Bernie Has a Toxic Surrogate and She Needs to Go

Again, as many of you know, I like Bernie
Sanders a lot. I think he has great policies. He’s one of the most progressive candidates
running along with Elizabeth Warren. I’d be thrilled for Bernie Sanders to be the
Democratic nominee and take on Donald Trump. But when people I like do something I disagree
with, I say it and Bernie Sanders has made a major mistake and naming a woman named Linda
Sarsour as a campaign surrogate. Now I know I’m going to get crushed for this
by a sliver of the left. People may cancel paid memberships, they’ll
be angry that I have the audacity to call out a woman who happens to be Muslim identity
politics argument. But I am making the effort not to self-censor
and I just see this as a mistake. Linda Sarsour is from the toxic wing of the
American left. She, uh, is someone who has played coy with
and refused to denounce antisemitic nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan. She is someone who has participated in marginalizing
Jewish women in her role as founder of the women’s March, which I’ve previously talked
about. I don’t believe Bernie Sanders should have
anything to do with Linda Sarsour. This is simply a mistake, plain and simple. The Bernie campaign over the weekend tweeted
a video of Linda Sarsour speaking where she is identified merely as a civil rights activist
and 2020 surrogate of Bernie Sanders. But the truth is that she has a very, very
ugly past. Again, Linda Sarsour is a founder of the women’s
March. She’s one of the three founders I’ve told
you about before, along with Tamika Mallory and Bob Bland, who allowed antisemitism to
pervade the movement, who didn’t consider Jewish women important to the movement and
marginalize them who played coy and Rick cozy with antisemitic extremist nation of Islam
leader Louis Farrakhan, who I’ve widely denounced before. And it shouldn’t be difficult. Anyone who cares about civil rights and non-discrimination
and inclusion, no matter what your political ideology is, you should just announced Louis
Farrakhan. It shouldn’t be difficult and Bernie should
have nothing to do with this. And in fact, she has blamed white women for
the anti-abortion heartbeat bill that Georgia tried to pass. She has defended Sharia law in a series of
tweets trying to put a positive spin on it. Other left and democratic groups have figured
this out. For example, the DNC ended in support of the
women’s March over exactly what I’ve described to you before. Having people like Linda Sarsour in the picture
is what hurts our own credibility. I don’t care about Linda Sarsour personally. Uh, this is about what this does to the movement
to have people like this involved. Even on the Israeli Palestinian conflict. It quite frankly, it doesn’t seem like Linda
Sarsour and Bernie Sanders are on the same page. Bernie has repeated many times when Israel
is attacked by rockets. It has a right to defend itself. He makes clear he’s not going to play the
demonization games that lots of people like Belinda Sar sewer play, we just don’t need
them. All of the productive views that Linda Sarsour
might hold are held by plenty of people who aren’t toxic and who aren’t associated with
people like Louis Farrakhan. She wants Medicare for all. Great, so do I. She wants tuition free college and a $15 minimum
wage. Lots of people on the left do. There’s no reason to make her a surrogate
for Bernie Sanders. It’s not my left. I’m actually surprised. This is even something that Bernie Sanders
would entertain given his track record. He may simply have no idea what’s going on
with Linda Sarsour, but I would encourage the left not to dabble with this toxic wing
because there is literally no upside. There is no policy upside. There’s no ideological upside. There’s no public relations upside. Even if you don’t personally find Linda Sarsour
problematic, even though I believe that you should, there is no strategic argument to
be made for her involvement and Bernie Sanders campaign. Period. Now, if you disagree with me, let me know,
but try to do it in a way that’s respectful, right? Let’s, let’s see if you can actually do that
because I know exactly what I’m bracing for by even talking about this. Make sure you’re following the David Pakman
show on Instagram at David Pakman show. While you’re there, 12 me on [email protected]

100 Replies to “Bernie Has a Toxic Surrogate and She Needs to Go

  1. I'm not quite sure what to think of this. I have no substantial reason to believe – on the basis of this video and some quick wikipedia-search, that is – that the criticism of Linda Sarsour is any more justified than the usual slandering of other Isreal-critics such as Ilhan Omar. I'm not saying you're lying or anything and I usually trust your perceptions; but I don't think this video makes a more profound point than "people say she's antisemitic, so she needs to go"… I think I need more substantial evidence to belief a claim of antisemitism specifically in the context of US politics.

  2. It’s a shame…you cannot beat a extremist with another extremist. It’s time to remember the long ignored moderates. We are still here! Sadly Bernie has forgotten this.

  3. David didn't make a video when Rep Omar and Rep Tlaib were ban from entering Israel cause Trump asked Bibi to do it..hmm but David LOVES talking about everything Trump does except that. Sounds like self-censoring to me at that moment but hey carry on sir😂😂

  4. This is a strigent condemnation, but the trial is lacking. I don't like the islamo-leftists infiltration of the left, but I think you need to bring precise proof and context to call someone "toxic". And all you had was a controversy about the woman march, involving one person, and the Farrakan stuff.

  5. I would like to see more concrete examples of what she has said and done, I'm too lazy to look it up lol. And more info about Louis farrakhan for that matter. That said, most people seem to be responding pretty well to this video. I should think that when you give fair critique most Bernie people are fair and open minded, where you get pummeled is when you do things like calling ilhan Omar antisemitic etc, where I think most Bernie voters simply disagree with your take. I think David that you have this view of some Bernie supporters being extremely biased in his favor, where while that exists it's really not as pervasive as you seem to think.

  6. Truth is truth, no matter where it comes from.

    Unless it hurts my feelings and then it’s fake news.

    Those are both facts and they don’t care about your feelings.

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  8. Perhaps he's giving her a chance to redeem herself.

    If he sees fit, he can still kick her out (and he will probably have to if she doesn't change for the better).

  9. The fact that David packman is embracing what he knows is “coming” to him for advocating peace by denouncing Anti Semitic behaviour and terrorist involvement only proves who most he’s fans are… lol the poor fella is Jewish himself, but since he shits in israel daily he garners a lot of Jew haters and anti Semitic fans, so it isn’t a surprise you will all give him shit for talking about a Muslim lady in a bad light.. that’s the price David must pay for pandering to Jew haters

  10. Not only are you right about this muslim woman, Bernie should NOT associate his campaign with overtly jewish people either — in fact, he should surround himself with a lot more "nones" [at the very least], but also recognized agnostics and atheists as well — actually, most of them.

  11. I may be overthinking it but I think this is one of those cases of keep my friends close and my enemies even closer kind of thing. I mean for all the good intentions/bad intentions alike it's about how much votes one can get. even from the darkest pits of humanity The Right has lived with this tactics in combination of. lying/deceit of people whom dont have nore dwell in the beliefs of Racism re powered. So if this is a vote gain tactic from the scums pits of the left it's his plan as the Right has lived on there own scums of the Right.

  12. Sorry David I have to call hiphopcrisy on this video. I understand and agree that she is I bit toxic, but the very same narcissism of small differences you try to denounce is the same thing you're perpetuating in this video. That's just my opinion and I don't necessarily like Linda Sarsour.

  13. Never heard of her honestly but you know what.. i really I hate the word "anti semitism".. it comes from the arabic word "sama" سما يسمو سموا which literally means "be superior" or "transcend".. why would being anti israeli or anti jewish (which i am not) be described as anti-superior?! Why would superiority be a description of jews and/or israel? Isn't that the definition of racism? I am just curious

  14. If that is your honest opinion, you are doing right expressing it, that’s why I keep watching you, I know you are true about your opinions.

  15. I am with you 100%, Linda is a bitch, and she have to go, I will not vote for Bernie if he keeps this motherfucking bitch with him.

  16. Wonder if it has occurred to anyone here that Bernie is very sympathetic to and shares Sarsour's views. Sanders is a very intelligent person and I don't think this would get passed him.

  17. Oh don’t listen to this guy he doesn’t know what he’s talking about. Do your research this guy doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

  18. Linda Sarsour sucks. She is more akin to religious radicals. It doesnt matter which side they are on. They are enemies of the state and its secular stand.

  19. This is why I'm a member and donate to david every month. Hes an honest broker of the news and not afraid to call out toxic crap on our own side.

  20. Have you talked about Warren's vote in favor of Trumps military budget in 2017? Have you talked about Warren's willingness to receive dark money in the general election, or about Warren talking to Hillary Clinton behind doors? Im not saying that you're wrong about this topic, because I agree with you about her. Im just saying that you need to be fair. Emma from TYT recently asked Warren about her vote in 2017 and she dodged the question. I haven't heard you talk about that.

  21. David It's is personal with you. You are basis against that women because of what you perceive as an association with louis frakkhan.

  22. Hahaha.. who could have seen this coming: "She's an ANTI-SEMITE" — and from a pro-Semite no less!

    When AIPAC says 'jump,' Davey says 'how far.'

  23. Sarsour has often been bad at navigating the minefield of not being absolutely perfect for the right wing, and there's certainly a place to criticize her statements. Her activism, though, is undeniable, with the Women's March and with Black Lives Matter, and raising funds for attacked synagogues. For what it's worth, she has apologized for the appearance of not denouncing Farrakhan, and she has never advocated sharia law or any such nonsense.

    Sanders is doing his best to listen to real communities that he wasn't able to win over in 2016. His most loyal fan base of white guys consistently seem outraged by this. It's a reason why there's anxiety over whether Sanders would prioritize economic policies aimed at helping white guys more than policies like climate change, abortion access, trans rights, immigration or criminal justice reform. Don't berate the guy for trying to win over skeptics and critics, unless you don't want him to be the nominee.

  24. Open to hearing your complaints. I like Linda Sarsour and this clip did not change my mind. No one is 100% perfect. I think the benefit of more diverse voices coming from the left outweighs much of your argument against her.

  25. Is it me or are there a lot of bots among the comments? There’s way way too much uniformity of opinion. It doesn’t smell right

  26. One thing I’ve learned in life you’re never going to agree 100% with someone.. However I believe in Bernie and I trust Bernie. I don’t agree with his decision on this, However I do believe in Bernie’s values and I don’t think he would allow somebody to come in and destroy everything he’s been really advocating for, especially for so many years.. Bernie reminds me of the type where, he has spent his whole life figuring out the system. How it works, where he’s going to put the money, how he’s going to get the money. I do not feel Bernie is manipulative and I don’t feel he’s trying to screw the American people over.. I truly believe in Bernie, I believe he wants to get The job done, and I believe he can get it done… I definitely feel you have to question everything and I definitely don’t trust any of the other politicians.. When I seen my Venezuelan people stuck on the border in those cages dying, suffering, that put me into a place where I don’t trust very many people. Even the people you interact with every day, seem to not give a shit, which really bothers me.. The Amazon burning down, the homeless people I see everywhere, The out rages prices for medicine, Our greedy ass values that we have inherited etc. So it’s hard for me to find hope and trust at a time like this. This being said I trust Bernie more than I trust any of the other politicians. I do feel Bernie is loyal to his values, in general look at the way he is with Elizabeth Warren. I feel they have a true friendship and he’s loyal, which makes me feel like he will be loyal to the people.. I have never seen him come out of character and attack her or try to devalue her or her viewpoint, For votes.. I see genuineness, loyalty and compassion from Bernie. So in general I feel like Bernie is the type of guy that you can talk to and ask him why he made this decision.Thank you for sharing and keeping us informed..

  27. Good for you, David. Now go the next step and seriously ponder what it says about Bernie's worldview and judgment that he'd even consider aligning himself with Sarsour, let alone offer her a role in his campaign, and what portends for a Sanders' administration.

  28. I don’t disagree with you and you made your point well, and I think it’s the same kind of decision making he used when he elected to have Cardi B be a surrogate for him to connect to young voters and urban voters of color. She’s innocent until proven guilty, but isn’t her case still pending? She was accused of a quite serious crime and I don’t think that’s very strategic to have somebody who’s accused of what she was accused of speaking for him.

  29. First of all, I respect your opinion. And Louis Farrakhan clearly is antisemitic. But I don't think Sarsour is. At all. I believe the Women's March may have tried to marginalise pro-Israeli women, which might still be questionable, but it's a far cry from margenlising Jewish women as such. And She has defended Jews and raised money for their causes a few times.
    By the way, apologetically defending one's religion (including Shariah) may be a tad sad, but unfortunately inevitable for many religious theists.

  30. “Later that year, Sarsour and Mallory became the focus of a controversy over their perceived refusal to clearly condemn Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, whose rhetoric has been deemed antisemitic and homophobic by the Southern Poverty Law Center and the Anti-Defamation League. Several news organizations also reported on accusations that the organization's leadership had excluded Jewish women. In November 2018, Teresa Shook, the march's founder, called for Sarsour and her fellow co-chairs to step down, accusing them of having "allowed anti-Semitism, anti-LBGTQIA sentiment and hateful, racist rhetoric to become a part of the platform by their refusal to separate themselves from groups that espouse these racist, hateful beliefs." Sarsour refused, suggesting the criticism of her was due to her support for BDS and that criticism of Mallory was due to racism. She later apologized to supporters of the march, expressing regret that she and Mallory did not "make their commitment to combating antisemitism clear". She also apologized to the March's LGBTQ and Jewish members, saying that she valued them and would "fight" for them.”

  31. Notice how David doesn't show the alleged anti-Semitic tweets. This is someone who was very insistent that "all about the Benjamins" from Ilhan Omar was anti-Semitic, which rational people know to be utter hogwash.

  32. Pakman was very hypocritical in this video you didn't give any proof of her being "toxic" I just personally think this vid was made to feed the more anti-muslim Pakman fans

  33. Hi David I Totally agree with you I think Linda Sarsour is a fucken Racist and a Terrorist or Jihadist Sympathizer I think it's a shame that She is a Defender of Sharia law and then the leader of the Woman's march those two are in Conflict of each other so she's also a hypocrite! It's Sad and So unfortunate Bernie Sanders Chose to work with her I Really like Bernie Sanders as I Do Elizabeth Warren I Hope He Kicks Linda Sarsour to the Curb!

  34. David: Linda is anti-Semitic (kinda sounds like what the right wing keeps calling Muslims)
    Linda:*is literally working with a Jewish man
    Me:Davis Pakman definitely has an Anti-muslim agenda going on

  35. That woman is dishonest, is anti-woman (even though she pose as she support feminism), and no one on the left should be affiliated with this extremist…
    Not so long ago she posted half of the verse 5:32 on twitter. A usual tactic muslims use to show how "peaceful" islam is (it's an extremely violent ideology, as anyone who read the life of muhammed would know). Anyone actually read quran, knows that 5:32 is regarding the "children of israel", and the next verse, 5:33; is for the muslims, to wage war against the "enemies of islam" (who are the enemiest of islam anyway? Critics of islamic texts according to islamic websites.), who should be killed, crucified, have their limbs cut off….

  36. im a pretty hardcore bernie supporter. if bernie wants to enlist a muslim woman. he should've picked a nonwhite muslim woman. & im white btw but white muslims are a bit Too Empathetic to the muslim society which i kinda understand since we labelled em Terrorists for over 10 years bein' apart of that would .. make you Kooky like you're shouldering the guilt of your past which is being expressed in a wrong way in a form of "SHUN THIS GROUP COMPLETELY TO MAkE AMENDS FOR WHAT I WAS APART OF!".

    Despite saying that i would still vote for bernie & hopefully he'll listen to this sentiment & change his pickings. i dont wanna vote for Yang cause he just doesnt see the Finer matters that is assaulting the west & how serious it is & seems a bit too comfy with silicone valley billionaires. so if you ask me honestly. i aint denying this is his blunder but i hope he change cause way i see it. he's still the best shot.

  37. Sarsour is poison
    Bernie Sanders is not the candidate people think he is. He fully endorsed the antithesis of everything he ran for (Clinton) and he's currently endorsing hate and toxicity in Sarsour.
    He's not a great person to be President. He is too slow of mind.
    Stay in the Senate, Bernie, where you are good at your job. And needed at your job.

  38. Whats wrong with marginalizing jewish women in the womans movement to give space to non jewish women. White women have historically left out women of color.
    Not that i like farrakan. The nation of islam has been a helping foundation in black communities.

  39. I didn't know anything about this woman, I have read his Wikipedia page, so I don't know exactly what David is saying exactly. Probably the Wikipedia is biased, and have been written by some supporter, but it says that she supports Israel existence, only she supports BDS movement.

    It seems something by association with some other woman who I don't know… I have not found his support to be sharia law. She is referring to Muslims, like Christians should follow the Bible…

    I don't want to sound like a hater, but David is always super critic with someone who dares to criticize Israel. That's why he criticized so harshly AOC.

    If her antisemitism is so clear, why don't just put it on screen? Instead of saying that she didn't support some Jewish women or that she is cozy with a woman who maybe it's despicable…

  40. Democrats now own four policies and political positions they're going to regret for the next 20-30 years:
    1) Support for Radical Islam.
    See: Linda Sarsour, Rashida Tlaib, and Ilhan "incest is best" Omar. Outside of their packed immigrant districts, these radical Islam fanatics are detested by most peace loving citizens.
    2) Open borders/free-for-all immigration policies.
    When you import the third world, you get the third world. If you doubt, look at the massive societal/security problems mass immigration has created in Europe.
    Contrary to opinions expressed by the out of touch coastal ruling class twitterati, open borders and mass immigration are incredibly unpopular with the American public.
    3) Sanctuary cites.
    See: San Francisco, Seattle, Portland.
    Find one sanctuary city that isn't already a complete disaster or well on it's way to bankruptcy/total dysfunction.
    4) Climate change fanaticism.
    Al Gore's failed doomsayer predictions convinced most rational people climate change models are pseudoscientific nonsense. Because of that, Gore is now a laughing stock (deservedly).
    The same will be said of each Democrat who currently repeats every silly climate prediction made by our favorite airheaded bartender: AOC.

  41. I am not a supporter of much identity politics as most here but I hope David does not also mean that he denouces the womens movement as a whole. I do not think that is the case but the lack of mention of his support for the womens movement still makes me doubtful.

  42. Trump supporter who watches/likes/shares every (most) videos you upload because of positions you take like this.

    The future of media.

  43. When she spoke at the ICE protest in NYC a couple months ago, there were some really negative responses from some in the throng. Also to that lady associated with that right wing religious guy Farrakhan. The event otherwise went really well. There were lawyers, a rabbi, Rep. Nadler, and others too.

  44. And I thought David was someone who did his research. Unfortunately, Dave just lost alot of credibility denouncing Minister Louis Farrakhan. He obviously fell into the same propaganda trap set by mainstream media that was used on now hero Malcolm X and Muhammad Ali. Please do your research before you post such far out statements.

  45. I'm trying to find any videos from David discussing the UN report talking Israel crimes against Palestinians for the past 50 yrs?

  46. The crimes against Palestinians under the Israeli occupation is horrific. Linda is a Palestinian, what do u expect David?

  47. Bernie sometimes acts to improve society where it doesn't benefit him personally. I think there is a lot of value towards accepting of tolerance to have a hijab wearing lady who is observably a NY American with a sense of humor and pizzazz and not some 'other', unless you're the type that thinks that New Yorkers are 'other'.

  48. Linda Sarsour is not a trustworthy person. Her stances on Sharia Law, Israel, and white people are very disgusting and problematic. I am a Muslim progressive and I support David.

  49. all the "as a progressive" or "as a ____" or "i used to be progressive but ___" or "im a progressive but___" are right wing trolls…surprised pakman doesnt realize that.

  50. What did Farrakhan do that was so bad?? He speaks his truth… The Jews in Israel are NOT the biblical Jews and they have stolen Black Hebrew history… Those frauds are actually Khazars from the Caucus Mountains…

  51. Wait.. if anything, doesn't Bernie's association with Sarsour demonstrate that she isn't actually an anti-semite? He's literally a jew himself.

  52. Not a big fan of Israel but this Sarsour person needs to be marginalized for the sake of the Progressive movement. No fanatics need apply.

  53. Not a big fan of Israel but this Sarsour person needs to be marginalized for the sake of the Progressive movement. No fanatics need apply.

  54. Not a big fan of Israel but this Sarsour person needs to be marginalized for the sake of the Progressive movement. No fanatics need apply.

  55. Linda Sarsour has been on my radar since the Woman's March. She must go or progressives will pay the price! What was Bernie  thinking?!

  56. 0:50 David you are very blind to the history of race politics in this nation. Perhaps instead of priding yourself on your articulate nature, you educate yourself on the system of white supremacy racism in this nation. You are truly deluded. You are a so-called white Hispanic and a white supremacist leftist.

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