that. Anyway hopefully AOC will lose her seat this coming year because of population shift .I heard New York is losing one. If that happened she would have to switch to a different District in order to run again.

  12. It is just creepy to pretend you're a Democrat to trick people into becoming a Socialist
    Come out of the closet TYT

  13. Why can’t progressive stop calling themselves democrats and start identifying as independents like Bernie. Just a thought that’s what I consider myself.

  14. Also most real Democrats and even Republicans I believe our center of the aisle. Most regular people just want to go to work come home play some video games spend time with their family and do normal people shit. I don't believe that the average person is the outgoing Progressive type or the green New Deal type of person. I believe people want to take care of the Earth pick up trash clean the oceans cut exhaust and have clean drinking water. Those things are being accomplished and the Earth is more clean than it ever has been especially coming from the United States. There are other countries that we need to be calling out for not caring about the environment or our planet, China being one of them. Anyway I don't think most people want to go to extremes and get rid of cows and fossil fuels and just a couple years or in less than 12 years. I'm sure most people are okay with transferring from fossil fuel to electricity or some other type of power vehicle we are doing it but kind of slowly and I'm sure the process could be sped up, but to just rush that in 12 years would be miserable and a train wreck. Anyway long story short most people I do not believe are the c e n k type but I could be wrong.

  15. I used to be a c0ck loving "progressive" but after reading Mein Kampf it has turned my life around. I now like girls and work on improving myself at the gym daily.

  16. I'm in Jersey and I'm unaffiliated. And I can go either way. I always vote Democrat in primaries but sometimes 3rd party if I don't like the candidate

  17. She doesn't have many friends because Washington DC is so old. Is she supposed to start going to bingo night? Lol

  18. Truth about history of Dem party losing large portions of working class lies with history of Democratic Socialists of America who rejected white working class and promoted gender and race politics. Just focus on labor if you want that party back.

  19. The Congress sat her on the shoulders of George Washington's statue and sang Happy birthday to her a few months ago.
    She was adorable and clapped.
    The House of Representatives Love her
    She got hundreds of hugs

  20. She didn't even put him down or insult him. She merely pointed out the facts! WHY are liberals, democratic socialist, and centrists ALL IN THE SAME GROUP? We are literally fighting each others interests. Biden is barely a Democrat, he has nothing to offer those of us on the far left.

  21. It's time for you Radical Left to leave the Democrat nest and create your own party
    The American Socialist State
    That's what you are and want
    Is the A.S.S.
    Are you going to keep the Donkey symbol?

  22. AOC need to worry about her Senate seat in 2020 not Biden. This is what is going to get Biden the nomination. Thanks Tyt for the nomination.

  23. DNC member gives 900,000 to TRUMP???? The Associated Press identified turkish-U.S. national Murat Guzel, a Turkish-American businessman with ties to the administration of Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan, as large Trump donor. In an unusual twist, Guzel is a member of the Democratic National Committee.

  24. One way to combat the Republicans trying to rig the election by forcing those who want to vote to use their state ID or driver‘s license, the Democrats could retaliate by saying if you force Americans to prove before they vote that they are American then you need to force Americans to prove that they are mentally stable enough to own firearms.

  25. AOC had a poopie in her diapers the night the TV show Friends first came out on NBC
    Someday that will mean she's old enough to be president
    Just not for a long time

  26. Im registered Green Party, but it is so easy to switch, I was registered Republican, and Ill just reregister democrat right before the primary, I dont see why everyone wouldnt vote as a democrat in this next primary election. Whats the point of voting republicans primary?

  27. Hunter Biden is the undoing of his father. This "kid" is a real piece of work. 5 kids, 2 wives, 1 illegitimate kid with a stripper, $50,000 a month for doing nothing….Apparently this is the template for a rich male kid.

  28. People can't think for themselves. They have to follow the party line.
    To hell with political parties.
    Candidates can get money on their own. They can get voter records from town hall.
    What does the party do for a candidate?

  29. John iadarola when are you going to implement your Roundup Trump supporters plan? Are you going to use T y T members to do it? Or are you going to do it by yourself because people are so intimidating. Lol

    Are you going to go after them with your sarcastic wit? That'll show them. I'm sure they'll just listen to you and do whatever you say. Because people like listening to white people

  30. There's shouldn't be be a two parties. The Democratic party is not a monolith. I would push to most of the Democrats members to the Republican side. The ideologies alone don't mean the same.

  31. At this point the Democratic party should be considered a coalition party rather than a monolithic party. The whole primary process with superdelegates is more like trying to form a coalition to go to the general election.

  32. I agree with AOC she would be in our Labour Party and would both loved and admired as is our Prime Minister

  33. AOC's only incredible ability, is to scream nonsense & offer stupid, ill-informed & destructive policy. Destined to be a short term fixture of American politics – the shorter, the better.

  34. 1:26 Ana takes another shot at Tulsi Gabbard …. besides Bernie Sanders, she is the only other Presidential candidate that spoke out against Soleimani assassination & Iranian War

  35. Funny thing is, Klobuchar was DFL which is a labor party. Unfortunately a little too closely affiliated with the Democratic party however which happens to be corrupted.

  36. She should go back to doing fake crying photo shoots outside empty parking lots. She's not qualified to talk about real things.

  37. I was at a Bernie Barnstorm last night and in NE Independents can now vote in the Democratic Primary!!! Everyone should be able to participate in Primaries!

  38. AOC isn't popular with either Republicans or Democrats in general. And I wouldn't say AOC has the support of the constituents in her district with less than 20% approval rating. So who does AOC appeal to? Basically her support comes from far left social progressive types all across the country who happen to be the loudest and most obnoxious folks on the political spectrum. These folks literally advocate upending the entire free market structure because their belief is our society is "fascist" in nature. This concept in itself is hard to swallow considering we live in the greatest age of opportunity and freedoms since the beginning of time but what's really amazing is a once former unemployed bartender with a 430 FICO score at just barely the age of 30 is leading the charge to revamp America's Democracy. Where's the humility in that? If characters like Trump and AOC are the best America can produce, we're all in trouble. It's simply mind boggling!

  39. The US system didn’t force AOC to be in the same Party as Biden. SHE chose to be in his Party! The Justice Democrats were behind AOC running as a Democrat in order to disrupt the Democratic Party.

  40. Liberals have feelings and emotions. Conservatives have logic, history, perspective, science, reason, facts, math, principles, ethics, values, dialogue & common sense.

  41. Deternece works, not bribery.

    Supply side economics works, not socialism.

    God Bless Trump, God Bless America. 🇺🇸

    Progressives…. you don’t like it here? pack up your 🤬 and go.

  42. DONKEY TEETH The beer & taco waitress, we got to make this p.o.s. a one term mistake, & send her back to the Bronx.



    WORLD STUDENT > EGO (bias)

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    ⭐️JOE ROGAN⭐️,
    Youtube 👆 if you are a student learner of life, otherwise you know you are reading this with your ego.

    100% GRASS ROOT



  44. She is absolutely correct. Bill Clinton turned the Dems into the Republicans and the Republicans went bat-shit crazy. And they are both hanging Progressives out to dry.

  45. As the drunken Pelosi said, a cup of water with a “D” in front of it could have won in her district. She won because of voter apathy. A perfect representation of the demonrats nationally.

  46. Just here witing for TYT to stop worshipping AOC and talk about how she believes white people create hurricanes laser guided to POC

  47. Let her and Sanders start their own party. She is refusing to pay her dues. Pelosi, a senior member, has already paid her $900,000. Deadbeat AOC takes advantage of the Democratic platform, but does not help the general fund to help all Democrats win, and knifes it in the gut. Bye, girl. Either you are a Democrat or not. GOOD RIDDANCE!

  48. Her argument about the integrity of “non voters” is absurd, anti logical and cynical. 1) Where were all these disenfranchised non voters during the 2016 primary? 2) Sorry but there is a time to grow up and realize you wont always get the candidate you want…so just drop out of the democratic process? Childish at best . Democracy isn’t about getting exactly what you want – it’s about compromise. If you ant everything you want, vote for a dictator who shares your views. 3) Unethical at worst – creating false equivalencies is dangerous. Trump is a dangerous horror show. Not voting for his adversary in 2016 was not only irresponsible, but just plain stupid and uninformed.

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