22 Replies to “Congress leadership crisis: Rahul Gandhi quits after loss; Party to be with Parivar?

  1. Parivar Important, not the party !
    Puppies will always stay dogs.
    Stop saying Priyanka Gandhi, but Mrs Robert Vadra.

  2. Still these mulla Nehru imposter family is thinking people of India can't see thru their dubious plans. The illiterate Italian barmaid don't want any body other than one of her children to be in the helm of affairs and party. This whole drama for the past forty odd days is for that only. The khangress phamily will never give up power. Never. They made people fools all these years. Now no more. The cadres and other prominent leaders should kick the family out of the party.

  3. pls pay countrys taxes return national herald return haryana and bikaner land return london property to government of india and ask vadra to return money looted from our country!!!

  4. These people cant stay without money and power and the people of this country can't vote for a dons wife priyanka vadra no body can accept in congress or inthe country we cant vote these dynasty ppl fr there fancy livings looting the country fr past 70years bharath matha ki jai modji ki jay bharath matha ki jai ondematharam

  5. What a shamless and spineless congi leaders.They can even support Mrs Vadras childrenas party Presidentand falll at their feet.

  6. Again Gandhi , people are fed up.At least nominate Sashi tharoor once, may be he can make difference in Congress attitude.😂

  7. Mahrishi ka shrap Jo unhoney Indira Gandhi ko ( nakli ) diya tha wah ab flibhoot ho rahi hai.Mahabharat ke aakhir mein Ashwashthama ne zindgi ka aakhiri Bramhastra chlaya tha lekin Vasudev Shri Krishna ne usko nirastra krkey Ashwashthama ko Jo saza di wahi is khandan ki ho rahi hai.Yeh Vadra party ka antim Bramhatra hai halaki iska istemal ho chuka hai aur yeh dagi kartoos sabit hui

  8. Priyanka Gandhi should take control of the Party as President so that total control of Congress will remain within the family.

  9. PiGa is dashing!!! Lol…koi inko dashing ka matlab samjhaye…PiGa will be the last nail in the coffin of Congress party.

  10. It seems Congress has no future….This emasculated party cannot think beyond the Gandhi's .
    As long as this Darbari Culture prevails Congress is doomed …
    Another political formation could evolve to fill the Opposition Space .

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