Auditor General To Resign If Politicians Don't Stop Tempting Him With Bribe

[Applause] thank you very much mr. chairman us Ellen see the vice president special prosecutor this is some call him quasi Peter mr. Rance distinguished ladies and gentlemen when mr. Assange Kumar finished the special prosecutor whispered to me is now your time go Hellfire so if I'm firing blame him I know the vote of chance will come but I'm humbled by the presence of mrs. Lancy the vice president and also the chairman taken time of the Ibiza shadows to be here and I think we are making history this is historic and I think it is a good event for all of us to celebrate historic again because this is a unanimous decision granted by seven judges and an adage even disallow some of the reliefs they granted all the reliefs against the Auditor General at least they could have said you concerning a bid way stopped in this one they said no way and strangely the gate the person against the reliefs were granted was the happiest person actually said to occupy again and that if the kids are gone other way around I would have appealed on your behalf because I don't think they could do otherwise it's also a historic moment for us because it has so much collaboration can do to live save our country and the power there's no recital in public servants right I don't wanna get confused when I'm hearing the word public servants I don't know whether they're the people who send the public or the public saves a person I mean yes I understand the public citizen whatever it is they are there for the public and unless do rather public want what they want that's the problem in Ghana to become 2010 we have gas America USA in the same relative power we're talking about no mess around so energy that powerful is an innovator so as a group of people Italians have to come together and that Musa say is historic because the judgment we built on the 13th of June and 17 has become an international reference material is in CG two months ago with auditors general and we had very interesting comments about Ghana the auditors general well as a vertiginous a graduate and we don't separate agendas this body tests general daughter of general so auditor general so the origins in a cell for the first time there emerges a judgement we didn't we don't understand there is a number one you bet you know how to talk about these element that is arranged so they prepared to the edges to come together and they have a judgment this is a family but now importantly the decisions taken by the Supreme Court in that judgment has become the reference point for many in Africa and beyond let me say that I think Ghana is the country where provision for this allowance and such the orders maintain the truth it was in our Constitution but earlier the 79 Constitution even added in the systemic Constitution such an apparition never were ganna go that from but foreign invaders happened in Ghana many countries are successful in our example as we see today Liberia has passed assalamo Salem has passes Zambian passes and South Africa businesses then the last one to join in person assalamo because the what it is they find that they have a duty to protect the public pays more just to report to the people how the public press is buried but in the words of the South African Auditor General is a I feel pretty at the journalistic level and must go beyond that so it is the remainder is to see injury to the South African Parliament as if this is in the constitution of Donna when you do get into my heart and he remembers the passage so you send a detachment element and Adrian is the Parliament were synonymous in give you power unfortunately February this year the president also gave eccentric so to become well in South Africa so we are leading the way for this time the type of accountability and transparency to happen yesterday I came back from Egypt yesterday I was in what we refer to as the first Africa anti-corruption forum they made a mistake to make me one of the speakers and I release time to tell you what we are Africans we kept you know that is a piece is really the pay lip service and then an accountant I told them we believe informed them substance in accounting systems with a film by what we do in Africa is fair mister assistance yes let's establish a judicial system you establish it and then that assess them it will be to write on the transit women I'm sure the police vicinity at times revenge they only hurt you but they are helpless he did help so how does he have recess of the institution and all the stretches beautiful they under the system with the impotence then again we have the audacity to go public as a reasonably well forgotten that is made them impotent so I said yes the Judaism or other theorems that may be inside corruption no because fighting corruption is an easy imagine say that fighting corruption is dangerous fight is corruption that we will fight corruption suspicions himself to Divya is about it and ocean fights you back anyway in the matter that from return so that's what other people is if the Roman to fight corruption because the day of the fight that correction compared to them but it is not dangerous not to fight corruption because it will finish us so anyway what happens if we don't fight coercion as a gives our fight against the corruption I think we have to fight corruption residency when you are reading my listen they said I was in Zimbabwe Misha you are my witness where is empowered together he was leading Development Bank when I was in the World Bank in Zimbabwe and our offices were not too far away when I was appointed in 2000 and cysteine he didn't understand me at all that I was going to the Lions Den but I remember that I'm Danny so as I survived I inherited it was very difficult sitting there as a retainer and not worrying about it are we something and when you do something doesn't do something to you but I said I will do and here we go I must say that it has been the collaboration and I love it a lot first the legislature has been very supportive in an approval budgetary allocation to the Ghana or the service amounts which are about tripled what it was before I came to office the authorities has been very supported and I said it in Egypt I said the problem about Africa is a result of all these structures and we don't fund them but in Ghana have received not everything that I wanted but a substantial increase in support so if we are being something we do brasil move ahead from ghana is because the government is resourcing me so when we bang recess your agency that are fighting corruption that has been established them for fame and the Saints so a master the executive has played dispatch I hope you aware when there's a change in government the first one of their first announcement we had was a ban in procurement of vehicles is about it now this was a time that the the permission to buy 30 for the vehicles to support the orders and honorable end vehicles in the history of the other service before that this permission was granted until today some are struggling financially rose to Christopher but God gave us the permission on two occasions a Saturday we have to protect from 2017 to date more than 400 additional staff to support us to our does the protocol of fighting corruption is not by the students unless the students are no good they are both but after the slogan it must be supported by systems and actions that we require to go after the judiciary I wanna thank you enough there's no even disallowance HIV might only bring you those witnesses I should obey because is a vegetable that I will be content and about to be never be content of this report so that's why I keep pushing but no sir I will be back methods to achieve justice she has the very top rated by dedicating only four cups where you can appeal against my disallowance as a charge otherwise you be disaster for me assuming does an appeal in Tamil and then one is Gianni and arrived in one in Accra one in underlit so when I had discussion were there she said requests and are dedicated in just a limited number of thoughts where your appeals can be held and that has made the wake easier for my legal team so this is a very good collaboration the collaboration based beyond that the civil society including occupy Ghana and others in that I don't know why you have remember the taiga not to disturb you should become occupy Africa the old Anna so you say we occupy castable trust the house and became tunnel no Africa occupied Anna will ever thank you enough because there is a challenge to us and that is why we have done what we have done let me say the public at large has been very supportive to be very honest with you Adam several special or its desert Pentacles from the public they tell me this institution this is what is happening and I'm very happy receiving this information I tell people if you have don't give me your name just let them formation which me and some of them a semi tender to do the verification and determine its essence what the people said is true us grow deeper and so by the end of the year sorry the end of the month you see the report of special audits and you see how the routine is continuing the car is throw fat and people I think in the iShare events but you know stop there permit me to acknowledge my stuff please general service staff where please can you get thank you very much you can sit down very cognitive dissonance people don't believe that this ladies and gentlemen we're in the public service before I kill you but I was on a program in a year and they asked me where did you get the money to recruit to this committed or the tears into their public service and say hey we all read over me is there anybody who I recruited before starting this all of them – there are the 13 years 25 years and this yes but they didn't I did this over the years and I cannot thank them with a German investment I want to explain something for the benefit of the public when we issue audit report or disallowance and surcharge people say we just go into a school a spittle and they write a report no it's a long process first we inform you that we are committed then there is no further interest conference when we tell you the objective what we are looking for the scope a declaration in the rest of the execution we reference and the richest not right no matter we ask you as a disturbing data does not in adultery versus where are the supporting documents if you budget that in any case but if you don't bring it down a request for its officially in writing where we call requests for information remember you had a order to produce it if we don't the retainer into a routine audit observation and innervation Pettyfer of the other service regulation we give you two three or five days because there are businesses we should receive those responses be forgiven which location so we give you that information but if I the end of the day of the reasons Berman unsaid are not satisfactorily onset we issue a recall management elated and the further with the site would have drafted the management letter and discuss with you at the exit conference to say when we came where else to enter issues you answer twelve fantastic but that of them Estela standard so we are waiting for your response because opportunists avoided a other service regulation who issued a final management letter so after two lists if they were from you or hear from you unsatisfactory will issue the management letter and email recession 29 of the other service at the 30 days 30 days after all this so 30 days please respond with sufficient evidence residency the disturbing problem is that some of the MDS do not respond servant I generally respond well and it will arise the redness fails but the treasure of the Trinity is gone this is threatened when people were severely spell were activated section 29 succession to christen a mercenary should be stopped for a small has not responded and we went to do that because with every service you must be accountable for a stewardship so when there are questions about your stewardship you must respond to our own you three was noticeable auditors you got it wrong here's the evidence first up so it is after that before the audit report is prepared and sent to Parliament they will go sailin and decide the sees an issue or to have not been well addressed we disallow and say judge depend upon the status if you are rotating very disallow but if you are dead they have such as evidence disappear we give notice of intention to disallow and surcharge whether they were very devout the receivers so when you reach a decision already disallow and such a restrictive emerges to say allow this manager and say times so complain even worse don't worry you their hands their certificates so I just want to bring this to the notice of the public that our protein is a very different from what the journalist will be doing today from here the issues we are a part is about it but ours wish to several processes given you the opportunity to do the best in responding to the issues raised let me say that in addition to the responsibility is one other responsibilities which are surprise mr. Runge in talk about declaration of assess and liabilities and Article two exits of the Constitution the president eventually the members of parliament some senior officers up to the director member in the saga service are people solaria equal to that of a director are supposed to declare their assets and liabilities before assuming office and everything yes you declare and the day you agree when you declare again the question is how many people have declared if I may declare any iron a problem don't declare reducing it was just give an instruction to my team that would do a countrywide survey institution by institution an assassin like this is declaration and though the party vice-president like the oldest person is really play I remember we are having a discussion one colleague of mine who works in one of the government establishments estate enterprise and this as a declaration is good to the neural basis that they are stated as a as a Vedic lesson is a lesson for us so I do not at trial five-0 so when it comes to I kind of indonesia's Vargas so these we are going to come there and see where we can do the service also we have introduced a verbal edit the started a periodic we are committed to delivering all the people who are unlawfully on the payroll they are just finished the audit and you have issue the management letter matron for the MDS to respond to explain to us why all these people were on the appearing and after we have done that we'll go ahead disallow and say charge in fact if you're head of a government department and you have this on your pillow wherever just in the news we collect all the money from you because under relation to you by seven the financial position of nation you have a duty to ensure that the people on the payroll are people working for you so if you very bad GT we are introduced we take the money from you are you going to further cost so it will come out very soon we are rather than a start at procurement audit and the results will be very beautiful when it comes out and the lease I talked about on the procurement audits the better they believe the day about the word racket are too much less names in their infrastructure audits of condition my team together the wait I think the contractors are too terrible to know when every part of you now we go in the world and in the very machine you take a cylinder sample of the world through the bitumen out and when you measure we give you the tip to also measure whether you get the elevation cheese which is in the bill of quantity because we cannot get is we never give it to you say measure issue as how you got your eleven inches because we need a look at it and the first personalities do have the competence of doing that as a yes we are mother don't be tempted rely on people don't know that other service you have about 50 other professionals were not accountants that we went to the connector of engineers the architects the surveyors wear-resistant there is not an accountant there is an assistant editor general as amazing so we're so you can go down their graves with you and I think you have to explore all these to protect the public pest doesn't it hits you when we are driving to work and we enter for the moon and attend the world as because that three months belly right here and it is like hell every time I travel whether it is i disturb the moment when we land outside the country i has an identity is there s as a way that we have that examine and yes means the disturbing part of is that you can ten dates with a comic I detest general and whether the cost of construction even in Ghana is higher than this diverse so ask yourself what is wrong with us after we have done all this with anyone able to Israel see the president in device to fix our problems I'm sure the magic people say they have magic oil and I'm seeing that this this happen that we don't realize as a collective effort as ours as Daniels yes all the reason I believe that don't you say what have you contributed and then God please tell available they are not God they can be anywhere we all know the prisoners the universe knows that we were developed effects and they were the criminals arrested so it is time for change I think in our attitude so together to a better place that we want it to be when it comes to the topic of today which is moving from SATA to same garden I cannot agree with my colleague mr. is who shall commence I don't normally what you give us it's uncommon because of that there is a common his older than you so is never I see us no problem dates I must say that it comes from the same prevention is better than cure is a noted when we comes to corruption in cran is better to prevail is easier to prevent than the Cure because after especially production under the American firm commercial they become very sophisticated in fact they can either best lawyers in town and I don't even have the judges we are acquiring amazingly high as a developer arraigned they may hire them they can do anything but then when approaching controls in place to prevent the abuse that can be emerged touch anything so if you give themselves I will cooperative so I'm very happy by his residency has covered and measures were to take advantage of technology events I was talking to some of my colleagues about a month ago and I said that means have been very patient with us a contingent and Auditor General is a condemned away I say okay there's a deputy a contingent over there and forgiven to this day and age after the MFI mention mr. work for six months before I return this development I can't imagine a producer consider me I think is not acceptable as an answering that they have to transplant them let us know through the process I want like to ask you in they'll investigate ten Israel in an enterprise six months after the end of the financial year you get the position will be comfortable because the budgets the amount spent on you and the US and it's answer today we are not yet reported to Parliament has the many hundred are the many as be used so we worked with debate so usually I want to say that the Reformation we forgot to mention that on the audit service we also a remote is a data management information system where we can have online assets to the system that IV is relatively new in Brazilian runs like Nevada so it can be spontaneous said that the protection of the public pests can be done and done very well with residence on them very dear to my heart if you talking about safeguard or putting systems in place and I would like to bring it to the fall we have a very weak antenna audit in the public sector we have to have a second book at the antenna audits the internal auditors pair the internal audit ads and the DFM at belong to the various payment officers who are the first word of the road in the first place so how do i ampere you do the wrong thing and allow you to be telling me that I'm Linda on TV I didn't know what I'm doing so the in general auditors have become happiness not that they are not capable of doing what you do but there are independence of the compliments and Dooley I keep arguing that look take an auditors independence away and is as useless as a paper or anything the most important thing about an auditor is his independence that's why I protect my with my life as a I prefer dying that you taking my independence away I will not give you my independence doesn't matter he always read when we take it I'll give you a job and noticeable to that so the independence is very important let's look at the antenna ordet again I have suggested and I'll keep suggestion nice time retain the internal auditors away from the LEDs and put them in the center to another internal audit agency in fact even in the private sector today internal auditors are be our source to event manipulation and control internal auditors in the corporate world if you ask as weather has an say on a cetera the derivatives antenna ability for corporate world because the chef that was afraid that management them encourage them so it's very treat them under the agency so that they are independent and then we have professional development can be taken care of somebody is there to see Alice's done not and registry a definite role in that case making in fact almost every week I get into a little strip into my office the world to join a service and well as why the first I thought you say asana reasonably say no we suffer professional abuse because with I'm a professional web you submit the report and we were told in the face that we thought you belong to us if you know somewhere right in there is report a ready to go record okay anyway you are calling you is involved hours to come to a crap then the trance I say our submitted vice versa and then disappears algorithm that remains of mineralization this is true for the original person to be anybody so I know that is happening but we need to have a second look at it because personally I think the director-general of internal audit shows the part of the economic management team or the minimum at the visual finals advice even on weekly basis that this liquid here that is this user able to cabinet tell us on and see that this the administer of ministry is be wasteful or there is a lot of money they they are most needed a lot more so that it weighs somewhere else I think internal audit is the eye in the air of management and we must use it effectively in Guymon I don't have to keep you here as a for a very long time therefore I want to say that going forward I think we must continue to collaborate the way we have done and I am so excited that we can say that we are organizing a program together public sector and private sector this is the true spirit of public-private partnership and I cannot have them to say is a good development I have one suggestion then I will not go further in our fight against corruption I am also suggested that if it is possible we should not only decentralize the prosecution of corruption to special prosecutor we should publish a license say that individuals able to go and prosecute and then very relevant in that case I'm sure some young accountants and lawyers can come together and say as for this case you are allowed to go because if we get 20% of its economy recovery program all of this assessment is about it so we should do that it's not in the business and represent what is wrong we will be given where to submit if we serve as the body which has gone will give to the person to you and if we do that at the country at least we were to bring back this money and of course it means the prosecution will not be otherwise enterprises of one individual or institution if they refuse to go as control it because has become a friend you know you can go and that is the only way that I think we should protect the public press and make it safe I would like to assure that gana other service under my leadership we remain committed to protecting the public press and we do not ever it is in our capacity to continue doing we call on the society we call on Daniel's to support us in protecting the public peace thank you very much

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  1. This man is the finest appointment Prez. John Mahama ever made! He is a wonderful discovery in our generation. May the good Lord give you and your family long life. And also grateful to Prez Mahama. How could we have missed him? God bless Ghana!

  2. This man is bogus and hes doing nothing to help Ghana.Using his little power to disrespect the board,he suppose to work with.
    Buying cars without informing the authorities.
    Going to holidays without telling the board.
    Really,stop your baloney talk as you are not helping the nation,Ghana
    ,to move forward

  3. one of the finest public servant our country has EVER had.Good appointment by JM and equally good support or working relationship by Akuffo Addo's government this is what will move our country up…upness!

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