BJP IT Cell Exposed: How lies and propaganda are spread | by Dhruv Rathee

Today I’ll expose the social media IT Cell of BJP How they spread their propaganda using fake news IT Cells of political parties are used for marketing and advertising To share the achievements of the party.. and criticize the opposition But whats special about BJP IT cell is that.. it mostly shares fake news Their achievements are photoshops and fake news and to defame other parties they use.. All the above things on right side ^ Lets look at paid twitter trenss For each tweet, people are paid money You’d think that it’s BJP supporters and volunteers who are paid for this But thats not how it is BJP IT cell pays money to PR companies for these paid campaigns And these people working for PR companies are called Influencers By email, each influencer gets to know time and hashtag of twitter trend And for each campaign, each influencer is paid 50-70 rupees I have some of these emails here Look Look what all the emails say They also use it for corporates companies even some bollywood stars use the same PR companies Now, I have the twitter accounts of these paid influencers Go check these twitter accounts now and you’ll see why they’re paid All their tweets are on some trending hashtags in a set time limit over variety of topics And these hashtags are given by political parties like BJP or some company And this is the account who wrote all those emails Look at tweets of this account too, you’ll see how they re paid And another thing, BJP IT Cell overuses is Photoshop On one hand they share, childish photoshops To make them look larger than life, like this image of Modi in waterfall And lot of stupid people believe in it And they use fake quotes of famous personalities which they never spoke sometimes to praise themselves and sometimes to malign other parties Look here, how once when BJP goons thrashed an AAP worker he was bleeding And IT cell shared this image saying that this was a BJP worker beaten up by AAP and they do a similar thing with videos Mix audio and video from two different clips And they’ll show what they want to This is how they spread their propoganda this situation has become so serious that BJP IT cell founder has quit the party who created the IT Cell in 2004 saying that….”..’ Now Amit Malviya is BJP IT Cell head Under him, all these lies are spread and PR companies are hired They have a very organized machinery to spread lies Whats app forwards target hindusm and nationalism spirit They have some paid pages on Facebook, which they say are neutral but aren’t actually They always share these lies at first For example, these pages They spread fake news in an organized way Sometimes their propaganda becomes very successful and mainstream media thinks its news Then it gets difficult to tell the difference between truth and lies Like this recent news of Modi calling IAS officer This post was first written by BJP IT cell member Pushpin Chakarborthy on Quora Then it was shared by BJP Paid pages and then BJP paid media channels Like Zee news and India TV And this post got viral, every small, big news channel talking about it But when the mentioned IAS officer was asked about it He totally refused that he had ever gotten any call from MOdi And when Pushpak was asked for more information to verify this news He said he can’t give more details as it would be against the protocol So thats how they spread lies Now the question is, how to tell the difference between lies and truth There’s a simple way whatever news you read anywhere, just google search it once If that news comes in 3-4 reputable newspapers like TOI, HT, Hindu, Indian Express Then 99% of the times, it’s true And if that comes only in Zee news, India TV etc. 99% of the times, its a made up fake news There’s a difference between sold out media channels and reputable ones Every time an unconfirmed news cmes A reputable media channel will say that this news is not verified Like this news of IAS officer, Indian Express mentioned that this was not verified Some agencies estimate BJP uses thousands of crores of Black money to fund its IT Cell But in reality, how much is used, and where this money comes from we can never know Because BJP type political parties never want to come under RTI act and neither do they want to reveal their sources of funding Save yourself from their propoganda stay away from the media channels and news websites, i mentioned Hope you liked this video If you want to see more such videos, you can subscribe me on my youtube channel And if you have any questions, you can message me and ask on my fb page 🙂 Thank You

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  1. Bhai I can bet that your life is in danger. BJP new cell would be terrorist cell of which you and Kejriwal going to be the first victims.

  2. Our politicians are running their Party like a Fortune 500 Company. Lot of Business Strategies are to be learned from them.

  3. Now I don't think I can even believe toi and zee news cause they were also involved in the cobra post operations along with Indiatv…..

  4. BHai km se km andhbhakton ke toh acche din aa gaye, ram rajya bn rha hai bharay air desh ka80% youth jb bjp aur modi ko pasand krte hain toh aap to anti national ho

  5. भोसड़ी के तुझे अगर देश से इतनी दिक्कत है तो तू छोड़ दे भारत और पाकिस्तान चल जा
    तुझे एयर स्ट्राइक में भी दिक्कत हो रही थी तुझे भारत की सरकार से भी दिक्कत है
    तुझे बीजेपी से भी दिक्कत है
    तुझे हिंदू होने से भी दिक्कत है तो तू ऐसा कर बेटा पाकिस्तान चल जा और इमरान खान के आँड बन जा वहां पर
    साले सुवर तेरी तो ना शक्ल ही चुतिया लगती है मेरे को

  6. Very genuine n educated our country need more people like u not only hosts but viewers n readers too need to open up their mind n think beyond their circle. Please think broadly.

  7. मित्र आपकी बात से सहमत हूँ लेकिन क्या अन्य पार्टियों द्वारा ऐसा नही किया जाता, उनके द्वारा भी कुछ कहिये।

  8. Parsi log to thode se hai par hamne kabhi nahi suna ki unka dharm khatre me hai par hindu jo majority hai use bjp raaj me hamesha sankat mw dikhaya jata hai hundu dharma ke naam pe budbak banane ke liye

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    Here's proof from Hindu holy books
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  10. किसी से इस तरह भी नफरत मत करो कि उसकी अच्छाई भी आपको बुरा ही दिखने लग जाए

  11. Sir ok theek hn , yeh toh rhi BJP ki baat Chalo hum agree kr lete hn, but congrees ka Kya , congrees ke connection toh Cambridge analytica se hn, Jo ki khud Cambridge ne bola hn ki Indian congrees humri client hn, mtlb sir aap ek ko toh bool rhe ho or dusre pr toh mute yeh toh apki hypocrisy Hui na😒😒😒😒..? Aagar aap kisi ki be side nhi ho toh dono political party se questions karo na?😕😕..
    Mene toh kabhi nhi dekh ki dhruv rathee sir BJP ko chhor kr kisi be political party pr question uda rhe hn..??…

  12. Why IT cell is common in politics & what are the advantage and disadvantage. Please make a video in this topic…

  13. Modi ka advertisement ka koi asar nahi hoga. Jameen per to koi Kam ya development to deekhai nahi deta. Jhumlebaji se Desh nahi chaelega.

  14. Pls make some vedio on ongoing Lok Sabha polls as west Bengal is the only state where the most cases of booth capturing happening, because u always have the inside secrets other than any one

  15. A pic of my influencer friend Shramona Poddar was missused by the BJP government education minister. He retweeted her photoshoot and tried to mislead the audience as an IAS Officer girl.

  16. So basically bjp IT cell does the same things done by Winston Smith in "Ministry of truth" of Oceania. Reference to 1984 by George Orwell.

  17. Jitna bhi hate speech hote hain on social media, jo secular Indians ko hindutva ki naam par gaali diya jata they are all from fake I'd. Just check kijiye ga kaun se id se aya hai. You will se ki woh id main naa toh koi pik hota hai na koi content hota hain. Bohot kharab lagta hain jabb log dharam kr naam pr gali dete hain.

  18. You work really good bro, it is very time consuming and risky also but thanks for showing us the reality

  19. I don't care whether it cell or not.. But my vote for Bjp even in 2024 I voted in 2019..not because I like Bjp rather I think opposition is 10times worse than Bjp… Again modi in 2024

  20. Hahaha m ye video dekhne k baad check krne gya.. ye frustrated indian kr k instagram pe bhi hai.. aur yhi sab baate faila rha h..😂😂😂😂

  21. Dhruv ji ek bar Taj Mahal shiv Mandir hai ya fir ek maqbara is k upar bhi video banaye. Kuch news channels ne Taj Mahal k kuch hisso k aise taswir dikhaya jo use Hindu temple batane k proof ho sakti hai.

  22. लड़ते रहो। रवीश सर, पुण्यप्रसून वाजपेई सर ,आप, अभिसार शर्मा सर, 1दिन सफलता जरूर मिलेगी।

  23. How they will face to thier creator after life. And most of them are old, last stage of life and no religion denies death. Everyone who stayed under mother womb, will be die.

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