100 Replies to “Buttigieg campaign embraces Barack Obama comparisons

  1. what a 7 minute advertising piece for Buttigieg. He has great appeal to the more wealthy white liberal voters, yes. But in no way to independents and minorities. In all head to head polls vs. Trump he is doing significantly worse than Biden, Sanders and Warren

  2. I was a Bernie supporter until I heard Pete's first speech by accident. I did some research on the obscure young candidate. Before long I was on Team Pete. I guess one could say that Mayor Pete had me at hello.

  3. Pete is repeating Andrew Yangs' ideas…
    TARGET raised their minimum to $15 an hr. Employees now state they're hours have shortened and are making less. Now, ask a mom & pop shop to pay theirs $15 while competing with AMAZON (Automated and don't pay taxes)… Something else to think about…
    A $1K UBI is a $6 raise for everyone. A PERMANENT raise. Unlike a $15 minimum… A UBI will go with you as you grow, train for better jobs, as you advance your career. IT GOES WITH YOU. #YangGang #Yang2020 – Modern Solutions for CURRENT situations. https://www.yang2020.com/policies/

    Bernie will make sure that working class American's will have their hard earned tax money used to make their lives better. CRUSH HIM!"

  5. so you are saying that you made up a comparison between obama and buttigieg and he liked it ..so you made another segment about it, patting yourself on the back.

    Wait so how did Obama poll with african americans? and how does buttigieg poll with african americans? Oh right…..

  6. How many people were at Pete's speech? I mean Sanders had 25000 at his last speech. No word about that on CNN right?

    God..this is absurd. You call yourself news? This IS propaganda.

  7. When I met Mayor Pete at a fundraising event this summer the first thing I thought was “This guy reminds me of Obama!”

  8. CNN is part and parcel of the Democratic corruption problem.No corrupt, bigoted Buttigieg. Release the South Bend audio tapes NOW! I'm saying that as a liberal democrat.

  9. Pere buttigieg a copy cat zerox machine. The people says he has bold Idea? He is a Biden 1.5 an Establishment Candidate. Raises all money from Big Companies. Pete a same old same old politician. Smart guy and smart enough to fool people. He says something just the people wants to hear. “The sound bites” but every world he says doesnt come from the heart. Lol america is doomed with this kind of presidential candidates

  10. Bernie 2020 https://youtu.be/3ZhkKATtqtU

    Buttigieg can no way win this election. It's time for real change now.

  11. Actually, Obama spoke at many events that he is worried about AI and he supports UBI which is Andrew Yang’s position. However, Pete started to pick up Andrew’s talking points. Just hope he can show some sincerity. He is very much a politician. Not as real as Andrew Yang.

  12. Dear CNN,

    If you like Pete, then you’ll LOVE Andrew Yang!

    Everyone knows Pete plagiarizes almost all of Andrew’s sound bytes. People are also keen to sniffing out plagiarism.

    When one tries to sound “original” by tweaking a sentence, the end result is typically becoming “too wordy” – doesn’t flow naturally out of a person’s mouth.

    Whether you feel if a political candidate is wrong for plagiarism depends on you: Are you the type who prefers to study with the smartest kid in class or with the kid copying off of the smartest kid?



    Give coverage where coverage is due CNN!

  13. Pete is on the rise cause the others are so stupid but the negroes still dont like him ???This is good for the right because the dims are split ?????

  14. Hahahahahhahhahaahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahahahahahahhaahhahahahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahahahaha

  15. Right now he's polling less than 3% for black and latinos. Where's the comparison???? Sounds like he just took your money and you want to prop him up with the corporate bought media.

  16. Yeah they are the same! The other one supports sexually immorality and the other one practicing it! Smh
    This is America! Becoming more immoral and immoral! God have mercy on us!

  17. Beware, Pete Buttigieg Is a Sharp Corporate Tool

  18. Im for Mayor Pete and his medicare for all who want it. My union fought hard for our health care. I'll be damned if the government is going to come in and rip that from me. His plan gives people that like their insurance the option to keep it, and lets a government option that makes the other plans compete with it.

  19. If by "reminds me of Obama" they mean "he campaigns as a progressive, but will pivot centrist and forget progressives who voted for him"…. it's STILL NOT ACCURATE because he's already campaigning on a platform of bootlicking.

  20. And powerless the fable sat to smug to raise a hand towards the foe that threatens from the deep.
    Obama didn't do anything but maintain the statue quo. Thanks for bailing out the banks so they could screw us again

  21. “CNN desperately tries to make Pete appealing by making a insane comparison between him and Obama” 🙄. Fixed your title. I get why CNN is bias I’m more disappointed in the journalists. Do they honestly think they are doing legit journalism?

  22. Wft???? 😂😂😂😂😂 Pete is not at the same level as a Obama.. and remember Obama ran on change and after those eight years did we really change? Or did the status quo continue to hurt the middle class and working class

  23. This will go down as one of the most embarrassing clip on CNN!!!! What this country needs is real change and his name is Bernie Sanders or maybe Elizabeth Warren😒😏

  24. How dare CNN compare Buti to Obama. He can’t carry Obama’s water. Hey CNN, how about report on Bernie. You asses can’t even say his name.

  25. No mention of Yang though he’s 1 of 9 candidates left on the debate stage which, let’s face it, is the major exposure. December has only 5 candidates qualifying so far and Yang will make the cut soon (we have 5 weeks to make it happen). Yang will not go anywhere, anytime in this campaign. Remember I said this

  26. Who the heck compares Pete to Obama? Like no one. Pete's hated in the POC communities. Pete is more aligned with Elizabeth Warren. 2 days and 74k views need I say more?

  27. Here's the thing you CNN corporate whores. You push that corporate shill on us you get that corrupt peice of shit in the White House anyother four more years. Its that simple. It's either Bernie or Bernie Light (Warren) or fuck you here's Trump again.

  28. Trump is the type that you would hire to clean your house and feel a need to set up cameras in every room BEFORE HE Starts EVEN if you're going to be there. Obama and Pete are the total opposite. With these guys a person could go a year vacation and leave the with the keys the the house, the vehicles, the safe, etc and not worry one bit.

  29. Lol the corporate media going hard to support its empty corporate drone vassal candidate! Let’s not let them try to steal this one BERNIE 2020!

  30. Mayor Pete Buttigieg.a Military Veteran Ivy league Mayor with brain, experience & humility.🇺🇸
    He understands unity, national & international geopolitic policies for stronger America.
    The energetic 38 year old is not perfect but he can unite American -Black, Brown, white, Asians & Mix Races Americans. #Pete2020
    He will be an amazing, respected President for all Americans.

  31. What does Budda Dubba even support? Nothing dealing with policy was talked about… They also say this like we want another Obama… "he has money to Iowa and beyond!" YEAH FROM TOP END CORRUPTION! LIKE CNN.

  32. Yep. Pete can and has been bought. In February he supported Bernie’s Medicare for all. He’s since received at least $97K in donations from some of the top executives of pharmaceutical and healthcare companies. Now he’s telling us that these things Americans want aren’t feasible. Gtfo Pete. CNN you and other mainstream media gave trump 2.5!billion in free coverage in 2016 and you’re working hard to fuck us all again. A populist message like Sanders reached people in 16 and we haven’t forgotten. It’s no wonder that CNN ignores and tries to constantly mitigate Bernie Sanders and his millions of supporters. CNN, owned by the Comcast Corporate Conglomerate, is not a news agency, but a PR agency for the corporations and advertisers to which they are beholden. Follow grassroots media which does not take money from pharmaceutical companies or Wall Street. Democracy Now, Common Dreams, The Young Turks, the Justice Democrats. Corporate media doesn’t have our interests in mind, just the same wealthy corporations that pay little in taxes while taking in billions in profit. Corporate media is no longer acceptable, at all.

  33. What are his polices other than "trump bad"? What will he do other than maintain the status quo that gave us trump in the first place? CNN puff pieces aren't enough. He needs to stop calling himself a progressive and run as the centrist he is.

  34. And yet not a Single Goddamn policy is mentioned.. Absolutely shameful. Nothing on policy. Tell me Exactly what he means by being "pragmatic." It is All style. Corporatism, you would love nothing more than Pete to win.

  35. Six months ago Pete buttigieg was in favor of medicare-for-all and then healthcare companies got to him and now he's all in for weak a public option

  36. CNN is so shit for even attempting to push this obviously nonsense narrative. Try to ignore Sanders all you want, its Bernie or bust.

  37. CNN loves Mayor Pete, I wonder why….
    Does he have a key issue on what he will fight for and change peoples lives in a positive way? He never talks about his policies, at the end of the day he is another establishment candidate.
    Thank you CNN but il stick to the one candidate that has the consistency and has fought for Peoples rights for more than 30 years.

  38. Mr. Obama I am with Satan in hell I am not "that" brain neither I am not a Killer. I do not know that much about our mind and then said nothing.


    Came here just to say this. I violated myself in coming to this page…

  40. Buttigieg is hollow, vacuous, self-serving, stands for nothing and takes big money. Who actually cares about a candidate like that? Honestly… just drop out, you're a clown, a shallow, bought-and-paid-for clown.

  41. Stopped watching cnn and will never tune again in ever. Shamelessly plugging a candidate under the guise of "news" is scummy. Doesn't matter the candidate. I despise trump for various reasons but given this segment is is right to call cnn the enemy of the people. It also makes people just assume everything cnn says is full of shit.

  42. All of these journalists need drug test because, clearly there is something in their system. Especially if they believe Pete is like Obama. Kids dont do drugs because you wouldnt be able to think for yourself.

  43. The Two future Rapists — Barack Obama an his FBI director James Comey
    raped the First Lady Melania 5 times and got away with it — that's how
    badly Trump wants to be President again — VA

  44. The Two future Rapists — Barack Obama an his FBI director James Comey
    raped the First Lady Melania 5 times and got away with it — that's how
    badly Trump wants to be President again — VA

  45. Thousands of responses of "who the fuck is Pete?" before they got to the Hales. HAHAHAHA FUCK YOU CNN, YOU FUCKING LOSERS! BERNIE #2020

  46. Am on marate wife run away but am Marat I tell u in south Africa. Jesus ppl tell me am got marry u mean Jesus ppl lie

  47. Hey CNN.
    You've got Brown On your Noses. Good thing the Tissues are white so you can see how much shit you're smearing in this Champaign.

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