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first the neighbors who'd put TVs Real Housewives to shame with their antics as you're about to see it's all been filmed by a frustrated local who's had enough what I thought was very National Geographic suck it up close you don't leave much to the imagination do you and uncut I'm sick of sanctuaries boobs as naughty neighbors they're all you keep doing at a Yugo Thank You Titan who does this who flashes their Nonna's at the neighbors forget TVs Real Housewives I'm approaching this as a friend saying that your time in a place for everything this is the real life catfight that has a street full of women at war I will jump that bitch and I will rip your health whatta hell would do people become screaming at me when I come into my yard your friend Cherie has just crush her boobs at me tensions are running high in this street we've got Cristobal who lives in this house who says she's being abused and harassed by her neighbors she says Cherie who lives across the road is a serial flasher who won't leave her alone margin you need to stop doing all this which begs the question just what has Christabel done to drive everyone crazy – she is saying about me is a load of book she is a feral flasher how often is she flashing you it'll happen at least once a week at least depends on who's around and who's visiting we hear that it's um a bit of a weekly show this is no peep show either is it you put them on public display I mean the most I see of my neighbors is their undies on the line occasionally she just takes it to that next level doesn't she Cherie will mean me pulling her pants down showing me her her butt and telling me that I'm calling me and pointing at me and this has just gone on the ears well then what are you doing washing your boobs at me what she did he was flashing oh babe this is Cherie it and whenever she gets her gear off Christabel hits the record button sharee stop flashing your beads at me start taking notice of me camera Hawaii get the camera away Sheree is not shy and Cristobal has had enough I've seen her but that many times I don't need to see it again we heard you're the neighborhood flash up keep the camera off me please you don't leave much to the imagination do you your neighbors copped a bit of an eyeful hasn't she but this cheeky neighbor wants to avoid our cameras are you a serial flasher Cherie you scared you're shy of the cameras now Cherie but you weren't shy earlier please this what is your shocking no one should have to put up with this I'm sorry but neighbors should be seen and not heard radio hosts be anchored I to me it seems like these guys have a lot of time on their hands a lot of spare time to get up to absolute rubbish but it seems Cristobal may not be totally innocent you need to push it back in that direction cause we should wanna get my space and I want you to keep out of it in this video another resident is trying to throw a car tire into christabel's yard topping it's fine what if these neighbors got against you you've got two children DL you know I don't know that answer you know I'm not them I don't know what it is that drives them autumn relief I'm sorry about that kind of behavior it has to be provoked doesn't it compulsive lawyer the most they get out of me once in a blue moon if I give them the middle finger when we go back to speak to Cherie she says she's sorry for flushing and claims Christabel is the neighborhood's troublemaker and I don't use my front yard she takes our photos she videotapes us even if we're sitting in the yard well she's just told us that you're the neighborhood flasher and that you're constantly showing your breasts to her and turb one okay she's saying it's a lot more than that I flashed her once so it turns into something like an obsession and that detracts from being able to have a happy life family counselor Susan de Campo says neighborhood disputes like this can be extremely damaging this sort of behavior can only go to a certain point without it leading to really devastating consequences so I would suggest that people take a step back get some help if they need to and just settle down and keep doing here you go thank you day one ah Jed we've had nothing but trouble from her since the date housing moved her in there and that's all I got to say you know what they say there's their side of the story there's their side of the story and then there's what really happened you need what you're doing well you might need to stop what you're doing because that was not justified I did not do anything to these people what we see here is an outrageous escalation of a dispute that probably didn't need to get to this level just tip it out in this neighborhood isn't it fuck it oh it looks like a fun neighborhood doesn't it Sheree was fine for public nuisance and offensive behavior and ordered to pay three hundred and forty one dollars

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