49 Replies to “BREAKING: Government to send Tommy Robinson BACK to JAIL

  1. Prince Harry has been in Afghanistan. You would think he would speak up about the " spur of the moment' ' prayer ' sessions and the recruitment films.
    BO pre Trump had a rule that soldiers couldn't return fire until they had been shot at at least twice.

  2. Prince Charles made a trip to Cuba.
    We live in Miami and Cuba is not popular with our population, especially the Cubans.
    You'd think he would, at least, visit Mr Robinson once.

  3. Dear Tommy, you have been removed from social networks because you have charisma and you are followed by many people, many people share your ideas about Islam, myself included.
    You disturb the establishment of the single globalist thought, because you say what they do not want to hear, THE TRUTH on the islam and the migratory invasion of our countries.

  4. As a boring 46 year old white women I'm becoming more and more frightend, Everyday I'm bombarded with how it's wrong to be white. I don't believe one bit that I'm racist and I do not bother or harm anybody.,I'm polite and welcoming and respectful to all but I'm sorry we are owned by the E.u. and Islamic extremists are running this country it's terrifying to think being a white, Christian woman /man or child in my country my home iam out of place or I don't belong I am happy to live with every religion Evey colture but I should have the same rights as everyone else.

  5. Im so sorry Tommy. I dont know what they want. Well, I do , but, i dont get it. So many wars were fought to keep decency in this world and now this is the road they are trying to go down? Please see if there is a way to have your lawyers question them while you are there. Remind them of their national duties. They Will say they are there for you, but, they are actually there for them.

  6. @1:44, well that was the highlight I thought. When you care more about the rights of a paedophile (of any colour) "feeling anxious" than the messenger's valid concern about child rape. The only person who is clearly anxious is Tommy himself (understandably so)!

  7. Tommy Put your knees on the ground and ask Jesus to Deliver you from this situation make a promised to Him can be anything like Lord if you get me Free from this persecution I will read your word with my children every Saturday or any day you are home. and say thank you Lord its done as your word said that if ask in Faith and do not waver it shall be done. I Guaranteed to you all will be Erased
    and no more Persecution P/S he will let things go in their favor a bit to test your faith but stand in His Promises and you will be Vindicated. I Promised you that. oh, and when He delivers you keep the Promised or He will Let you know by letting your enemy return to Attack you for breaking the promised. God bless you, Brother.

  8. I had never heard of Tommy Robinson until a month ago so I am judging him on the present not the past and I see a man being persecuted by British law for trying to defend our right to free speech. He is speaking out against terrorism and the rape of our children.
    What has this country come to 🤔

  9. Maybe you have to go to prison like Nelson Mandela did. We will be sending to you canned food so that you don’t starve! You and Julian assange are true role models for 21st century!

  10. As an American I would visit North Korea before I visited the UK, as it transitions into being Sharia compliant.

    The UK is suicidal and attacks anyone who objects to that suicide.

  11. unfortunately “British” can stand for so much good but also so much bad.. thousand of Australians served up as cannon fodder under inept arrogant British command, exposing your own servicemen to radiation..starving Boer women and children in South African concentration camps .. the list goes on
    And at this point denying the God who blessed them so many years and selling out the country to foreign interests..
    Keep fighting for truth and justice, but more importantly serve Jesus

  12. I have a feeling a yellow vest style protest will be coming to a UK near you if this continues.

    Get U.S citizenship Tommy, you will still be banned from social media but you can say whatever you want here.

  13. There's a storm brewing.. something is about to go down and it's going to get very messy for our government. Enough is enough. Support from Scotland TR.

  14. What you're doing is noble and heroic but may need to think of your family's safety. I know the U.S ain't much better we're losing our freedoms dailey it seems but may be a better option.

  15. Sorry to keep saying this, but block and report all Facebook's advertiser's, I've been doing it for a while now, if enough people start doing it it my just get their attention

  16. This has nothing to do with Muslims – you know this – the government doesn’t give a damn about Muslims cause if they did they wouldn’t keep going to war with Muslim countries – so tell the truth – this is about the government not wanting one man having the ability to influence ALL THE working people of Britain – it’s a massive risk to them – and what it shows and proves is the government does give a fuck about anyone that’s not elite or middle class and above. This is a class war nothing else

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