100 Replies to “Day 1,051: Trump Takes A Pass On Taking Part In Impeachment’s Next Phase | The 11th Hour | MSNBC

  1. Does Rudy have an open court case involving Trump? Why does he keep talking about defending him? Defending him from what and where?

  2. When you say that the economy is doing well, you should make clear … what if anything at all, does trump have to do with it. Otherwise, you're making it sound like trump is the reason. We all know he is Not!

  3. Of course, Trump passes on the trial and hearing. He's always just "talk"!! No one even thought that Trump would actually do it. He's too much of a coward and he knows he'll get caught lying under oath, which is a far gone conclusion, because lying is all he knows what to do and he can't stop himself from lying!

  4. Yah right?.. 266,000 new jobs at WHAT?
    Working an hour & a half a 5 days a week at $9.25 an Hour?
    Someone better make a break down of if the facts available i.e. ..income per month, pay per hour, benefits if any provided, & weather or not these are TEMPORARY positions .. its NOT what it sounds like.

  5. It's both funnily absurd and a little scary, that the WH admin has gone so far off script and away from the constitution, that they seem to actually think they have a say and choice in whether or not the President will be impeached. The President and his enablers are so far off in denial and this corrupt totalitarian mindset, they're like a criminal caught in the act, that think they can just refuse to be indicted and proscuted, and that will be it.

  6. Even in the novel The Left Behind and Russians were the bad guys. It is a good book and really makes sense of the end times.

  7. Well, one good thing about the republikkkan party refusing to testify… The trial will be shorter for not having to listen to all their lies!

  8. Donald is not the reason for the low unemployment rate…it's been growing since Obama fix all the mess bush created.

  9. There will be many republicans who vote to remove trump , there is no way that trump can be allowed to continue with his aversion of the law. The ramifications are so very much larger than trump. For those who say trump is doing great bc the economy is growing.. Just what exactly has trump done to claim this acumen , the economy is growing bc billions have been added to the national debt to create these jobs . It equates to maxing out your credit card, it is not sustainable . The interest alone paid to service the debt could be spent to send every eligible student to college for free.

  10. Have is the perfect word to describe what's happening. On one side you have "an increasing gap between the haves and have-nots" and the other side you have the "people with plenty of money and possessions" and those are just two of the definitions of the word have. Google dictionary

    During this examination of "the word have" you'll recognize how very much that word describes the difference in party's views.

    We are grateful to "have" the liberty and freedom to be able to use the word have, "to indicate a particular relationship" between Socialism and Capitalism. Google dictionary

    We "have" the right and responsibility to enlighten "let (a feeling or thought) come into one's mind; hold in the mind" until we see how we are "made up of; comprise" by association to a party! Google dictionary

    We also "have" the right to see through generalizations made about whole party's! It's our responsibility to recognize that not all members of party's are accustomed to lying in general.

    In fact lying typically leads to "be able to make use of (something available or at one's disposal)" which is typically used in fraud or grifter situations. Google dictionary.

    As we continue to look at the relationship the party's "have" with each other we must look at what can "be certain or inevitable to happen or be the case" of how each party "possess, owns, or hold's" the "responsibility" for the people. Google dictionary

    With the taint of lying in general it leaves people with many questions about who "had" been involved. As the word "had" is the past participle of "have".

    We can also see the party's "provide or indulge oneself with (something)" as they take whatever bits of information and "possess as an intellectual attainment; know" and learn the difference between a truth or a lie. Google dictionary

    Because we make judgments based on those bits of information we can peice together a truth which can be reconciled in our minds as truth.

    It is our duty to report the truth's we find evident and how they relate to anyone who has seen a lie we also have "experience and have undergone" seeing the truth become justice when justice has been barred! Google dictionary

    To "have" a fight is also recognizing the full responsibility of "the word have" which I could right a whole class paper from.

    No one really "has" the fight because as you clearly see, the party's "have" seperate views of what it is to "have" anything.

    The news and all of it's receptacles are what the people "have" to peice together a truth!

    It's imparitive to our right to vote to be be able to distinguish for "ourselves" the truth from a lie! When it comes to voting it's a responsibility to know everything we can!

    Do we "have" the right to vote and make up a truth for ourselves?

    We are talking about how the party's have the right to fight about how the people determine truth's!

    I do believe our minds do determine truths without interference of any kind but it's nice to be able to "have" an opnion!

    See how the many definitions of "have" are in quotations!

    We also have the right to love who we chose and chose who we love!

    We have the right to say stop interfering in elections!

  11. What do you guys wanna bet Trump will still complain about not taking part in the house proceedings despite declining to take part in the house proceedings?
    Further more, what do you wanna bet Trump's followers will complain about him not taking part in the house proceedings despite him declining to take part in the house proceedings?

  12. He wants the senate to just give him a total pass, without him having any defence (not that there has been any viable alternatives to the charges at all). Looks like tRumps defence is I said so.

  13. I really hope this pig gets impeached. My family and I got deported because of him, after living almost my whole life in the States (5-27). I was a DACA holder, but couldn't renew it after he ordered DACA to be cancelled for everyone who had qualified for it.😠
    Sucks being banned from home for no reason:(

  14. The trump train might be broken but they still have several options. The trump bus they can ride under , the trump ship they can sink with , they can nose dive in a trump plane or for a limited time ride the escape goat !!!!!!

  15. THIS CORRUPT PRESS is disgusting, garbage all 3.5 years loaded with one thing one thing only Hate Trump agenda, you fake news organizations are done and finished in the American public eyes, and all of you be out of business and revenues soon, American people will vote against you accept the ones who are a sheep and a political moron, electing these same ck skrs in office year after year and expecting something will change in their favor, well l have a news for you, it is their club and you are not invited you stupid numb skulls

  16. Impeachment team are under the manipulations of jezeebel the queen prostitute . President Trump remains the President Elect of the next coming USA Elections

  17. Fake, fake news there is no evidence none that proves any wrongdoing. Schiff might get indicted himself for clear violation of the constitution. Trump 2020 KAG!!!!!!

  18. Let me understand this correctly he is gathering information for his client, and Joe Biden is involves. That to me sound like plain impeachable material. Chump sent his attorney to gather information on his potential rival in another country with the expressed request that they make a statement on our TV here in America that they are opening and investigation into Biden. Trump need to be impeached like yesterday.

  19. Of course, the White House, and especially that POS Trump, won't partake. Trump's not only a pathological, deluded narcissist… he's got the attention span of a gnat and is far too stupid to defend himself.

  20. Our president is not a good man, thank God he's not our king. We all would be living in cages. Cage the peasants he would say, all for his entertainment, in the bible all bad kings suffer enormous concequences. Trump will get what God has in store for him, punishment. Who wants to be ruled by a bad man? Not I. Fear the lord Trump God knows everything about you and even your knees will bow and you will confess. Take this tweet, under consideration and do what's right for once in your life. May you be blessed by God, and please God not yourself.

  21. All 17 intelligence agencies say it's Russia and no Ukraine meddling.
    Putin says not him but Ukraine.
    Well I'm convinced.

  22. The main thing that makes this impeachment different than the others is Fox News — it does not want to go down with Trump. But we cannot allow Trump to take this country down with him either. As ugly and as painful as it might be, the impeachment process itself will make us stronger. And this will assure that “this nation, under God, shall have a new birth of freedom — and that government of the people, by the people, for the people, shall not perish from the earth.”

  23. The day that donald trump drops dead will be the one and only time he will have done a single thing to make America great again. Hopefully this happens in the next couple weeks, which would be a very merry Christmas for not only the USA, but for the entire world.

  24. He knows that his bought and paid for buddies in the Senate won’t actually follow through and will let him off!!!!

  25. You bed ur butt he is willing to take on the fight.. cause the gold cuff links are coming off and the silver cuff links are going on! It's a no brainer for a corrupt administration!

  26. My biggest arguments is why let that lie continue, trump did not create a good economy he inherited one and that a biggg different just like President Obama didn't put this country in a bad recession another REPUBLICAN did hint hint!! And his BS tariffs is going to put us right back into one!!

  27. Trumps defence?
    "I have nothing"
    Trumps way forward
    "Lie, deflect, deny, destroy others, and maybe throw a few of our guys under the bus…"

  28. Rudy, Trump..partners in crime. Please someone., anyone.. this is sickening. I'm sick of the Republican lies!

  29. People need to consider one thing about the Impeachment Trial in the Senate. The Senate is the jury. Chief Justice John Roberts will be presiding over the trial. He may be a Republican appointee, but he has demonstrated a measure of party independence when it comes to Constitutional Law. He's also demonstrated disdain for overreach by Congress and the Executive Branch. We might be surprised at what happens under his control of the proceedings. I suspect he's very familiar with the corruption Trump has been involved in and won't let Senate Republicans turn it into a circus of distraction and conspiracy nonsense.

  30. Wait wait wait hold up. Remember when Sanders votes were basically trashed and not counted for? 😂 Did Trump pay for that too?

  31. The American tax payer is giving the banks $100 Billion a day but MSNBC won't report on it because the want Trump re-elected. These insignificant Trump trashing videos are too profitable for MSNBC.

  32. so the president made an announcement to fight against the Constitutional law of America. He's not fighting Democrats he's fighting theConstitution. How many of his advisers that was let go that told him that what he was planning is illegal.there will be no excuses. President Trump has picked the battle that he cannot win. Russia do not win in America

  33. His defense is he's king of the world. N some one has rake the forrest for oringins. Republicans stand by your man

  34. if he had a defense other than a Kremlin sanctioned Propaganda line of BS…. he would Run to the hearings and present them…

  35. 4:40 Yes, bigger than watergate… idiot(s)gate.
    5:11 Seeing that Trump did nothing really, it only shows that you no longer need a President to 'run' America.

  36. There is a not so small Trump-related scandal developing in Denmark as these lines are written:

    The American NATO-expert Stanley R. Sloan was supposed to be the main speaker at the Danish Atlantic Council's 70th anniversary., but because he prior criticised Donald Trump's handling of his Trans-Atlantic relationship, two hours after Sloan on Twitter annouced his participation at the anniversary, the American ambassy pulled him from the event, allegedly because the ambassador, Carla Sands, did not want him present there. However, no official reason was given at the time Sloan was pulled from the anniversary. Link to news article (in Danish):



    1. A few hours later the Danish Atlantic Coucil cancelled the entire anniversary due to Sloan's forced absence. Link to news article (in Danish):


    2. An expert on security policy, correspondent Kristian Mouritzen, says that this proves censorship at the American embassy (in Denmark). Mouritzen continues that there are rumors circulating in Washington that Donald Trump systematically tries to silence critics in both USA and abroad. Link to the news article (in Danish):


    In this second article, an editor from another newspaper calls Carla Sands' action "unheard of" and continues that he would have expected a reaction like this from countries with "…a totally different kind of regime", but not from an American government.

    Later, in a written statement from the embassy, the reason for pulling Sloan was that he was picked for the anniversary in a different way than the other speakers.

    I don't know about American media, but if my (Danish) prime minister tried to silence expert critics via her embassy, the Danish media would be breaking news on every new development. This is very, very bad for democracy and very, very far from freedom of speech.

    Right now it seems like you Americans live under the "Iron Thumb of Trump".

  37. Unfortunately there is no evidence to charge Trump with impeachment. There is no mention of aid in the infamous phone call. Trump did mention Hunter Biden and the investigation being shut down by Joe, but that is not an impeachable offence. See, you have to have solid evidence of a crime before a sitting president can be removed.

  38. yeezus I am completely in shock did not his own attorney recommend he never testify live

    Come on trump will never let his illiteracy come to public display willingly

  39. The only reason he wants the house to finish is because he wants to get to the Senate because he says jump and the republicans say how high Master

  40. How can any sane person let alone a "senator" continue on with this Putin manufactured conspiracy theory garbage and still without ONE SINGLE SCRAP OF EVIDENCES ! They have been searching non stop for well over a year or two and still NOTHING, ZERO, NULLA ! This is MADNESS !

  41. Bullies and narcisists try to turn the tables. Every Republican who complies with the traitors, their coverups, obstructions and crimes against the American people and the US Constitution should be put in jail,.nevermind kicked out of office.

  42. Donald Trump is not just corrupt, but he's a coward!!! He won't testify and won't allow any one else give testimony of the inquire. He has no defense because he is GUILTY!!

  43. In the long run the increased yearly deficit of a trillion dollars with compounded interest added to the $22 trillion national debt resulting from windfall tax cuts for the rich with increased federal spending will outweigh the benefit of lower unemployment and it will all come crashing down like a New Jersey casino. Dirty Don is like a guy who borrows trillions of dollars and throws it out to all his friends and lives lavishly like a king for a while giving the impression that he is prosperous until the money runs out and reality sets in that he is just a broke fool with astronomical debt. Of course that fool has his celebrity stricken deceived idolaters who believe that relying solely on a government credit card to increase jobs while creating even greater economic disparages between the common man and the filthy rich is sound fiscal policy. What happens when only the filthy rich gain most of the wealth as debt increases immensely is the devaluation of money (inflation) and capital does not circulate properly throughout the whole of society resulting in poverty, despair, crime and many other social ills including the return of high unemployment. A few obtain most all the capital and determine the quality of life for the rest who become desperate and enslaved to government debt for generations to come. Many will then be eager to trade off clean water, and safe air standards as well as other environmental standards for a meager job while the rulers in extreme greedy fervor exploit resources with no regards of the detrimental effects on the environment. Wake up people. You can not take money with you. So it is wiser to live the healthiest life in the healthiest environment possible while you are here on this earth lest you cheat yourself of a long prosperous and healthy life.  For the love of money (greed) is the root of all evil.

  44. i am Vietnamese. i totally support Trump. the whole asia will support Trump. pelosy democrats is doing very bad thing against Trump. very very bad stupid selfish action against Trump. only Trump can make china bankcrupt and disappear from east sea. china uses american money to build military bases in east sea and they try to kick america out of east sea. and Trump is doing greatest things for asia and the World. east sea must belong to every nation. obama presidency helped china finish building military bases in east sea ..not good.

  45. Start taking traitors out by assassination. The pussygrabber, Graham, Barr, Gaetz, Miller, Giuliani… you name them.

  46. OF COURSE Trump won’t show up in the House. He likely won’t show in the Senate either but we know he has to ask Russia, Ukraine and China for help with his election so he’d never appear unless he felt the deck was stacked in his favor. I doubt he’d testify under oath regardless since he can’t speak without lying.

  47. This is treason! Rudy has been going to Ukraine on Trumps behalf, not the nation. Thats whats ambassedors are for the nation, why fire them?

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