Boris Johnson says his new cabinet is ‘here to deliver’

Good morning everybody.
Good morning everybody. It’s great to see you all here
and congratulations to you all on achieving that, or indeed retaining,
the great offices of state that you hold. That is no mean feat
and it’s great to see everybody here. We’re here to deliver for the people
of this country, who elected us to serve them, the people’s government
that has to get on with delivering the people’s priorities and in the next few
years we must get on with our basic work. You know what it is. We are going to cut crime, we are going to
tackle homelessness, we’re going to tackle waiting lists
in our NHS. And how many hospitals are we
going to build? – 40
40 new hospitals. How many more police officers
are we recruiting? – 20,000
20,000, that’s right. How many nurses – more nurses –
are we recruiting? – 50,000
50,000 exactly. How many more buses?
[Laughter] 4,000. Now is the time really to put the pedal
to the metal, if you see what I mean. And in a low carbon way.
[Laughter] If you can put the pedal to the metal in a
non-combustion internal combustion vehicle, we’ve got to put the pedal to the metal.

100 Replies to “Boris Johnson says his new cabinet is ‘here to deliver’

  1. UK,watch ,On the way to Guantamano .you tube.Waken up to the hell that has been going on.Come on Boris,make Great Britain a light to the world

  2. Reminds me of my Kindergarten days…Teacher..Mary had a little Lamb😆
    Kids. ..Mary had a little Lamb😆😆😆
    Well Done Kids👏👏👏

  3. omg that's like kindergarden …kids, how many fruits we going to eat today?…how many times we wash our hands?….UK brace yourself for a new era…of puppets!!!

  4. I like the new chancellor. He seems to radiate confidence, candour, steelness and friendliness. Welldone to PM Boris Johnson and his new cabinet.

  5. So by voting for PM Dominic Cunnings and deputy PM Boris Johnson we got that socialist takeover we all hoped for! 😀

  6. 20,000 new police officers? Yeah it's the 20,000 your party took off the streets. So that's not new, that's just restoring what once was there.

  7. There have been more reported sightings of Taylor Swift's belly button than instances of a Tory delivering on their word!

  8. It seems he's intending to tackle all the problems the Tory government he was part of, has created. If only they'd not created the problems in the first place.

  9. Why not give the guy a chance and if he doesn't perform, he will be booted out at the next election. Even if he falls short on his targets, at least he will achieve something. For all you Corbynists, just remember you had a Labour government for 10 years that didn't really change anything for your lives.

  10. The British government is groped by Israel, the last 5 prime minister's have done more for Israel in a few weeks singularly than they have for the British people in all their time in office combined.

  11. The Guardian are the agents of the EU in the UK.

    They are a fifth column and must be utterly obliterated along with the lying bbc.

  12. This is the guy running the country. An obvious statement, I know but one that will perplex me as long as it remains true.

  13. Talks cheap and you don’t get much cheaper than this lot , just a cabinet of yes men and women who in the real world would be unemployed.

  14. More Police will not solve crime.
    Crime is based on psychology, behaviour and economics.
    Suck capital from Britain by mass Chinese imports = ?
    Two nights ago I was jogging on a lonely country road and a Police car appeared.
    It approached a small roundabout.
    I waited for it to signal.
    It didn't.
    It then went right… so I started to cross, it then did a fast uturn illegally and drove right at me as though to try and knock me over…..then slammed on the brakes to block my path forcing me to go around.
    Location : WN1 2TF
    Date : Wednesday 12th Feb 2020
    Time : 10:45pm
    Is this the sort of aggressive Policing Boris wants?…
    ….attempts to create problems/injury to justify employment by inexperienced new hires hungry to create "action" ?
    That was unpleasant, unwanted and unnecessary.
    It is the second time such an event has occurred in 3 months too.
    ….. all to stop petty property crime in the area…. that is compensating for a loss of manufacturing jobs ?


  15. So… yet more incompetance and piss poor policy then.
    Has Cameron's gold plated retirement revolver been delivered to him yet?

  16. Is this the Brexit the British people have voted for? Or is this a Big Brexit betrayal? Nothing has changed. Britian is again an EU slave country of Brussel and Britian is not free! In my opinion, I love all the wrong deals with our governments but these great Boris EU Brexit deals are the biggest betrayal deals since the British Empire was destroyed by Germany.

  17. have the british people voted another ninny into p[power? A pedal to the metal ninny who will be handing out big CONTRACTS LIKE HS2 TO HIS RICH GLOBALIST MATES?

  18. No 10 refuses to confirm if budget will go ahead as scheduled – live news ►
    Javid resigned after Johnson pushed him to sack advisers ►

  19. And who will play Boris's role in the next TV movie? The mediocre actor Richard Goulding? In the case of Dominic Cummings, the support and total dedication counted on the servility of the actor Benedict Cumberbatch.

  20. Boris is still promising. He is going to cut crime… and how many hospitals is he going to build?
    Promises do not pay debts and Boris still owes a lot to the people.

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