100 Replies to “California Democratic Party chairman resigns

  1. The motor voter illegal votes are still coming in. Funny they all seem to be Democrat votes, IMAGINE THAT. No late Repubs just Dems.

  2. Newsom calls for someone else to resign ? He should looked into a mirror and step down himself for sexual misconduct , maybe Kamala Harris gave him a pass !

  3. everything is sexual herasments nowdays, in OBAMAS presidency we had killings between black and cops, cops being shot daily, black and whites, whites and cops. you hear not one story of that kind no more. IT SHOWS HOW LOW LIFE THESE FUCKS ARE

  4. By the WAY i am a patriot of 92 an a military patriot i own 6 cooperation an i am an old family patriot i love god an this nation can you tell me what i look like a put me in a Divided box what do I look like? I am a EQUAL citizen of the constitutional REPUBLIC of these u.s.a an i look like red white an BLUE all EQUAL an free by constitutional LAWS an RIGHTS that provides prosperity out

  5. All this has been kicking around by you tube channels most of their channel's were blocked as fake , as far as the pizza gate that was based on children being abused that also was tied to orgie island but Mrs Kelly laughed it off now who's laughing ? We know what we are doing on you tube do you know how far reaching we are , the silent 1s.

  6. what is happening?? this fox news headline reads "democratic party…". thought it was a typo, but then the fox news speaker repeated the word three times: democratic , democratic, democratic. did someone really screw up this bad, failing to use the repub party line epithet 'democrat party', or is fox trying to get legit in the face of the darkness looming on the republican party horizon? lol…

  7. Gavin Newsom, Xavier Becerra, Eleni K, Alex Padilla will all be recalled when they get back into office. Travis Allen will make sure they all get recalled.

  8. Good riddance to this criminal. Look @ the banner: Labor for Eric tells it all. Politician controlled by a corrupt union …or is that too repetitive: corrupt union??

  9. Typical demwit. Most all the libtards always seem to have some kind of sexual misconduct charges filed against them. It is a really normal affliction they share. They must attend some kind of help like AA for alkies, or GA for the excessive gamblers. They might call it PAADH. Pervert Anonymous and Demwit Help.

  10. Is anyone really surprised? Another Democrat charged with sexual misconduct. Geeeezzz, If Democrats would only practice what they preach.

  11. Too bad Bill Clinton didn't see it this way when he got caught several times.
    You really can't blame Slick Willie though… just look at the skank he is married to and you can certainly see why he cheated many many times throughout his marriage to Crooked Hillary.
    Could you imagine having to roll over in bed and cuddle up with Hillary… the poor bastard needed to cheat!


  13. Hey Fox why aren't you reporting on the Cohen situation and the Noose tightening on your Don tard Trump?! Dodging the issue again huh, and you call yourself news?! What a joke.!

  14. Mueller and the majority of we the people has outfoxed Fox News

    Let their useless spinning of the facts continue .shameless Donnie’s days are numbered

    Wow 😮

    Keep on thinking that trumps above the law

  15. Why no stories on the 81,000 White People Overdosed and died last year??😭😭😁😁😁😁🤣🤣🤣

  16. Fun Facts:::White People have 12% Neanderthal DNA aka Chimpanzees Blood and 20% of white kids are born with tails. Explains their animalistic anger and sexual deviant behavior. 100% true

  17. California is run by Democrats and the place is bad , homelessness everywhere looks like a third world country, it looks like Mexico, it's time for a change out there.

  18. all californians call for his immediate prosecution, and conviction if he committed crimes.
    this guy isnt trump and it isnt new york.

  19. He made the mistake of accurately counting ballots, and the democrat party had to get rid of him? Typical.

  20. Everyone in here is just jealous you don't live in California 😂 I'll pour one out for you next time am at the beach chilling. 7th largest economy in the world we must be doing something right. 💵💵💵 and all the weed you could ever need 😆😆😆 come on down we welcome everyone just leave that racist bullshit back home.

  21. Where is all the news media covering this crap? Nothing from cnn Clinton news network. Liberals you are so two faced you all would not know the truth if it bet you on the back side. Evil witches


  23. Another one left the bus,………ehyeaa…… another one gets busted…………oh boy oh boy yeah the swing is coming ..BIG TIME ……..that swamp will get empty end next year and the next and the next….feel already better.
    And you??? ….all those names 60.000 sad faces millions HAPPY FACES all thanks to President TRUMP now smoke that in your pipes you nasty Lefties [no not all] :-)]but those bad people conflicting with your and my World, those bastards and yes the rotten Right ones too…..not following your own laws it's your time to feel what other for years have felt over and over again thank to you..your turn and I hope it hurts as it did hurt all those others.
    For the rest have a great weekend, enjoy your spare time with loved ones.

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