Democratic Party chief rejects president’s proposal to revise Constitution

Our top story this morning… The leader of Korea’s main opposition party
has flatly rejected President Park Geun-hye’s proposal to revise the Constitution to allow
presidents to serve more than one five-year term. For more, we connect live our National Assembly
correspondent Park Ji-won. Ji-won,… strong words from the opposition
chief… Good morning, Mark. As you said,… Choo Mi-ae,… leader of the
main opposition Democratic Party of Korea,… has reiterated her party’s strong disapproval
to President Park’s revision proposal, which she gave at the National Assembly on Monday. At a press conference this morning, Choo accused
the president of using the proposal to cover up corruption allegations swirling around
the top office. The allegations, being labeled “Choi Soon-sil
Gate”, revolve around a woman who is accused of exerting influence over business leaders
and senior presidential aides,… using her long-term personal ties to President Park. The opposition party chief also called for
a thorough investigation into the allegations,… and demanded the authorities summon Choi immediately,..
who’s reportedly staying in Germany. She added that any constitutional revision
should be led by the public,… not by the president,.. whose announcement was made to
deflect from the allegations. That’s all I have for now,… and I will bring
you more updates in our later newscast. Mark. Thanks, Ji-won.

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