Are You Going to Politicon 2019?

(617) 830-4750 is the number. Let’s go to our color. Why not the five zero two area code? Let’s try five zero two hello? Yeah, that’s you. Who’s this? Oh Hey David. How are you? I’m Amar from Louisville, Kentucky. Okay. Amar. What’s going on? I’m just calling to see if our, you’re going
to political con this year. You know, I don’t have anything to announce
yet with regards to political. My, my representative is in touch with them. My understanding is that it’s a completely
new staff at Politiken, so there’s a lot of sort of starting from scratch and I don’t
have an answer for you right now. There’s a complicated scheduling thing where
I’m at another conference up until the day before Politiken and so to do it, I’d need
to fly there, not from Boston, but from the southern conference. So there’s like some logistical things and
they’ve really got to get sorted out soon. Otherwise it’s going to get too late in the
game. But are you going, cause it’s a Nashville,
so I’m guessing it’s close to you in Kentucky. Yeah, I was. I’m going in my first time going this year. I wanted you to see you debate maybe like
Ben Shapiro because I watched a video of when the first time you talked to him and he kind
of turned into a robot. Yeah, I thought that was hilarious. Well, maybe it’ll happen, although my sense
is, I don’t even know that Ben Shapiro’s going have, has political on announced to anybody
who’s going yet. No, no, no. I’ve just been watching, you know, progressive
voice and he’s been covering Sam Seutter and Steven Crowder and all that. So, uh, I was wondering if you were going. Got It. Yeah, no, it’s, if I, as soon as I have something
to announce, I will, and if it’s determined that I’m not going for whatever reason, I
will also announce that right now it’s just a question mark. Okay, awesome. Thank you, David. All right. Amar from Kentucky. Thank you for the call.

36 Replies to “Are You Going to Politicon 2019?

  1. Hey David, if you end up going and are in a debate with a famous conservative hack, dont let them come off as semi-reasonable like they did last year (like Tucker Carlson). They feign some decency and make slight concessions so they dont have to defend certain parts of they promote which let's them save face. Then afterwards they go back on their shows and spew crazy horrible stuff. Really call them out on the details and quote their own words to them (if you get time to do the research).

  2. Larry Kudlow. Fox News Sunday. Today. 18th August 2019. It's a must watch!!
    Oh my. He looks and sounds drunk..
    No wonder the economy is topsy turvy.

  3. Do you guys genuinely enjoy debates? I always feel like their a complete waste of time and exercises in rhetoric rather than real discussion of issues. It's like the politics nerd equivalent of a rap battle, except I'm annoyed because the topic matters but everyone is just trying to "destroy" and "own" the others.

  4. Politicon is trash it’s basically just centrist liberals a smattering of progressives and a shit ton of right wingers and conservatives. Thx fact that it’s in Nashville will mean it’s even worse and more right leaning. When politicon hosts debates about planned vs market economies and worker co-ops and has a DSA booth then I’ll consider going back. I’ve been twice. Some good panels but they put the best ones basically in the corner of a stadium up w flight of stairs. Anand girhdadis was the best speaker there but the biggest panels are just morons. It’s corporate through and through. Deadening and ultimately just a dumb CON

  5. Given the rise in political tensions and the rise in mass shootings I will not be attending and major public events especially political ones, that’s just me though.

  6. I see that the tmz Progressive Voice is here in the comments (or it could be fake). No doubt scoping out juicy details of who’s going, who is or isn’t going to debate each other.

  7. I can't wait for the big right wing internet sensations like Shapiro, Crowder and Owens make appearances and not debate anyone.

  8. I'll be there this year David, with a big bag of shrooms. Look for the guy with the Antarctica neck tatt…🇦🇶

  9. Breadtuber, big Pakman fan here, I have my own channel, quick question:
    What interview is the questioning guest talking about with Pakman and Shapiro? I want to see that interview but I just see the one where they are talking about guns. Is this the interview the caller is referring to? Can y'all help me out? Oh and subscribe to my channel, almost at 1000 to start getting this YT money!!! 😎

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