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our politics is broken Britain's two-party system needs to be shaken up this messy brexit processes a clearest example of this we found it change UK because we believe that none of the old parties can solve Britain's problems and we need a new open optimistic and honest approach to politics by leaving the established parties we put our political careers on the line but you know what we did so because our country and our communities must come first resigning from the Labour Party was an incredibly hard decision but I couldn't sit idly by and watch Jeremy Corbyn give Nigel Farage a free pass on brexit rather than to unequivocally back up people's vote and to remain in the European Union Farraj doesn't speak for our nation he doesn't speak for the future generations of this country and we will say so loudly every single day of this campaign we're determined to give you a people's vote so that you can vote based on what brexit is today not the undeliverable fantasy that we were told it would be three years ago only by giving people the final say on brexit can we reconcile our divided country if you believe that leaving the world single biggest market will hinder prosperity and stand in the way of opportunities for our young people if you believe radical action must be taken to reduce climate change if you believe that the UK is kind-hearted generous in spirit and should be open to new ideas if you believe in all of those things we need to stay in the European Union and keep our seat at the top table our party changed UK was founded just a few weeks ago and I can't wait to share with you our ideas for protecting the NHS addressing climate change and crime and investing in education but for the next few weeks we're going to be focused 100% on bringing a swift conclusion to this desperate for exit process if likers you've had enough of broken politics and want a better future for our country vote for change UK in the EU elections on the 23rd of May and if like us you want to give people the final say on brexit vote for change UK on the 23rd of May and if like as you haven't given up hope for a better Britain within the EU vote for change UK on the 23rd of May you know it's almost three years since political leaders came together live on TV to debate brexit but so much has changed since then and everybody knows now so much more about brexit and what it will mean for the future of our country I think we're overdue a debate because there's so much at stake you need to be hearing about all our hopes and fears for the future now I'm a new leader of a new party change UK and I want to talk to you about the open global outward Britain that I know that we are with exciting opportunities ahead of us as we work together to reform the EU so next Friday the 17th of May I'm challenging Nigel Farage to join me in a new live TV debate and let's share with the British people our vision for the future and let them decide which they prefer Briggs is just too huge an issue for our country it's about the future for our children and our grandchildren so I hope very much that he will join me and take that invitation and that you will join us too

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  1. If you want true democratic representation, self governance and freedom of thought and speech, vote for the Brexit party.

    If you want to live in a police state, where you have no real say on the direction of you're country, a state where you will watch you're identity as a people, be torn up before you're eyes, a state where you will not be allowed to make anti-establishment criticism, edgy jokes or state an opinion which doesn't fit the mainstream, extreme left, narrative, then vote Lib Dems/change UK.

    Do not roll over and let them trample over you're democratic rights, safeguarded by millions of fallen men throughout history. I'm 24yo proud leave voter and as far as I'm concerned, my democratic rights are non-negotiable, and most people my age are realising they should have voted leave before, now they're finally getting involved to help bring us out once and for all. If you only ever vote once in you're life, and if you want voting to actually mean something in you're own country, exercise you're democratic right and vote for the brexit party on the 23rd!

  2. The LibDems say Bollocks to Brexit . Translated: WE stand for No Democracy in the UK , just look what they did with Uni fees. This party – no change uk is pants. Same old spin. Vote Brexit Party and lets go beyond 35%

  3. Say it as much as you want, but we had our vote. Now we know that many politicians are not to be trusted. Change UK are just the same as the main two parties – not to be trusted.

  4. Wish you all the best! It is the first time I donated money to a party because these people gave up their save seat and try to change this country for the good. The Lib Dem had their chance and unfortunately it didn't go well with Cameron.

  5. I'm utterly digusted that "People's Vote" is so openly associated with "stay in the EU." The Liberal Democrats say the same. Why even hold another referendum? Just skip the middle man, betray the people, forsake the referendum, and just campaign on staying in without a vote. To Hell with you people.

  6. Calling themselves change uk was such a bad move. They should have gone for a name with a message. Maybe a clear pro remain name like the union party, at least that way people would know who they are.
    Have you seen the Brexit party posters that say “change UK vote the Brexit party”

  7. Please please vote for us we are a party of failed MPs that are stamping our feet because our previous party would not listen to us. Please please vote for us we are just as corrupt as all the other parties we are even more undemocratic and we also need to get our hands on an expenses sheet ( We are great at manipulating the figures ). Sorry I wouldn't trust the hypocrite Anna Soubry as far as I could throw her ( And that isn't far ). She lies makes her politics up as she goes along.

  8. From the BBC: Change UK leader MP Heidi Allen has challenged Brexit Party leader Nigel Farage to a live TV debate ahead of the European elections.
    In her party's election broadcast, Ms Allen said she thinks a debate is "overdue" as there is "so much at stake" in the vote on 23 May.
    She said the leaders needed to "share with the British people our vision for the future".
    But Mr Farage has declined, saying: "Who is she?"

  9. I'm just as angry with Labour helping the Tories with Brexit as I am seeing Labour MPs which they still are sitting alongside Tory MPs which they still are too. Let May sort this shit show out on her own. Walk away Jeremy. It's their fuck up. Another election is around the corner and we need a change of government more than we need to leave the EU. Yes,it was voted for so either get on with it or move aside. Our NHS comes first. Way way more important than the EU.

  10. Umunna only managed 44 seconds before badmouthing other politicians. If change UK had any integrity they’d create a broadcast narrative that wasn’t structured around slagging off others. Typical remain tripe.

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