Buzzfeed Hates Men

[Ethan] Welcome back, guys. Today we have a very juicy video on deck, because me and Hila always agree. We always go into a video agreeing and being like: ‘This is cancer, let’s talk about it.’ [Hila] Yeah. [Ethan] But this time, I hope you’re ready to go to war. When I saw this video, I was like: ‘Yo, Hila, Look how stupid this is, we need to talk about it.’ And she looks at me and she goes: ‘Well, maybe it’s not that bad. Maybe we shouldn’t talk about it.’ And I was like: ‘Oh fuck, dude, we’re going to need to have some beef on camera right now.’ So we’ve been putting doing this video off for a minute, because Hila was like: ‘This is a real issue.’ [Hila] It is an issue, but the video is ridiculous, which is why we kind of agree. [Ethan] We kind of agree. The issue is, by the way, “Manspreading” So manspreading, if you don’t know, is when a man is on a bus or a subway or any public place, and apparently, according to these women on Buzzfeed, yes, it’s Buzzfeed! All men sit like this. By the way, what’s the deal with how women take up every fucking seat with their bags? I’ve seen more women taking up fucking empty subway seats with their fucking purses, than I’ve seen men spreading their legs. [Hila] I have never seen that. [Ethan] Yeah, you know exactly what I’m talking about. I told you I’m going to war. Let’s go to war together! Let’s jump right in to this Buzzfeed exclusive, ’10 Exciting Ways to Make Men Look Like Little Bitches’. [Kuwilileni] ‘My balls, I don’t want my balls sticking to my legs.’ [Ethan] First of all, fuck off. It’s not about balls sticking to legs. It’s about literally smashing my balls and testicles. Like, I see dainty little girls sitting on a subway like this. They sit like this and God bless them, good for them. I have shit here! I can’t, it’s smushing my junk! I gotta sit like this [Hila] I agree with that, okay. [Ethan] Like, by the way, and look they’re showing. That guy is sitting, like, pretty fucking reasonably, and there’s plenty of space on that bench. *Ethan coughs* [Ethan] I’m like 4 seconds in and I’m already pissed off I’m already straight triggered, Buzzfeed. And you, and you let it happen. You were right there with them. [Hila] I’m triggered too, because I can’t stand Buzzfeed. [Ethan] Well, I see your point, because you’re like: ‘We can have a normal conversation about this without making it sound like men need to be beheaded and their heads put on stakes.’ [Hila] Exactly, they make it so extreme. [Ethan] That being said, you’re wrong. [Hila] It’s like when social justice warriors ruin feminism. [Ethan] Right. [Hila] I care about feminism, but then there’s these extreme ones that completely ruin it for everyone. [Ethan] Are you “femalesplaining” me right now? [Hila] Yeah. [Ethan] Do you know when a female explains something, that’s really condescending? No, you’re right. I completely agree with you. [Tan] Manspreading is when a man spreads his physical body to take up as much space as humanly possible. [Ethan] “Take up as much space as humanly possible.” The clips show men sitting in my opinion, reasonably. [Hila] Yeah, I agree. I agree which is why it’s so annoying [Ethan] As much space as humanly possible! Implying that I’m sitting on the subway like “This is all me!” [Hila] She’s talking about it like they decided to do it on purpose. [Ethan] Yeah, yeah. [Hila] ‘Let’s see how much space I can take.’ [Ethan] ‘Let’s see how many women I can piss off today on the subway ride. That’s what I’m thinking about.’ [Kuwilileni] The people around you are relegated to a very small portion [Ethan] That one’s pretty bad, that one’s pretty bad. [Hila] That happens though. [Ethan] Yes it happens… [Hila] That’s my point! [Ethan] Okay, that’s fine. [Hila] I won! [Ethan] This guy’s a douchebag. They’ve showed like five guys and only one of them has been kind of outrageous. [Hila] Yeah I, I agree. I think most men are pretty good about this and they’re not that, like, this is ridiculous. [Ethan] Thank you. Thanks for saying that. [Kuwilileni] But the key to manspreading is not noticing. [Chelsea] We grow up on two different tracks people who manspread just are socialized not to worry about it. [Ethan] OK! These guys are sitting like this because they’re being really respectful. Look at this guy on the right He’s sitting away from the person next to him, so he doesn’t intrude on their space. This is a nice guy And you’re showing him like “Oh fuck this, Fuck you, Tan! With your edgy hipster hat. [Hila] Well she’s just… [Ethan] She’s just what? “Womansplaining” me? Yeah, I know what Tan’s doing. [Hila] I mean, it’s Buzzfeed, you need to blame Buzzfeed not her. [Ethan] No, I blame Tan. It’s like, yeah, when the Nazis, ok, said ‘I was just following orders’, What does Tan say? You know what I mean? It’s the same exact shit. [Tan] I have so many vivid memories as a child of my mum telling me to close my legs. [Ethan] Close your legs? Maybe that was about something else, Tan. I have sooo many vivid memories of my mom telling me to close my legs Tan, listen, this is about manspreading. I dont know what traumatic shit you’ve been through but leave that out of it. Why do you always have you legs open, Tan? Close your legs! (Tan in the background) as a child, my mom telling me to close my legs (Ethan) You’re disgusting Tan, close your legs! The whole family can see (Tan) my legs (Ethan) Close your legs, Tan Tan, would you close your legs for Christ’s sake? (Tan) memories as a child of my mom telling me to close my legs I kind of secretly hope to annoy (zooms in) some men That’s my first train trip as a manspreader, I just feel like a monster already. How can you do this every day without being conscious of it? (Ethan) Okay (Hila) Okay (Ethan) You are being an obnoxious person. (Hila) That is not manspreading, that is just like (Ethan) That’s just being an obnoxious person.
(Hila) Yeah. (Chelsea) I just manspread on the bus for maybe a five minute ride for the first time and it wasn’t even half full and I was already getting glared at so I think that this is gonna be a kinda long week. (Ethan) Can you at least acknowledge that men have fuckin twigs and berries between their legs. Like if I cut off my dick and balls, which is apparently what you want me to do, I could happily sit with my thighs closed (Day Two) (Tan) It’s day two of manspreading and I forgot that I have to do this (Ethan) How about purse spreading? Let’s make a Buzzfeed video about purse spreading No, womanspreading, with their huge fucking purses ok I don’t know what’s with women, why they think they have to bring the whole kitchen and the kitchen sink with them in their purse ok not my problem. Put it in your fuckin’ lap next time. Womanspreader *Hila chuckles* I don’t know about that Dude, that’s real, y’all know that one’s real [Kuwilileni] Whenever a woman takes up space She’s considered bossy, she’s considered agressive There are a lot of stereotype surrounding black women And whether or not we’re angry or dominant And so maybe a lot of the reasons why I do minimalize my presence is because I don’t wanna be perceived Or engage with those stereotypes [Hila] You gotta acknowledge that you’re wearing a dress And to stand like- yeah, there’s women stereotypes and all that but you’re wearing a dress [Ethan] That’s such a good point [Hila] And you’re opening up your [Ethan] your crotch [Hila] your crotch [Ethan] I mean I [Hila] Yeah it’s weird [Ethan] Yeah, it’s weird And I like [Hila] not because you’re a woman, because you’re wearing a dress [Ethan] you just got slam-dunked by one of your own [Tan] what is it between their legs that’s so important [Ethan] DICK AND BALLS!!! It doesn’t fit, you can’t squish it, it’s not comfortable What is- what?? [Hila] That was really stupid [Ethan] god [Tan] what is it between their legs that’s so important, that it requires two to three seats When there are kids, families, women and elderly people standing up [Hila] that- ok no one does that [Tan] that it requires two to three seats [Ethan] literally fuckin’ Hulk Hogan could lay out Toe to- toe to tip And not take two to three- maybe he’ll take three seats [Tan] Women are expected to be quiet, small and almost invisible, whereas men [Ethan] dude, this guy is doing his absolute best How are you gonna talk shit on this guy [Hila] I think maybe they’re just frustrated because men just end up taking more space [Ethan] but they don’t acknowledge the biological need They just frame it as “All men are monsters and need to be castrated” We need to cut their dicks off so they can close their legs [Hila] Yeah [Ethan] Just like my mom used talk me- talk to me about all the time [Tan] many vivid memories as a child of my mum telling me to close my legs [Ethan] Tan, would you close your legs for christ’s sake [Tan] Women are expected to be quiet, small and almost invisible, whereas men can be those boisterous slobs And it’s all good [Chelsea] Today [Ethan] How can you show this in good conscience and be like “All men are fucking monsters Here’s a drunk homeless guy taking a nap on the bus [Hila] Yeah that’s insane [Ethan] He’s not even manspreading, he’s just fucking passed out [Hila] Something is wrong there, but it’s not, it’s not the manspreading [Ethan] The guy clearly- yeah, the problems go deeper than manspreading at this point [Tan] I’ve not enjoyed this week at all. The very first day where a group of people came on that were going to a game And they were all desperate for a seat and I was taking up three seats [Ethan] That’s not manspreading that’s just you being a fucking asshole! [Hila] this is so stupid [Ethan] How is that manspreading, your legs are closed, you’re just being a fucking dick You’re not even following the own- your only rules of your experiment And by the way, I have seen women, believe it or not, sitting like that on the bus or subway It happens to both genders *Ethan coughs* [Tan] To be forced to manspread really showed me how up your own ass you have to be as a person to not be conscious of those around you [Ethan] So uh, today I’m doing a manspreading experiment I wanna behave like all men do and just this is how all men sit on the subway Yo- yo, what the- yo, what the fuck Yo get out of here! [Tan] Be forced to manspread really showed me how up your own ass you have to be as a person [Hila] She’s gonna win employee of the week at- [Ethan] yeah, Tan is gonna win employee of the- of the year at BuzzFeed probably She’s gonna be like “You triggerred males so hard with that video that we are giving you this statue of penis and balls because you’ve apparently never seen one before and we just wanna let you know what they look like” [Hila] “You did such a great job missing the point. Exactly what we were looking for.” Promoted [Ethan] I’m jealous of women ‘Cause sometimes I see you in really tight-fitting pants And you’re sitting there and you’re really cute little like, put-together and you don’t take up a lot of space like they’re complaining about And I’m like dude, I’m- I’m actually jealous of that, because I want to [Hila] I wouldn’t want to have something in between my legs [Ethan] Women try to sympath- like I know you have periods and give birth which I have full respect for and God Bless you for that but try to at least empathize that you have like this junk in between your legs all the time And it’s very sensitive stuff too Like you get punched in the balls the wrong way, you will puke The pain is so severe Like I’m just sayin’, you- you guys have gone about this in such- in such bad way that frankly all the respect I had for BuzzFeed is now gone I went from zero to zero [Hila] *chuckles* yeah [Kuwilileni] The man that’s taking up too much space on the bus, on the plane, on the bench we see, you don’t need that much room To the young women out there, I would say “You should definitely be aware of your surroundings if there’s something that you want, if there’s something you wanna say, if there’s a position that you wanna hold. Take up that space. You deserve that space.” [Ethan] Um, what a message of empowerment How does that make you feel, dude? [Hila] It made me feel like next time I’m on a train I should lay over three seats You kind of take up a little space here [Hila] Well she said I need to be more confident Take up that space! [Ethan] Why are you tak- Why are you putting your legs on my lap You have plenty of space on your chair I don’t understand You deserve that space! [Hila] Well I deserve it [Ethan] Why, what do you mean? [Hila] I am a uh- a woman BuzzFeed said that I deserve it and I should be empowered [Tan] I have so many vivid memories as a child of mom telling me to close my legs [Ethan] Well BuzzFeed says it’s true then I better fucking just Here you go dude, make yourself at home This is how everyone needs to sit on the subway from now on So men make sure to offer your shoulders and leg space to all women as reparation for the manspreading that has taken on by our kind Thank you so much to Lootcrate for sponsoring us and hooking it up with that meme juice Lootcrate is a suscription service that sends you a box of goodies every month Next month’s theme is Space and includes goodies from Mass Effect, Destiny and XCom If you guys would like next month’s Lootcrate Make sure to visit the link in the description : Make sure to use the code h3h3 to get 10% off your space crate Last month was magic and take a look at this cool ass doctor strange toy and one of my all-time favourite movies: Big Trouble in Little China Thank you guys so much for watching and thank you to lootcrate for hooking up that meme juice and sponsoring our video See you guys next time [H3H3 Production Theme Song by MajorLeagueWobs]

100 Replies to “Buzzfeed Hates Men

  1. Buzzfeed is like if you toke a bunch of women and let them stereotype guys. BUT they never meet a guy in their life.

  2. 7:38 he’s holding his bag. He’s using his legs to make sure the bag doesn’t fall forward. He’s not manspreading, he’s holding his bag back so he doesn’t make a scene when picking it up. sigh feminists

  3. These cards will do "social experiments" for 7 days and make 11 min video about it but never did they ask one single guy to give them some space…how is unconsciously giving your sausage and marshmallows some space being an asshole

  4. Manspreading is a vast male conspiracy to literally remove women from society by taking up as much space as humanly possible. Come on, fellow patriarchs, LET'S DO THIS! Manspread these bitches into the sea!

  5. Girlfriend watching a movie: OMG HE'S SO HOT, I WISH HE WOULD MARRY ME !
    Me watching a movie: she looks cute
    Girlfriend: Why dont you fucking marry her then

  6. They call us alone but imagine carrying like one of your most valued organs on the outside of your body and one of the most sensitive too so when your balls get kinda uncomfortable it'd like having your eyes squished just to where they are uncomfortable but worse

  7. Does anyone even notice how Buzzfeed is doing this for media and they’re getting it lmao. Y’all women saying men are equal to men and now y’all saying “MEN ARE NOT FREE TO SPREAD THEIR LEGS”

  8. I have big thighs and I basically sit like a dude bacuse with large thighs it's hard to squeeze them together and it gets a little uncomfortable. (I'm a woman BTW 😂) but I practically sit like a dude unless I'm in a dress.

    In my opinion, buzzfeed is a joke to me RN… Their videos make me cringe a little 😂

  9. You know I could close my legs. But I don't want to cuz if I du I have to adjust my dick and balls and that's of course sexual harrasmend.

  10. Holy shit at 10:07 you can hear Ethan hesitate in calling her cute because he got shy for a second and thats fucking adorable.

  11. I guess I was blessed by genetics, because I can keep my legs together without my dick and balls being squished.

    Or I have a small dick idk

  12. It’s so funny because literally nobody notices/cares when either regular dudes OR the buzzfeed journalists manspread

  13. Not sure I like being lumped into the same category as kids and elderly people when men aren’t included.. we aren’t weak only when it suits you buzzfeed

  14. Ok so I’m 12 and I might be an idiot but it’s kinda scary to think that there is a possibility that men will be castrated in the next couple of years again I might just be paranoid but I’m kinda scared

  15. Feminist: men dont have right to tell us what to do with our bodies or how to think
    Also feminist: men should do this now!

  16. Ok I'm 16 and when I get on a bus to go to school theres usually a girl taking up 1 or 2 seats and it's a guy everytime who says something like "hey man, I gotta seat over here."

  17. As a woman with a chronic illness which requires me to actually recline, legs apart, and wear only overalls or dresses, because I cannot put pressure on my inner pelvic region due to chronic pain this pisses me off sooooooo much! These BuzzFeed employees are completely ignorant assholes. They not only shame men for spreading apart their legs which is for biological reasons, but they shame anyone who has any such valid reasons for sitting or resting in any way they do not approve of! If other people have valid physical or medical reasons for sitting in a way other than forward and upright, then that's none of their fucking business to judge them for when that's beyond their control – they need to show other people some fucking respect.

    And, just because other people have needs they need to accommodate for, that doesn't make them suddenly entitled to just take space they don't even fucking need. That just makes them selfish, entitled pieces of shit.

  18. id sayvthat yes i do this but when there isnt any space and its reaaaaly unomfy so i just stand up u dont scwish every one srry for spelling

  19. I never manspread before, it is a good time to start, from now on I will open my legs just to piss off the men haters.
    PS. I do not negociate with feminists, the very first cunt who will come and talk to me will be punched right in the nose, you are warned, I take Montreals metro.

  20. Yes we men biologically and historically (cave men for example) are dominant. It’s not like we do it intentionally we unconsciously do this because that’s how it’s been for thousands and thousands of fuckin years. It’s like some humans are born with webbed feet because our early ancestors had webbed feet. Over many many many years maybe it will have been weeded out of the gene pool to a degree but it’s not a reversible thing like habits are. Its literally a biological need for men to be dominant or alpha. I know “man spreading” isn’t the best example but clearly does hold some kind of credibility for a huge channel like buzz feed to make a whole fucking video on it.

  21. If it was me, I’d be thinking: Does this woman have a yeast infection or something?! Why is she sitting with her legs open? Does anyone else smell fish?

  22. I found out that this manspreading video on buzzfeed has its like-dislike ratio and comments turned off…I WONDER WHY?!?

  23. We also deserve that space we are humans but we have football and feild bettwen are thighs so stop thi nking you better than us you talk about mans spreading but you shebag where you place are you bags and take up more room than a man spreading his legs

  24. As i watched this i tryed putting my legs together as i sit and no joke after my peen went numb bc of loss of circulation, i hate feminists how about i glue cock and balls to u and see what u think of it sweating or sticking to ur thigh, or just overall being uncomfortable

  25. Knight saves princes.
    Princes: fucking rapist!
    Knight leavs princes.
    Princes: and now you disrispect woman. Wtf is my point of this…..

  26. I’m guilty of purse-spreading and I’ll admit I do it on purpose because I don’t want to sit next to strangers bc I’m anti-social and people intimidate me. If someone asks me to move my bag or there’s no other seats, I’ll move it though. I’m not a monster.

  27. When yr a girl and you kinda spread yr legs by default because literally everyone fucking does it BuzzFeed chill the fuck out wtf.

  28. Honestly it’s not that our balls hurt but that our thighs are smaller so it’s literally exercise. It’s like getting in a really small box and curling up for a long time

  29. (From a woman’s perspective)
    Ok, fine elderly and disabled people should be able to sit down. But what makes women more entitled than men in so that they need to sit? Why do people say feminism is empowering women when it really is just changing the balance of control. I thought now there were all these “changes” to be more inclusive and fair?! Nothing about it is fair. Men try to do this video, call it ‘woman spreading’? It’d be all over the internet, making news about how rude it is. I am a woman and I personally think being this gender makes me able to say and do shit that men would get into so much trouble for. And I don’t see a vice-versa. WOMEN ARE ALREADY FUCKING ENTITLED TO SO MUCH! I’m so done with our society. MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

  30. If a man takes up as much space as humanly possible, it doesn't mean they're "manspreading", it means they're doing the splits.

  31. I have three pillows on my bed one is to go between my legs because i sleep on my side and when down there gets hot its not fucking great feeling i stuck my fucking dick in a microwave.

  32. 11:04 FUCK OFF 😡

    This fucking bitch conchridicted herself if you deserve that fucking space same with me if my fucking balls feel like the getting hydropressed i "deserve" the motherfucking space to let down there breath and get enough space to ventilate

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