Blackmailing a Politician – Ghost Recon Wildlands: Ghost Mode (#10)

there's a high-profile politician who's using cars ITA's resort to hide his flings with local escorts get close to this asshole and record his next little fling we'll post it all over social media and embarrass him and the cartel both I don't know love that seems kind of dirty and harsh but you say welcome back guys to some more Ghost Recon wildlands as she's just said as our lady has just said in this episode we're going to start out by going and recorded someone's weird conversation with a little thing they have that's someone that's probably not their wife that they shouldn't really be flinging with and I've just crashed mmm oops-a-daisy but a little bit of a drive ahead of us but before we continue on guys it's great to see going to enjoy this episode you want to see some more of this game and let me know in the comments down below hit the like button leave a comment down below and subscribe if you're new and ya just support the series if you want to see it or if you want to see something else let me know in the comments let's get where we need a moment snowman what have you got on Santa tale San Mateo over the past beat here a lot of people have been disappearing from that problem anyone who's making life hard to the cartels anybody away the cartel period we're talking hundreds of gone without a trace okay it's definitely behind the disappearances but nobody's have ever been found find out what happened to me I'm a good lady this is the cartel with the other but I'm gonna guess they're all dead yeah fucking a weapons camera that may just be bull because I'm a bit pessimistic at times grab a weapon so don't grab this how quite leave Mexico at some point I was gonna take one of their vehicles that thickness this one's a bit of a wreck I don't like a look at it bad guy tango he's close to that local so it was a easy second target I think there's more people inside that building well maybe one dude I'll be out of push mate you kind of see me oh it's just gonna get a bit risky is he talking to somebody the guy inside is just no we got to the checkbook okay baby scary back in their rhythm the problem lately I'm like I supply so last episode of a few days ago so it's like I'm not constantly playing it so I'm not in a good rhythm to keep going you know what I mean but we'll get there that's why I hope you guys want to keep saying more of this because then it just gives me an excuse to keep on playing it like I did with my father I five never miss my playthrough the roads will look into that mystery for you and see if we can't make things on how do I get that kid get that what let me say motherfucker oh my god but a mission for that guy with a mask wait did we just answer that err oh oh wow we just did that we're not doing a mission here we're gonna fly him to this Ranger but we have to try it into this one to get to that one what is that operation silence paid don't worry about that another time my friends because right now I feel this state this cup I could get the answer you know what no because that's Intel for this place that we're in that we don't want to be injured apologies so quite frankly I'm getting out of it as quickly as possible [Applause] Rattata cal province what can you tell us Papa Cal was once a major coffee here's something Blanca was the coffee growers will become instead a cartel boss magic coca are terrified of her take a look at the video I just met to me and understand why she runs tab account like her own mini cartel production of nation by truck and train and enough security to keep the coca there is line and the convoy secure all of it run with efficiency I'm in contact look to all that's effective they're willing to help us by the cartel perfect and old Kookaburra name Chavez have been trying to get the farmers to stand up to the cartel make contact with him there's our ambushed the cartel when they come for the coke ah finally shut up I imagine imagine trying to give wait am I in a different I'm not in a different place somewhere I must have added a different region once again um alright try to give me little Commission's to do while I'm just already got one today like Schulz up my lady alright we're gonna figure out where let's keep this quiet keep it quiet the politician is Daisy's peeping toms were over and we got a recall and though oh my god hello baby audio levels are good just make sure you get a good shot of his face I've got a massive shock wait no that's not a massive shot of his face that's a good shot of its page right there got excited if you know what I mean Oh slapping him wait I'm trying to how does this not count as right hold it there that I guess I thought was in the perfect spot but I guess not the game was like yeah I feel good I think we good all right daddy that's it that was a nice easy mission actually we don't actually have to enter that place do it no though we can if we want to there is a skill point in this so I'm gonna try is getting in there getting the skill point then we're gonna go into that place just over there and get the skill point that alright let's try and find a good way in don't can do kid knows what a gun was he flew off in seconds all right skill quit just oh hello spotting him at a tango that could have been risky yes if I could just get in and out of here whatever the fucking I was we got it cuz Zetas days is a cartel pimper over metal over here it's gonna break something for thugs hard to lose this there we go alright then got compound just over that is another skill point that I do need these skill points because I'd quite like to look very much my sink shot it would help out a lot been able to get all my dudes together and just popping everybody off in one go that tactical play I need an accomplice three people is let's got another tango dad baby makes three let's be careful with this guy's bit further down this I don't know duck too many times I think we're right direct threat no no no no he died he died Oh cartel gunmen tell me where by the pool a thing we're good I think we're all right his mates may see is that yeah we are but his mates may see is their body at some point but right now if I could just track down oh yeah they're aware something but I should be alright idiots don't know what's gonna hit him where's the skill points on this side okay I think my best entry point will be around the back if I can make it through that is I'm being hunted we should stay calm and stop asking me questions right now all this their head on head with my boys alright then I guess we're doing this than the last way should be alright well plan people on the outside I'm not sure the people on the inside know I'm here come on show me that shit SiC last dude my last two maybe moving about inside there for some reason stay still and just what are you doing where is he there is uh-oh but excessive but otherwise there's a sheep here but there is oh there we go okay little bit messy there just for some skill points but like I said it's what's worth it it's doable and we did it so there we go right what do I need to actually upgrade my Tsing sha squad extra sink shop I can afford it beautiful how about one more to get one more I need those sort of supply things that's food alright let's figure out what's next well we're just given us a lot of missions to do in different areas but I obviously don't want to do that yet I'm doing this or sister the cartels frontman but it's his assistant that keeps the resort running take him out and we'll for scores eat his hand no no no no no no no no no I'm not taking the job but knowing me I'll fall out and die you'll all have a laugh but in reality to start this whole no there's cars so fast whoa nobody needs to save a thank you I'm too fast late too fast correct it Oh oh my god turns so horribly like even the sack even the slightest little tone when you go to speed it's just horrendous Wow [Applause] stand to say people let the bugs and did email don't even cast a shadow just planted bugs then we get it out I may have already killed two people though so I don't know how effective these buggy but buggies bugs are gonna be I think ones in the painting behind us in this room so yeah nobody see me nobody see me nobody see me good client on Jesus Wow you left that pain felt like it was nothing but I was show routine in the gym I get across this courtyard now without God this is pretty much the exact same room that the last one wasn't putting in his bed that feels weird then if I like the idea of that but you should pick up enough dirt bowmani this is right this is my way out or you get the fuck out I really shouldn't have killed anybody this guy's gonna die oh I've got eyes on the captain let me show you a skill point and get out if one of the enemies that is alive sees a dead body I'm a match this up in silence so let's just grab the okay no grab that dough run it okay smashed it – mission is done the race kill point and in a matter of seconds I'm pretty happy with that one I need a vehicle not that one no and we need to figure out oh wait there's still more to this when car Zita is away from the property depends on the river Lethe it's like oh I just have to leave now you know I could do that that is not out of my skill range across the larger that no matter all right we're gonna need a chopper or a very fast car now there's a load of basis is surely one of them's gonna have a chopper that's or I guess I just still yeah they gotta jump is sick I killed him right in the engines out it has a terrible plan no okay I know should I go around yeah hopefully he always seems to leave a little open in the back of their bases which isn't clever I'm not gonna complain because it makes my life a little bit better you kill it Oh kill witness that's not good I couldn't get a sink shot sick Oh nope there's one more show me the head those rebels just cruised in here like it's nobody's business all right that's how you do that okay there was a little entrance into here yeah hey actually this a load more days and then we can get the next skill show up great okay very good helicopter let's go across the mouth there this mission and I should probably leave it there so we don't you know jinx ourselves too much your boy gets cocky when he does a few things right and a big success you get it so ashtray it's an airship in the middle of the sea for some reason in the middle of the big lake river whatever it is you know what the quicker I can get through this area actually this region that the better because I don't like how it's you have to go around the whole water to get everywhere you need to be you know doesn't seem like there's not many places that I like this but this place is that's unique that down there it's place the land that I'm not in the middle of the open nice boys oh no okay let's sneak around this place I'd rather know how do you need that and inside the black oh no no no no no no I've been I'm somebody get my sink chopped does not seem to automatically I was placed in the but I never could have you press it I'm getting a position tango mark the little poster civilian soldier with a submachine gun over by the dump won't have far again oh the assistant assistant says somewhere there's also a weapon case so I think we all right let's favor the mission before the weapon case although I think I may actually have to take down everybody to actually find this assistance so I think it might make sense for us to just do this anyway unless the assistance in this building nope definitely no hop in there isn't it that's a hefty hefty hefty looking base I don't like this hold up there's a weapons case here I know I know you're ready for cars ITA's assistant keep the mass at a minimum but make sure he's dead give me the background near the sandbag replacement ready oh well when does the whole kill of that now oh I was hoping that he did he block on earlier but he just did he just didn't once oh wait the guys are relieving I gotta get after shit wait is the guy in need leaving yes yes PSP is useless okay oh my god yeah I probably pick the slowest car ever but screw it man I'm not letting this guy get away I messed up master today it's okay everybody else roof recuperate ourselves oh my god he's fast here really really great insight there my friend you really didn't have a good idea what's going on in the world oh dude just 20 minutes too late show it Cup thought he's gonna even a little G by just a little bit that is very very by the accelerator my dog he's so fast to do this because the thing is it's gonna fail if he gets away it's gonna fail it's not gonna be like oh we tracked him down this sweary is go after it it's just gonna be like now you messed up we'll start again and I don't know if that makes me have to go back to the beginning it goes mode yeah I actually think his car Oh nope we're catching up actually we've got him on the street all right and it's gonna be beautiful all right now yeah there you go kill this guy no Matt Oh assistant is down I say again the assistant is down oh yeah okay we've got cozy go next that's gonna be interesting main dog in this place so if we've done all the missions then in this area of course is in the central I know we've got one more mission in this place actually but like actual mission main mission but I don't have the intel for it yet so well it says four out of six but the only mission that we have their complete what's ones locked we just don't know what it is I'm long as missions by investigating yeah but there's no more of them so how am I supposed to do with a mission I guess no I guess we just don't we just skip it okay next episode we're gonna do cause eater and then we're gonna go and grab these side missions I like them but they're not as important to me as all the other stuff like yes they gave me the sort of upgrade things that I need upgrade points but at the same time yeah yeah yeah so I think I'll just get like the weapons and the attachments and things like that just because they are useful obviously at least maybe the ones that we need and then we can move on to the next region I think I'm trying to throw in terms of difficulty just so we can ease ourselves into it I will go over to someone without water water scares me yeah we go to here this place it looks crazy look busy so yeah we'll kill Gazeta and then we may just headed straight over to that but we'll see all right cool guys thank you so much for watching this episode after you messy bits you you broken writin pieces there in that but yeah we got through it we did it sorry boys you're not getting it away anyway I actually love this I really I really enjoy this I'm done playing again hope you guys are enjoying saying it and if you want to keep watching it you want to keep seeing me put these videos out to supports it really I mean the more you support this the more frequently I'll upload the episode to put it that way some sort of bribing you or bribe me with likes 500 likes now put another episode out like immediately alright desn't deal thanks watch it I'll see you next time in the next step you know you

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  1. Definitely want to see you do the silent space mission at some point me and friends have tried, its ruthless!!

  2. Lol….i don't think i ever seen someone playing a video game and shoot in the air after they took out the enemy!!! Lmbo.. That was hilarious

  3. actually i love this game, especially when u play it, not lying, your aim is awesomeeeeee, so please post more

  4. Dude your audio on this vid is abit screwed but good vid all the same I love playing this game my load out is fully custom ak-47 assault rifle the HTI sniper rifle fully custom and the 5.7 pistol fully custom my fave sidearm and probably the best of all of them another thing for you to upgrade with skill points is the drone as it's a very handy piece of kit

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