100 Replies to “Democratic lawmaker accuses Republican of ‘mansplaining’ to female witness

  1. mansplaining? is that like manscaping? all these new made up words from leftist snowflakes. what`s next buttscaping?

  2. All these arrogant manipulative weirdo freak show women are just so tiresome. So dang tiresome. In a sane world that woman would be in charge of making biscuits for a church potluck, but in clown world she is a big boss ignoring the will of the people by ignoring their elected leaders.

  3. The elite left is price leading with this kind of behavior. I'm sure that Buzzfeed or NowThis is going to spin this with villainous music to trick people into thinking that someone actually was being sexist.

  4. Left initiatives.have no boundary, what ever is thought to be just is advanced to the points well beyond sanity, well beyond truth, to the absurd. Abort the Democrat Party when next YOU vote, just do it!

  5. Fiona Hill says she comes from the same part of England that George Washington came from. She does favor him, especially the hair style lol

  6. Mansplaining is the term some women use when a man tries to explain something that they don't know about or understand or have a clue. They Experience anger over the fact that they don't know something and someone else does especially a man oh, and they're pissed that they are not getting their whiny little way

  7. I reject all communist newspeak. Mansplaining, microagressions, white privilege, blah blah blah blah. All meaningless gibberish meant to control the people's thoughts and keep them in line to distract from the real issues and to accept mass slavery.

  8. It’s another a man beast lol 😝 this is the typical thing trotted out to explain when it’s ok to be friends with paedophiles !!!! By partisan my Johnson !!!

  9. Mansplaining is just another word they use or name they call us when they do not have a valid argument…. 8 year olds Dude

  10. You fecal gargling demonRAT simpanzee maggot. I cannot believe I heard a male say that. Vote that cretin out as soon as possible.

  11. They want us to believe that men cannot explain things to women that they clearly don't understand. And he was clearly explaining the vast shortcomings of gossip as evidence to the democrats on the committee.

  12. When your argument fails, when your policies fail, when the facts don't support your stance, you attack the person, not the issue.

  13. Wow what a white knight simp. Maybe he’s banging her.

    “Men faced the same thing and no one cared about their mental state”…..and there we have it!

  14. "Mansplaining"! An excellent way to silence and oppress men. You can't even complain about it without being accused of it!!!

  15. This is actually an insult to men. Dems presuming that all men are the same in the way they speak, which is obviously not true. Generalizing an individual? That makes no sense.

  16. If this is all these women can come up with, I feel pretty good. But when are these women standing up for the women that are getting beaten in sports by their trans competitors?

  17. omg get over it. Men are going to try and look after women as its built into the DNA. Lets stop nitpicking at everything.

  18. Feminism, sexism, racism doesnt exist. Its fake news. It doesnt exist. Same as mansplaining. You guys are been brainwashed for 100 years.

  19. "Mansplaining", like all such FemSup terminology, is blatant misandry. The entire point is to give all within earshot the impression that the speaker's point is invalid, or that he has no right to speak at all, based solely on his gender. Whoever was in charge of those proceedings should have been on that gavel the instant the term left his mouth and calling him on his blatant breech of ethics.

  20. And here i thought the whole feminist movement was about wanting equal footing with the men…. Wow ! Btw being sarcastic af !!!
    Maloneybaloney, what a little prick eh ?

  21. Epic mainsplaining…. "hello there fellow kids"

    Dems are so detached from reality, all I can do is laugh at this point.

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