Bernie IS Biden’s BIGGEST Threat

>>Bernie Sanders has not only been rising
in the polls, but if you look at some of the early states, like Iowa and New Hampshire,
he is performing incredibly well. In fact, he’s tied with Biden in some of these
polls. Now, the establishment-minded folks, first,
pretended like they were ignoring Bernie, didn’t take him seriously. But now considering the fact that he’s outraised
all of his opponents in the Democratic side, obviously, and he has the most small dollar
donors than anyone else on the Democratic side. Establishment Democrats are starting to panic
and that is noted in various pieces, but I’m gonna focus on the Associated Press and Politico. Now the Associated Press reported, establish
reminded Democrats are warning primary voters that the self-described democratic socialist
would struggle to defeat President Donald Trump and hurt the party’s chances in premier
house, Senate and governors’ races. Less than a month before Iowa’s kickoff caucuses,
the doubters are being forced to take Sanders seriously. So they obviously should have taken him seriously
from day one, they should have taken him seriously since the 2016 election when he was able to
close this massive gap between himself and Hillary Clinton. He was an unknown politician from Vermont. But it was his policies, it was his vision
that inspired voters to rethink what could be in this country, right? And so if they don’t want to take him seriously
that’s on them. But what I’m more concerned about is now that
they do take him seriously what kind of games are they gonna play to try to crush him? And he’s been incredibly resilient so far. I have a lot of faith in him. However, I also know that the corporate arm
of the Democratic Party is rather vicious and will stop at nothing to smear someone.>>The frustrating thing, we’ve seen over
the past couple weeks all these articles where they look at as polling, and they say, my
god, he’s actually, he’s performing pretty well. They look at the general election polling
showing him doing well, especially in some of the states that Hillary Clinton lost against
head to head against Donald Trump. You can’t look at his fundraising and not
be impressed by that. But they’ve only moved so far they’ve moved
far enough to, hey, Joe Biden or whoever’s that’s more, in their lane, you need to be
worried about this, but not to. And maybe that means something. Maybe the fact that Sanders is doing so well
actually represents something about the potential Democratic voters in a general election. Maybe it says something about, man, if we
really wanna beat Trump, maybe this is the guy to get behind.>>Yeah.>>They can acknowledge all these factors,
but they can’t acknowledge what it represents, all they can see is that it’s an obstacle
to Joe Biden.>>Absolutely, look, they recognize that there
is something that really resonates with Democratic voters and independent voters by the way. The only problem is what he represents conflicts
with what their donors want. And I think that’s the main reason why they
push back against him so aggressively. Every argument that you’ve heard from establishment
Democrats against Bernie Sanders is easily debunkable, right? And oftentimes doesn’t even make any sense. Their argument is, he’s so to the left that
he would have no chance in the general even though after the 2016 election, polling indicated
that he was the most popular politician in the country, okay? And there are Trump supporters who said they
would’ve voted for Bernie Sanders. So they ran Hillary Clinton. She lost to Donald Trump. What makes them think that this time around
someone who is arguably worse than Hillary Clinton, I mean, look at Joe Biden and hit
not only his record, but what he’s running on today. What he’s running on today is, I’m doing nothing
for you. I’m not gonna change anything. Right, anyone who dares to question him about
that, he responds in a combative angry way.>>Yeah, that you like your corn pop, won’t
come down, Joe.>>Right, exactly. And so what makes them think that he’s a more
viable candidate as opposed to Bernie Sanders. The truth is they don’t even believe that,
what they got they need to appease their donors. And that’s really at the heart of this. So let me give you more. And it goes beyond donors as well. I mean, they’re thinking about their own careers,
their own ambitions, and are they likely to get positions in Bernie Sanders administration?>>Change the tune fast, maybe.>>Let me just tell you, Neera Tanden is not
gonna be in Bernie Sanders administration. And she’s still real salty that Hillary Clinton
lost because she lost out on a cushy job in the White House, which is a great thing. So let’s move on to some of the specific statements,
okay. Phil Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel jumped in
on this and said, you need a candidate with a message that can help us win swing voters
and about battleground states. The degree of difficulty dramatically increases
under Bernie Sanders candidacy. It just gets a lot harder.>>No specifics, how? Why does it get harder? If he is able to outraise all of the other
Democrats, all the other Democrats with small dollar donations? He has more individual donors. He’s not funded by super PACs. He doesn’t average donation is $18. He’s outraise every single one of them. So what makes you think that he doesn’t have
a shot at beating Trump?>>They don’t have to say, unfortunately. I think it was the Washington Post. Everybody’s passing around that, I’m a Republican
and I think Democrats should give me someone I’m comfortable voting for, that op-ed that
just came out, and a lot of people read that headline. They’re like, who is that for? It’s around the manual. It’s for someone who actually still believes
that that strategy would work. Yes, to get swing voters you need a centrist,
like Hillary Clinton because it worked. It worked really well in 2016
>>Yeah, it’s ridiculous. No one believes this. No one believes the arguments that they’re
made>>By the way, and he worked for Obama. Obama was the guy who was trying to present
himself as far more left than he was. And Obama won in states that Hillary was incapable
of. So even on his face, even if he believes that
secretly you should campaign as a leftist, but then actually rule as a centrist. He can’t pretend that he doesn’t understand
the appeal of running a left campaign. Because he’s seen it work in practice.>>100%, exactly. I mean, Obama certainly presented himself
as a bold progressive. Now part of the problem was he didn’t have
much of a record as a Senator. The people could refer to see if he was telling
the truth. And look, 2008 was very different. People were desperate to get rid of Bush and
Bush era like policies. And so John McCain wasn’t a likable candidate
at that time and people took a chance and really believed Obama’s messaging. But now, I just think the electorate is different
and they’re looking for records, they’re looking for evidence, they’re looking for receipts,
and they want detailed policies.>>Yeah.>>So let me give you more. I’m gonna skip ahead and talk a little bit
about what these Sanders critics originally thought with Elizabeth Warren in the race. And I love this part of the story because
it was exactly what we predicted, right? Cenk and I talked about this a lot on the
show. Several Sander’s critics noted that he has
largely escaped intense scrutiny throughout the campaign. We all know that’s untrue. In part, because some assumed that Massachusetts
Senator Elizabeth Warren, another progressive Firebrand, was a stronger candidate who would
cannibalize his support. With Warren’s candidacy struggling to maintain
momentum, however, those assumptions are now being questioned. So they were really relying on Elizabeth Warren
to destroy any chance of Bernie Sanders becoming the nominee. But that didn’t work because unfortunately
Elizabeth Warren, kind of back pedaled on some of her progressive policy proposals,
specifically Medicare for all, I think that really tanked her campaign. So maybe don’t listen to the centrist advising
you and your campaign because I think the party, meaning the voters, have moved to the
left.>>Yeah, and I don’t think they predicted,
first of all, how many people would be in the primary. But of those people, how that would then shake
out in terms of who’s taking who’s support. It’s pretty easy to show that there’s at least
some overlap between Warren and Sanders. But there’s definitely overlap between Biden
and some of these other candidates, Buttigieg and things like that. And probably a little bit Warren, too. If she does back off some of the bigger, bolder,
progressive plans, then she’s not gonna lose the more centrist of her supporters, she’s
gonna drop some people that may go back to Bernie. But she’ll still hold on to the people who
are probably more likely to vote for Biden if she weren’t there.>>Yeah, you’re absolutely right about that. I think that’s what happened already.>>Yeah.>>To some extent.>>And really fast.>>Yeah.>>I will say, this sort of candidate arithmetic
is very difficult to do. If you actually look at who second choice
is. One of the most mind-blowing things that’s
been consistent throughout the last year is that generally, like Bernie Sanders and Joe
Biden, people generally think of the other candidate as their second choice. I know it doesn’t make any sense to people
who pay attention hardcore to the news, but a lot of people who like Joe Biden also kind
of like Bernie Sanders and vice versa.>>Yeah, it is kind of incredible.>>It’s weird. Just take it up with the polls.>>There was this conversation that I heard
on Michael Brooks’ show, this is months and months ago. But it was such a good point that I think
we often forget, especially as people who work in the news and we eat this stuff up
every day. Look, most Americans who aren’t like hyper
aware and paying like super close attention to politics and everything that’s happening. If you give them a survey on various political
issues, it’s really like a hodgepodge of all sorts of different things that are inconsistent,
right? And so you can’t think that all voters are
consistent on all issues. People have different life experiences, different
preferences, different worldviews. And so, I mean, look, it might not make a
lot of sense to us, but people have different opinions on various policies, so I could see
how someone might like Bernie Sanders and then also later support Biden, vice versa. I don’t get it, but-
>>Yeah.>>People are not necessarily super consistent
on the issues. And I wanted to read a quick comment from
our member’s section. Lib says, it’s class warfare, period. I think you’re commenting in regard to this
story and I think you’re right, right? This is about an economic message that resonates
across party lines. That’s the thing about Bernie Sanders that
I think is incredibly powerful. He talks about how this economy is rigged. He talks about the frustrations and the anxieties
of Americans. And we feel it. We feel it every day, even if you have a stable
job and you’re not too worried about where you’re gonna end up at the moment. We see it around us. We see people living on the streets and increase
number of homeless people. We see people who are dying. Hundreds of thousands of people have already
died as a result of the opioid epidemic. Even in my neighborhood, I see people shooting
up heroin. And the homelessness problem is series like
we see poverty all around us and those economic anxieties are real. And while the Robin manuals of the world are
not worried about those things because there are, sitting up on their ivory towers and
they’re not concerned about all this stuff. The vast majority of Americans are and when
they hear a politician in a very intelligent and digestible way explain what’s happening
economically to them and how we can fix it. It’s powerful. It’s much more powerful than Biden getting
angry because someone’s asking him a hard question that he doesn’t like.

100 Replies to “Bernie IS Biden’s BIGGEST Threat

  1. Bernie doesn't stand a chance of winning because those who support him are those with something to gain…. Only students who have loans that they want forgiven or the sick people who want free healthcare…. You're average 25 year old with a good paying job with benefits and no student loans who has nothing to gain from a Bernie Sanders administration isn't voting for him…. I personally would rather vote for Biden than Bernie simply because of the crimes that Bernie Sanders wants to commit against hard working Americans who paid off their student loans, if i paid for my tuition then i should get a refund if other people have their loans forgiven. Yet Bernie continues to pander to the lowest common denominator…. That's why he doesn't stand a chance of winning

  2. It was absolutely ludicrous this am on Mormimg Joe as they discussed the latest polls with Bernie in # 2 spot…they DID NOT UTTER HIS NAME ONCE! "He who must not be named"
    I am scared for Bernie cuz they are going to him to protect their kleptocracy
    Now is the time to.both PRAY & FIGHT for our only hope !

  3. That's ridiculous…
    To say he's committing a "crime" by getting rid of student loan debt and appealing to the "lowes common denominator " is hilarious.. You want to know why??
    Because a President for the people is what he's supposed to be..
    You're crying over forgiving student loan debt while being screwed by pharmaceutical companies and the current copays and deductibles designed to deprive you access to healthcare is absurd!
    Do everyone a favor and stay home in 2020 friend.

  4. Trump has basically made democrats inadequate and irrelevant , doing the things dems dont have the balls to do and that's why they and the media cant stand him

  5. My cousin just died of an overdose. I pray that Bernie wins this Country needs Medicare 4 All so bad. There have been 2 many beautiful people lost to this corrupt health care system we have.
    – J. Michael Carr

  6. JFC TYT. Clean out your chat. It has gotten so disgusting and full of "conservative" trash (not really conservatives, just nazi trolls).

  7. CNN & Corporate media will push for the Corporate Dem. American voters are finally getting smart. Don' t watch CNN, Fox or any of those.

  8. No country for old men. They should retire & vacate to allow younger people or a women. I think the only viable choice we are left with is Sen. Elizabeth Warren for President.

  9. 9:15 Ive been saying weve been stuck in our own bubble for years. The major reason Trump won 2016 was not "economic anxiety" or whatever feel good scenario progressives thought in 2017. It was in large part racism and sexism. There are multiple studies, meta analyses that have come to that conclusion.
    Biden and Sanders share 25 percent of their voters. They just dont pay attention like us.

  10. Emanuel is totally corrupt. He is not a serious person. It is easily verifiable that Sanders was and is popular in swing states. And he knows this.

  11. Medicare for All, Green New Deal, no corporate money, CONSISTENT IN his Policies and message. How can you not vote Bernie 2020. Warren is my no. 2 .

  12. Several things wrong with this video.

    First, TYT suffers under the delusion that Clinton lost for ideological reasons. She didn't. She lost for demographic and historical reasons. Sanders appealed to many voters in the Midwest because of his views on trade. Period. Clinton crushed Trump in the popular vote winning considerably more votes than the winning candidates in 1960, 1968, 1976, and 2000 COMBINED.

    Second, TYT believes that Sanders' lead in small donor contributions indicates how he would perform in the general election. Nope. All it shows is exactly what the 2016 primary showed. Sanders does very well with a committed core of young, left-leaning Democrats and independents. They will continue to make small donations over and over to Sanders until the primary is decided. However, they can only vote once in the general.

    Third, TYT and some others in the media report that Sanders is "rising in the polls". Nope, not on the national level anyway. According to the RCP polling average, in mid-May shortly after Biden announced Sanders polled at 18.8%. Today he polls at 20.3%, a rise of 1.5% in eight months. The candidate who has shown real growth is Warren, who went from 8.5% and is now polling at 14.2%. She briefly topped Biden, but that didn't last. Sanders' polling has been incredibly consistent between 15%-20%. Biden has also been incredibly consistent between 25%-30%.

    TYT emphasizes Sanders' polling advantage in the early states. In Iowa Sanders, Buttigieg, and Biden are essentially in a 3-way tie. Only 2% separates the three. It looks very much the same in New Hampshire, a neighboring state to Sanders' Vermont, where Sanders has a slight lead over Buttigieg and Biden, though only 2.7% separates all three. However, Biden has a strong lead in Nevada of 8.6% and a crushing lead in South Carolina of 17%.

  13. Have they successfully put us in our separate boxes . Democrats😡📦, 📦😡 Republicans . We definitely need a, say something nice to a democrat month, and to say something nice to a republican month, definitely on the same month.

  14. I think Sanders passed them in these polls. He was able to out raise all of them with small dollar donations and not from SuperPacs or bundlers. I mean if 5 million people give $1 each compared to the others who raise 1 million through people and SuperPacs giving an average of $25,000, 5 million votes is greater than 1000 or so.

    I mean seriously have they polled independents and not just the democrats?

  15. It may be true. Though neither of these two are a threat to Trump. I can't wait for the debates. It will be hilarious to watch either of these two clowns get spanked by the Great White Hope.

  16. The establishment may try and push Sanders away, but his ideas will continue to grow to the point the politicians and the establishment will be unable to ignore it. Look at the debates on the stage. EVERY single topic was things Sanders has been saying for decades that needed to be changed.

  17. george mendez  So, I'm confused..
    Are you actually making a case for Donald Trump???
    You seem to awkwardly dance around support for Trump while making it seem like Sanders only cares about giving the working class a chance at the basic necessities of life: healthcare, a living wage, taking care of a planet in danger etc..
    You would rather have Trump reelected than have the courage to stand up to the corrupt mainstream mechanisms.
    You're not helping anyone- Including yourself..
    All I hear from you are the exact same conservative talking points that now sold their soul to Trump along with a lot of fear and ignorance .
    Good luck in 2020!

  18. Chunk and Ana Gangabanga support Corn Pop for president cuz he´s one
    bad dude and he likes little kids jumping on his lap and knows about

  19. you let yourself get robbed of a chance to elect Bernie as President once already… don't let it happen again. the rest of the world is watching…

  20. Bjay AwesomeBlackDude  There are trolls on sites like these literally getting paid to contradict common sensical arguments in favor of the corporate elite..
    It doesn't take a genius to see it for what it is. It's insulting! Lol

  21. 12:13 I wish the 'Live Chat Emojis' would be fixed… hack-job Photoshop cropping with white-spaces drive me nuts 😹


  23. Warren's gonna be our vice president for eight years before she's president for eight years. Til 2028! Make America Smart Again!

  24. " Establishment democrats " are not Democrats. They are Republicans who hijacked the Democratic Party after the death of FDR.
    Bernie Sanders is their worst nightmare, their existential threat. The aberrations are fighting for their lives.

  25. Establishment Democrats are NO FRIENDS of Black Americans ( we have heard all their LIES since the '60's, thru the 1980's and the 1990 and now the 2000's. We will stay HOME like we did for Hillary. Also Biden is no FRIEND of WOMEN. He will have a difficult time with the Women's Vote.

  26. If Biden get the nomination, Trump will win. Hillary couldn't mobilize non-voters to come out and vote for her (or anyone) and Hillary+Penis aka Biden will not be able to either. The largest single voting block of 2016, were people who didn't bother.

  27. If Biden get the nomination, Trump will win. Hillary couldn't mobilize non-voters to come out and vote for her (or anyone) and Hillary+Penis aka Biden will not be able to either. The largest single voting block of 2016, were people who didn't bother.

  28. Quid pro quo Joe Biden stated the other day on video that the Iranian parliament voted to eject all Americans and coalition forces from the country even though there is none in Iran. The other progressive infantile ideologue Bernie Panders will be doing whatever his pro-Iranian bosses Linda Sarsour, Omar, Tlaib, and Pressley of the Injustice Democrats say he will be doing, for whatever they say he is for, and he will think whatever they say he should think.

  29. Y'all Bernie fan's second choice is most often Warren, in a few polls it has been Biden, but I think most consistently it has been Warren.

  30. What is wrong with progressives? They think they own the democratic party
    No one will elect a socialist left wing who supports every enemy of the usa

  31. I have two friends who both were leaning Warren earlier this year.

    They don't follow things the way I do and didn't know she'd backed off m4all. I told them her new plan (passing it after the midterms, after passing public option) and they instantly switched to Bernie.

  32. Psychologists will also tell you what I'm about to say – that people fear personal loss of status in a class (Democratic party industrial complex) more than guaranteed class (American left) gains.

  33. They would literally be trying to run Hillary again and saying it’ll be different this time if they could. Change out joe for Hillary and it’s the same bullshit we heard four years ago.

  34. Remember when all the polls showed Bernie would wipe the floor with Agolf Twittler in the 2016 race, but the DNC handed the idiot in chief the presidency? They're at it again because no matter who's in the White House, Republiklans and Democrats get to keep the corporate money. If Bernie is in the White House, that all begins to dry up.

  35. Not that concerned. There's virtually nothing you can get Bernie on. He's the most genuine, principled, and consistent candidate I think there ever has been. And his policies are wildly popular with the vast majority of citizens.

  36. Cenk has been a longtime fighter against the corrupt forces in our politics,” Sanders said in a statement. “However, our movement is bigger than any one person. I hear my grassroots supporters who were frustrated and understand their concerns. That is why I am removing my endorsement for his campaign, I retract my endorsement.

  37. Bernie Sanders is an anti-semite that's associated with The Young Turks a man who wants said he wants to legalize beastiality because he thinks horse rape is okay that man is chunk puker. Then genocide denier himself. Bernie Sanders has no chance , sorry communists.

  38. Inequality – Could It be a Good Thing?

    Sen. Elizabeth Warren ASSUMES inequality is bad for Americans and she proposes to fix it!

    Since we are not living alone, on a desert island, we are charged with setting up a social and economic system that does the best for the most, under the 10 Commandments and under the COTUS!

    In particular: Do not bear false witness & Do not Steal, from Moses's stone tablets.

    And, from the 4th Amendment & the COTUS: the Citizens of the U.S. may not have their private property (the fruits of their labor & genius) seized by the government!

    Everything we need to sustain our lives, pursuing our happiness, must be produced (made)!

    A lot of the things we want are produced by other people.

    So, How can a person get (goods & services) from those people who produce them?

    Under Free Market Capitalizm, a person employs himself (as an employee or employer) to produce something for other people. Then he uses the proceeds to buy the things, produced by others, that he wants in context with the pursuit of his happiness!

    People who produce a lot, by hard work and/or genius and luck, thrive &, likely, become wealthy.

    Conversely, people who produce little or nothing tend to be the ones petitioning the government for assistance.

    But the government is not a producer. The government can only give assistance to some by taking it from other citizens. <= Institutional theft.

    And what are the effects of tending to make inequality illegal? It would make it impossible for anyone to get rich and this destroys incentive. It's something economists call Vertical Mobility – the possibility of advancing and the peril of falling.

    Getting rid of inequality would remove the risks and rewards from Free Market Capitalism, destroying it.

    Take an example, completely out of environment: The Chinese Communist Party: In the 1950s, people were starving by the millions in Marxist China. So the Chinese dictators began their 5-year plans to try policies, one at a time to see, empirically, what worked over a 5 year period.

    And it wasn't until the Chinese Communist dictators let productive Chinese people get rich, that the Chinese economy began to grow!. I remember when the very 1st

    Chinese millionaire emerged and, today, the Chinese boast more Billionaires than the US.

    The Chinese Stubbornly, still call themselves Communists but they have workers getting peanuts living among Billionaires.

    In a perspective, inequality is the horse in the power of the economy of a country. So, even under a dictatorship, inequality seems to be the Golden Goose!


  39. Trump's use of Ukraine to dig up dirt on Biden was in part to propagate the perception that Joe was his greatest threat. Trump (or his campaign, anyway) understands that, especially with enough media momentum, perception becomes reality.

  40. TYT is right. God bless their souls. Bernis is the biggest threat for sure. The biggest threat to have a heart attack before biden does.

  41. Can you please cut homeboys mic when he’s either really sick or just imitating Trump. Also how did you guys not show the video of Biden praising Bernie in favor of Hillary in 2016 it’s literally perfect for this segment. Can I have a job please.

  42. Not a single video on Julian's endorsement of Elizabeth Warren? DON'T cry over how media covers Cenk when you yourself are biased. Very hypocritical of you. You may say that you can express your opinions, but as a media outlet you should cover everyone fairly as you're influencing people's opinions. And you're not doing the country a favor if you don't let people have all the fair views of everyone and let them choose the best candidate.

  43. We don't want a repeat of 2016 with another centrist, No more Mr. Nice guy anymore.
    Bernie needs to crush Biden in the next debate, Expose his corruption and the lie of him being "Electable" he doesn't even know where he is most of the time.

  44. if DNC will attack Bernie it will only help him in the same way in 2016 RNC made Trump stronger with each attack. regular people do not trust the establishment and want outsiders to clean the mess

  45. Sanders would never do this, but I think someone needs to run an anti-Biden commercial. Show four seconds of 2004 Biden, then show about 12 seconds of 2019 Biden moments (Cornpop, angry guy, hairy legs?). Then for an additional smack remind people that that the centrist and smarter Clinton found a way to lose to to Trump with some Daisy level 2016 election night imagery that can be done in about five seconds.

  46. Every dollar and all the power of Wall St., Congress and the MSM is aimed at defeating Sanders. The DNC holds the key. Only they can keep him off the ballot.

  47. People think he's more electable because he's doing better in national polling Ana. Don't forget your argument that Bernie Sanders was better than Hillary was because he was doing better in matchups against Trump.

  48. Biden is the one.Hes got the experience. Bernie is neurotic and has no personality. Another heart attack in the wings.We need calm for gods sake.

  49. Ana cited the massive and increasing amount of homelessness that she personally witnesses (California). Hmmm…….I wonder what political party caused this massive homelessness problem? (Democrats 😂). California is a perfect example of how horrible liberal/progressive policies are

  50. The amount of assumption on the parts of the table here are so grossly misrepresented it's insulting to those of us who have at least a bare minimum association with what's going on. There's so much mud-slinging, for no real reason other than TYT is a Sanders propaganda machine. You claim to be "real journalists", but you don't even understand what "journalism" even is. The entire TYT program is just non-stop punditry and opinion news. That's not journalism, that's editorializing to the extreme.

    And, Ana, you're by far the worst in this regard. I can deal with Cenk; he tries his best to be objective, but even he has issues with conflating journalism with editorializing – like how they constantly slam the MSM for not doing what they do. That's not how journalism works, you twats.

    In other news, the sky is blue. But TYT could have been so much more, and yet you've all devolved into the sycophantic opinion journalism that is the blight of the modern profession. You've become hypocritical, overblowing even the smallest "injustice" you feel has been perpetrated on Sanders, and only Sanders. Yang's issues were never brought up, but Sanders''s like every damn episode.

    Get off your high horses and learn how to do your jobs like professionals. As it is you're just a motley crew crying wolf at every perceived "injustice". It's beyond time for TYT to make some serious changes to their format and their hosts. I want objective news without bias, but all you give – day in and day out – is heavy bias towards Sanders even if Sanders isn't even related to the topic at hand.

    Maybe you should actually take some journalism courses to refresh your memory as to how actual news is done, instead of doing hit pieces every other day.

  51. The DNC says: “they want a savy white guy? We’ll give em a savy white guy!”
    Now we have Biden and as much as I dislike what’s his face It’s still Bernie of Bust!

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