Bobi Wine’s Transition from Musician to Politician (Episode11 Season 5 – English)

greetings ladies and gentlemen boys and girls this the news feed presented to you by very sly congested Dino follow follow the beat follow the beat from the studio to the streets in front with the flow gets you chef and in the no sleep relax enjoy the new follow what's the difference between a politician and a mobster the simpler come a bit closer this year first let's wait and see what's changed suffer super drug because ultimately see some exercising police brutality professor J I can Joseph Hamlet hit the chaps with a single D on the fake well can you have a hidden key go go they check the game with every step they took then they drop their dreadlocks for a different week they throw when their sins were three pcs now he's got a spotty wine and Kenya Jaguar have joints to hide professor Jeff from Tanzania to make history as the first four in East Africa to move from music to become legislate are true but they are not alone on this continent today special is about conscious artists what music may have meant a permanent but their police to be political and social activity how was Bobby wine a popular musician transitioned into such a popular politician it's not just by updating his look opposite politics on Facebook he then he has two days to his constituency split second music what can family he has concerts in every corner of the country at the end he speaks as Emperor but Chaplin II received by his fans as our president 2021 a reception that raises the first disco video release a Hizb it's like the sky's the limit voicing his views on the proposed amendment to let the president contest and swept the age limit some ask why he's so focused on presidency and what has it done for his he hasn't hit not his area in the list he built seven seven bottles in chat on the east he is equipping youth develop our skills but his not exercise he lets his focus SPO not that food wine is left around the nation no doubt he appeals to the youngest population but he already felt the threat of being the opposition or is arrested for its proper demonstration what do you think is funny when making the right move there's this position as an MP really has a lot to prove do you know that elections in Kenya yes results protested by rhino Ginga well since the happen in Shapira in an attempt to avoid election violence there's any twist police interference has people protested fully shut them down as the dropouts appease so Lisa with cotija optimism grew up in Kibera slums imagine that's happening in your hometown you suck on it shoot down innocent bystanders yeah but hold it right there finger on the trigger but did they have to pull it why would it take this rubber bullet couldn't keep quiet not have just seen something so violent you have a responsibility to hold a witness knowing nothing changes has produced many of these leaders singing for justice and peace one of them was the greatest man in Lagos the alphabet box Fela Kuti from Nigeria and political artists activists of Africa now hasn't let you in Legos Heath Ledger and it's under budget so he is for sure and pan-african dreams but he used to be a wanted man in the seventies and eighties by the corrupt regimes in the 50s fell our sins and went to study medicine but shifted to music works in London and came back besides the Roman government on the rhythm of alpha beta these music genre infused with the high life doesn't political he became famous to disband the Afrika 70 in Ghana his songs were pieces on the target e which prevented him from entering the country like the mesmerizing swampy and international deep deep in the face of all politicians falafel that his own Institute the Republic versus independent state and the hopefulness missions the fact of many waves movement on the paper was this political party even went for presidency but the donors protected is transiency for decades the masses went crazy and Tama became an international celebrity touring Europe and the US water machines in Nigeria remained the main things for quite the 90s as he was fighting HIV his journey ended in 1997 after a life of beat and imprisonment he left an impressive legacy he sank at the African shrine opened where was at that place daily and finally this statue a headless called an ECG is the land official recognition of this artist activist prodigy I'm ready reporting for news beats today we salute our fellow rappers in Gabon they are conscious messages for support phone they've been through quite a lot she's very 90s we develop it in the 90s people had enough of the old dictator Omar Bongo in power since the 60s and many artists and demonstrators they had opinions Roy's press and with some success corporate reinstall a multi-party system too freedom of expression if I must win green like a square big many Rockets lift off the system and Twitter's rough cool down until my bumper tight as ever since early 2009 elected he would have supported to cam a blow wonderful kept you know the Alibaba smells like crazy but yes Alicia he's Leslie the rap master had in his pockets we're no longer his puppet they all have brothers and sisters laptops they saw they had many work possessed truck from France and the US but also on company soil that Jenna was going hard in 2015 cut the scene was the first to sing to the president we will make a fresh start Boggan was reelected half after he put in a plug yet the other half were tested so many people were killed and arrested and the hip-hop scene was identified in the marriage of a proven politics in reform is love and hateful fantone Ali Bongo and other leaders by artists but some artists will never be bored that was the news on a bit next week would be another hit funeral is like a jest Santino reporting live and erect with love and respects follow the beat son of a bitch son of a bitch son of a bitch yes further two feet one of the feet one of the beats one of the feet one of the bits yes one of the feet

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