Boris Johnson calls ambassador Darroch a ‘superb diplomat’

Alright look, I just heard
that Kim Darroch resigned and I want to say that I
regret that really because I think he was
a superb, is a superb, diplomat. And I worked with
him for many years and I think that whoever
leaked his diptels really has done a grave
disservice to our civil servants, to people who give impartial
advice to ministers and I hope that whoever
did it is run down, caught and eviscerated quite frankly. It is not right that advice to
ministers, that civil servants mist be able to make in
a spirit of freedom, should be leaked. And it is not right that civil
servants careers and prospects should be dragged into
the political agenda. And I think we should be
protecting brilliant civil servants from that kind of publicity. – But you weren’t going
to back him. You said last night, you weren’t going to back him. – No, on the contrary. Well look,
my view is it’s wrong to drag civil servants into the political
arena, that’s what I think.

45 Replies to “Boris Johnson calls ambassador Darroch a ‘superb diplomat’

  1. Sir Kim is a superb Diplomat – just not for the UK … he works for the EU not the UK like so many pro EU civil servants and that ilk …..

  2. Boris is right, the focus should be on finding the perpetrators of the leak, MI5 should be involved in the investigation…

  3. Damage limitation….Boris had his chance last night during his debate with Hunt, and said nothing !!! Hypocrite of the first order.

    So much for our Sovereignty under the sanctions of Trump tweets !!!

  4. Why didn't you defend him like this last night you charlatan?!
    Instead you cosied up to the dangerous child running the Whitehouse.

  5. Last night Boris was completely unsupportive.. today he decides to be his best mate. He also was anti Theresa May's deal, then a day later signed it. He has more faces than a town clock

  6. That's what happens when you are British embassador, and insult an allied country and its president. Should have kept his big mouth shut.

  7. Kim Darroch quits as UK ambassador to US 'after Johnson remarks' ►

    Theresa May implicitly criticises Boris Johnson for failing to back Kim Darroch – live news ►

  8. Boris has no other option. A friend of an inept, incompetent Trump is inept and incompetent but if he calls Darroch a superb diploma then he thinks the US people do not think he is inept or incompetent – but maybe a superb super clown?

  9. …a superb diplomat do not share the truth about the Emperor of the Planet not even to himself…especially when the Emperor of the Planet is the ONLY ally that Great Britain has nowadays…What is going on with you lads?…You used to be the Masters of Diplomacy and nowadays you are acting like amateurs that are constantly drunk…

  10. What!! A superb diplomat! Fostering UK/US relations – Boris you are a career politician.
    Wrong thing to say if you are a true Tory

  11. Out of the two you can see who is the fool. Norman Bates said he would keep the old embassy for and tell trump a thing or two. Boris shut his trap and wouldn’t comment. Boris as soon as you are elected make your priority to get Norman back to the motel ASAP where he can resume wearing his grandmas wigs 🤪

  12. These Brexidiots have made Britain a vassal state.The deranged President of the U.S.A. now decides who our diplomats can or cannot be.When will this insanity end ?

  13. Great tap dance! Even in Europe politics is a chess game. Wait until Trump sees your "stupid Trump" video on Twitter! CheckMATE!

  14. His resignation had nothing to do with the lack of support or otherwise from Boris Johnson. He resigned pure and simply for sensitive emails being leaked. His position after that was untenable.

  15. So an ambassador pissing off his other country is superb, , that is some intricate thinking :)… you got there lou :).

  16. words are cheap after the event, bojo fail by his action, not to support the ambassador, show how weak he is, just a glory hunter, not a leader

  17. Johnson's failure to back Sir Kim caused him to resign.
    That is just typical Johnson – treading chaos wherever he goes.
    Truly, he is the disaster-prone Norman Wisdom of a PM, and he's not even in No. 10 yet.

  18. So suddenly when his position has been explained to him and the damage it can do to his chances of being PM Boris realises how much it could cost him. And no apology for failing to support Kim Darroch during the debate or since.

  19. Brexit aside.If Johnson gets the job he should resign immediately to save us all months of embarrassment.

  20. As a nationalist in United States of America, Europe oh, you can go piss up a rope. You will never see me or my family vacation anywhere close to Europe.

  21. Ok. I'm a Boris fan but he is beginning to annoy me with his backpedalling. Yesterday in the debate he insinuated that he would not back this guy so suggesting he would sack him and today he is saying he regrets that he resigned.

  22. Boris will become PM and cement that special relationship with the yanks because we have lots in common I.e both leaders have dodgy haircuts.

  23. Why does trump need to call anyone names. He is NOT fit to lead a country there is only 1 leader that he hasn't come up with a derogatory name. are you afraid of Vladimir?

  24. Boris Johnson is sounding like a leftist now. Come on now Boris Mr Churchill would be ashamed… Trump is the only one fighting 10x harder than British politicians for UK independence. If the UK does leave the corrupt EU elites asap 20 years from now you will look back and realize that it was perhaps the top 2 greatest decisions ever made.

  25. Stop blaming Boris for Kim resignation the man resigned because he could not take the pressure of the things that were going to start to build up around him Boris has nothing to do with it don’t blame people for other people mistakes

  26. Only one who can deliver brexit , if not WTO , we have to be strong 99% of the country want out of Europe, come on boris.

  27. The man had six months left before he got his golden handshake but couldn’t keep his trap shut till then??? More fool him. Blame the speaker not the leaker!!! 😂🤣😂

  28. He wasn’t that superb Boris If you cannot keep your trap shut when necessary you sometimes get busted !! Take note 🤪

  29. Kim Darroch resigned as a result of Boris's comments. Then Boris says sorry after he threw Kim Darroch under a bus the night before

  30. Great idea for a new diplomat , send dianne abbot out there with David lammy as her second in command. Let trump see what we have to deal with. We all know she likes a tipple on the way home on the train. If she’s a bit queasy in the morning lammy only needs to Don her wig and they won’t know the difference. She won’t call trump anything negative either as she doesn’t have the vocabulary. Win win all round 🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂😂

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