100 Replies to “Bill Barr Couldn’t Be More Destructive AG Than If Putin Picked Him | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Barr has already disgraced his office when he held up releasing the Mueller report in order to promote a false and misleading overview of its content.
    This is just one more example of the same sort of misleading information put out to cloud over Trumps corrupt deeds.

  2. Wow…. How do the people in the comments still believe in all of this lol 3 years of being lied too… In a week or so it will be something else. Russian spy? Nope. Quid pro quo? Nope. During the inquiry they changed it to bribery mid way through (uh red flag everyone). Nope. Many of the witnesses saying they don't know why they are witnesses… Y'all some sheep lol baaaaaah baaaaah

  3. Why would the Russians support President Trump? He wants America to have the best economy and the strongest military. Nothing about Trump is good for Russia. If I were Putin, I would have fought for Hillary.

  4. You still dont get it. Its time to be destructive to these people who tried and failed to sabotage Trumps campaign then his presidency. If they actually believed there was Russian interference, why did they not inform Trump? Its the million dollar question because the only answer to that is they were trying to hem him up with it…period.

  5. barr has already disgraced his office – barr should be recused from all this – he himself worked for Russia's  Alpha Bank and is neck deep in Americas corruption starting with Iran Contra – they are all just waiting for the Supreme Court to declare trump above the law – so can we please start demanding scotus make a decision on whether an American president is above the law – the rest of this all moot if we have a traitorous supreme court as well.

  6. —-> EXTRA! EXTRA! Read all about it!
    FBI Agent Peter Strzok: Personal opinion of Trump did not affect work https://www.usatoday.com/story/news/politics/2018/07/12/fbi-agent-peter-strzok-my-personal-opinion-trump-did-not-affect-work/778132002/

    Google: Trump critics attack firing of FBI's McCabe as political move https://www.reuters.com/article/us-usa-trump-mccabe-reaction/trump-critics-attack-firing-of-fbis-mccabe-as-political-move-idUSKCN1GT0QR

    Jeff Sessions may have violated his recusal pledge when he fired Andrew McCabe https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2018/3/18/17135086/jeff-sessions-andrew-mccabe-fired-fbi

    DOJ hints McCabe may not be prosecuted https://www.washingtontimes.com/news/2019/nov/13/justice-department-hints-it-may-not-prosecute-andr/

  7. Because this fat troglodyte looking yellow rat teeth Barr is a russian asset and a TRAITOR put in PLACE by the Russians through lead TRAITOR trump

  8. That an Abscess full of Curruption is do you remember that 21 page resume he write looking the job I hope we can see some people go to prison when they leave public office.

  9. OMG. Russia Russia Russia. The left believes that if you keep saying it that it becomes more true. It's embarrassing

  10. I think Trump is going to get re-elected.🤦🏾‍♀️ But I can't lie, every sense he became 45, the white sheets have came off and continue. Are enemies upfront.

  11. Barr can't hear the truth about IG's report because his ears are blocked by Trump's thunder thighs.
    Barr should be disbarred and be put behind bars.

  12. Trump oligarchy class of Zuckerberg, Koch and Mercer family and too many more are at the center of this plot to destroy democracy and the rule of law, Barr has been groomed by the Koch family and they financed his company to build overpriced aviation parts then he went to head CIA where he changed the culture and now we have hundreds of CIA in seats of Congress and in seats of power all throughout the government in a concerted effort to undermine the nation and establish a new oligarchy ruling class and ecclesiastical principality

  13. Trump continues to humiliate himself w/world leaders….Barr, Pompeo and team will make excuses and point fingers at Dems!😂😂😂😱

  14. The entire republicans party and their voters have become Russian assets. If we don't vote all of them out of office while we can they will destroy this country within.

  15. My God, trump is a Magician! He has turned the entire Republican Party into whining mindless LIARS!!!

  16. It looks like we're going to have to set up crowd control lanes, like at Space Mountain or the airport, for all the Republicans lining up to Lick Putin's A$$! 😂

  17. If that Big dirty Barr, Goes against the Judicial System to Protect Trump's interests, They should all be put in Prison to Rot ! 🤬

  18. William Barr is rectal slime. He is someone who should be investigated. He has stated his love for Trump bar any and all evidence and known histories. He has said "we all are going to die sometime." That certainly shows his devil may care attitude about his job, position and his dedication to Trump & not America.

  19. And so it is Trump, his cronies, the Congressional GOP, and Putin versus the Democrats and the rest of America in a war of information and ideology at this point. Russia has both exploited and worsened the left-right political divide in this country to great effect. They've turned this country against itself, essentially.

  20. All these people currently with Trump in power should be investigated very thoroughly. The PUTIN favors are simply too much to swallow.

  21. Colludy Rudy and Mick "we do it all the time" Mulvaney. Then the Russian mob thugs and republicans using debunked Putin propaganda to defend Trump. How did we let this happen to America? Better question what can we do about it other then impeach and remove?

  22. AG Barr’s priorities are all askew. Here he is traveling the world chasing butterflies at trump’s behest when his focus should be on investigating McConnell (and his wife) for corruption and Mueller investigation and in the process disemboweling the FBI and the CIA. At at some point McConnell must have his day in court.

  23. Since the Russpublicans are essentially burning the constitution and ignoring its existence can the military come in and detain these traitors until trial? Wishful thinking I know but if only.

  24. He's attacking her because he can, because no one in his party will tell him that trolling isn't the right thing to do. And because she's a woman…..not he's not trolling the guy in this scenario is he!




  27. Barr is much more dangerous than Trump, Barr is supposed to be an educated man where as Trump is an uneducated ignorant bouffon, that's what makes Barr 100 times more dangerous than Trump.
    He will go down in history as the traitor to his oath of office and put shame on his name forever.
    I feel sorry for his grandchildren with a name like that..

  28. They already tried that Russian Collusion thing for 2 years didn't stick then it was Ukraine that didn't work now its witness intimidation maybe that will work

  29. Bill Barr should be behind barrs .Why should we still pay him to screw us . Lisa Page has nothing to do with UKRAINE BRIBE KEEP FOCUSED . BARR MUST RESIGN THIS IS NOT THE MUELLER REPORT BARR SCREWED US THEN . ENOUGH !!! . TIME FOR PUBLIC OUTRAGE !!!

  30. AG Barr needs to be indicted , prosecuted , sentenced & then EXECUTED ! . . . He's a Republican Traitor ! ! ! . . .

  31. Congress has to take away the ability of future presidents to put political appointee's in positions such as the AG and the secretary of defence, the treasury and IRS, head of the FBI and CIA. Heads of intelligence. All of these positions should be filled from within these services.

  32. AG Barr's job is to keep Trump above the law. He constantly lies to the American people for Trump. If he wants to be Trump's defense attorney, fine but he must resign!

  33. trump needs to 🚶 down hes a total wreck the 💊 is his thang
    making harsh decision killing
    poeples at will afraid to show
    his taxes hes a whimp secret
    meetings darn hes useless hi
    s spirit is waxed so hes a person need to pay for crimes there are
    to much sin in his tail so lets pra
    ay for our safety recompence is
    needed also forgiveness trump dont have love in ❤ hes there
    to play the part of pharaoh so
    we got to get out of here ✌ out

  34. It's time for decent Americans to stand up to this vile racketeering Administration aided and abetted by the Republican racketeering syndicate

  35. It's not really a disagreement. Horowitz' investigation only pertains to the DOJ – mainly the FBI. The origins of the investigation into Trump and the campaign were in the intelligence community – specifically John Brennan's CIA under the direction of President Obama. Barr's point is that Horowitz doesn't have privvy to the information from the intelligence community that Barr has through the now criminal probe being led by U.S. Attorney John Durham. It's why Barr is saying that Horowitz shouldn't make conclusions about the appropriateness of the beginnings of the counter-intelligence operation in 2016. John Brennan is the one that delivered the information from the Steele Dossier (and other made-up, B.S. unverifiable information against Trump) to Sen. Harry Reid. Reid then informed the FBI to essentially have an investigation started – since the CIA cannot perform domestic investigations. Reid was duped by Brennan and the CIA. The FBI took the ball and ran with it – and continued to run with it even AFTER it (the FBI) realized that the whole thing was based on garbage, unverifiable speculation (James Comey's words). Brennan and Comey will be pointing fingers at each other very soon.

  36. Msn nose barr is a good man msn nose democrats are ravenous criminals msn nose democrats committed crimes under the obama administration msn nose democrats committed crimes in Ukraine so why is msn defending these Democratic criminals and traders regardless of whot you think of turmp ask yourself why is msn doing this you are about to find out so disgusting turmp 2020baby

  37. Barr is the quintessential 'domestic' enemy cited in the US Constitution…warping Mueller's findings to favor criminal #45…as he did with Reagan's shameful Iran Contra FUBAR…END THIS FARCE, AMERICA…vote every single GOP OUT OUT OUT OUT OUT!

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