Christian Pastor Warns of “Jew Coup” to Remove Trump

there is a Christian pastor warning of a Jew
coup to remove Donald Trump, and I must tell you, I’m surprised it took this long to become
a storyline and I’ll explain that in a second. So I know that very often when we talk about
antisemitism on the show, we end up kind of taking heat from the left and the right, the
right will often just respond to stories about antisemitism with antisemitism often directed
at me proving my point. Sadly, there are some on the left who when I talk about antisemitism,
we’ll minimize it. They’ll say, you know, Jews aren’t really discriminated against.
Sometimes they even fall into the same thinly veiled antisemitic tropes that exist across
the political spectrum, but I have to talk about it because this is a real problem that
we have on our hands. Europe is increasingly riddled with antisemitism. Horrible situation
recently on a London subway. You can look that up if you’re curious. Lots of stories
to tell. Not for today though. Trump, even though his daughter Ivanka converted to Judaism
and his son-in-law, Jared Cushner is Jewish, Trump has still hugely coalesced and catalyzed
white nationalism and antisemitism. They’ve said it to me. I’ve spoken to people
like Richard Spencer who explain it to me. The latest report from the anti defamation
league about antisemitism is horrible. We even saw Republicans on the house intelligence
committee, including their, uh, lead counsel, Steve caster play off of the antisemitic trope
of dual loyalty to try to discredit impeachment witness. Lieutenant Colonel Alexander Veneman,
his family are Jewish immigrants from Europe. And during the impeachment inquiry hearings
in November, Republicans tried to play up this antisemitic trope of dual loyalty. And
it was quite frankly inevitable that eventually there would be a faction that turns the entire
movement to hold Trump accountable for the things he has done into an antisemitic trope
or conspiracy theory. And now we are seeing the idea of that movement, uh, the entire
movement to get rid of Trump, to hold him accountable to impeach him. It is now being
chalked up as a Jewish conspiracy by more and more people. And again, I’m shocked it took this long because
when you step back from it, there are just too many overlaps between the ways that the
right has defended Trump and common antisemitic tropes. The deep state cabal of people working
to control the public facing instruments of power like the presidency. They think that’s
what impeachment is. And they often say that that’s what Jews do. There’s a lot of overlap
there. There are too many Jews involved in the impeachment hearings. Adam Schiff is Jewish.
That democratic counsel, Daniel Goldman is Jewish. It’s the Jews. Once again. So it was
obvious that it was only a matter of time until this happened. And now our old buddy,
I’m not being serious about that. Christian pastor Rick Wiles, a truly sick individual
is saying that impeachment is an attempted Jew. [inaudible] I can’t possibly say it like
he says it. So take a listen. That’s the way the Jews work there they are
deceivers they plot, they lie, they do whatever they have to do to accomplish their political
agenda. This impeach Trump movement is a Jew CU and the American people better wake up
to it really fast because this thing is moving now towards a vote in the house and then a
trial in the Senate. We get to have a trial by before Christmas. This country could be
in civil war, a Christmas time. That’s right. Uh, Juku. There it is. And you know the thing
is there has been whacked out antisemitic Christian pastors for a long time. That’s
not news worthy in and of itself. What’s different today is that they are more emboldened than
ever by Donald Trump and not only is there a risk of real world violence, they are pushing
it. Here’s Rick Wiles. Moments later starting to talk about, you know the military members
of the military are going to have to pick a side here either with the Juku or against
the Juku. Members of the U S military are going to have
to take a stand just like they did in the 1860s with the civil war. They’re going to
have to decide are you fighting for the North or the South members of the government are
going to have to take a side instead of North. South is going to be left or right. People
are going to be forced possibly by this Christmas to take a stand. Okay. Because of this Jew coup in the United States,
we have weeks to stop it. That’s why I’m speaking out. That’s why I’m putting everything on
the line. Say this is a coup led by Jews to overthrow the constitutional he elected president
of the United States. And it’s beyond removing Donald Trump. It’s removing you and me. Wow. Really courageous. A wacky evangelical
Christian pastor blames the Jews for something we’ve never seen that before. Really. I admire
his courage and taking a stand on that. So we’re seeing a very disturbing combination
here of right-wing nationalism, antisemitism, and Christian nationalism. And what’s worst
about all of this is that we want to be careful not to participate in the escalation of violence.
We don’t want any violence. We want Trump removed by people voting them out. Or if a
constitutionally, uh, enshrined impeachment process removes Trump, then okay, we don’t
want violence. They are both the people saying there might be violence and the people who
would do it. And the people who are starting to allude to physical violence to resist any
kind of outcome that leads to Donald Trump being out of the white house. So we then ended
up in a position where I find it necessary to remember we shouldn’t be violent like them. We can’t be violent like them. They do. By
the way, though, these evangelical, I hate to even call them churches, so-called church
churches, they need to lose their tax exempt status. This is political advocacy, which
violates the tenants of uh, those non non profit statuses that are given to these evangelical
groups in churches. They need to stop spreading racism. They need to stop spreading nationalism
and antisemitism. But by predicting violence, they are also likely to cause violence because
fundamentally it’s what they want. It’s a sick reality that we’re dealing with right
now. But again, I’m surprised it took this long for the antisemitism to overlap with
the movement to hold Trump accountable. It’s happening now. We are seeing it. We will have
more coverage of this on the show’s Instagram page. Make sure you’re okay. Following us there at David Pakman show. And
while you’re there, follow me on Instagram as well at David
dot [inaudible] the David Pakman [email protected]

100 Replies to “Christian Pastor Warns of “Jew Coup” to Remove Trump

  1. what is trump going to say when the first one of his supporters turns his weapon on his superiors or fellow soldiers? Who will he blame???

  2. I'm sick of religious groups being involved in politics. They really need to lose their tax exempt status when they use their platform for politics.

  3. Many of us have been holding our collective breath waiting for Drumpfsters to enter a "Hitler stage"…it's he-eere!

  4. Pakman: Anti-Semitism is spreading in America

    Also Pakman: Rashida Tlaib is an anti-semite.

    Pakman Also: Evo Morales is a authoritarian who wasn't a victim of a racist anti-Indigenous Coup

    I can't take this Pakman serious anymore, he over plays anti-semitism and down plays racism directed at Native Americans, Muslims and others!

  5. I grew up believing in Jesus as a kind loving man, who reached out to people in need, loved unconditionally and shared all his possessions with not just his friends/family but also his enemies. I thought the people who called themselves after his name were also like Him, kind, unselfish….but now as I see the hatred, the ignorance and lack of compassion these people exhibit, I am coming to believe they are nothing like the Jesus they claim…and are blind, very sad. This old man is full of delusion and hatred, the venom is evident. Where in the world did these folks find the necessity to follow a porn star Messiah?

  6. most evangelical Christians are crpto jews just like the pussy grabber…. smoke n mirrors for power… nothing real in all of this.

  7. Please define what you mean by evangelical. You’ll find loads of christians claiming the name evangelical who are very pro Israel. They’re also quite fond of Jewishness. “Evangelical“Is a term claimed by some who have no idea what you mean by it. It would be a shame if they also are subject to persecution because they’ve been misrepresented. Please define

  8. I was getting worried about things recently, as in the last 2 or 3 years but it's better now! I know better now! I can keep moving! It was the Jews all along! Besides, "Jew" and "Coup" rime so there is always that too.

  9. YOU CANT TURN INTO Judaism… and those called “Jews” are not the real ones.

    There is no documentation which shows that them that live in Israel are Israelites. If we go by all current documentation, THOSE PEOPLE have not gone through ANY OF THOSE CURSES. NEVER WERE they TAKEN BY SLAVE SHIPS, THEY NEVER DIED OF SICKNESS SIMILAR TO SMALL POX, never were their women, men, and children taken driven to SLAVERY, and THEY currently are not below and the other nations ABOVE!

    Revelation 2:9 I know thy works, and tribulation, and poverty, (but thou art rich) and I know the blasphemy of them which say they are Jews, and are not, but are the synagogue of Satan.

  10. I know this is between him and God, but this douche bag is NOT a true Christian any more than ISIS are true Muslims.

  11. HypoChristians don't seem to know how funny they are . A religion that speads hate! Imagine that! What a God Damned HypoChistian More insane asylems may be the answer.

  12. But white jesus born of a middle eastern jew, and god wanted whites, who evolved in europe for tens of thousands of years, to create the greatest nation ever in north america which is why some brown people evolved there, then white jesus the prince of peace will use a corrupt despot to start a global war to kill all the children that do not believe in the prince of peace so the true believers who are alive at that time but not those that died before that time, can live in internal bliss whilst the children who never heard of white jesus the prince of peace will be doomed to suffer eternity in hell.
    God is wise!
    Manifest Destiny!

  13. I’m sorry, I laugh a little on the inside every time someone says “Joo Coo”. Like it’s not funny really, but it just sounds like a silly Dr Seuss rhyme.

  14. I made a big mistake in 1966. I was told peasants 8,000 miles away in Vietnam were my enemies. When in reality it was Christians that I should have gone on search and destroys and do body count with them

  15. The christian right has been fomenting about war for decades. It seems they can taste it and this dangerous moron in the white house may put them over the top. What we are learning here is that a significant percentage of the electorate is happy to have people like Rick Wiles tell them what to think and what to believe. The ability to ferret out the truth is beyond them, they would rather be spoon fed.

  16. Juku means "cram school" in Japanese, which leads one to wonder what part Japan plays in this conspiracy against the west.

  17. My word LEAVE THE JEWS ALONE… they have gone through complete hell in the last century and have yet to go on a Massive war campaign against their enemies (which seems to be everyone)..

    Seriously, thank you jewish peoples for not going postal for what you and your ancestors have been through.. sorry for my fellow American ignorance

  18. The creepy religious perverts are coming out. Good. People need to see the gop war on America using jesus and god to keep the elites in the money.

    This guy would have been on the side for slavery in the civil war. This guy is the biggest POS in the world. Wake up christians to the ugly truth

  19. Right wing playbook:
    1) Play the victim
    2) Blame immigrants/"foreigners"/brown people/Muslims/etc
    2) Blame the media
    3) Blame the government
    4) Blame the Democrats/Liberals
    5 ) If all else fails, blame the Jooz.

  20. As I have said in other comments. The god myth has got to go. But people that stand behind trump are the same ones that stand behind the god myth.

  21. Jesus was a Jew, so this “Evangelical” (con artist using religion for money) hates Jesus. Sounds about right.

  22. Jewish people have never liked Trump. A couple of years ago, one local Republican woman wanted to use a Jewish owned golf club in Beverly Hills, MI , just north of Detroit, for a big Trump banquet and rally. The Jewish owners told her no, and she had a fit about it. The same Jewish golf club allowed Democrats to use that golf course for a campaign rally.

  23. Freakin' Insanity!!!!! Blame the Jews. FIGURES!!!! If the Jews were trying to remove trump it would be, because they've seen this exact type of thing before in Hitler. Trump is just starting with Mexicans. Do nothing about it and eventually he'll get to Jews.

  24. Antisemetism is like a guy with erectile dysfunction beating his wife because he can't get it on…

    It's not the wife, there's something medical with that guy.

    If you believe that the Jews are coming for you: See a doctor and get some help. It's not the jews, it's some conditions with you.

  25. Little the pastor knows the Jews have Trump by the balls already. He is not wrong though. The Jews are discarding a tool that no longer works in their interest.

  26. What a useless slogan The "United" states of America…. Mexico gave up on the United States of Mexico decades ago…..Canada never got sucked into the slogan;/.

  27. Monotheism fighting itself is funny but always seems to end up really badly. "Children" of 3 flavors of invisible asshole dad can't get along 🤷 😆

  28. “They’re deceivers. They plot, they lie”- said the crazy guy.
    You mean the evangelical Christians who infiltrated the Republican Party in the 1970’s?

  29. Left or right? How about human or asshole. Oh, sorry, that's the same thing. How about, SANE or RELIGIOUS FANATIC.

  30. Does anybody actually listen to this crazy guy other than KKK? This whole thing is so nuts. Maybe the adults do need to be paying attention.

  31. Using faith and religion to light up violence against others…
    If you want to protect religion it’s necessary to exclude those as a cult.
    Otherwise you’ll reach a point where this minority amongst your religion becomes your spokesman because everybody will perceive them as the representatives of your religion.
    Even though they are a minority.
    I’m Muslim.
    And the ideas and philosophy of the “Wahabite” movement sound very awkward and incomprehensible for every Muslim.
    A Muslim thinks “Where do they get this from?”
    But now their crazy and clearly unislamic version of Islam gets perceived as the mainstream
    because they are “louder” than the majority.
    If you only know a little about Islam you know that’s not Islamic to struggle for any goods or anything else in “this world” but to prepare yourself for the “other world”
    And even though ISIS is doing the opposite they’ve managed to degrade Islam to a kind of warrior cult whose aim is to die in a battle to get to “Walhalla”

  32. Religious propaganda .
    now the Christian's that forgot their morals for the pussy grabbing orange bone spur , hate the jews again

  33. He calling for white christian racist extremist to "rise again". The military should arrest that man.

  34. These people are fucking nuts. They are DANGEROUS.

    Also incredibly stupid, considering the Civil War can be classified as 'right vs left' just as easily as north v south.

    David is entirely correct as well. They are not 'churches' and do not deserve any breaks from the government.

  35. Of course it was gonna come around to the jews. Of fucking course. I’m sure this’ll go just great. It’s not like they’re following an obvious blueprint that we’ve been warned about since the 40s or anything.

  36. I'm English – if anyone went on British TV and said these things it would be the last anyone ever heard of them – quite rightly so ! Jordan Peterson and the total free speechers are wrong – this poison should have place in public discourse.

  37. You admire him taking a stand? What the what????? This so-called pastor is spreading harmful lies and calling for a civil war at Christmas!!!! Lunacy! That fool needs a straight jacket

  38. That's rich! A white man saying ANY other group liars, plot and do whatever they have to do!

    Sick, twisted, evil and delusional beasts.

  39. This pastor probably runs a church with three flags hanging above the altar . The stars and bars, the stars and strips, and the Naizi war eagle. his bible is probably The Turner Diaries, and admittance only if you bring in your assualt weapon and you wear your hood .

  40. At least the guy has a solution…
    I've watched the cancer of religion slowly eat the underprivileged and screwed over masses of the USA since I was a kid.
    These "pastors" are psychopaths, not religious leaders.
    You pray with them and they prey on their flock, and now the rest of us are in danger too.

  41. These stupid whites are pathetic and dangerous. Their religion is nothing but christianized racism and anti-semitism. They're nothing but zombied out nazis. Shoulda stayed in europe.

  42. The F.B.I NEED TO LOOK AT THIS, HE IS trying to incite violence against humanity THEY ARE DELUSIONAL. These people are trying hard.

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