Democratic Party accepts president’s offer for 3-way talks 민주당, “3자회담 응할 것…국정원 개혁 등 의지 담보돼야”

Korea’s main opposition Democratic Party has
decided… after sleeping on it… to accept President Park Geun-hye’s proposal for talks
between herself and the leaders of the rival parties at the National Assembly next Monday. And the opposition party has a very specific
agenda for its talks with the president. Our political correspondent Kim Yeon-ji has
the details. The Democratic Party’s decision to accept President Park’s proposal for talks
was reached during a closed-door meeting of the party leadership Friday morning. As a result, party leader Kim Han-gil and
his ruling party counterpart Hwang Woo-yea will sit down for talks with the president
at the National Assembly next Monday. On Thursday, President Park said she wanted
to meet with the leaders of the ruling and the main opposition parties to address any
concerns the two parties may have. She also said she would like to brief the
National Assembly Speaker and Vice Speakers as well as the leadership of the rival parties
on the success of her recent overseas trips to Russia and Vietnam… before meeting separately
with the two party leaders alone. This marks the first time a sitting president
has proposed visiting the National Assembly for a meeting with the leaders of the rival
parties or for a briefing on a diplomatic tour. The Democratic Party wants to put the top-and-tail
reform of the country’s spy agency on top of the agenda for its talks with the president. The opposition party believes the National
Intelligence Service systematically meddled in last year’s presidential election, which
it says is an outright violation of Korea’s Constitution. Party leader Kim Han-gil says President Park
should show a willingness to put an end to the spy agency’s interference in political
affairs once and for all. Vast bipartisan differences over the role
of the National Intelligence Service have paralyzed parliamentary operations for weeks,
putting on the back burner urgent issues like next year’s budget and measures aimed at reversing
a slowing domestic economy. Kim Yeon-ji, Arirang News.

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