Checking the work of government

Checking the work of Government The House of Commons and the House of Lords
examine and challenge the work of the government. They do this by asking questions, seeking
information, debating current issues or by carrying out in-depth inquiries through committee
work. Government ministers come to Parliament to
answer questions from MPs and members of the House of Lords. This is known as Question
Time. On Wednesdays, the Prime Minister faces a half-hour of questioning from MPs in the
Commons at Prime Minister’s Question Time. Ministers also update Parliament when important
decisions are announced or to respond to major events and emergencies. Debates in Parliament provide an opportunity
for MPs and members of the House of Lords to discuss government policy and matters that
are important to members of the public directly with government ministers. There is a House of Commons Select Committee
for each government department that can scrutinise its spending, administration and policy. House of Lords Select Committees take advantage
of the knowledge and experience of members of the Lords to investigate broad, long-term
issues, proposed laws and government activity. MPs and members of the House of Lords also
work together in Joint Select Committees. These committees regularly seek the views
of external organisations and members of the public to inform their inquiries. Find out more about how Parliament examines
and challenges the work of the government at

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