48 Replies to “Border Patrol Declares "Full Blown Emergency" And Democrats Are Blocking Trump

  1. Seriously, blame Trudeau. Everyone assumes these caravans are coming to live in the USA. I think they may have been hiking hoping to keep going right through the US into Canada which has the worlds largest land border with 99.9% of it unmanned. Also, our bonehead PM announced to the world in 2016 "Come one, come all, everyone is welcome in Canada". Just ask the Haitians that were about to be deported from the US because their temporary Visas were expiring, which were given to them after the Haiti earthquake, how easy it was to get into Canada. They walked across a foot wide creek and were greeted by RCMP as our police force acted as immigration workers by taking their names. Meanwhile, these Haitians were calling taxis on their iPhones to shuttle them and their luggage to their hotel rooms. Many of them flew to get to New York to cross. These weren't refugees anymore. They had lived several years in the US, gotten jobs, earned decent money and they were just refusing to go back home so they figured they'd try Cuckanada because the PM is a gimp. They were right because they are all still here. The government tried to say it was like 12,000 but the media and citizens along the border monitored the main 9 crossing points and counted a minimum of 3000 but upwards of 9000 a day for over a month. The unofficial tally because there were several other crossing points as well as unknown ones that weren't monitored but the conservative estimate is 100k -170k in 5 weeks. It was an assortment of nationalities, not just Haitians of course. They just started the parade. I know it seems unfathomable that these South Americans could think they'd be able to continue to caravan north through the US all the way to Canada, but if desperate combined with the guarantee they won't be turned away once reaching Canada could be enough to motivate them. It's hard to say. Canada is one of the best places to live and extremely hospitable to our migrants, but it's insane to think of how far it is and to think how hard it would be to get past the Mexico/US border, especially by the 10s of thousands at a time.

  2. Undocumented immigrants? Illegal immigrants. Non-citizens. Potential criminals.

    You have a legal system already. Not supporting your own countries immigration policies should be considered treason. Sanctuary cities need to be dealth with.

    Simple economics. If only 100,000 people a month makes it across the border and each person costs $10 a day that is costing America $365,000,000 every year.
    That is assuming only 100,000 people make it across every year. I think when you calculate costs of labour and infrastructure to deal with this mess we all know the cost is far higher. If it these numbers every month then we are looking at about $4,000,000,000.

    The bigger issue is not the wall but the lack of deportation. There are no real consequences for making multiple attempts.

    No handouts, just a bustrip.

    ALL called our president a liar and said he was making it up. And somehow their treasonous lies and intentional misinformation are forgiven by the 1st amendment

  4. Small city* Small town is like mine or the ones around 1200-5000. Then there's the villages of 500. Then the one horse house (town) of Domino at 50

  5. Please stop saying that illegal immigrants are "good people"; they aren't; they are lawbreakers who know damn well what they're doing and have chosen not to care.

  6. Leader of Senate Democrats: All fellow members of the Roman senate hear me. Shall we continue to build palace after palace for the rich? Or shall we aspire to a more noble purpose and build decent housing for the poor? How does the senate vote?

    Entire Senate Democrats: FUCK THE POOR!

  7. yeah um people still think there are cages 😛 lol lazy people cant be bothered to see the footage of the place released from the health department. those nice rooms, games, food and lodging. yeah some cages HA

  8. I know everyone wants to save these people and get them help. The problem is the democratic party isnt going to stop stalling the president until they tighten their own noose over the bodies of thousands more. If they believe socialism is good and right then how do you expect them to give 2 rat nuts about the immigrants dying in droves?

  9. It's time for illegal invader hunting season, only 10 allowed per hunter, no women or juveniles under 15 are allowed. Tags are good for border States only and the season runs from Sept through May.

  10. How about offering citizenship for service in the military or public service? How about a work for citizenship program to help repair our crumbling bridges and cities?

  11. I like that false statement from Gavin Newsom where he says that California will provide shelter for all those who need it. Really Mr Newsom, then why are there almost 100,000 homeless in Los Angeles and almost 40,000 homeless in Silicon Valley? Is it because they are US citizens and not illegal immigrants?

  12. All illegal immigrants apprehended in the United States should be documented as illegal and sent to the nearest sanctuary city. If they are caught again, they should be deported.

  13. We need to fix this just because you hate the guy in office doesn’t mean that you need to hurt everyone by not giving trump the resources he needs you are hurting Americans who have to pay for the social benefits they get it hurts legal immigrants cause they went through the trouble of getting hear legally and it hurts the illegal aliens the most who have to cross a desert which I may remind you are full of dangerous and venomous predators blazing heat that will kill a person cartels and human traffickers who will kidnap and strip someone of being human just for a quick buck these people who make the risk of traveling this dangerous trip is all for what a country where they can’t speak the language have to hide from authority from fear that they will get deported they can’t even go to the police if they have been raped or has had thing stolen from them because they will be deported so why make the trip why take the risk when you could potentially die all for what some fancy benefits that will eventually runout and the promise of a better life cause that what these people do they pack up and leave there entire life behind all for a promise and remember this promise could potentially kill them so remeber that next tine you hear 100000 illegals have been caught at the border think about how big they where at the start think about all those that started the trip and never made it theses are men women and children there was eleven thousand unaccompanied children with them what happened to there parents I’ll tell you what happened they died making the trip so remeber the dead that died during these journey we need to make sure that this stops so people will not make this journey again and suffer the same hardships by stopping all of this illegal immigration we improve the lives all

  14. Trumps behavior?
    President Johnson used to whip his unit out at meetings and declare that his was bigger, so his was the plan that would be followed.
    Trump can eat chili with his fingers at dinner with the Queen of England for all I care- he's getting results! We just need Democrats to stop posturing and do their jobs!

  15. I have a guess why they aren't doing anything. They are trying to turn Texas blue. I remember watching a video and in it showed the counties and how they went. The ones on the southern border went blue. So why give up power? If they would be sent to blue states I am sure they would do something. Send to the people who want them. Make them walk the walk.

  16. Making them come through legally means it will take many years for this many people to get in. Fix immigration, make sure we don’t let the left turn us into socialists, & we will be fine. Our economy will still be strong enough to help other nations/people’s.

  17. Wow I feel ashamed for making fun of the caravan speeches. Tim you have opened my eyes more than anything else. I will never say I know what is right as I know it's complex and I am not that great. But i do thank you for shaking me and at least bringing my attention to these topics. Way too easy for good people who just want to do the right thing to be suckered into believing a certain rhetoric. I just have to realize no side is necessarily good or bad and there are bad things to all sides all the time in life. Just thank you. I am sad that these numbers are so high yet I have not heard about this until now.

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