Chinese scientists says COVID-19/coronavirus could have originated from government …

as the world struggles to contain the
new virus a new speculation from the Chinese scientists who believe it may
have originated at a research facility not far from the ohon fish market while
they say more research needs to be done to find solid proof such labs are known
to contain a disease-ridden animals including hundreds of bats or Kimmie
Osan with the details amid the continued spread of the Kovach
19 virus there’s rising speculation the virus could have originated from a
government laboratory in Wuhan rather than a widely held belief that it
emerged from the city’s quantum seafood markets setting a report published by
Chinese scientists a Chinese language newspaper published at Hong Kong Ming
Pao and the British daily the mirror explains Sunday that the ohan Center for
Disease Control or WH CDC could have spawned the contagion in Hubei province
according to the report penned by boat I shall and Lai shall of the South China
University of Technology the research lab which is only 280 metres away from
the hewan and seafood markets kept disease-ridden animals including more
than 600 bats and say that while it’s plausible the virus was leaked from the
lab and contaminated initial patients in this epidemic more solid evidence is
required through future study the report also raised a possibility that the ohan
Institute of our ology could have leaked the virus while it was carrying out
tests involving Chinese horseshoe bats against such a backdrop an article
published by The Washington Times late last month is garnering attention as it
raises the possibility that the disastrous outbreak could be the
accidental result of biological weapons research this comes as a renowned law
professor at teen Y University in Beijing Xu Jiang run is known to be
missing after publicly condemning Chinese President Xi Jinping for failing
to contain the spread of the virus at an early stage he even added the
condemnation could be the last message of his life kim yusin arirang news

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  1. Come on man if the stuff these Chinese whistleblowers were saying wasnt true then why are they missing?? They need your help an support as well as the people of China they should be able to disagree with ruling parties without fear for their wellbeing or being fired or worse being kidnapped killed or just silenced by whatever means they are using over there!! Free the people of China free speech for everyone no government should be allowed to do what China's government keeps doing I thought it was the people's republic more like Xi Jinping republic for him an only him. My thoughts an prayers are with the people of china an anyone else infected by this disease. At least now we know why they wont let the CDC or W.H.O. on the ground because they would trace it back to them an would be big consequences for making such a weapon.

  2. when i said this some people called '' conpiracy theories. / dont be such a cry baby its not a big deal '' and now they are hearing more and more about and the call me for ''help'' on whats best to prepare. yea how about you fuck off aswell now. i heard hanging yourself is a good solution to prevent getting infected. call me crazy all you want but why is bill gates his name popping up everywhere? a few years ago he talked about ''depopulation'' he ''predicted'' 65 million people will die by the coronavirus. he is the main funder of the institute that approved of this virus in 2015. but hey. better bend over and get fucked if you will. atleast they can laugh at you from their bunkers when its going down. but if you have something to do with this Bill. you know what they say. a better future starts with yourself. 🙂 what about the same logo though?(the umbrella logo i mean ) and corona being a ''anagram'' that is just complete bullshit. things dont connect at all. governments either fucked up and left to many footprints behind or it is just all one big ''coincidence''

  3. It did seem like it was only a matter of time until they came up with some kind of a "oops" explanation. The complete truth,maybe,maybe not. It just seems sketchy. 🤔

  4. "Physical Results of a Flesh Diet Increase Liability to Disease and Sudden Death-CD 386668. The liability to take disease is increased tenfold by meat eating.—Testimonies for the Church 2:64, 1868. Worldly physicians cannot account for the rapid increase of disease among the human family. But we know that much of this suffering is caused by the eating of dead flesh.—Letter 83, 1901

    670. The animals are diseased, and by partaking of their flesh, we plant the seeds of disease in our own tissue and blood. Then when exposed to the changes in a malarious atmosphere, these are more sensibly felt; also when we are exposed to prevailing epidemics and contagious diseases, the system is not in a condition to resist the disease.—Extracts from Unpublished Testimonies in Regard to Flesh Foods, 8, 1896 CD 386 – CD 386.6Meat Eating Especially Dangerous NowCD 384661. Flesh was never the best food; but its use is now doubly objectionable, since disease in animals is so rapidly increasing.— CD 384 – CD 384.2Flesh was never the best food; but its use is now doubly objectionable, since disease in animals is so rapidly increasing. Those who use flesh foods little know what they are eating. Often if they could see the animals when living and know the quality of the meat they eat, they would turn from it with loathing. People are continually eating flesh that is filled with tuberculous and cancerous germs. Tuberculosis, cancer, and other fatal diseases are thus communicated.12

    Effects Not Immediately Realized—The effects of a flesh diet may not be immediately realized, but this is no evidence that it is not harmful. Few can be made to believe that it is the meat they have eaten which has poisoned their blood and caused their suffering. Many die of diseases wholly due to meat eating, while the real cause is not suspected by themselves or by others." CG 382.3 – CG 382.4

    Written By: God's Messenger: Ellen G. White (1827-1915)

  5. What if this really is an attempt to depopulate the world, we couldn't do anything to stop it. We can't prove it, we can't even prove it came from the lab. Even if it is proven to come from the lab they would just say it "accidentally" got out. All they would have to do is sit back and let it run its course.

  6. I've been saying this for a month due to the genetic markers in Covid-19. It is an odd mix of four different viruses that do not usually combine so fortuitously in nature, that made it Incredibly contagious., both before and After symptoms, even after "recovery," and it survives on surfaces for over 3 days, and can also be transmitted by aerosol or fecal contamination. It is almost as if designed to be hyper-contagious. It can also reinfect after recovery and is then even more deadly. So it's a "sleeper" virus. Also, two week isolation does not really work in some cases.

    After all, China has had flu for decades – why the Incredible response NOW – even closing off their capitol? They know something we don't.

  7. We are just as stupid, though – we have a major biowar lab right near an Eastern city. These things Cannot be contained. They're fooling themselves.

  8. I don't know what Trump was thinking about when he pardoned the ex governor of Illinois who had been working on the board of directors of the house of the justice system in my state is not good enough to make a decision about what they would be nice about this time in prison for me and my sister who was the one who had my daughter who I was so on the alcohol and I didn't know her.

  9. These are all the U.S. doings but what goes around comes around. They will eventually get the brunt of what they initially planted. In other words, BACKFIRE!!!
    Watch their Chemical Warfare Facilities:
    The virus was designed by the U.S. Government as part of their biological warfare attack on China, their greatest rival. First it was the attack on the Iran top military official and now the launch of biological warfare on China! All sanctioned by Trump.
    The Americans are getting very unscrupulous and reckless in trying to regain back their global status! They are obsessed with “The Art of War” by General Sun Tzu! Their applications on his military tactics are so obvious!
    Animals have got absolutely nothing to do with the virus! It’s just deceptions, the blame game, animals are always the scapegoats! Watch the next video PLEASE!!!
    I feel so sad and sorry for the Chinese. My heart and prayers goes out to them. May God bless them and may they weather through this storm soon.

  10. Please, a convenient way to not accept or change the behavior of the open air market and wildlife pillaging, that they perpetuate all over other countries, so blame it on a lab government sabotage.

  11. I'm a 48 year old US citizen and for the 1st time in my life I have to go to news sources outside my own country to get honest reporting.

  12. The only difference between this and Raccoon City is corrupt scientists were deliberate about the T-Veronica Virus, and not so negligent like with the Coronavirus…. or is it

  13. It came from Putins Russia, Don't forget that Putin ordered people killed by putting plutonium in their tea, The Midget Dictator is responsible, Putin hates that he is so short, when he rides in a car, he has to use a booster seat and still can't see out of the window, Putin and his murders are responsible for COVID – 19

  14. That is disgusting reporting you are doing.

    This is a report published by no less than 10 universities around the world looking into the genome of SARS Cov2 and compared it to the other coronavirus. The 1 thing we can conclude is that SARS Cov2 is not created in a lab, is not a modified version of SARS.

  15. "NO SHIT"!

  16. Conspiracy? It does seem odd that at least two countries that recently posed a retaliatory threat to the United States and have since been very quiet in terms of coronavirus cases nor to mention North Korea promised the U. S. a present and Iran, amid global fears of a third world war after the assassination of it's second in command, laid down very easily.

    So, if one could fathom this line of thought, possibly read The Art of War, these threats seem more of a feint to distract the U. S. from the real retaliatory action.

    If one could imagine, the master minds behind the curtain have planned the perfect attack:

    A virus escape from a lab for the most dangerous viruses in the world, in a city of millions, a country and area known for such incidents. An international airport that normally has hundreds of thousands of flights around the world. The exodus of over five million people from the area shortly after the virus became known in China, not the rest of the world. The largest mass migration of people in the world for the Asian New New Year. The shuttering of New Years celebrations in China and elsewhere, forcing people to travel abroad for what is somewhat of a religious traditional activity to welcome the New Year.

    Planes, trains, taxis, subways, trolleys, buses, cruise ships and other modes of mass transit combined with large gathering areas of highly mobile individuals disseminating out into other areas of large and small hinterland populations spread the coronavirus throughout the world allowing it to hide and fester creating successive outbreaks, like smouldering fires, around the globe. Additionally, the coronavirus is slowly becoming an epidemic in Japan, host of the 2020 Olympics. Stores like Daiso, pharmacies and many others cannot keep a supply of cheap paper face masks on their shelves and we were only one month into 2020. Japan's large cities, havens for tourism and locals, have a plethora of shopping arcades, food stands, restaurants, pachinko slots, video arcades, onsens, drink machines on every corner, a multitude of tourist attractions, public lavatories, transportation networks, and an aging population too boot.
    It's a perfect Pinky and The Brain plot to take over the world.

    Who's to Benefit: I strongly suspect that this is either North Korea's forewarned gift or Iran's retaliation for the death of it's general. The labs in Wuhan have let the so called cat out of the bag before with SARS. Really, how hard would it be to infiltrate these labs and do it again? It has happened to lots of high security facilities around the world. This could put any nation at odds with the USA and nations friendly to it in the catbird seat. Odd looking at a world map and seeing North Korea not lit up when it is surrounded by coronavirus. The whole world seems to have gone to GQ over this in January before there were many deaths. It has a much more widespread effect than the death of the Iranian general and the impending threat of war. Something as simple as a flimsy mask is out of stock in stores almost the world around. The Stand's opening lines from T.S Eliott seem very prophetic at this time. "This is the way the word ends, not with a bang but a wimper."

    One last point. Why in the [email protected]$l would you want to put a lab dealing with some of the most dangerous diseases/viruses in the world in a city with a population of millions? This should be done in a remote location, island, ship, undersea, Antarctic, artic, Sahara, or freaking outer space. Not where there's an international airport that transports millions around the globe. It's a perfect place for bioterrorism. They really should have relocated it after the first virus escaped years ago. I'm just saying, I ain't no rocket scientist, but…WTF.

    How about this recent headline?

    Ancient never-before-seen viruses discovered locked up in Tibetan glacier
    Who is playing with this?


    The coronavirus, COV-19, is a global problem that has incited fear in the human race and suspicion even among close cohorts and family groups. Medical, transportation and supply systems are struggling to cope. The general populace is having difficulty preventing contamination. One that all nations are struggling to come to grips with that will not soon be resolved nor easily stemmed. Compassion, understanding and information sharing is the only way we will defeat this threat that is projected to infect sixty percent of the world's population.

    My apologies for wasting your time.

    Update: Virus escaped from lab! We knew this already based on historical occurrences and the flurry of the Chinese government in the first days of the event. Where there is smoke, there is FIRE! Old cliches are rooted in wisdom.

  17. Coronavirus alias COV-19
    Diamond Princess quarantine

    Main points:
    Quarantine procedures
    Coronavirus identification
    Medical care
    Personal experiences
    Supply chains

    Global threat
    Sinister plot

    This is a rapidly evolving epidemic and the passengers on the Diamond Princess are no worse off than those locked down in quarantine in other countries. You really think even the United States is letting its returnees just roam freely? Not a chance, that's why they are all locked down on military bases and guarded by people who know how to follow orders to the letter if the situation warrants. It is the first time since 1918 the U.S. has had a full blown quarantine, but I think armed soldiers still have their orders to use lethal force if necessary. Trust me, it has happened before.

    The Diamond Princess should have been fumigated and its ventilation system cleaned and devices placed in the intakes to prevent the virus from spreading. But these measures probably were not warranted in our early attempts to understand the coronavirus. When we are still trying, almost two months into the epidemic, to establish methods of transmission, life expectancy of the virus on objects, what disinfectants kill the virus, accurate tests for infection, an immunization, which is projected 18 months away, medical care for the infected, quarantine protocol-self quarantine? And a plethora of other things we have yet to realize as this epidemic spreads. Globally, we cannot even supply people with cheap cotton masks.

    There were no test kits/methods at the beginning of the Diamond Princess quarantine or at least very limited. Even the U.S. has had faulty test kits. So I imagine this is why Japan did not initially test all the passengers and the standard worldwide is to test after the exhibition of symptoms by a person, NOT to indiscriminately test the whole population. There have been negative test results from patients who later tested positive. So testing is not foolproof.

    I admitted myself into the VA hospital in Tampa, three years ago, while vacationing in Florida, because I had a rapid onset of fever, 104°, in less than 12 hours, with a headache that felt like my head was exploding. Two nasal swabs came back negative for influenza. After I insisted that something was wrong, because this was the fastest and worst illness I had ever had in 50 years. The doctor ran a swab up my nose on both sides into what felt like my brain. I eventually convinced them that I had something bad, so they admitted me into a general ward with at least eight other patients. The next day, 24 hours later, the test came back positive for influenza A. Needless to say my roommates weren't too happy and I got put in my own private room, where everyone came in wearing suits, gloves, eye shields and masks.

    Even identifying those who are symptomatic is difficult since the symptoms described for identifying the coronvirus have been constantly evolving. And even the age groups susceptible to the virus has been evolving since the beginning. Not to mention the virus symptoms are the same as the common cold. These factors combine to make coronavirus detection very difficult. Even so, medical staff and hospitals are overwhelmed to treat/test everyone who presents the basic cold symptoms. Thus the call for people to SELF-ISOLATE.

    When one of my shipmates in the U. S. Coast Guard came down with the chicken pox while on patrol in the Gulf of Gunave, near Cuba, he was removed from the ship and isolated at Guantanamo Naval Hospital. So removing the infected from the Diamond Princess seems to be the standard procedure. But with the lack of a definite virus contraction to symptom exhibition or even positive test timeline it makes sense to leave the rest of the passengers where they are and not move them and all their belongings to another quarantine facility for 14 plus days. Japan is not the only country preventing passengers exposed to this virus from disembarking and it probably will not be the last. Why did not the Diamond Princess leave Japan for other ports that may have been more receptive to the virus epidemic onboard?

    As the virus epidemic has unfolded, the timeline from contraction to symptom exhibition has not been standardized, 14 days seems to be more of an estimated window with the U.S. clearing some evacuees after 12.5 days and North Korea mandating a 30 day quarantine period. One country is preventing the purchase of over the counter medications in hopes that people will go to the doctor.

    Interestingly, around the 31st of January, I was speaking with my family about the process of making a serum from the antibodies of recovering patients. I'm no expert, but I have to wonder why it took so long for the medical community to come to this conclusion? It was announced around February 14th that China was now doing this and having some success with critical patients.

    It is easy to look at a situation after the fact and armchair quarterback it, but when you are on the frontlines, catching flack from all sides, you do your best with the knowledge and tools at hand. I think Japan, being the first to encounter this situation, has done what is necessary due to the rapidly evolving coronavirus, COVID-19!

  18. Oh, really??? That is already known by anyone with more attention and with an inquisitive mind. But then, we were called the´´ conspiracy theorists´´. It seems that we were not, after all.

  19. another non conspiracy reality : zionists control the western countries and control currency production (federal reserves) privately to enslave society while they don't have to work.

  20. I hate conspiracy theories. But I was sure since day one that this was man made. Not sure if china did it to themselves by accident or another country was involved in this.

  21. No offense, publishing this without verifying is very irresponsible.
    Before everyone chew my head in. it is like new paper publishing the virus is COULD be from aliens due to the flashes of light in the sky. There is no evidence supporting it. In a time of anger new paper is just fanning the chaotic flames.

  22. Of course we should all believe the government funded BBC & the past colony of Hong Kong newspaper, Ming Pao. A colony that "free press" started in the 70s after the British banned 3 independent news agencies having different narratives than the colonial government at the time. But who care about real history, fantasy & make believe is more fun, awesome & make us feel proud and better than other undesired people!

  23. The whole world suspected the same that This designer virus is from WIV. A big tribute to Shi Zhangli Li and her research associate for having gifted this virus to ppl of wuhan. Instead of the concentration camps the virus sneaked out in wuhan city. “As you saw So shall you reap”

  24. China: Our only level 4 Biolab for testing Infectious humans disease is 900 feet from Huanan Market.
    Also China: the only known population of COVID-9 infected bats 600 Miles away did it!👉

  25. Great. Bat shit fever. Bats have been classically notorious for carrying respiratory illnesses. I grew up in cave country, and bats were commonplace. Often, one would roost for the day on the side of the porch or the house. This was an exciting find, and just about every kid wanted to get a close up look at the critter.
    We were repeatedly told as kids to keep away from bats because they would make us sick.
    We were especially cautioned to keep out of their caves. Adults used to caution that bat sickness was worse than Polio.

  26. The virus is activated via satellite transmissions of a specific frequency. The initial infection was spread years ago via nano particles at K-pop concerts.

  27. I'd like to leave a coronavirus thread from a friend. If possible, signal boost it.

  28. A Comment-or said THIS: the bio-hazardous virus was invented BY the Chinese to "infect the rest of the world", but it "backfired and now they have to bring out THEIR VACCINE, to help "some " of their people survive! He also quoted Bill Gates' statements in his videos regarding depopulating the "world". So I call it a "globalist's bio weapon theory." What is your opinion ? BTW, since the Australians brought the first MRI to UCLA and the operators to show US how to use it, I predict it will be the Australians whom will also invent the vaccine. Your Opinion on my "relayed" theories ? Trump LIKES dealing with China-so I'm assuming the bio-weapon "theory" is only restated by specific types of "globalists ?"

  29. Soo everyone is worried about actually contracting it but you all forget.. Where do you, you're granny, you're best friend, you're boss, his company buy goods from? As this spreads and other massive manufacturing sectors get infected and all those workers die and no one can enter the zone you won't be able to buy a lot of every day things for any amount of money. And thus blue zones are also not safe economically and if this continues you may see the people I mentioned trying to kill you for what you got…. Or your mask

  30. This is called the modem way how the governments will depopulated the world. When I said this to my friends they look at me you're saying bullshit. We are in bad hands for sure no one is safe they'll do worse things we're just their guinea pigs like those poor laboratory rats

  31. Mass Production of coronavirus vaccine for whole world
    synthics biology scientist can reproduce immune protine base on those recover patients body who have immunity already. Only use those confirmed cases means confirm infected patients who has fully recovered. Extract immune protein only from those fully recovered coronavirus patient plasma blood. Use synthetics biology method to reproduce immune protein as vaccine by decode the Ribonucleic acid (RNA) Codon then mass manufacture the RNA, polymerases fold the RNA to form synthetics immune protein as vaccine for injection.
    Save life’s first will safe world economics

  32. Of sure, it's allowed for any government of this world. But who is concerned by this decision?
    China ? Possible
    Others countries ? Maybe
    Many countries including China, possible too.
    Take care and could your mind be skilled, humans of this generation

  33. THE SOLD THE BATS TO THE MARKET TO MAKE $$$$$ They are Chinese people, this has been documented before for fucks sakes….HELLO???? NI HAO retards? OF COURSE!!!!!

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