Caller: Impeachment is a Duty, Not a Political Calculation

Let’s go next to our caller from the nine
one seven area code. Who is calling today from nine one seven. Is it high? Yes, it is. I believe so. Hi David. Uh, I liked your show,
your cool guy. I just have a quick question about the, an opinion of yours on the impeachment
hearings. Do you find it concerning that the focus of the public, uh, and media DOR slash
video seems to be on the political optics rather than the fundamental shifts that are
governmental principles? Yes, I do. So the way I’ve been trying to
say it is we can argue over the political expediency of impeachment. We can argue over
the timing of impeachment. We can argue as to what we think the outcome will be or whether
Republicans will grow a spine and vote. You know, we can have all that conversation. Impeachment
is a process that is a duty of our elected government. If the facts warrant it, and I
believe the facts warrant it and that is much more black and white than all of these considerations
that are being made about timing, expediency, probability for success. They’re both legitimate
conversations. But I think the conversation about the duty that exists is not getting
the attention it deserves. Agreed. Very much. Agreed. A follow up question,
do you have any idea when, how the media uh, could kind of like, cause to me as well, I
see this as pretty cut and dry it, it seems, and it’s apparent to me that there were definitely
misdemeanors that occur. I don’t know what the technical definition of high crimes. I
would probably tell us what he’s done in there as well as high primes, but like how could
the media hold those at fault because it’s not just him accountable while not sacrificing
therapeutic or retention. Because as we know, Americans have a very short attention span
and I don’t think we would be really interested to listen to why it’s bad to listen to why, what? I’m not sure I understand
your question. Alright. Um, okay. Let me try to rephrase
it. Do you think that there isn’t a a what? Hello. Okay. I didn’t understand the
second question. The first one was a good one and I’m glad that it was a point, a very,
very well made. Let’s go next to our color from the four four three area code. Who is
calling today from four four three. Hello, David? Yes. Hi, this is Alex from Baltimore, Maryland.
How are you doing today? Good. Thanks for calling in. Can you hear me okay? Can hear you fine. All right, cool. Just making sure. I know
you get a lot of issues with that, so I was just curious. When I talk politics with anybody,
I usually try to figure out when I figure out which side, if they’re left or right,
I try to find an issue where that they might buck their own trends so to speak. That was
wondering if there’s any issue no matter how insignificant or minor that you see at least
at that. Do you see kind of from the right wing perspective or are you all progressive
all the time no matter what? No, listen, I mean there, there are overlaps
in the sense that for example, um, there are left libertarian and right libertarian ideas
where there is probably more common ground ideologically than some people might concede.
Although sometimes it’s in the implementation that there becomes more of a difference. So
I am against any regulation that is not a necessary regulation to ensure the proper
functioning of society and industry. So like that sounds libertarian. The, the problem
is I would drastically disagree with many right libertarians about what the line is
for what’s necessary. Right. I would want way more regulation than they would, but at
least the concept I, I share a particularly as like a social libertarian. I think that
on the issue of, let’s see, I’m trying to come up with a better example. Um, I agree
with the idea conceptually that if taxes go too high, the economy will start to suffer. But I would completely disagree with people
on the rightest aware that limits should be, I think the top marginal tax rate should be
in the low seventies percent for income above, somewhere in the range of five to $10 million.
So I agree. If you go too high a, then you hurt the economy. The people on the right
agree with that. We just have a complete disagreement about where that line should be said. So,
yeah, I mean, I dunno, I guess it, there, there are some general areas where I agree
with a principal that might exist on the right but would vehemently disagree about the implementation
of it. Gotcha. That’s interesting and nice to hear
your take. And, uh, I got, uh, another, uh, minor complaint if you have a minute. Um,
I heard on one of your shows that uh, you think a granny Smith apples are the only apples
that are worthwhile. I would have to say first of all, how dare you. Um, uh, I’m, I’m just
kidding. Um, I would implore you to try a pink lady and pour a summer R a summer Rambo
Apple if you’ve never had one of those. I’ve never had a summer Rambo pink ladies.
Not bad. So I should amend my prior statements. A granny Smith Apple is basically, so I will
disclose. I don’t like Apple pie. I’m not in the pie space and I particularly don’t
like Apple pie. I don’t care about pie period unless it’s like a sweet potato pie. Okay.
Granny Smith. Apple is the best Apple for almost all functions. So if you just want
to have an Apple by itself, a nice tart granny Smith is the best. If you want to slice it
up and put peanut butter on it, a granny Smith Apple is the best. The exception is if you’re
putting pieces of Apple in oatmeal and you’re cooking it with the oatmeal and the milk,
they’re the granny Smith. Apple actually isn’t the best. And I would go with some version
of a red Apple in that case. Yeah, I feel like I said I was just a good
break or your boss. Yep. No, but it’s a very, very serious issue.
I appreciate the phone call. Thank you so much. I hope to hear from you again.

53 Replies to “Caller: Impeachment is a Duty, Not a Political Calculation

  1. Republicans are too busy "calculating" how much money they are going to lose if they go against Trump to even consider impeachment….. Greed is what's killing American democracy specially in the Trump era.

  2. Andrew Yang climbed a tree and saved a cat. Andrew Yang 2020. UBI for you. Yes you! 1k a month, bitches. Free weed for you bitches. End the war on drugs!

  3. Impeachment is definitely an important duty for this specific presidency.

    Forever in the future there will be look back to this presidency for study and for wisdom. This is such a wild and ludicrous time in history that we need this pin on these moments.

  4. I completely agree and I love to hear that people are thinking this way. I remember when impeachment was just in its infancysome people like Kyle kulinski were stating that it was such a bad move in terms of political strategy but ignoring the fact that it is a matter of law and principals. It's not optional.

  5. People forget Bill Clinton’s impeachment in 1999 did not help him. Al Gore lost the 2000 election because of the Clinton impeachment.

  6. Have you heard the latest? Psychiatrists have written a letter to congress. They want to testify and have Trump's declining mental state as part of the impeachment.

  7. To try and stay in the majority, the Republican party is flushing our constitution down the toilet. They don't care if the moron is guilty-all they care about is staying in power. Remember this in November 2020 folks-VOTE BLUE!

  8. To paraphrase Jefferson,
    We not only have the right. But, the duty!!, to replenish the tree of liberty with the blood of tyrants.
    If our government will not bend to the people's will. Then it is up to the people to bend the government.

  9. The president will win reelection, and the house will flip. This is dangerous, the Democrats should not have done this.


  11. Oh you better watch out, you better not cry, you better not pout, I'm telling you why ; Impeachment trial is coming to town. 👍🎅🎁🎄

  12. I was just making this exact same point to a friend a couple of days ago. You can't argue against impeachment because public opinion isn't very supportive or there's some fear that a future election will be impacted. Impeachment MUST be done if high crimes and misdemeanors have occurred. Period, end of story.

  13. I would agree that impeachment is simply a way of upholding your oath to protect the constitution from attack, nothing political about it, although the GOP would beg to differ. As for them growing a spine? Bwwaaaahahahahahahaha!

  14. Impeachment is a constitutional duty and the dems are doing what’s called for. Remember the gop impeached for far less serious crime with Clinton for having an affair! Trump has violated the constitution multiple times! The gop is so corrupt they are only concerned that trump will start spilling the beans on them!

  15. Democrats really need to start putting their focus on winning in 2024 because let’s face it. Trump is going to be president for the next 5 years. At least you guys have 5 years to strategize
    TRUMP 2020

  16. Agreed. Impeachment is inarguable no matter the political ramifications of it. The GOP is too busy “calculating” what they would lose and if they would lose their base to even consider impeachment. Things are too dire to only consider the political expediency of it.

  17. Here is what bothers me so much . Right from Trumps mouth that not once but three time he committed treason to the Americans. I don’t watch very much Tv but when I did watch I heard him say and act like he has his on Cult.

  18. When he was Speaker, Prez Ford famously said (during impeachment of a Federal judge) "Congress can impeach for anything it finds impeachable". It is a rebuke to conduct unacceptable, put into the Constitution before clear federal felony and misdemeanor laws had even been written.
    It is more political than judicial, and was designed that way as a check against monarchy.

  19. Hi David!! When are you going to talk about Ralph Nader and the illegal campaign contributions!! This is the biggest story of the impeachment hearings right now!!! Those sick twisted pedofiles!!

  20. Let's take this dog & phony show to the Senate. Enough of the House BS, we all know Nancy Pee hates POTUS, it's OK Nancy, we knew by your actions who you really are.
    We can then call these chump up under oath.

  21. The laws are meant to protect our country. It is a duty to impeach someone that breaks the law. And not push it down the road to save a monster the rule of these laws. Impeach this pig.

  22. YURIY LUTESNKO….Former Prosecutor General Of Ukraine…"States"…."Jovanovich PERJURED Herself Before Congress"…..🤧

  23. My heart is so weary. I’m so sad, heartbroken, and genuinely scared. I’m scared for what the future holds for my children growing up with how things are right now in this country. How people can just willfully turn their backs on what is SO BLATANTLY OBVIOUS and cruel from this wanna be dictator TRUMP. I’m an independent and the continued disgusting acceptance of this mans behavior is unbelievable …AMERICA is meant to be better than this. Its physically nauseating. My grandfather served in WWII for our country. He told me how awful it was. He’s 89 and his heart is breaking for our country. He actually had tears in his eyes. I’m even losing sleep over this. I’m so disappointed in The Republicans and this WH administration. It’s just so wrong on every level and everything I was raised to believe was wrong. The racism, morality, cruelty against children on the boarder, the attacking of witnesses who came forward to reveal what this president has done in betrayal to our elections and security. Cutting food from children and the poor. Completely ignoring climate change. Robbing the poor to enrich the rich, and pardoning war criminals.. Mass shootings. Attacking war veterans and gold star families. Attacking people who have worked in honor for this country for decades….Republicans just turning a blind eye to defend this horrible man and his “policies”…If this man is not removed from office I don’t want to even think what this country will look like if he’s re-elected. HOW PEOPLE CAN EVEN QUESTION IF HE SHOULD BE REMOVED for all the awful things he’s done and is continually doing ON A DAILY BASIS!! Literally tearing this country apart instead of trying to bring us together…It’s like living in the god damn twilight zone.. FOR WHAT!!!???…… VOTES and MONEY… ITS DISGUSTING AND APPALLING!!… sorry for the rant… but seriously. Wake up people!!

  24. For media not to lose their viewers because of Americans short attention span, when explaining why misdemeanours if not necessarily high crimes are bad and a justification for impeachment? Or…

  25. I've suggested this before, but it bears repeating I think.
    IF the USA does not impeach and remove this Orange Poison Sack, the USA will never be able to impeach any future President, in my humble opinion.

  26. I’ve been reading a bit how, if Donald is impeached, he’ll still be President. That, I don’t understand. How is that possible? In any other job, if you’re under investigation for even the hint of impropriety, you’re benched for, at least, the length of the investigations of said improprieties (depending on outcome). Could someone explain it, please?

  27. I say we have a duty to make sure trump does not win 2020 election. To do that you will need support from left and right .

  28. It is a duty of the legislative branch to protect the constitution and laws of the United States, especially from those who would disregard the constitution and laws for personal gain. They are equal in power to the executive branch and their duties and responsibilities are not merely symbolic (Russia's legislature where Putin has the last word) but are real and not subject to the whims of the POTUS as though he was king.

  29. If the goal is to defeat Trump in any way possible, because I honestly do not see any way back if Trump is in power till 2025, then there has to be a political calculation in regards impeachment. The math is indisputable, we'd need 20 Republicans to vote to convict in the Senate, and they'd have to stick with it for the second phase to determine he could not run again. There are a few endangered Senators, Gardner and Collins, who might vote to convict, except Collins is a coward and no matter how bad it looks for her in Maine she'll stick with the Republicans. Romney might vote to convict because it's essentially a free pass for him. So that's 2 or 3. Where do the other 18 come from? So conviction just isn't happening.

    Therefore what matters is beating him so thoroughly next November that no amount of shenanigans can change the outcome. A trial where he is "exonerated" energizes his base and discourages ours. There are vulnerable Republicans in the House and Senate this might save and there are vulnerable Democrats in the House this might doom. Further it might keep him close in the rust belt states that gave him the election. We could have a situation, again, where the Democrat wins the popular vote by 3+ million and loses the EC by a tiny margin. That means a multi generational RW SCOTUS, it is time to be honest RBG isn't going to make it the 5 years it would take to hold her seat if Trump wins again and Breyer is a probable loss in the next 5 years as well. That would mean 5 or 6 RWNJ justices all under 70 (Thomas would be 72 adding another Justice who might last another decade). There is no coming back from that sort of margin in most of our lifetimes. That would mean Roe v Wade, Obergefell and Griswold all gone.

    So what do people want the transitive good feeling of him getting impeached or the joy of watching him leave office? I know which I want and know what needs to happen to achieve it and I remain doubtful that impeachment is going to help.

  30. Duty? Can’t even prove wrong-doing after years and millions spent investigating but somehow magically it is a duty to impeach without proving anything?

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