100 Replies to “Congressional Veterans On Trump Impeachment And How Politicians View ‘Tough Votes’ | MSNBC


  2. There is NO planned replacement for Affordable Care, which is Obama Care. No it’s not perfect. Some healthcare insurance will always be better than no healthcare insurance. People vote with your mind & not your racist heart

  3. The Democrat contenders refuse to talk about impeachment or the economy on their campaign trails. Only Fox reported these facts.

  4. Houston? Houston, this is Space Station, are we reaching? Houston, we have an urgent problem, requiring your immediate attention! Everyone topside here observed the criminal acts, gross misconduct, and rampant malfeasance of Toxic Traitor Trump and his administration! For the safety of the crew, we've elected to continue orbit until this lunatic menacing society and civilization is properly controlled and contained! Thank-you!

  5. @JeanPierre What happens if you don't take the garbage out? The whole house starts to stink, a bit like the entire Administration under the Trump.

  6. ***MEDIA FAIL*** — Ari Melber: "You didn't answer fully to my complete satisfaction a highly speculative question regarding the future course of impeachment, which is, of course, impossible for anyone to know! That's because you're politicians, not because I'm a moronic journalist tight with trite when you can't give me the answer I personally selected!" By the way, when's little Ari going to finally grow up and be a man, apologize to Mommy Pelosi for all the nasty innuendos and caustic remarks he liked to make, when she had to hold his hand every step of the way just a couple of months ago? Media BE better, WE be better!

  7. Trying to impeach Clinton for having an affair was dumb. Impeaching Trump for breaking the law is important. The House needs to hold public hearings – as Americans hear what the criminal in chief really did Republicans will face voting against Trump or losing their jobs. The Right had better be careful. Supporting a criminal is not a popular action.

  8. Isn't threatening to cut off RNC campaign money to anyone in office who votes for impeachment (as trump is reported to be doing to squeeze republicans into supporting him) an abuse of power?

  9. Just heard trump has lost his appeal against stopping his accountants turning over his tax returns and the only recourse he has left is to ask, wait fo it…………………
    Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg to give them a stay from immediately handing over the returns to the Manhattan state prosecuter! Now Justice Ginsberg will as always follow the law but there is no precedent for the this appeal to have a stay as they courts are not being asked to prosecute trump just to get his tax returns before he came to office. So even if the lawyers appeal they can't stop the accountants from handing them over right away, as they will have to under pain of breaking a court order. Manhattan can then just walk in to the accountants offices and take them. By the time the appeal is heard, Manhattan will have seen all they will need and trumps goose is cooked. Because you can bet trumps broke every tax crime you think of plus laundering Russian mob money.

  10. Tom Hartmann just put out a piece that is a game changer. The UK conservative papers are running a story saying Kushner had a direct hand in the killing of Khashoggi, Erdogan has the tape and the call on Friday that got us pulling out of region over the weekend was him telling Trump to do it or else (blackmail). https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gwev9uEBhqo&t=0s. Here is the article from the Spectator: https://spectator.us/seven-whistleblowers-jared-kushner-bin-salman/

  11. t’rump surrendered Syria to Russia and betrayed our allies in the process. I hope you republican veterans are proud of that. 👎

  12. Trump withdraw from the Paris accord!!!! To bad FRED did not Withdraw when he was slamming the wife in 1946!!! She should have swallowed instead and we would be better off!!!!

  13. Publish the Rules voted on last week, Cowards. Tail tuckers, all. No balls, empty sacks.
    I cant wait until U.S. Attorney General William Barr and U.S. Attorney John Durham start handing down indictments and the party of corruption, slavery and treason is destroyed…..with evidence, as it should have been following the Civil War they started and especially, their assassination of a duly elected, Republican President.

  14. Here is the clear text from the US Constitution that is relevant to the Ukraine demands from the President:

    Article I Section 9 (Last paragraph)
    No Title of Nobility shall be granted by the United States: And no Person holding any Office of Profit or Trust under them, shall, without the Consent of the Congress, accept of any present, Emolument, Office, or Title, of any kind whatever, from any King, Prince or foreign State.

    Article II Section 4
    The President, Vice President and all Civil Officers of the United States, shall be removed from Office on Impeachment for and Conviction of, Treason, Bribery, or other high Crimes and Misdemeanors.

  15. I think the notion that doing the RIGHT thing is something that would cause the demise of your political career to end is what stupid. Trump's tweets that cause primaries will only split votes amongst Republicans and pave the way for a Democratic win in the general. Republican Senators will lose either way.

  16. Faux News is complicit in pushing these conspiracy theories, lies, violence and hatred. Shut the Hitler brainwashing channel down! Investigate how many Republicans took illegal foreign donations. They don't want to get caught.

  17. 1.Democrats PANIC as FBI CHARGES
    Lawmaker & Daughter, Something Strange Happening in Maryland?

    2. FBI CHARGES Democrat Mayor After
    'FIRST WAVE OF ARRESTS' for Corruption Investigation in Ohio

    3. Corrupt Democrat Sheriff SENTENCED
    to 5 YEARS in PRISON

    PUNISHMENT, Wanda Greene SENTENCED to 7 Years. Horrific
    abuse of office': Wanda Greene gets 7 years for wide-ranging corruption

    5. Top State Democrat ARRESTED as
    Trump Attorney ROUNDS UP Corrupt Politicians in Chicago

    6. Democrat Official FREAKS OUT After

    7. FBI RAIDS City Club as Obama Ally
    & Top State Democrat Under Investigation

    8. Something Strange About Obama
    Foundation's New Foreign Donors

    9. FBI Arrests Corrupt Democrat
    Georgia County Commissioner

    10, CRYING Democrat Superintendent
    SENT TO PRISON Over Scheme that Cost Taxpayers $125 Million

    11. Rising Democrat Star ARRESTED,
    State Democrats SHOCKED

    12. DEMOCRAT  Mississippi Mayor ARRESTED, Faces 100 YEARS

    13. Illinois DEMOCRAT Rep. Luis Arroyo from Chicago West Side
    Arrested on Federal Bribery Charge to Illinois State Senator. 10/28/2019

    14. Democrat Mayor Meer
    in Michigan City , Indiana CHARGED WITH MULTIPLE FELONIES After ARREST of His
    Wife's Son 11/1/2019

  18. If I see a bank robber and if I can help stop him I would gladly do it, same thing with Trump, if he is breaking the law and you're there and do nothing about it you're as guilty as he is.

  19. "Is taking a stand worth it", is that what politicians should be asking themselves? How about "is taking a stand your sworn duty", isn't that the heart of the matter here?

  20. i kind of am happy trump is finally being impeached. but more so i am relieved. he truly is a great threat to our democracy. putin has him where he wants him. this isn't just about trump & a few policies & actions he's done that i don't agree with. i've lived through many repub's in office, but i always knew that they would be gone in at the most 8 years & or conceivably 16-ugh, i never really entertained that thought though. but there is ebb & flow, things change back & forth, & they balance each other out in the end. but things have been going downhill in the corporate world in all thing retail or services-like hospital stays, etc. & other things i'm not sure of. but they brought us to being tired of it & that's why trump attracted a hard core base-but not enough to actually elect him, but to where putin felt comfortable enough to go full steam ahead in his interference in our elections with this bumbling moron trump that he knew he could manipulate. so my feelings & thoughts about this impeachment is just as much a condemnation of putin as trump. but also trump is horrible for this country in so many other ways. i am happy in the sense that trump has been so nasty to people & flaunting crimes that i absolutely take satisfaction in seeing him get his comeupence. he asked for it & he's getting it. & i am grateful to all those involved in rescuing us from these two monsters who harbor nothing but ill will towards the 98%.

  21. The GOP hasn't "come along" because they're crooks who took money from Russian oligarchs to "win" in 2016. In addition to the voter suppression and egregious gerrymandering on behalf of the GOP, they stole the election for "their boy" at the expense of the greatest democracy in human history. And they did it for personal gain. Those white guys and their donors all ought to be up on charges.

  22. Stupid . There never is was are going to be an impeachment it's all just democratic liberal hope for some kind of into their suffering

  23. Sooo…we have The Donald being stupid enough to incriminate himself, but also there are NUMEROUS accountable episodes of his very very questionable character. As a society we have always counted on CHARACTER as a major issue for voting, for electing a politician. Bring this up. Bring up Moscow Mitches and his crooked wife and their obvious iligal behaviour and deeds.

  24. Lies, distortion, no planning, bad negotiation, betrayal, antagonism, Trump was a fraud from the very beginning. Time for him to go. I hope he goes to prison if only to restore rule of law in this country.

  25. The congressmen and senators were elected to uphold the constitution and to serve the people. Both houses need to do their jobs and not be worrying about what will happen in the next election.

  26. Folks in MSNBC has to quickly get used to the fact that Trump will be re-elected in a landslide and alll, I mean ALL their worst nightmares will come true. Meanwhile rake up as much money as possible from Arab “investors”.

  27. So tired of having my intelligence insulted by lying trump and his cult! They are so far from any kind of reality. Cults are led to their own demise. Not before they hand over all of their wealth! Tick tick tick

  28. Still not clear why impeachment is a difficult vote. None of these guys would have given a second thought to voting to convict OJ.

  29. Kennedy said: Don't ask what your COUNTRY can do for you , ask what you can do for your COUNTRY. Republicans America needs you now. What are you going to do?

  30. Nice to see a dignified reasonable Republican. Kind of an endangered species. I feel for the few honest Republicans watching their party being destroyed by corrupt fools. Of course, that pales with the rest of us seeing our nation destroyed before our eyes.

  31. Trump is a confirmed real and present danger to the security of the U.S.  He is a Russian agent working to undermine the best interests of our nation in favor of a foreign and hostile enemy state. He has given aid and comfort to our enemies for his personal gain and betrayed our allies all over the world.
    He has caused the deaths of many of our allies in Syria and Ukraine.
    He needs to be apprehended and detained immediately.
    Articles of impeachment were not designed to deal with a threat of this magnitude.
    He needs to be stopped NOW for the sake of national security and the very survival of our nation, and to preserve what is left of our standing on the world stage.  This is not merely my opinion, the facts are undeniable of his criminal and treasonous acts.  

  32. Even in the edited (…something is hidden there…) transcript of the tRUMP phone call to Zelensky, the repugnicans admit to at least 4 impeachable crimes.
    1- Asking a foreign government for election help, a Federal campaign finance felony.
    2- Extortion. Threatening Ukraine's national defense against invader Russia by withholding $391 million in military aid for months until Zelensky agrees to start and announce a fake investigation into tRUMP's political adversary.
    3- Bribery. On the phone call, when Zelensky asks for the anti-Russian tank missiles, tRUMP says, "I need you to do us a favor, though". Thereby establishing the quid pro quo of bribery, one of only two crimes specifically named in the Constitution for impeachment. The second crime named is treason.
    4- Obstruction of Justice. Hiding the evidence of the bribery in a double super-secret State Department computer is Obstruction of Justice and probably misuse of government property.
    5- Not impeachable to tRUMP, but felonies nonetheless, everyone party to the call who did not report it could be charged with conspiracy to obstruct justice after the fact. And that includes Attorney General Bill Barr, who should know the law, and Secretary of State Mike Pompeo.

  33. I think, tRUMP's tax returns will show tRUMP is BROKE, and has massive DEBT, the rich get clever criminal accounts to mask their crimes.

  34. Ari laughed at the 100% independents agreed to the House rules of impeachment because that is a party of one: former Republican Justin Amash. My position is with that independent. Full disclosure: I have libertarian tendencies, but I am more of a John Stuart Mills utilitarian because complete liberty for one person will undoubtedly intrude upon the liberty of others so there have to be regulated limits.

  35. The Do Nothing Democrats have got the golden cow to milk it! "We will work to impeach Trump, and nothing else, otherwise the people would profit from our work and reject the socialism…"

  36. Trump is a nutjob and he needs to get the boot asap!  😆  Trump made the illegal call with the Ukrainian President, he already admitted to that!  Trump violated his oath as POTUS by making
    the call and requesting dirt on his political opponent!  You can't call a foreign country and ask them
    to investigate a fellow American! He violated the US Constitution by asking for
    the information and holding up the aid, it's as simple as that!

  37. Wait, so no one is going to mention how McConnell openly stated that the whole purpose of Clinton's impeachment was presidential harassment?

  38. The demoncRATS are embarrassing themselves again, like CNN and MSNBC did in the two years of Mueller nonsense. Loving it, again.

  39. So Senators and Representatives aren't so much worried about not getting re-elected by the voters in their districts when considering to do the right thing. They are worried to lose the nomination by their respective parties and not get the chance to be judged by the voters at all. The primary system apparently works corruptive. It can be abolished and perhaps it should be.

  40. Trump will be the first POTUS to serve prison time. His jail cell will be a cage with razor wire surrounded by the very fence he once posed in front of.
    Moat optional.
    The federal prison will be located in Mexico (New). The warden, will be the son of immigrants.
    Melania will divorce him, but not remarry her black Jewish boyfriend. The alimony will go directly to an address in Harlem N.Y.
    However he will not be separated from his children, in cell block "T"
    Comforting to know he will be afforded a view of the local public golf course.
    And Rudy Colludiani, will be his Pen-itentiary Pal, from a SDNY facility.
    (To any who are offended… pardon me)

  41. I'm the Widow of an Afghanistan war veteran… Trump is no friend to the military… he claims to have started veterans Choice yet that was an obama-era program….Trump's tax plan that was supposed to help middle-class families ended up hurting gold star families by changing tax structure on our children's money received for losing a parent to war…. Trump's policies in the Middle East put our Warriors at risk and spits on trusted allies… Trump's continued violation of National Security is appalling… our non-partisan veteran family looks forward to the day Trump no longer commands our forces 🇺🇸

  42. Removing a president is truly a Very Very Serious thing– Fortunately for us —Trump is not a Legitimate PRESIDENT

  43. Trump will win 2020 by the biggest landslide ever thanks to the fake corrupt news channels and all the treasonous media.

  44. If this was a secret behind-closed-door meeting why would Republicans have the opportunity to sit in and question these witnesses. You guys should be ashame of yourself. What is going on? Every single thing Republicans say about the Democrat soviet-style is what (they) the Republican are actually doing. The facts are there. How could you sit in closed-door meetings then you come on national TV acting dumbfounded as if you didn't have the opportunity to participate. You guys meeting at the White House eating your stomach full and ganging up and not sticking to the facts. Shame on you for making America looking as if we have no sense. The news outlet that does not speak the truth. Shame on you. The people of this countryare depending on you to speak the truth. Stick to the facts.What you going to do when Russia comes at us full force? Is that when you going to say I should have, could have…Folks that only watch Fox news you're in the dark come out of the dark into the light watch other news channel. I used to only watch Fox and I've realized they don't stick to the truth and facts. People wake up. Open your eyes don't be blind …don't be blind about the facts allow yourself listen to your heart and and stick to the facts . Why is Trump not allowing people to come and testify ? Ask yourself. what is he hiding.?. (PBS news.. CBS news MSNBC.. CNN .Why does other news channels stick to the facts except Fox. Why it's always something different from the Fox news channel. News producer should not see color,race, ethnicity, democrat or republican none of this should matter ….news channel supposed to be precise clear…..truthful.

  45. This is about money, power, and the things unscrupulous people will do for them.

    Big picture, it's about how America is going to be ruled from now on, Democracy or Oligarchy (the GOP has been pushing us in the later direction for some time, that's why there are so many billionaires).
    They have an Oligarchy in Russia. The Russian standard of living is lower than that of Mexico…
    Trump's presidential crime spree must end, or we can all kiss our Bill of Rights, free speech, and little things like elections, goodbye…

  46. The ratings will even get worse. This looks exactly like MSNBC reporting on Mueller. So reporting on nothing, trying to create anything out of nothing and repeating non-information. Very inspiring…. MSNBC doesn’t need Project Veritas to destroy itself…

  47. There are too many veterans who are homeless, and in need of medical attention, and trump has'nt hired a qualified person yet, to remedy the problems, and help the men and women who fought and protected all americans.

  48. Trumper and his fanatics know.. He'll be IMPEACHED .. and win or lose he's been and is LABELED a most dangerous CRIMINAL by all the World. Civil War by Christmas. Trump has been and is inciting his Millions to lock and load. . Google it.


  50. We need to hear from some open minded Republicans and their point of view. Constantly having Dem.s views isn't enough, what is needed to sway the others to do what's right?

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