*some type of music* can you feel it? the pressure of the box now as you can see this is no ordinary box this is THE box you can tap it you can brake reality as we know it no one has come even close to figuring out what this box is the box can create but it can also destroy some say there is no box while others say there is but to me i say, there WAS a box some people think the box is god him self but… the box is not alone one creates the universes while the other destroys these two were once one both enjoyed life as it was until one grew sick of creating then they split this is only the begining to the end while both posses powers unfathomable they both have a weakness its each other one will fall and one will rise they do somthing so complex, yet its also so simple together once more will destroy but by each other is a must have that is why we keep them apart Gravity, physics they mean nothing when the boxes are in controle bending space and time is not hassle for the two but it is when it gets out of controle for all we know light consumes the darkness quite the opposite so what now? whats left after all this destruction simple NOTHING

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  1. Wow. Well done. The composition is beautiful, and the choreography was outstanding. I wish this was recommended to me sooner!

  2. I dont get it, you just track it and job is done. what's so special? Been there done that. just some boujou camera track

  3. Wtf!!!! Did I just see that was incredible ,3D projection, liquid screen application what was it ,hats off to whoever created it and again wow, what are the possible applications for this that you guys envision for this please show more,thank you

  4. Wow, you put a blue screen fiber board on a robotic arm…….so amazing……..zzzzZZZZzzzzz…….give me my five minutes back you life thieves.

  5. People are always complaining about the youtube algorithm but I think the recent upsurge in videos such as these getting recommended shows that there are some improvements being made, even if the system isn't perfect.

  6. So they used super expencive professional film industry robots in combination with the cheapest VFX tricks that exist? But why??? What was the point? If you are going to invest so much money into the robots why did you use VFX that you can buy from some fiverr guy for a few bucks and get them done in a few days. I'm so confused. You spend thousands of dollars on VFX equipment and then you do "let's just turn off the lights" level of effects.

  7. I guess I'm the only person who doesn't find this impressive at all? We have AR and VR games in our phones that do the exact same stuff…

  8. Thank you Youtube for bringing this into my recommendation. My mind… has been blown.

    Seeing how far projection-mapping has gone is amazing.

  9. Simply Superb!!! Oh what fun you can have with a couple of retired robots, some Big flat screen TVs, a projector, and some very, Very expensive software!

    I hear those robots are going cheap at to moment with so many car manufacturers closing lol !!!

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