22 Replies to “Democrats Can Win In 2020 If They Hit Republicans On Healthcare

  1. LOL win 2020 election …!! Bernie the old socialist moron free free free give it up losers….not a chance in hell…one is a bigger moron than the other…!! climate change my ass..!! damn fools..all of you spew your trash…!!! Trump 2020 !!!

  2. major health care announcement !! ?
    maybe that he is NOT now going to reduce the pricing on drugs.
    It's gonna stay the same .
    Is this what he meant ???? He's taking the piss now, the bast**d. unbelievable.

  3. But many Democrats are engaging in rampant identity politics without having any good policies and voters are tired of that.

  4. ALL 3 BRANCHES of Government should get Public Insurance at best. It should cover %-wise a percent equal to how many of their constituency is covered… 50% of people covered, 50% coverage. The rest OUT OF POCKET!!!

  5. 👍Republiczns don't want to replace any healcare acts. They want government healthcare scrapped. They only want to reverse EPA Laws, Tax the middle class more, and keep the DC Federal Government Old and White.
    Vote for real changes. You don't want Medicare 4 All don't use it. Buy some crappy insurance and don't whine when you lose your house.
    America needs & demands great healthcare!!! 👍

  6. Healthcare WILL be the number one topic during the Presidential debates. And my guess is that Trump will try to dodge it by saying '' I'll tell you my plans after I'm re-elected'.'

  7. Nancy Pelosi will never bring Medicare4All onto the floor of the House for a vote. BC/BS are campaign donors for her. And she would penalize the American people to protect her campaign donor. She has to be removed too.

  8. ANY good progressive plan will never happen unless the Repubs are removed from the Senate and Congress in general. I'm sure there will be a Dem president, but that's only part of the plan.

  9. If you want to win in 2020 you need to condemn, disavow and get rid of all the progressives, socialists, communists, radical feminists & radical lgbt that have infected the DNC. Then have the DNC return to their 1993 or 2002 policies. Right now the DNC is a complete failure. I abandoned them in 2016. Trump is great for the country. He triggers SJW fools daily and I LOVE THAT!

  10. You Yanks should find it enraging that your tax money is used to help pay for Israel's universal healthcare. And meanwhile, you're expected to go broke and/or die. If I were in your shoes, I'd be livid. Never give up guys. India – whose population dwarfs yours – also has universal healthcare, and they are a poorer nation as well. Anyone telling you it isn't possible is feeding you more of the same middlemen baloney.

  11. If Demoncrats can talk about improving education, healthcare, medicare, infrastructure, the economy and climate change then they can win the 2020 election

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  13. Viva Bernie!!!! VOTE FOR BERNIE SANDERS

  14. I am the best Chef 👩‍🍳 in the world 🌎. I am going to prepare the best dish you have ever tasted ! Words and promises are cheap , concrete resolutions are much better right?

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