Clarke and Dawe – The Government You Ordered Has Been Delayed. Should Be Here Tuesday.

Barnaby Joyce thanks for your time Good to see you Bryan An inconclusive election. What are the lessons
that come out of this do you think? I think it’s obvious we need to listen a
great deal more Who do you need to listen to I beg your pardon? Are you negotiating with the independents? We are yes. We do little else How’s that going? Well it’s…… No. It’s going quite well.
No. It’s hope…. You have good days and bad days Good way to think of it. There will be good
days, of course there will. Bound to be. What went wrong, do you think? A lot of people are just grumpy. If the gate’s
open and the weather’s no good, blame the government’s fault. Th internet doesn’t
work properly, blame the government Whose fault is it of the internet doesn’t
work properly? Bad example. If the budget’s a shocker,
your kids can’t afford houses, there’s no
hospital or education funding, blame the government And whose fault is it really? You’re missing the point a wee bit here
Bryan. I think a lot of people don’t understand what you can do in government and what you
can’t do Yes, I suppose your difficulty here is that
you’re leading the junior party in a coalition government Tell me about it. I’ve just spend a fortnight
dodging fruit Tell me, how does the coalition work? This is what I have to keep explaining to
people. The coalition is a natural alliance of
two political groups who have a great deal in common So what aren’t they one political group? They are So why are they two groups? There aren’t. It’s just that there are
two parties in the one group But how does it work in practice. Let’s
say you’re the Deputy Prime Minister. You’re the leader of the National Party. Let’s
say you want to increase the diesel rebate Yes. Good example. IN that case I’d go and
say ‘Malcolm, We want to increase the diesel rebate’ And then what happens? Then I explain to Malcolm what diesel is And what does he say? He says ‘How nice to see you Barnaby. We
must do this more often. Thanks for that. We’ll have a look at it’ And then what happens Then he goes and talks to all these other
plonkers from Woollahra and Scott Harrison and so on Scott Morrison I think Yes. Him. And they have a think about it And then what Good question. We’ve never got up to that
next bit yet. THat’s as far as we’ve ever got Yes. That puts you in a difficult position
I suppose It does How do you get on with Bob Katter? Very well. Bob’s a good bloke. (ring ring)
This’ll be him now Bob. How are they hanging? What are you doing Saturday? Want to run a
country? I’ll talk to him, don’t worry about it. I’ll tell him what diesel is.
Leave him to me.

29 Replies to “Clarke and Dawe – The Government You Ordered Has Been Delayed. Should Be Here Tuesday.

  1. "we need to listen a great big deal more."
    "who do you have to listen to?"
    "I beg your pardon?"

    fucking priceless haha

  2. Clarke and Dawe always make Australian politics sound like it's a mess but everywhere else I hear they've got their stuff together. I wonder if they're just being funny.

  3. Could you imagine how awesome this country would be, if someone could mount a successful campaign to convince Nationals voters (ie: country folk), that the Greens are actually their closest allies and not infact Satan incarnate.

    My god, the whole country would change overnight.

  4. I wonder if Malcolm will do what Tony did and stay in politics once this farce is over. Perhaps he could give his mates at Mossack Fonseca a quick call

  5. A small handful of thumbs down . The result of a News Limited Editor , staying back late in the office , working on dirt files .

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