17 Replies to “BTS' leader RM poses in front of 'Big Ben', the acclaimed painting by French artist Andre Derain

  1. I think all BTS members love art.. RM we all know he loves n goes to exhibition of Art & V loves to buy one too if it catches his eyes; Yes – RM& V ;))

  2. Congratulations to Yonhap News Agency, the 'parent' of Korea Now, for the hosting 🙂
    Very nice to see he visited the exhibition! 👍👍 Important works of art and artists!

  3. RM's picture in front if the ''Big Ben'' seems like he was a part of the wonderful painting, his appearence and his clothes' colors are in harmony with the painting 😍😍😍😍😍, artistic ! The paintins are very very wonderful too ! Thanks for sharing !

  4. Rm loves art,, me it's like going to funeral , well going to funeral is better than going to art museum. 😁 it's me

  5. The Lion King, Mufasa:
    "Everything the light touches will be yours."

    BTS popularity, Me:
    "Everything RM touches will end up on the news."

  6. Thank you for sharing KN 😍🥰 RM 🥰enjoying his free time 👍👍💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜🤟✌️

  7. BTS has style. There are art lovers, sports lovers, music lovers, book lovers, fashion lovers, food lovers, etc. amongst them. They are all fan lovers above all, keep it up.

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