Democrats now want to jail Trump's appointees 5/15/19

growing battle over President Trump's tax returns is the topic a house panel set a Friday deadline for minuchin to turn over six years worth of the president's taxes but he signaled today the administration will not comply Fox Business networks Edward Lawrence is in Washington Edward he says that he's following a Department of Justice ruling that there is no legislative purpose to turn over the president's tax returns he also says he believes the Department of Justice when they say that is singling out one individual tax return to turn over for political purposes is a dangerous precedent I have a responsibility and I take that responsibility seriously as it relates to any tax payer and I have had many conversations with our legal department and the IRS is legal department to make sure that we are interpreting these issues correctly and Democrats on the House Ways and Means Committee issued a subpoena as you mentioned the deadlines 5:00 p.m. on Friday and a Treasury secretary marushin says he will honor that deadline but hinted he would not turn over the tax returns now some Democrats on the committee say that it should be jail time involved if the secretary and the IRS commissioner don't comply the Democrats are trying to weaponize the IRS and it's a very very dangerous issue and that's why we are taking this issue very seriously and the Treasury Department in the last letter to the Ways and Means Committee on the house side says that there is no legislative purpose they remain firm that that is how they feel back to you Harris Edward thank you very much

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  1. I am so sick of what the dams have done and is trying to do continually to our country. This is not why we voted these pieces of s*** in offices. Do your f**** job and quit playing political f**** Lynch Mob

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