Death in a Can: Australia’s Euthanasia Loophole – VICE INTL (Australia)

Hi, I’m Ben Anderson from Vice-New York-office our friends are the vice Australia office And the company that sells products that help people end their own lives this is death, in a can. I can run you through how you actually use it if you like . the whole process [alright] the way the process works Connect the regulator and then with the plastic bag you put the hose that connects that to the bag? Inside the bag and stick it to the inside of the bag You put the bag on your head first of all and let it fill up By switching it on it’ll fill up. It’s full of nitrogen No, oxygen, then you breathe out totally get rid of every bit of gas in your lungs best you can Hold your breath a minute Pull this down and take the biggest breath you can and you’re swapping the gas in your lungs from air To nitrogen within fractions of a second you faint you faint straight away then you’re just in a fainted state , continue to breathe quite easily the bag just Expands and contracts and the gas is flowing into the bag, but you’re in a 0% Environment and you’ll die in about 3 or 4 minutes after that Max dog is a company we set up it really is a way to facilitate the distribution of these Nitrogen cylinders Which can be used for brewing which is why we call ourself max dog brewing but of course the main use for these cylinders is For people who want to have access to a peaceful and reliable death at the time of their choosing Hello I’m Betty from exit In my last piece of film I showed you how balloon helium gas could be used to provide a peaceful death This time I want to show you a new system. That’s now available One that has several advantages over the previous method The movement of Nitrogen as a gas to dispense beer with has become more and more of an issue over the last Few years I’ve been to a number of beer festivals around the world where they have nitrogen nights. We’ve got this idea that instead of using One of the traditional means for peaceful death was to use a gas, and I’ve traditionally people are using helium Why not use nitrogen and so that’s what we started to do so we set up a company to make [sure] that people have access to nitrogen. It’s very peaceful, and it’s totally legal and it has one other unique phenomena a unique characteristic and that is ,that it’s totally undetectable. I’ve seen several autopsy reports, and they’ve all come back cause undetermined Undetermined or inconclusive is how they describe it well? I’m going to ask yourself a question How does it do that if I’m in a room by [myself], and I’ve decided to use this [Mac’s] dog brewing I have to kill myself and I have a quick quick a glass of IPA And then I put the hood on and get on with it somebody’s going to find my body sooner or later with it with Paraphernalia on my head and it’s an empty cylinder next to me and it’s quite clear, then what happened So what we’re talking about really is where someone actually removes? The evidence the gas bottles and other stuff after the event for the sake of effecting this Undetectable death we’ve involved not one person But at least two and that’s in fact why I reported it to the medical board. I thought well You know it seems to me to be quite irresponsible to do that. Yes. I’m 63 years old. I’ve got a Chronic lymphocytic Leukemia, and I’m in the last stages of that disease and I’ve also got breast cancer. Well, I’m very sad but naturally, I’m very anxious about the end and Would like [to] have total control over The end of my life, I’d like to die at home. I’d like to die with my family Supporting me and I’d like to be able to say [goodbye] to them but unfortunately that’s not possible because of the way the law is they could be under suspicion [for] assisting me to suicide, so Unfortunately, I’m going to have to not include my family in my death [and] that’s very makes me very bitter suicide is not a crime But anyone who might attempt and might help you [end] your life That’s assist you advise or counsel you Can suffer serious criminal Sanction in fact two states of Australia still have a possible penalty of life imprisonment? For assisting someone to take that legal step of ending their life, and this is an anomaly. There’s no other example in law Where assisting someone to do something which is legal Attracts any penalty leave alone a penalty of such savagery if I came along and gave you the drugs and said here If you take these drugs you will die that [would] be assisting Giving people Mac’s dog nitrogen and saying you can use this and go and brew yourself some beer if you want to Or you can use it if you want to end your life Takes it right on the Edge because what we’re saying is that this can be used in that way But it can be used in other ways and because we’re not telling people to do this is effectively our defense] No one can tell you how long you’ve got but I know that I won’t live for much longer if I’m lucky enough to be home. I’ll have Probably a nice meal. I’ll probably have a drink of some Baileys Irish cream and I’ll settle myself into my [favourite] chair with my cats and I’ll peacefully go to sleep I I Think [sometimes] I do get painted as a bit of a ogre in the suggestion [that] I want people [to] live [on] indefinitely and you know at all costs and regardless of the pain that’s just not the case and Certainly that’s not the case in palliative services . palliative care is defined by two elements : that one is Reducing + relieving pain and one is to neither prolong nor shorten life So when we are talking about a natural situation, and we could care people get good advice as well So they get to weigh their choices maybe they do want to get another round of chemotherapy because of x y zed or maybe that’s enough so it’s not as if You know getting that kind of support is the end of choice. It’s not it’s actually an opening-up of choice Knowing you’ve got something in the cupboard That will give you a peaceful reliable death is immensely Sustaining in the context of serious illness people and we’ve know a number [of] them and to wake up every day with their serious cancer And say you know it’s dreadful But [if] it gets too bad, then I’ve [just] got to go to the cupboard get up my nitrogen cylinder And I can have a peaceful death and what that does having that knowledge having that ability is That it gives them the courage to keep on and I think it’s entirely consistent with harm minimization as a good medical principle Look, I’m not afraid of dying, but I am I am afraid of being forced to endure suffering and the indignity of being of being Totally dependent on other people while I’m dying and for that reason I [think] it’s my , should be my choice to actually Say enough s enough, and I want out Simple as that. It’s just a choice You can buy these cylinders we’ve been selling them all over Australia increasingly We’re selling them around the world once you’ve got them. You keep them forever infinite shelf life , it is not a prohibited substance Provided you’re comfortable of the process it will work well you

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  1. What about someone who is not terminally ill but just in a bad head space wanting to off them self, how can we support this distribution and also have a "if your feeling suicidal call…" message at the end of the video? seems hypocritical.

  2. I think that this barmaid guy ought to mind his own business so and for that matter the government needs to stay out of these types of descisions, we've been through this back when Dr. Jack Kevorkian was doing the same thing, and the law couldn't really do shit about it. There was no such law on the states side, snd there wasn't a federal law to prohibit it either… They hung Jack out to dry for personal reasons, they jailed him on some stupid ass law of crossing a state line because they did not have a proper way to show that he had done anything wrong.

  3. If you are terminally I'll iv no issue but what about people wanting to kill other people this needs regulation so people dont get murdred.

  4. Tbey sold the full kit to her she had suicide in mind only not brewing she cannot brew beer in a bag so if she dies hes liable simple as

  5. The only reason suicide is illegal is bc giant conglomerates depend on your labor to fuel their money making markets.. if they knew the labor force was gonna dwindle they'd be in trouble. Not to say so many people would "opt out", I assume itd be mostly senior citizens that would choose this or fatally Ill people. But it opens a door I'm sure a lot of greedy tycoons would love to keep closed.

  6. I don't understand. If you are going to kill yourself to relieve your suffering….why not use a gun?! It is instantaneous also…and no one could claim that someone else assisted. I'm very sorry for these people's loss and I wish them freedom from suffering.

  7. this is fucking retarded. that stupid old swine is like yeah here let me show you how to off yourself as if nothing is wrong.

  8. I'm afraid of dying and I hope I will never be in a situation that makes death the better option, can't imagine what some people must feel when they commit suicide.

  9. After being in hospital for 2 weeks and seeing how some old people are suffering it really makes me worry that I will end up the same way. If I want to end my life then I should be allowed to, painlessly and quickly and without repercussions for any loved ones
    Edit-that man said people have a choice with palliative care and that he wants people to die "naturally" like it's a good thing but unfortunately painkillers are frequently not strong enough and people still die in pain OR if the pain killers are strong enough they die in a stupor

  10. Again, because the Standard Care of Cancer treatment worldwide assists people to seek this to "control" their situations, when worldwide people have traveled to Texas for 40+yrs after all Standard Care programs have had there way with a person's cancerous body, and they are healed with a non-toxic method/treatment being feverishly swept under the rug by Standard Care proponents/governments.
    Therefore every single employee, doctor, medical establishment are "assisting" in these people's death.
    The aforementioned are not getting away with it but will suffer eternity in prison, Full Stop.

  11. No loop hole it is just legal you ignorant fucks. Cant be that hard for you to use your brain. Pathetic learn some basics on human rights. When your country is so hard to understand you have to use a word to express a single letter, ZED and don't use it in any other instances but Z.

  12. I don't think this is truly any different than running into a no mans land during war. Whether it be a political or personal war you're in.

  13. 5:10 shes gonna eat a meal sit with her cats and off herself. Those cats are going to eat her dead body FOR SURE like no doubt about it and that's pretty sick

  14. In the USA they want you to die in pain. Ive watched most of my family go in pain. I could see how some one would want to go out with some dignity, and peaceful. I see nothing wrong here.

  15. my uncle committed suicide and I think that if you want to commit suicide and you need somebody's help in doing it then you're a chickenshit and can't do it yourself if you're going to commit suicide you're going to commit suicide and if somebody helps you they should not be prosecuted in any way shape or form if you're going to if you wanted to die you're going to die it's just how you go about it

  16. The idea of the very old, sick person dying peacefully is easy enough to understand, but legally.. Well you don’t want people coercing others into suicide that may otherwise just be depressed… I can see where opposition comes from

  17. So there is no problem for the user of this method but rather for anyone who, after the user is gone, dares touch, move or even hide the nitrogen tanks. They could be charged for suicide assistance.

  18. 85 million people didn't want to die in WWII, yet the elitist governments had no qualms about that event taking place yet they make a peaceful exit against the law. Brilliant.

  19. All 3 people seemed very intelligent and reasonable with well thought out opinions, regardless of their differing views on the subject of euthanasia

  20. This makes me feel very conflicted. On the one hand, he’s allowing people to die with dignity, on the other, he is technically killing them by explaining exactly how the has can be used to end your own life.

  21. I don’t understand why anyone would be against euthanasia tho. It makes no sense not to let someone suffering end their life

  22. This sounds like the best advertisement for suicide ever. I'm legit expecting suicide numbers to increase after this. Come to think of it the death penalty convicts could really use this. The current system of administering is barbaric and horrible (check out john Oliver's late show on this topic)

  23. Well he says it’s not assisted suicide but he seldomly admitted assisting and selling suicide products on social media, I doubt his campaign will last long!

  24. Good business, selling people a kit to kill themselves. hope he's making good money and can sleep at night. You are still morally (and 1 day maybe legally) responsible. If people want to seek out their own nitrogen it might be hard to stop them but advertising it to them is something else.

    I bet he doesn't even make that much money for each son/daughter/mother/father he kills. Also, he just taught u how to kill someone in an undetectable way!

  25. I’d much prefer to find someone with a bag over their head and an empty gas cylinder beside them and knowing they passed peacefully in their sleep via their own decision than finding someone with a shotgun wound to the head or rope around their neck because if someone is determined to die they’re going to get the job done regardless. This mans perspective stems from his own fear of death. It is astonishing that we like to think we are humane enough to have our beloved pets euthanised when they suffer but rob our loved ones of the same right to choose. 🥣

  26. It'd be hilarious if they said suicide is illegal 😂 what are they gonna do slap some handcuffs on the body they find? XD

  27. Ive been fighting cancer for for 12 years and have had really bad days. Thanks to god 1 of these idiots wasn't around to help me make a dumb decision

  28. A good family friend of ours recently passed by use of euthanasia. She suffered from cancer for years and it was going to kill her slowly and very painfully. This way she was able to spend her last moments with her husband and kids and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way for her. I wish that everyone who is in a similar position, could go like that, in my opinion grieving for the ones you leave behind is also easier because less suffering is involved. Hope the people who need to hear/realize that, will do when the time is right. Rest easy M, we love you forever ❤️

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