Crowd chants “USA” as President Trump lands in Lake Charles

then patiently at the airport to greet him our crisp LT continues our team coverage from Lake Charles Chris President Trump was greeted with lots of cheers here at Renault Air Force Base in Lake Charles the crowd chanting USA as the president made his way to greet them dozens of VIP guests greeting President Trump with a warm welcome as he stepped off Air Force One people in the crowd wearing make America great again hats waving posters and snapping selfies with the president how cool is this for you to see the president Cameron Ashley is a student in the Lake Charles Big Brothers Big Sisters program over the last few days he's been telling his friends he'd meet the president they don't believe me though but now you have proof you can show them that photo those we spoke with say President Trump was really taking his time meeting and greeting with people as soon as he got off Air Force One I think people don't realize how personable he is that he really does like people is really interested in people and he cares what's going on in the US he cares about what's happening to the regular person Cyndi Dory is from Lafayette this is the third president she's met I have met George W Bush and George H Bush this was just fantastic to see the president come in on Air Force One magnificent awesome and we're excited about 2020 Governor John bel Edwards was not here to greet President Trump he's at a National Association of Governors conference in Shreveport the governor did say the this is an exciting time for Louisiana citing the highest employment increase in the nation in Lake Charles Chris Walt cket CTV 3 while police officers escorting President Trump

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