100 Replies to “Creedence Clearwater Revival – Have You Ever Seen The Rain (Official)

  1. Reviving classics with fresh videos? Why stop with just music? This could be an extended trailer for a Three's Company reboot.

  2. Песня на века! Приду сюда в 2050ом и поставлю лайк своему комментарию!

  3. Creedence puts out a modern video to express one of their classic songs.

    The entire Internet: I wanna know if you ever SEEN THIS ROAST FAM

  4. Quem em 2019 curtindo um Creedence Clearwater Revival? Música boa nunca sai de moda. Muito linda essa song

  5. Stupid ass video!!!!! Doesn’t do CCR any justice. Love this song reminds me of my pops. But this is a stupid ass video.🤷🏽‍♂️

  6. Shouldn't this be a Billy Joel song? Like…Up town girl…Since Hughie is a fan. And let's face it. STARLIGHT is way out of his league.

  7. The way that fag throws a stone…you know for damn sue soyboy hasn't ever done an athletic move in his life. #beaman. Holy hell that truck. Give up the woman, take the truck.

  8. Even being my age I got to live to see the official music video for this song when it came out! 😁 Thats really cool to me.

  9. This song was played in the movie Platoon and from what I've read it was an anthem to the conditions the troops suffered in Vietnam. My father said Platoon just touched the surface of the true experience. So to see this played as an official video is bullshit.

  10. Solway Firth by Slipknot introduced me to The Boys, now Creedence Clearwater Revival has teased me about something 🤔

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