Citizens using e-government [What Europe does for you]

are you a fan of e-everything then let's find out in 60 seconds what Europe does for you today we do our shopping pay our taxes and even find our partners online so why not conduct all our interactions with public administrations online to some countries like Estonia already doing that and the EU is encouraging others to follow suit since 2006 as part of EU policies countries benchmark each other and exchange good practices on a governance the aim is to modernize public administrations to live citizens to do as much as possible online tax declarations can already be done via internet in many EU countries but in fully digitalized administration's supporting documents such as birth certificates and educational diplomas would only need to be in submitted once the same would apply when dealing with administrations and other EU countries and information exchange across borders will comply with the highest levels of data security he is also working to ensure that all these e services are also available for people with disabilities this was 60 seconds brought to you by the European parliamentary research service thanks for listening

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