Diplomat Cooker Spares

We sell thousands of spare parts for Diplomat
cookers and hobs. Diplomat is part of the MFI family of brands which also includes Hygena.
So, you may found when you’re looking at spares that they are branded either Diplomat
or Hygena. The most important thing you need to do though,
when looking at spare parts, is to make sure that it will fit your exact model. You can
find the model number in a Diplomat cooker either on the inside of the door or, like
in this model, on the body of the main oven here. The most commonly replaced spare parts
on Diplomat cookers and hobs are: hob knobs, pan supports, burner caps and burner bodies,
oven buttons and knobs, oven timers (which sit just behind there); oven thermostats (which
sit just behind here); oven door handles, oven doors, oven door glasses – both the inner
and the outer; oven door hinges and oven door hinge receivers which sit in there; door seals,
shelves and shelves’ supports, grill pans, oven lamps (which sit at the back there);
grill elements which are up here, oven elements, fans and motors. You can see me fitting lots of these spare
parts on the eSpares website and on our youtube channel.

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