Bolivia’s President Evo Morales Resigns

>>A military coup has occurred in Bolivia
forcing its President, Evo Morales, to step down. Now, he is urging individuals to resist this
military coup, but there had been violence that he felt the need to stop. And he felt the only way to stop it was to
step down. Now, there is reason to believe that this
military coup has the United States written all over it and I’ll tell you why in just
a moment. But first, let me just note that Morales was
Bolivia’s first indigenous President. He was re-elected last month for his fourth
term and you had an organization get involved and argue that there was fraud in this election. Even though there was absolutely no evidence
whatsoever to indicate that there was any type of rigging or any type of fraud. The Organization of American States, also
known as OAS, made this claim. And it’s important to note that this is mostly
funded by the United States. Now, before I get into more details about
what occurred in Bolivia, I do wanna go to this next video. Mark Weisbrod is from the Center for Economic
and Policy Research. And he gives you some sense of what the OAS
is and what type of US interest played a role in this military coup. Take a look.>>Well this is a military coup. There is no doubt about it now, after the
head of the military told the president and vice president to resign and then they did. And I think it’s really terrible the way it’s
been presented, because from the beginning, you had that OAS press release the day after
the election, which hinted. Or implied actually, very strongly, that there
was something wrong with the vote count. And they never presented any evidence at all. They didn’t present it in that release. They didn’t present it in their next release. They didn’t present it in their preliminary
report. And there’s really nothing in this latest
so-called preliminary audit, that shows that there was any fraud in this election. But it was repeated over and over again in
all the media. And so it became of true and if you look at
the media you don’t see anybody. You don’t see any experts for example, saying
that there was something wrong with the vote count. It’s really just that OAS observation mission,
which was under a lot of pressure, of course, from Senator Rubio. And the Trump administration to do this because
they wanted for some time to get rid of this government.>>So Evo Morales was well-liked by Nicolas
Maduro, by Lula da Silva from Brazil. He was part of the Pink Tide Movement in Latin
American countries where leftists really took over with an economic populist message.>>And Morales was able to lift nearly 20%
of Bolivians out of poverty.>>They hate that.>>And they hate that. That is the reason why you have people like
Donald Trump and Marco Rubio, targeting Latin American leaders like Evo Morales. Now, I wanna know, Morales wasn’t perfect,
okay? So, I don’t want this to be a one-sided story. This was a military coup. I disagree with it. again, it has the United States written all
over it and it’s wrong.>>But one of the things that some liberals
in America keep latching on to is what happened with term limits in Bolivia. Now, back in 2009, there were term limits. You could only get reelected one more time. You can serve two terms. But Evo Morales is actually worked with the
Constitutional Court to do away with that term limit. And so he got reelected for the fourth time. And that’s when you have the OAS get involved,
and essentially, do this military coup to push him out. Now, I’m gonna give you more details in just
a minute. But Jake, do you want to jump in?>>Yeah, so two things about that. Look, I’m not a big fan of that either, but
now let’s give you context. First of all, so their Constitutional Court
is our Supreme Court. So, there was a guy named Powell who wound
up becoming justice Powell, who wrote a memo for the Chamber of Commerce when he was a
lawyer for them say. We should take over the Supreme Court and
other institutions in America. So Nixon eventually saw that memo, said, well
I like this guy letting big corporations take over the Supreme Court. And literally put Powell on the Supreme Court. And so he packed the court with his favorites. And eventually the court said yes, corporations
can give unlimited money to politicians, which allowed corporations to buy all of our government. So you’re telling me, Latin America is corrupt? Well, our republicans stacked the court so
that corporations can buy our entire government wholesale, but it’s not just that. How about term limits? Well, New York has a term limit on mayors. But when Bloomberg didn’t like it, he was
like, yeah? I’m gonna run for a third term. What are you gonna do about it? But nobody ever called him a dictator. And in fact, the mainstream media kiss his
ass day in and day out, including today, right? Like, Bloomberg. Maybe you should be president. Maybe you should be president. He’s got a real chance here, right? But when Evo Morales does the same exact thing,
dictatorial, tyrannical, right? So then be honest and be objective. Are they both tyrannical and will you call
Mike Bloomberg tyrannical from here on out? If not, what are your standards, okay? The New York Times story on this was an embarrassment.>>It was 100%, 100%, but luckily, there are
independent media sources that have done good reporting on this. And Democracy now happens to be one of them. And so I wanna go to one more clip from Democracy
Now. Again, this is Mark Weisbrod. He’s from the Center for Economic and Policy
Research and he gives more detail into the OAS and how its funded.>>In terms of the Trump administration, you
can look at the tweets. And statements from Marco Rubio right before
the votes were even counted saying that there was gonna be fraud. And making clear that they didn’t want this
government to be there. And so yeah, I think that it’s very obvious
that they support this coup. And it’s very obvious that they pressured
the OAS, where the United States supplies 60% of the budget. And this is the problem. The media treats this OAS as though it’s really
an independent arbiter here and they do have electoral missions. And most of the time they’re clean but they
are not always. And in Haiti, in 2011, for example, they reversed
the results of a first round presidential election without any statistical test, recount
or any reason. It was completely political.>>So he’s right. This is mostly funded by the United States. You have Donald Trump which he attempted a
coup in Venezuela earlier which we’ve talked about on this show. And now it appears that there was a successful
military coup in another country where you have a leftist leader that they do not like. And keep in mind, Evo Morales, the profits
from oil in Bolivia, he made sure that it went back to his people, or the commodities. Any profits from the commodities went back
to the people. And that is exactly what people like Marco
Rubio and Donald Trump absolutely despise. Now, there have been some good politicians
in America who have spoken out against this. And one of those politicians is Bernie Sanders. He said via Twitter. I’m concerned about what appears to be a coup
in Bolivia where the military, after weeks of political unrest, intervened to remove
President Evo Morales. The US must call for an end to violence and
support Bolivia’s democratic institutions. Morales was democratically elected. Unless there is actual evidence to indicate
otherwise, this is unacceptable. This was a military coup. And look, it is, I guess consistent with how
republicans feel about election meddling, because they allowed Russia to meddle in our
elections. Why not go off and meddle in other countries’
elections as well?>>So, Weiss made another great point. He said, look, when there was this slight
irregularity where the vote counting was paused for a while in the middle of the election. And so Morales needs ten points to avoid a
runoff. But when they stopped the vote counting, he
already had a big lead. And the rest of the counties were more indigenous
areas where he does great. So the trend, after they started counting
the vote again, was the same as the one before they started county. And the OAS has no evidence. It has shown no evidence of actual voting
irregularities. I’d like to note that here in America in the
year 2000, we stopped vote counting. And it turns out Al Gore would’ve won the
state of Florida. He should have been president. But our corrupt Supreme Court said no, I don’t
care what the votes are. I’m gonna stop the vote counting. You wanna talk about a voting irregularity? And I’m going to just declare Bush the president. So that is way more corrupt. Okay, now do I like that they stopped the
vote in the middle? No. Does that give me pause? Yes. This reminds me of who said in one particular
vote, a cat walked into an electric socket or something. And knocked out the electricity in nine different
cities. Okay, so I treat that with great skepticism. But here, in the case of Venezuela, there
actually were voting irregularities, okay? And I’m very concerned about the elections
in Venezuela. But here, you have no evidence of voting irregularities.>>No evidence, and Morales offered to do
the election again. Right, he offered that but it’s not about
the election. It’s not about supposed irregularities. It’s about pushing him out and that’s exactly
what they got.>>And guys, in Venezuela they said voting
irregularities. Here they see the same thing, even though
they have no evidence of that. Then they said in Venezuela, well look, he
destroyed the economy and everybody’s suffering. But Evo Morales lifted the economy up. And he lifted a ton of people, a huge percentage
of the country out in power poverty. So they don’t have that excuse, but it doesn’t
matter. They go to the same playbook anyway, cuz he’s
like, it reminds me of The Big Lebowski. We want the oil any way, Lebowski, right? And so in this case, it’s natural gas more
than anything else. But, the reason I say the New York Times did
an embarrassing piece here is cuz Weisbrod gives you, for example, context. And is fair about it. He say OAS most of the time is honest, but
it has these issues. Did you notice what he said about Rubio? That he tweeted about voting irregularities
before they happen. Before the so-called irregularities happen. Okay, that is that the bare minimum, something
you should look into verify. And if that is really true, makes you go hm,
I wonder what Rubio knew about the so-called irregularities that were gonna happen. I am not saying definitively that Rubio’s
part of some planet or something. But if you’re a real reporter, you’d look
at that. If you’re a real reporter you would note that
the military demanded that he step down. And Morales is calling it a coup, and so is
his vice president. And so are all the so many different people
who resigned from his government. You would give that context. Now, they do know that Morales called it a
coup and so did his vice president. But they don’t explain when the military says
you must step down that is by definition a coup. Instead, almost all the mainstream media is
reporting well, hey look irregularities and Morales is a bad guy. And if you’re thinking wow I can’t believe
New York Times is doing that. When we did all the other coups in the 1960s
70s and all in that era, one of the first things the CIA, they would do two things. You go read any history on this, okay? Number one, they would do fake agitation in
the streets. They would rile up people. And then they would start paying off cops
and military and say, my god, it’s untenable. Somebody has to do something about this. And the second thing they would do is they
would go to our press, New York Times included. Time Magazine was notorious for this back
in the day. And they would say now write that he is a
bad guy. He is a Communist and if we don’t do something
about it he’s gonna endanger America. Full well-known, it isn’t true and a lot
of the mainstream media played along with that. So now I think they’re better today, but
this was not a shining example of it.>>And one final thing that I do have to mention,
again, Morales was the country’s first indigenous president. Prior to him, the country was ruled by a small
group of elite who were descendants of European countries. Now, there is a component of this that is
clearly racist. And Glenn Greenwald tweeted a video which,
why don’t we bring that video up now and I’m gonna read Glenn’s tweet as we watch it. Bolivian police cutting the indigenous flag,
which had been Bolivia’s second official flag, off their uniforms. This coup is literally the opposite of restoring
democracy, which is how it’s being depicted in Western press. It’s violent, racist, imperial, christian
fanaticism. It’s disgusting.>>Yeah, now why do you cut the indigenous
flag off if this isn’t about race and this is about so-called voting irregularities? Or does that look a little organized to you
from forces who never wanted the Bolivian people lifted up? Who just wanted more profit from the natural
resources of Bolivia. This is a story as old as time, as old as
America and the Americas. And how we have, unfortunately, oppressed
so much of these two continents North America and South America. And if you wanna cry about that cuz you’re
a Republican, my god, you’re telling people the truth. And that doesn’t play well for America. How can you guys do that? Well, that’s a sad day for you. We do the news here. So if you want a pretty little story about
how America is always the golden hero, rising on a white horse that saves the day, go to
Fox News. Go to get your propaganda somewhere else,
or sometimes go to the New York Times. But we don’t do that here, we give you the
full context. And by the way, doesn’t mean that every leftist
government is wonderful. We told you several instances of things that
concern us, cuz if you’re a real progressive, you want democracy no matter who’s in charge. But this coup had nothing to do with a democracy. It was the exact opposite.

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  1. He was a "cocalero" he was a coca leaf farmer and an advocate of coca leaf farmers. He legalized the coca leaf in Bolivia and its production skyrocketed (and that of cocaine) after he drove out the DEA and pesticidal flyovers many years ago. Making the US government very angry. That's how he got on the US bad side and they've wanted him out ever since.

  2. And Americans wonder why people from the rest of the world just laugh when Americans complain about interference in their elections.

  3. When the USA lets it be known that they would support those attempting a coup, it's just as bad as if the cia did it themselves.

  4. He is a Dictator. Don't defend him. He modified the Constitution so he could be re-elected once, but when the first re-election came the Court said that since that was his first mandate under the new Constitution, then it was his 1st one, so he could be re-elected again. And this time the Court (his Court) said it was his Human Right to be re-elected. And then when he didn't reached 51% of the votes he wouldn't call a second round against his closest follower, he only needed an extra 3%, but was afraid the voters that didn't voted him or the other candidate would go against him, and he'd lose. So he enthroned himslef, and that was his las mistake.

  5. Wall Street is interested in exploiting the big Lithium fields in Bolivia, Lithium the main prime material for cellphone and laptop batteries. Most of Lithium coming to the USA is from Australia. Of course, for the People of Bolivia, the Americans will leave just the shreds. And an ecological disaster around the mines.

  6. How many times will history have repeat for people to acknowledge that leftists governments are almost always meddled with, and that the US is almost always involved because they want to exploit labor or natural resources? Then, they will say that it is socialism or communism’s fault and brainwash the, already brain dead, population with propaganda.

  7. this is a giant tu quoque fallacy. i feel like every south or central america story is just manufacted by the left to shit on the us.

  8. Dear Cenk and Ana, I'm bolivian a big fan of the shows and content you produce, but I'm disapointed of the treatment you are giving to the situation my country is currently living. There was no military coup in Bolivia, there were almost three weeks of protests and strikes caused by suspected fraud, that culminated in the resignation of Evo Morales after OAS confirmed that indeed electoral fraud was commited (there's evidence of this). I've watched the Democracy Now video and read the New York Times article you're dismissing, and I've to say that the article is more closely related to what actully happened. I just want the truth to be told. Best regards.

  9. The corporations aren't making enough so they have to buy the military in countries where they can make a profit. Big Corporate Brother.

  10. Liberals are only offended by genocide when it's the wrong people dying in their opinion. For example, I told my liberal mom that the Jewish Bolsheviks murdered or starved to death 30 million+ Russians after they overthrew the Provisional government in 1917. Her response, after ignorantly denying it: oh, well, it was Russians and they probably deserved it. This is what the Russian election-meddling bullshit has done to the American Lefts' minds.

  11. Military coup my ass! There were 3 weeks of protests NON STOP! He had been in power for 13 years and then changed the constitution to be in power indefinitely and rigged elections, do you people think thats normal???? Jesus Christ people OPEN YOUR EYES!!!!

  12. Not soon enough latin america gets rid of these leftists parasites, Morales had 15 years,, 15!! Years leeching from his people, The turds as usual are clueless about this fidel castro wanabe

  13. "12:32" What you see here is not an assessment of reality but an outburst of ana's own internalysed anti-white sentiment, seriously, she used the words "christian" and "imperialist" lol.
    The vast majority of the people there are indigenous and pretty much everyone is a catholic WTF… She is clearly rerouting her hatred of white american christians towards this event which would sound bizarre if you dont know what the turds are really about

  14. And all throughout this comments section, I see Americans and Europeans speculating and making their own determinations based on flimsy reporting and little information. And then, when actual Bolivian people come in and try to set the facts straight, you either accuse them of being plants or bots…and you talk down to them, trying to explain to them the truths about something they’re actually experiencing. You’re not willing to listen. You’re not willing to entertain the possibility that you might be wrong. There’s no nuance. No openness. It’s just “Russian Bot!” (The progressive’s equivalent of “Fake News!”) Or spouting retrograde nonsense about puppet governments of the 1980s.

    Real people come in here in an attempt to speak truth to power but, because it contradicts the idealist narrative you’ve been spoon fed, you just slap them down. You condescend. You ignore.

    In all honesty, I ask…how dare you?

  15. Far right racist Christian extremist military leader has taken over the nation and the interim leader now who has taken over government without a vote has said she was indigenous and describes satanic worshippers to leave and go up in the maintains. This is a racist coup. This is like ISIS taking over a country

  16. Meh TYT is treading on dangerous ground with this topic. You can not give up democracy for a side you like, democracy dies when you give up on it. Allowing a dictator to gain and control a government if right or left is not a free society. Evo could have passed on power to someone else to run instead of him but he allowed himself to be corrupted by power and change the government for his liking. I don't like bloomberg or using money as a voice in politics but we have to fight and not let a direction we want things to go change the people we are. A free society not abated by money, social mobility, corporations, institutions, political hardliners, and corruption. Forces of Dark leak from both the Right and the Left. You must be vigil and ready to face both in political paths.

  17. The guy changed the rules twice to stay in power and TYT won t see it as a real problem because the guy is socialist? It shows the true colors of this movement, democracy is secondary to socialist values.

  18. It was a coup. Driven by racism against indiginous population, driven by religious crazy people….The right wing in Latin America can't stand losing elections anymore.

  19. In Brazil it was the right wing ( FHC ) that changed the rules so the president could run for reelection. When Lula (left) ran for reelection they criticized him. After his second run, the PT (left) chose another candidate (Dilma) who won twice since the economy and everything else goes much better under a left presidency. They can't stand that. So we had a white coup in Brazil. So even if Evo Morales hadn't changed the constitution and his party had another candidate the coup would happen anyways. That is whay you guys must understand. It doesn't matter if the left follow the rules or if they change the rules. The right wing can't stand losing.

  20. A New York Times story was an embarrassment? The same media company that employs brain geniuses Bari Weiss and Bret "Bedbug" Stephens? The shock; the horror…

  21. The United States has a long history of interfering in South American Politics. I don't agree with doing away with term limits. What are your standard? Don trump attempted a coop earlier. Profits from commodities went back to the people. Morales was Democrtically elected. republicans don't believe in Democracy. Morales lifted a bunch of people out of poverty. Time Magazine? hmmm. The country was ruled by a small group of eletes of European decent. TYT gives the full context.

  22. Seems coup always happen on the Left wing and indigenous or non euro sides of areas or areas that don' t benefit folks in power and wealth. You never see vice versa.

  23. Well he was trying to overstay though so that's a VERY big problem he used his position to gain more power tyt is comparing it to a fckin MAYOR!!! that's a very stupid comparison a mayor is inconsequential to the running of the whole country even if it's the mayor of the biggest city these guys should be ashamed

  24. This is going to cause a shift of power in Venezuela. The U.S. still wants Maduro out, Trump doesn't because he's controlled by Putin. So this is complicating the CIA's strategy, the CIA probably knows Trump is controlled by Putin and they're releasing information slowly to oust him. Venezuela is going to get messy because no one has the upper hand. The conflict will likely grow as Russia and the U.S. both try to capture the largest oil reserve in the world.

  25. NO NO NO! IT WASN'T A MILITARY COUP! I'm a Bolivian living in Bolivia, I'm a progressive that has been following TYT for years. Believe me, it is an insult to millions of people like me that raised their voices to take Morales out. The election was fraudulent, there were different independent investigations. Plus, we are angry because Morales ignored a referendum in 2016 that prohibited him from being a candidate again, and our constitution says clearly that he is not allowed to be president again. PLEASE I BEG YOU!!!! Not to spread a fascist propaganda. We are suffering right now, his people are robbing and burning houses every day, causing terror. They even raped women. The military under our constitution is allowed to give the recommendation they gave. It was not a coup. Of course, I know that right wing forces are taking advantage of this political situation and it is gross. I'm shaking right now, I'm angry because the international opinion seems to be ignoring a legitimate movement that came originally from the people. Please understand our indignation, we are in hell right now. MORALES IS NOT A GOOD GUY

  26. So you don't see the pattern here? Chavez, endless reelections…Maduro, endless reelections… Evo, endless reelections… Daniel Ortega, endless reelections…. I'm all for the left, but we can not condone this dictatorial tendencies from the left. Do right governments do it as well? YES, but we should not condone neither, unless we accept that we have no principles. TYT, sorry but shame on you for defending a president, who might have done a lot of good but in the end just couldn't let go of power.

  27. There is developing mass peaceful protest against the "illegal violent coup" in Bolivia and in support of Evo Morales from Bolivia, Brazil, the Andes and areas of Western South America. MSN across the Americas doesn't show these protest because they bow to right wing and neo-liberal corportist imperialism. It's up to the anti-establishment independent media and the populous to stand up to it all!

  28. Bolivia’s far right has exploited the power vacuum and stoked anti-indigenous sentiment. Since Morales’s resignation, many officials down the line of succession for the country’s presidency have resigned as well, to protect themselves and their families, leaving Jeanine Añez Chavez, a conservative opposition leader and second vice president of the Senate, poised to take over Bolivia’s presidency. (Añez is married to a leader of a Colombian conservative party with historic ties to paramilitary groups.) Luis Fernando Camacho, a right-wing evangelical lawyer from Santa Cruz who has largely led the opposition movement over the last three weeks, has spouted extremely violent and xenophobic rhetoric, to the point that he’s been dubbed the “Bolsonaro of Bolivia.” After Morales’s resignation, Camacho entered the government palace in La Paz, placed a Bible on the Bolivian flag, and said that the Pachamama (the Andean Mother Earth goddess) will “never return to Bolivia. Bolivia belongs to God.” this is a vile hateful coup on Indigenous and leftists rights and movements!

  29. I'm so glad I speak Spanish so I can see detail real reporting of what's been happening in Bolivia since the elections and what the mayority Bolivians think.. morales turned into a crook that tried to change the constitution with the mayority of people voting against it, which he ignored plus he ignored the results of the elections which dictated the constitution of Bolivia called for a second election and rigged them to make him win by 10 points so there was no second round.. Evo Morales quit not because the U.S did not want him there but because the mayority of Bolivians did not want him in power anymore and were afraid he would turn into a Nicolas Maduro or Noriega because Bolivians,Colombians Argentinians and Brazilians know how tough in reality life is there. Unfortunately here in the U.S is difficult to understand how easy its is for the leaders in our countries to turn into dictators, but we know we have it fresh in our minds, first sign is to try to change the constitution when your term it's about to run out. We dont care if he was the first indigenous president at the end of the day we are all humans and power corrupts regardless of skin color..Animo Bolivia estamos contigo

  30. Same old ….. Same old….. Come on……. the same coups from the local right wing/military, WITH SUPPORT FROM THE USA OF COURSE, has been happening in most South/Central American countries for the last 50 years, ON A REGULAR BASIS…….

  31. Please check David Packman's take in this. What TYT is showing here is exactly what David says in his video, a myopic simplistic and narrow-minded view of the situation.

  32. Morales has also been accused, on numerous occasions, of ruling Bolivia in an authoritarian-like manner. I must also add, that this is outside of his changing the term limits. This does not even include the accusation surrounding the coca industry in Bolivia. I did not hate the man, but by no means did I like him.

  33. The term limits are stupid…. Germany (with another type of democracy, parlamentarism) have the same president since 2000 (18 years)… I dont heard no one saying Angela Merkel is autocrat

  34. PLEASE! THIS IS INCORRECT (I speak as a middle class Bolivian citizen that agree with a lot of the stuff you say but this is just factually wrong)

    Evo Morales was a hero of its time when first rose to leadership by having a coup and then elected, but a lot has changed.

    The military did not force any coup. The Bolivian population did. Evo morales does have a large indiginous support and there has been a divide and violance arose within the people and the police and military refused to suppress the protest at Evo's command.

    There was Fraud. This was not initially stated by OAS but by countless bolivian citizens sharing on social media videos of how they found voting ballot boxes being hidden and tampered with. Evo's party changed the election commity right before the election unconstitutionally. Evo was starting to lose before the voting stopped, I saw it live. Evo did not call immiditely for a reelction as you state. He refused and literaly laught at the protesters which initially peacefully began a protest. after a few days Evo Threaden and attempted the major cities that had large protest to cut it's food supply which enraged its people. The PEOPLE'S protest lasted over two weeks with Evo's indifference and arrogance until the police from idividual cities(not organazied) refused supress the protester (mostly still peaceful) and the people actually took a stand and filled the cities to actually protect the police in fear for military actions. 24 hours later military for the first time vocally stated that would not take any actions. After than the reports that verified the fraud in the elections came with no way out Evo stated that there would be a reelction but only after all of that and immidiately after that resign because after so long the people did not want to accept him anymore.

    There has deaths. Rapes. vandalisim. racism. buildings and house burned down and so much more unforgatable things. None which have been done by either police nor military. This was a fight between Evo Morales' political party and its followers vs the rest of the Bolivian's citizens. This is very heart breaking. You should understand how people can be blinded by a leader and how they can have so many radical supporters.

    THERE WAS NO COUPE!! There is so much more history as per why the people has been enraged. Just think as per why Evo's runned again for a 4th time when leagally in Bolivia you can only serve two terms.

  35. Your tax dollars hard at work… bots pretending to be bolivian "citizens" hard at work too… 40% of the world's lithium reserves think about it.

  36. Me pregunto cuantas personas que comentan aca dudando de la veracidad de los comentarios que vienen de Bolivia se han dado el trabajo de buscar fuentes locales sudamericanas sobre esto. Es muy facil hablar de los problemas de un pais lejano al tuyo como si vivieras ahi, la situacion es complicada les sugiero de que aunque sea consideren lo que los comentarios bolivianos dicen

  37. Funny how TYT can see how the US gov are guilty of overthrowing Bolivia's president BUT Maduro should be over thrown even though he won his election. IDIOTS

  38. I don't think we should get into details of whether he was good or bad, if he did good or bad things, or if the population really had no options which one might consider "adequate". Let's just try to go with the facts. The Bolivian Constitution says you can only have 2 terms of 5 years each. He is in his third term because since the first was technically under the old constitution his third term is really his second. Now, he is prohibited from having another term, so he sought a referendum which he felt confident he would win. If indeed he had, no doubt he would have tried to legitimize his position even further and re-written yet a new Constitution. Unfortunately for him he lost, but he went ahead and disregarded his own constitution and became an illegitimate candidate yet a fourth time.

    Now if he had overwhelming support and had won by 61% like he did first time around, I would say fine, the people want him, and I guess at that point he can write a new constitution to legitimize his win. However this did not happen. Even if we completely disregard the fraud claims (which we really shouldn't because it was massive and undeniable, but just for argument's sake) officially he received 47% of the vote. That means 53% of the population voted for opposition candidates. That is not a majority but a plurality. A second round runoff would have been the appropriate due course. Initially, if Evo had agreed to that after the first few days of strikes, I think most of the population would have taken him up on that offer and he'd still be president and campaigning towards re-election. The problem is that he was afraid that in a second ballot everyone that voted for 1 of the other 8 parties (yes there were 9 total), would coalesce around Mesa and he would lose. Rather than allow for a second round, he was extremely authoritarian in his position and comments, and at first would not even allow for any audit (OAS came a few days later) to take place, and had many incendiary comments not worthy of a president, calling on his base to block access to the main cities (where most of his opposition is) and said he was willing to rule from the countryside as the large cities where besieged. "Let's see how long the cities last without food and provisions" he said. Is that a president who should be in charge, one willing to starve over half of the population that did not vote for him? Don't believe me, check out some of his post-electoral comments and you will see I'm not making this up

  39. I lived in Bolivia and you do not have the full context of the situation. How can’t you see they are fighting for democracy? The police and military took their side because Evo’s supporters became a violent mob. The military asked Evo to resign so he did, but he had already lost the support of the majority of people. Now they have a new interim president followed by the constitution to hold elections without the dictator.

  40. It's pretty disturbing TYT keeps coming back to he was the first indigenous President. Guys, nobody but you care about the leader's skin color, being an indigenous person isn't a valuable leadership trait, it says a lot you're ignoring the fact he's a dictator because of his minority status. The guy ran on progressive values, helping the poor, fixing things… He's done none of that, which spurged all the protests. What's it say that the first indigenous President sucked and became a terrible dictator?

  41. The USA did stage the coup this is Qaddafi in Latin America THEIR IS ALSO A MAJOR MEDIA BLK OUT ! in favor of the coup .. go to tele Sur on you tube to see real media info it’s in Spanish tho ..ppl marching in the millions..

  42. Thank you for doing this story justice. Please keep reporting on it.
    One important thing you missed – Evo's support is strongest in rural areas whose votes get counted later. That's why his % share of the vote was rising. It's not complicated.

  43. I really love TYT and watch every day from the UK. However on this story I have to say that this type of reporting falls below your best!

    You clearly don’t have all the facts and fact that you mention twice he is an indigenous plays into the identity politics camp as it bears little relevance to the overall story.
    His race does not excuse the fact that he tried to change the law and ignore people’s referendum so he could retain power with diminishing popularity in his country.

    You are conflating 2 separate issues here. If Trump did the same you would call him dictatorial. Leaders can do good and bad things concurrently. I’m really disappointed with the quality of your reporting on this story. It would have been better to have a Bolivian activist or journalist to help shape a more accurate narrative from people of that country.

  44. "there was absolutely no evidence that there was any kind of… rigging… fraud"
    ARE YOU KIDDING? oh my god. I left TYT a long time ago because of their bias and misinformation. Came back out of curiosity about what they would say about Bolivia… seems they haven't changed. You are grossly biased and misinformed OR just plain evil.

    I can't believe you have a Latino husband, he must have zero clue about Latin America.

  45. According to chavez, he also lifted people out of poverty… this is just pathetic coverage. HERMANOS BOLIVIANOS! FUERZA! NO DEJEN QUE VUELVA EVO! VIVA BOLIVIA LIBRE!

  46. While Democracy Now does allot of good reporting and I think people should sub to them as well. They are in my view a bit naive and bias toward borderline Communists in South America. Evo Morales was going down the same route Chavez did, aka going from the good guy into a dictatorial character.

  47. This is why "democracy" has AND ALWAYS WILL BE A FAILURE !!! Because the ruling classes WILL ALWAYS seek power BY ANY MEANS NO MATTER THE COST !!!

  48. This is typical US in South America behavior. It happened in my country (El Salvador) and anywhere else with the audacity to work towards ending poverty. 😐

  49. No evidence for election fraud? WTF TYT, please do the LEAST bit of research, you ignorant f*cks. The OAS includes 32 countries, the leader of the OAS is from Uruguay, and the US gets 1 vote, same as Bolivia, Brazil, or the small island of Trinidad and Tobago. The OAS presented a clear report, providing many examples of data manipulation and fraud. The election was close, Morales and Mesa were neck-and-neck. All of a sudden, there was a power outage, and when the power came back, Morales was somehow way ahead of Mesa, just enough so that there wouldn't be a second round of votes. This sparked massive protests that left 23 people dead (but I guess TYT doesn't care about people dying if it was leftists that killed them.)

  50. It really brakes my heart listining to this video, i live in Bolivia, your ignoring facts like the report from the OEA about the elections, the police and the military dont back up Jannine Añez, they are on the side of the people of bolivia, Jannine Añez will govern for 2 months top and she has already called for new elections, obviously there is racism here in Bolivia, there is racism everywhere, hate is all over the world but your are forgetting that almost every politician has personal interests, the term limits are essential to stop a leader from being corrupt, almost 14 years Evo Morales has Governed, he has done good things for this country, but now he has left Bolivia sold to the Chinesse government becouse of the loans he took from them, corruption scandals, he has turnd Bolivia into a Narco-state, encourge hate among bolivians, you overlook all of this facts becouse Morales is indigenous and it really seems like you are afraid to be called racist for giving a fair inform criticism, lets be fair, gay people can also be bad people, relegious people can also be bad people, indigenous people can also be corrupt giving the circunstances, please reaserch a little bit more, poeple are dying becouse missinformation like this. I have always love this TYT becouse of how Ana and Cenk give fair criticism for the democrats and republicans alike im a fan of TYT, i will continue to be, but this segment has let me down real bad. i watch the entirety of this video and the one before hopping to hear the other side of the history but it never came.
    And about that tweet, nobody is perfect, everyone has done something we regret, im not saying its rigth but you should hear the things Evo has Said about women, gay people, religion etc.

    I post this on Secular Talk. I live in Bolvia and im really let down by TYT.

  51. I am bolivian and a really like TYT, watching this is so sad and infuriating!! TYT DO YOUR RESEARCH !! Don't try to justify your political lines or idiology, it wasn't a military coup, he committed fraud! We saw it and lived it!! I consider myself more lined towards left, but Morales was such drunk in power that he stop caring for Bolivia, it doesn't matter where he was born, if he claimed to be a leftist leader, he betrayed us!!! He had the same speech as Trump!! Now bolivian lifes are lost because of this war of power that his government leaded us into.

  52. I am Bolivian and follower of TYT. However, on this matter you have it all wrong. Evo Morales was supposed to be gone long time ago. He was not lawful in the government. Its just the people that was hinted that he wanted to be president for life….and for me and many others that is an awful dictatorship. Over 500 messages flooded my phone in the past 26 days showing how obvious this election was rigged and fraudulent. People how hard is to understand that Democracy is based on transition of power among the different political parties.

  53. you guys dont know anything about Bolivia…there is not such a thing as European descendants….the big majority of us are mestizos we all have indigenous blood. Talk about how previous to this election the bolivian people went through a referendum that the outcome was a big No for Evo to be re-elected.

  54. In Latin America we have a common joke:
    – Why aren’t there coups in the USA?
    – Because there are no USA Embassies there

  55. Typical of your nation of shit bags. Every grubby, greedy, arrogant piece of dirt from around the world migrated to shit hole America and turned it into a Cess Pit of snakes.

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